Callie Torres thought about her statement to Dr Bailey- Deep down inside exhausted had pretty much hit the nail on the head. She was completely alone, abandoned, her best friend and lover had left without so much as a goodbye. In the days that followed Erica's departure she had stared at her cell every free moment she had, willing it to ring with her mind. A week later and no phone call, she had given up. She woke up in the mornings, and stared at Erica's side of the bed. Granted, it had only been Erica's side for a very short time but it still had been where Erica slept by her side. Erica had told her she was glasses in that very bed. How could Erica just cast that suddenly to the wind? She felt the tears well up inside her throat, yet again, and swallowed them down because of the intense physical pain that crying would no doubt cause.

"Hey there, Hows that new day coming?" Mark asked with his pretty boy smile.

"Not good Mark, not good" Callie replied with resignation tinged in her voice. "You know, I didn't call her, I didn't call, I just waited for her to call me and she, she never did. Not once, She just cast me and the hospital to the side, like we were one and the same. Like I was the one who stole her patient's heart." Callie bit her lip and creased her eyebrows.

"Torres! You mean, you didn't even try to call Erica?" Mark looked at Callie hard

"W- what, no, I didn't call her, she left me that night, standing in front of the hospital, like I had done something wrong, so no I didn't call her." Callie responded with a sneer, wasn't Mark her friend?

"So you are sitting here devastated and abandoned and you never once tried to call her.? Not once?, Torres, what is wrong with you? Pick up the damned phone and call your girlfriend, you had a fight that's what people do!" Mark turned away and walked of the room, shaking his head, as he left.

Sighing Callie laid her head back against the pillow. Call Erica, Could she? Could she just call the woman who walked away from her, spouting out that she really didn't know her at all. The woman who had made her feel guilty because she wasn't an all or nothing sort of girl? Call Erica, those two words kept pinging against the corners of her mind.

The orderlies came and moved her to her own room, Dr Shepard insisted that she needed to stay so they could observe her because of the concussion, she had suffered when she banged her head against the floor.

A broken nose and a concussion, I guess things really didn't have to go up from where I was earlier today, she thought miserably. She let herself drift off to sleep, with thoughts of calling Erica and the predicament she found herself in weighing heavily on her mind.

Callie was on the edge of a cliff overlooking a beautiful valley. The valley was decorated with a rainbow of flowers, all different colors, and each one, as lovely as the other. The site before her, took her breath away. Above she heard the sweet voice of a mockingbird. Her eyes darted above to seek out the creature. Instead, what she beheld nearly caused her to faint. Leaves. leaves of every shape and size filled her vision. They had golden specks on them and glistened in the morning sun. They were so bright and bold that they were almost to much for her to gaze upon. They were leaves. She saw leaves, brilliant, beautiful leaves and as beautiful as the flowers were below, they simply paled in comparison to the leaves that were floating in the sun above her.

The mocking bird who had first caught her attention began his sweet song, again and though she couldn't find the creature, Callie was sure she could hear him sing "Call her, the leaves, you saw the leaves, tell her that."

Callie awoke to the nurse checking her to make sure she was not comatose, "We have to check your state of consciousness, every hour."

"Um I am a doctor and I am well aware of protocol thank you. Callie said shortly.

The nurse didn't say anything else, instead she turned around and walked away. Noting that the bone doctor was definitely awake and quite grateful that Dr Torres wouldn't be setting her bones that night.

Callie, closed her eyes and winced, embarrassed by her own shortness, with the nurse. The short fuse obviously stemmed from the dream she had been having. A dream in which the leaves out shone the flowers. Calliope Torres was definitely seeing leaves, and knew that somehow, someway she had to let Erica know. Those were her last thoughts as she drifted off into a deep sleep.

"Callie, Callie wake up. Don't you want to go back to the apartment? Dr Shepard has released you." She heard Yang's voice, which was entirely too close. Didn't Yang know how to respect her personal space. What the hell was she doing in her room? Oh God Erica is going to freak, she thought as she felt herself being shaken.

Callie was jarred awake with a rush of pain that began from her noise and pounded into her head.

"Ow ow ow! What the hell is going on!" Callie shouted, her eyes fluttered open and she saw Cristina dressed in her lab coat, along with an all to bright sun filling her vision. It was then, that reality started to sinking, the pain was her broken nose and the pounding in her head was the concussion. Of course Cristina wasn't in her room. Well at least not her room at the apartment. And there was no Erica, anymore, to freak out at the sight of Yang, walking in on the two women in their bedroom.

"What time is it?" Callie questioned.

"Its eleven AM, You've been cleared to go home."

"Okay, I am up. Did Dr Shepard or Dr Sloan write me anything for pain?" Callie asked in a semi moan.

"Yes, I have the bottle here, but don't take them until you get somewhere, where you plan on staying." Cristina ordered. "Dr Sloan filled them at the hospital pharmacy. He asked me to bring them to you and wake you up. He also asked me to let you know that your clothes are right there on the chair, just let the nurses' desk know when you are ready to be discharged. I've got to go, I have a surgery to scrub in on, I'll see you later" Cristina, didn't even give Callie a chance to respond before, she turned and headed out of Callie's room in a fired up, I am a resident who can't miss a surgery, sort of way.

After the lengthy paper work that went along with getting discharged, Callie was grateful to lay her head down on her own pillow, in her own bed. She had just drank a glass of water and downed the Vicodin Mark had prescribed her for pain.

Relaxing and letting her thoughts wander, they took her back to the dream she had the night before. She had seen the flowers, the leaves, the magnificent leaves and could literally hear the bird when she closed her eyes.

As if on cue her cell phone beeped beside her head bringing her out of her thoughts. Sitting up, she took her phone off of the night stand beside her bed and plugged the charger into the cell. She scrolled through the contacts, found the number she was looking for and stared. Since when had dialing a phone number become so hard? And how do I know that she's kept this number or that she's even still in Seattle? Should I really be calling her? What am I supposed to say? All of these thoughts swirled in her mind as the vicodin took effect, relaxing her, and letting the fear of rejection slowly fade away.

She swallowed with eyes half open, hit the send button, and held her breath. "This number has been forwarded to an automatic voice mail messaging service, The recording said, then she heard a brief pause. "You have reached Dr Erica Hahn- I am no longer in the Seattle area but if you'll leave me your name and number I will return your call." Brief and to the point Callie thought, a lot like how Erica lived her life. "Beep" Callie took a deep breath " "Erica, uh its me, Callie, I probably should have called much sooner but, but I just kept hoping you'd call me. Erica, I really miss you, I just I- I just want to talk. Please if you could, could you just think about calling me? Erica I saw leaves, brilliant beautiful leaves and I saw flowers too but they weren't as pretty as the leaves. and if this doesn't make sense its cause of the vicodin, A patient broke my nose and I had a concussion so I am, I am at home, so you can call the cell or the apartment or anything and I'll answer."Callie's voice started to crack and she couldn't hold back the tears. ".I s s saw ,sniffle sniffle. I saw leaves Erica, please call me. A final sob and she wrapped up the message with softly whispered " Goodbye."