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My eyes were closed and I was breathing deeply, concentrating on keeping my mind blank. I was in my meditative pose, legs crossed and hands resting on my knees. The room I was in held no distractions everything in here was painted white from the walls to the furniture to the very wooden floor. A rather large window allowed light to enter the room casting a glow. Even through all the peacefullness I found myself loosing concentration and slipping back into consciousness.

"Isabella?" My eyes snapped open in irritation. No one interrupted me unless it was an emergency, they knew better. I recognized the one who called my name and sighed.

"What is it William?" I asked. I was in no mood to put up with him today. I had patience, more so than others here, and yet it was slipping away at the sight of this man.

He stood against the sliding door with his arms crossed over his chest in an almost arrogant manner. His light brown hair falling slightly over his crystal blue eyes and a teasing smile on his lips.

"Should I have an occassion to see my future mate?" he spoke softly, "I desperately wait for the day until you are mine."

I glared at him. "I desperately wait for the day until you leave."

He laughed at my retort, which only served to anger me more. They might think we make a good couple but I on the other hand wished they could leave me alone. I did not want a mate.

"So stubborn, yet so beautiful," he smirked.

"Again, William, what do you want?"

"Saianna is looking for you," he finally answered, "In the main hall."

I rose gracefully from my spot on the floor and passed him, well, more like shoved him out of the way. He merely laughed and walked down the opposite way from where I was going. William knew how much I hated our 'compromise' and used it to his advantage.

In a matter of minutes I found myself outside a pair of oak double doors leading to the main hall where most of our meetings were held. There were soft murmuring voices from the other side and as soon I was about to knock the voices got louder.

"It's a risk I will take!" a woman's voice yelled.

"But I will not, everything could go wrong," a man's voice countered.

"That is not your decision to make Preston," the woman's voice quieted. The name Preston didn't ring a bell and I wondered who they were.

"So you would toy with this girl's life, make her suffer and bring her to the lowest, all because of your stupid revenge?" Preston asked in an incredulous tone.

"Revenge is sweet my dear and I will not stop now, not after this opportunity has been presented to me," the woman hissed.

"Payback's a bitch, remember that..." Preston's voice trailed off, "As well as killing an innocent."

"Always the moral one," the woman laughed.

I stood there horrified at what I had just heard, and my hand was still frozen in mid-air. There was this woman arguing with this Preston about killing a girl. Never in all my years here had I ever stumbled on this sort of thing, or expected it.

We practically lived in heavan for pete's sake! Not to mention the fact that we pretty much were angels. What in the world was going on?

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