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Every part of this town triggered my memory as I drove past each and every house. Though many new buildings were built and it was a far cry from what it used to be in the past, its familiar scent was still recognizable. Forks, it is called. I always thought that people here love to use tableware and thus naming the town Forks. Till now, I still didn't know the history behind it.

Why did I choose to come back here? Did I want to meet him again? No. I will never ever want to see him again. Seeing him with the girl would probably only make me feel worse. He was the reason of who I was. It was he who had ruined my life, cursing me to eternity.

All of a sudden, a guy appeared on the road. I quickly pressed on the brake and the car came to a halt. I gasped, "Oh my God!"

A man's voice shouted, "Bells! Are you even listening to me?" I had almost forgotten that my cell phone was on loud speaker. "Sorry! I- I nearly hit someone!" I muttered nervously, not knowing whether the victim was alright or not.

"You did not! My poor baby! If there are any scratches on my baby, you're dead, Isabella. I swear!" he shrieked for the first time in my entire life. I retorted, "Oh please, Jasper, as if anything would happen to your precious Lamborghini. If you may, I need to go check on the guy. See you later!"

I stumbled out of the car, and went up to the chocolate-brown haired guy. I offered my hand, "I'm sorry. I didn't see you. Are you alright?"

He gave me his hand, and I pulled him up. While dusting himself, I saw the cut on his palm, "Oh its okay. I'm all right. I didn't bother to look before crossing the road."

Seeing that I was in doubt, he reassured me again, "Really, I'm fine. Its only a small little cut."

Thank goodness I managed to press that brake; had it not been for that, dad would be giving me a hard time. If Jasper were to be by my side, he would give me another lecture. Know why? This best friend of mine happened to be empathic, and he could sense my lust. Someone cleared his throat and interrupted my counting of how many times I had been caught lusting over a man.

"Hi, I'm Jason. And you are?" he held out his hand.

I shook it and said, "Hi. I'm Bella." He looked as if he wanted to say more, but I cut him off, "I guess I've got to go. Bye!"

I quickly hopped into my car, not before knocking my forehead. Then I sped off towards my old house. It was still there, although it had been renovated several times over the past decades.

I stepped into the house, and more memories began to come back. I vaguely remembered how everything started, because of one decision. In order to make my mum, Renee, live happily with her husband, Phil, I decided to move back to this town and stay with my dad, Charlie.


When I attended high school in Forks, I bumped into the love of my life. He was masculine, always showing off his killer abs during sports. If I said his body did not catch my attention, I'd be lying. His face was the first that caught my eyes, then his body, lastly his personalities.

I was a nerd, one who never succeeded in communicating with others. I was always lacking of confidence in anything I did and I didn't have many friends due to the fact that my family wasn't noble or rich. The only thing I did during my free times was reading the novels in my mini library.

I looked even worse than the obese girl in my school. She definitely had a prettier face and silkier hair than I did. My hair was always in a mess; they were dry and frizzy. In my attempts to try to comb my hair, I would break the comb, much to my displeasure. Below my thick bushy eyebrows, the pair mesmerizing pair of eyes was hidden behind the thick glasses that I wore.

I knew I would never captivate any guy's heart, even the nerds, what more, my love at first sight? But then, much to my surprise, he approached me first. Eventually, we became good friends. He backed me up when the mean, beautiful girls teased me. He even suggested a makeover, which he would pay for . He told me, "Isabella, you're beautiful. I can't believe those shallow people can't see it. Now, let's see what we can do to shut their mouths up."

I protested but in the end, I gave in. He was right. My hair was painfully straightened with the hot iron metals, my eyebrows were neater, and I only wore glasses when needed. How I wished they had contact lens at that time. He insisted that my eyes were my most stunning feature. I almost didn't recognize myself. For the first time in my life, I had to say that I was rather gorgeous.

True enough, when I went back to school, no one dared to mess around with me. In fact, I became rather popular among the guys. Many asked me out, but I only agreed to the one who gave me confidence in myself, who accepted me when I looked terrible.

When we were a couple, those three months were the days I was on cloud nine. He was my sunshine, my only sunshine that made me blissful and carefree.

Until one day, on our three-month anniversary, he shoved me out of his life entirely . He ignored every message and letter that I passed to him; he avoided me by not attending school. I reminded myself that love is patient. And so no matter what happened, I will wait and wait till he returns to me. I thought I was at fault, I thought I made a mistake which caused him to leave me in complete ignorance.

One month passed by. I could no longer stand it. My patience had reached its limits. I went to the stable and rode my beloved white stallion, Philip to La Push. He would have some explanation to do. The horse came to a complete halt, and I ran over to his front porch. Being a klutz, I tripped and fell headfirst on the ground. When my fingers were inches off the doorbell, I heard moaning from behind the door. I heard his chuckles. Damn! What is going on inside?

I was too absorbed thinking of the different possibilities, so absorbed that I was unaware that his father was next to me, comfortably sat in his wooden wheelchair. He said, "Greetings, Isabella. It's been a long time since I've seen you around. Why stand here? Come in, my dear," while turning the doorknob.

I replied politely, "Nice to meet you, Sir." I turned my gaze from him and pushed his wheelchair into the house. Then I saw my love, on the floor with another girl; both were undressed and were in a mess. They were making out in the house, oblivious to the screeching sound made by the door.

His father cleared his throat and said in a harsh tone, "What do you think you're doing in my house?"

Then they both broke off, scrambling to put their attires on. They stood next to the couch, ready to receive their fair share of scolding. But he turned to me, his dark eyes filled with pity for me. "I'm sorry that my son has done such a thing, Isabella. I didn't know."

One was my boyfriend; the other merely a friend. I couldn't do anything except stare into their shocked and apologetic faces. I was lost for words, until he opened his mouth, "It's not what you think it is, love."

This was it. I was in a rage. I spat at him, "If it's not what I think it is, then what is? Huh? You made me think I was the one who made a wrong move, causing you to ignore me completely. You could've wrote to me or confronted me and tell me what was wrong. And no, you didn't. You put my life in misery. Now that I've gathered enough courage to come all the way here, I see nothing, but the real character in you while you were doing this behind my back. All the moaning and chuckling. I heard it with my own ears. And I saw it with my own eyes. Why didn't you just break up with me and tell me you love someone else? Why did you make me suffer for one whole month? Enlighten me, Jacob Black!"

I turned away when I felt hot tears pouring out of my eyes. I dashed out of the house towards my horse. I knew someone was following me, so I urged myself to run a little faster. But, I tripped and was ready to fall onto the ground yet again. A pair of warm arms caught my waist and turned me around to face him. He was chuckling again.

God, I hated his chuckles! Please, could I just kill him? I punched him on his right cheeks, but I regretted. I heard a crack on my fingers and screamed in pain. "Ouch! My fingers! It's all your fault.." I screamed, jumping away from him, but he caught me. I glared at him.

He held onto my hand and examined it. "You broke your fingers, love. Let me take you to the healer."

He wanted to carry me but I protested by kicking my legs like a little kid, "No, don't you dare! Stop calling me love and being that romantic when you cheated behind my back! Now, if you will please excuse me, I've got to go."

"I'm sorry Isabella! Please, scold me or hit me. Don't just leave without throwing a tantrum."

I scoffed, "Hit you? I'd punched you but what did I get from you ? Possibly a broken bone. Scold you? I'd scolded you in the house just now, right in front of your dad and your new lover. Last but not least, you want me to throw a tantrum? Sorry, Jacob. You underestimated me. I shall leave you in a state of remorse and guilt. You will feel what I felt during this whole month. And, one more thing, we are no longer together! Farewell!"

I turned around and walked away imitating the arrogance of the upper class girls in the school. Wow, I didn't know I could do that. After a while, the scene where he cheated on me kept replaying before my eyes. Tears kept flowing out. I felt like killing myself. Why did he do this to me? Why? Am I really that ugly? Am I really that terrible a girlfriend?

I drove, not knowing where I was heading. There were so many questions swirling around in my head. But I couldn't answer them. I didn't have any answer!

What I knew was that he cheated on me. My first love, my one true love. The guy I had trusted with my soul. His promise to love me wholeheartedly for eternity was all bull shit. I was frustrated. I was depressed. My life was in a state of darkness. Without him by my side, I couldn't find the courage to continue with life. Even heaven was shedding its tears as though sympathizing me

My horse stopped galloping and neighed, and I was brought back to reality. I smiled to myself. Was it fate that had brought me here? I was at the beach and I saw the cliff. My destiny. Jumping off the cliff would be a good way of committing suicide, wouldn't it?

I smirked as I wrote a letter on why I would want to commit suicide. Jacob Black could live his life filled with remorse and guilt for all I care. He would never ever gain happiness as long as the memories of my death haunt him. I placed the envelope into the pouch, wanting it to be noticed by others when they searched through my belongings.

I walked to the cliff carefully because I didn't want to die as a klutz. That would be embarrassing. After what seemed to be hours, I reached the cliff. I smiled as the rain droplets fell onto my face. Then I looked down at the gushing water. The seawater splashed on the rock at the shore so fiercely, releasing its wrath. I thought I would be afraid, but no, I became fearless.

Without a second thought, I dived into the deep blue sea headfirst. The strong wind caressed my face, and for once, I felt freedom! I wasn't struggling when I was out of air. I was cherishing it instead. How odd. I smiled as I found out that my mind went blank.

Something cold caught my waist, and dragged me down into blackness. Then, something bit into my wrists, the crease in my elbow, my ankles, my neck, and I gasped, but that was nothing compared to what I felt next.

I felt a burning sensation in every part of my body, my neck, my arms, my leg, and my stomach. It was as though a knife was stabbed me a million times. No, a truck ran over my body ten times. No, my skin was shredded, and my flesh was exposed to the surroundings. No, salt water was poured over my fresh wound. No, no, no. It was worse! I couldn't describe the pain. It's beyond words. I wanted to commit suicide to end my suffering, not to inflict worse physical pain on myself.

I couldn't even move my body, nor could I scream in agony. I bet even if I was placed in a wok of boiling oil, it wouldn't be as tormenting as it was then. Was this the feeling of being in hell? Was I too sinful because I committed suicide that the heaven doors didn't open for me?

I had no idea how long I was in distress until the pain became its worst when it focused on my weakening heart. Eventually, my heart throbbed once, twice, and then it stopped thumping. Was I dead, finally? I sniffed in the clear air, the scent of various flowers, lavender, roses, and many more. Was I finally in heaven?

My eyelids fluttered as I opened my eyes. I looked and was stunned by the amazing surrounding around me. Heaven was so clear. Everything – sights, sounds, smells… they were all so much sharper as an angel. Heaven had pretty cool houses, too.

Then I noticed my dress; they were tainted red and torn. If I were to be in heaven, wasn't I supposed to be in white?

The sound of the birds' chirping and river water flowing came from the woods outside the window. Out of sudden, I heard light footsteps and within seconds, the door screeched open. A man I believed in his early thirties walked in elegantly. He had perfect complexion and beautiful features. Just like my hair, his was dark brown too. When I inhaled his scent, a voice spoke in my head, telling me something along the lines of 'power to transform into a human'. I shrugged and I noticed he even smelled better than Jacob. A melodious voice came out of his mouth, "Ah, you are awake finally! I believe you need these."

I followed his gaze towards the five jugs filled with blood-red liquid on the silver tray he was holding. My eyes widened in shock, as I smelled the scent that made my throat burn as though I had been in a desert for more than a week. Some liquid started forming in my mouth as I concentrated on the liquid and walked towards the man, "May I?" I asked politely. He nodded.

I grabbed – maybe grabbed is the wrong word. Snatched would probably be more appropriate, because my movements were so fast it was as though no movement occurred; only the results – the first jar and drank it thirstily . Blending with the liquid in my mouth, it was really appetizing. It soothed my throat a little but the monster in me yearned for more. So I took in the second jar, then the third jar. I licked my lips, savoring the heavenly taste. When I wanted to grab the fourth jar, my mind screamed at me, and I stopped.

I came to my senses and realized that the liquid was blood. Ah! I was wicked! Damn myself to hell! "Is this blood?" I asked the stranger who was standing in front of me. Dumbfounded, he replied, "Yes, it is."

I felt a lump in my throat. I wanted to cry, but no tears came out. I walked back to the bed and threw myself onto the pillow. Surprisingly, I heard a crack and the bed broke.

I sat upright and shouted, "What is wrong with me? What am I? Who are you? I'm supposed to be dead, instead here I am, drinking blood? How could I? I can't believe it, I just drank three jars of human blood!" Oh my, my voice. Since when have I had velvety, musical voice?

He cut me off before I started scolding from A to Z, "No, this isn't human blood. Its animal blood."

He laid the tray on the table near the entrance and sat down next to me on the mattress. He held out his hands, "Hi, I am Anthony Collin." I shook his hand and said, "Isabella Swan."

"Now, where shall I start?" I waited for him, looking anxious and pleased that he would finally explain what was going on. It was as if he could read my mind.

"Remember you jumped out off the cliff?" I remembered it vaguely and nodded. "Well, I saved you. You were almost dying. If I were to be any later, your heart would have already stopped beating. I knew sending you to the hospital would not save you. So I decided to give it a try. Before I continue, do you believe in vampires?"

I was caught off guard by his question. I thought for a moment, "I suppose so?"

He continued slowly, "I am a vampire."

I stared into his liquid golden topaz eyes. Impossible. Vampires were just merely mythical characters. I backed away a little, wanting to stay away from this person, if he really was a vampire. I laughed shakily, "You must kidding. So what? You sleep in coffins? You have fangs? You come out at night to hunt people?" I swallowed hard then, a crazy thought formed in my mind. I imagined his necks piercing into my neck and shrugged off that thought immediately.

I scanned around the room and immediately spotted the open window. I dashed out of it without waiting for his answer, my only aim was to escape from this monster. I ran and was amazed at how fast I was able to run, with the strong wind caressing my face. The wet ground felt soft under my bare feet, surprisingly.

Finally, I reached a small lake. When I looked at the reflection, I saw an entirely different woman gazing into the pool of water. I gasped and fell onto the ground. That wasn't me, but it was me. No way! The woman's paler face had more defined features. Her long mahogany hair cascaded down her back. I looked a lot like Anthony despite not having blood relationship with him. Wow, I told myself I could pass off as his daughter easily. But I had red eyes, instead of the usual chocolate brown.

Did this mean something? Suddenly, it all clicked. I was pretty sure I was dying already, but somehow I was still alive. I was- Was I? I heard light footsteps from afar and suddenly someone sat down beside me. I didn't run away from him anymore. How could I even call him a monster when I myself was one too?

"Isabella, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you into this creature. But when I saw you drowning in the sea water, so vulnerable, I guessed the fatherly instinct took over me and I bit you. I'm so sorry." He buried his face into his hands.

I looked at him and touched his soft hair, "Anthony, you needn't feel sorry. I guess this is fate after all. Maybe I was meant to have this life, maybe I was meant to be a err, a vampire."

"Isabella, but you can't talk to your family, your friends face to face anymore. You'll be damned to this eternity. You won't age. You'll stay like this forever." He looked at me with pity in his golden orbs.

"I- I think I can handle it. I wanted to die already, there's nothing left for me. If I didn't jump off that cliff the other day, I can assure you I will be nothing but a shell. But Charlie and Renee… And Phil…" It was at that time that I realized I couldn't accept the fact that my parents would have to mourn over my death. I couldn't face them anymore, I was indeed a bad daughter.

"Maybe, if you want to see them again, I can help you using the power I have."

I was curious at what power he had. "You have powers? What kind of powers?"

He chuckled. "Some vampires have special abilities. In my case, I can transform myself or other vampires into humans."

"Transform vampires into humans." I muttered each syllabus slowly, as if trying to figure out what that means.

"How should I explain? Maybe I could show you myself. Now look at the changes in me." As soon as he finished that sentence, his looks changed. Of course he looked different, but the beauty within him still remained, though not as extreme as a vampire's. He could blush! His skin wasn't as pale as before. His eyes, they were not golden topaz, in fact, they were a pair of olive eyes with a hint of light brown in it. So this was what transforming a vampire into a human meant.

"So this is how I will look like. I will be like any other normal humans, my so called dead heart can pump blood, with a little venom in it. Venom replaces the blood that flows in our body when we become a vampire, and it is poisonous. If we bite a human and traces of venom were to be left inside his or her body, they would become a vampire too, after enduring three days of burning." I flinched at that memory of those tortuous hell-like days.

"Besides, when I'm a 'human', I can avoid the thirst. Usually, I will know when I would need to hunt when my eye color turns darker, instead of the usual burning throat. So, this power actually helps a lot, especially for a newborn like you." he beamed.

I nodded but then looked at him horridly. "You said hunt? As in?"

"Oh no, no, no!" He shook his head before continuing. "I don't hunt humans. There are lots of vampires who kill humans, but I discovered a new diet with the help of my ability. I drink animal blood. Though its not as satisfying as human blood, it can sustain our thirst."

Once again, I nodded my head. I wondered how many times I have done this gesture. Anyway, I still asked him the question I've been longing to ask, though it hurt me to do so. "They won't be able to find my body, so how're they going to know whether I'm-" It was so hard to voice out last word of the sentence and I was thankful when he figured it out.

"Dead? From what I've heard, they sent out a search party out to the sea. But I guess they gave up and stopped searching. People here believe in Goddess of the Ocean, maybe they would figure out some stories by themselves." He said in what I thought was a teasing tone.

Maybe it was better this way. They would conduct a funeral for me and that's it. Isabella Swan no longer existed. He stood up and offered his hand, "Shall we, my daughter?"

I took his hand and grinned. "Yes, papa." Starting from that very moment, I knew I was stepping into an entire new life, as a vampire, a new Isabella, an entirely stronger person.

[End of flashback]

I was too engrossing in my thinking that I didn't know someone had entered the house. Someone grabbed my waist from behind, lifting my feet away from the ground and covered my mouth with his hand. I squirmed underneath the stranger's hold and kicked my legs back and forth.

He leaned forward to the side of my ears and growled. I froze when he spoke in a husky tone, "What is a beautiful lady like you doing in my house?

So, can you guess who the stranger is? The new owner of the house? Jacob Black? (Hey, its possible kay? Cause they said if Jacob continues to phase into a werewolf, he will not age) Or maybe Jasper? Anthony? EDWARD CULLEN!!! Anyone who guess correctly will get a sneak preview to the next chapter, but mind you, it'll not be the edited version.

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