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Summary: Bella and Jasper Swan are sent to live with their father Charlie in Forks, Washington after the untimely death of their mother and stepfather. Neither of them had seen Charlie since they were 7 years old and Renee had cut off complete contact between the children and their father. Now here they are in a place they don't remember at all trying to get on with life. But to make matter's worst Bella Swan has not spoken a word since her mother and step-father's death. Will Jasper be able to protect his sister? Or will she have to go down her own road to find herself again?

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Jasper's point of view.

It is so strange how life can change in a blink of an eye. One day everything is just how you want it and you wish for it to stay like that forever and the next thing you know you are in a whirlpool of life. I gazed down the aisle of the plane; we would be descending soon, descending to our new home. A home that we had not been to since we were little, a home I could barely remember. If you asked me a week ago how my life was, I'd say I wouldn't want a thing to change. Who would have known that in that entire week everything would change forever. Change in irreversible ways. It was like my entire world had been picked up, flipped upside down and shaken. One week. That's all it took for my life to come crumbling down around me leaving me with no clue as to how to put the pieces back together.

The worst part of it: I was not alone. I was not the only one going through this. I guess, in a way, that helped. She was still there, at least partially. She'd yet to speak a single word to me, or anyone else, since that day. Shock. That's what the doctors called it. "She's protecting her mind," they said, repeatedly. I wished she'd say something though, but I wouldn't push her, I knew that was the last thing she needed. I reached over and took her hand in mine giving it a gentle squeeze to let her know I was here and that I was never going anywhere. She turned to look at me and I saw the pain she felt, in her eyes and written all over her face. As much as I was hurting too, I knew right then and there that I needed to be strong for her. She needed me now more than she ever had in the past and I couldn't deny her that.

"We're going to be there soon, I think, I can feel us descending," I said with a reassuring smile, yet I knew I had no reason to smile. And I knew that she knew it too. She returned her eyes to the floor - the same spot she'd been staring at since we boarded the plane - with no sign that she'd either heard, or understood, what I'd said. I sighed softly and let my gaze wander around the cabin and I couldn't help but stop on this particular group. Two teenagers around the same age as us with their parents, most likely on a family vacation. My heart broke a little more at the sight of it. I'd - we'd - never have that again. I could feel the tears building up behind my eyes and quickly turned to look out the window. I managed to fight the tears back successfully, but I knew that I couldn't hold them back for long. I brought my free hand up to wipe any evidence away before she could notice, not that she would say something.

"We will be arriving at the Sea-Tac airport in Seattle, Washington in a few moments. Please make sure you return to your seats and the captain has put seatbelt signs back on. Thank you for flying with us," the flight attendants voice came over the loud speaker in the cabin of the plane.

Finally. The flight had been too long and far too quiet. I would almost rather have the awkwardness that was sure to prevail once we'd landed and met up with Charlie. I didn't know what it would be like, but it had been years since we'd even spoken to him (not that Bella would be doing much speaking anyway), let alone seen him. Unfortunately for us, he was the only family we had left and I wasn't old enough to take care of Bella on my own, even though I'd been doing it for years anyway. Truth be told, as far as I was concerned, she was all I had left. This move was just a temporary legality that I would fix as soon as I was 18. She didn't need someone else intruding on her life, not right now and certainly not like this. I wouldn't have been lying if I said that I was shocked that our own mother had left us in the care of our father in case something happened before either of us turned 18. They did not leave things on very good terms; actually I was amazed she let us see him those few times after we had left.

I guess, in a way, it made sense. He was family. The fact that we didn't know him meant nothing, at least as far as the state was concerned. We were minors in "need" of parental supervision. How they thought we'd be getting that from a man that hadn't even bothered to try and see us for years, I don't know. He didn't put up a fight at all; just let our mother take us. Awkward. Yeah, that was the understatement of a lifetime. I'm sure he didn't like this anymore than I did, and I'd make sure that he understood that. Since that moment a week ago, I'd vowed to myself that I'd take care of her. I didn't need help, least of all from him. He didn't know us and he surely didn't understand us, so there's no way he'd have any idea how to take care of us.

When the plane finally landed all I wanted to do was stretch my legs and get off, but I knew Bella was scared. As much as I didn't like this situation I was more worried about her than myself. I wasn't going to force her to speak, but I didn't know how Charlie was going to react to her silence, or the rest of the town of Forks, Washington. The place that was now our home, the place that would never be our home in our hearts.

As the rest of the passengers started filing off the plane, her grip on my hand tightened fractionally as she turned to look at me. Fear was the prominent emotion on her sallow, tear streaked face. I wanted to hug her, offer her some sort of comfort aside from holding her hand, but every time I'd tried, she'd tensed up and pulled away. So, I waited. She'd have to make the first move because I couldn't let myself be responsible for pushing her into anything she wasn't comfortable with yet. That broke my heart too. We'd always been close; the 2 musketeers. She was my sister and my best friend. But now, she was detached and withdrawn. The doctors said it would get better in time, but I was beginning to doubt even their professional opinions. All I knew was that this shattered and broken girl sitting next to me with a death grip on my hand wasn't her. I'd come to terms with that, but only because I knew that she was still in there somewhere.

When we finally stepped off of the plane and came out of the terminal I saw him. I had not seen him since I was little but I knew it was him, he looked exactly the same just a bit older. It also helped that he was dressed in a police uniform. For Charlie was the chief of police in the town of Forks. He stood there awkwardly with his hands in his pockets looking among the people who came out. I wondered if he even knew what we looked like anymore, or were we just going to be strangers among the crowd. I wasn't ready for that meeting just yet, so I walked over to the baggage claim area instead, with Bella trailing behind me as she gripped the hem of my shirt.

As the rest of the passengers gathered their luggage and started to disperse, I noticed Charlie coming toward the baggage claim. His gaze falling on his, perhaps he finally realized it was us. I looked away back to the baggage claim as I saw our bags coming; I reached over to get them. Yet just as I was doing so Charlie tapped Bella on the shoulder.

I felt her tense up behind me and quickly dropped my hold on the bag I was about to grab, and turned around, pulling her behind me. Her face was buried in my back and I could feel her shaking, both out of fear and because she'd started crying again. Charlie backed up a few steps when he saw the look on my face. I had no idea how I looked to him, but I'd imagine it was a look of pure fury. I know it was wrong of me and I know that I shouldn't have done it, but I couldn't help it.

"DO NOT touch her again!" My voice was venomous, and he immediately backed off, mumbling something about waiting for us outside. I turned around and looked at her, "its okay Bells, I'm here.. I'm here.. I'll always be here" she didn't say anything and just looked back at the ground. I sighed softly and turned back and picked up our luggage. I motioned for her to follow me and we headed outside to where I figured Charlie would be waiting for us.

We made it outside without incident, and I began scanning the area to find Charlie again and spotted him a few cars down, leaning against his cruiser staring at the wall across from him. Since the trunk was already opened, I just walked over and placed our bags inside before opening the backdoor and helping Bella slide in before sliding in next to her. Even if I'd wanted to sit in the front, which I most certainly didn't, Bella wouldn't let me go. At least I had a justifiable excuse. I couldn't very well promise her I wasn't going anywhere and then force her to let me go only minutes later.

Charlie just seemed to nod his head and climb into the front seat of his cruiser and started to head to Forks. At first the car ride was silent, an awkward silence to be exact. About fifteen minutes in Charlie cleared his throat, "Was the flight alright?"

I rolled my eyes and stared at the window, keeping Bella's hand tight in mine, "it was fine"

"I got your rooms cleaned out. I bought you a black bed set Jasper I hope that's okay"

"Yeah, yeah that's fine.." I didn't even want to talk, I just wanted to get back to the house and fall asleep. But I highly doubted that Bella was going to let me leave her alone that soon, and I wouldn't do that to her anyway.

"Isabella, I got you a purple one. Do you like purple?"

I turned to look at Bella's face and she'd turned as white as a ghost as she squeezed my hand. A silent plea for me to answer for her, so I did. "She prefers Bella and purple is fine," I responded without looking away from her, "and please, don't talk to her right now. She just needs to be left alone."

Charlie looked a bit taken aback by my response, but remained quiet for most of the ride, only breaking the silence to ask if we'd eaten on the flight. "We could get some food before we go to the house, I didn't have time to go food shopping" he chuckled awkwardly, "I'm not very much of a cook. I tend to eat at the diner a lot"

Rolling my eyes once again, I quickly agreed and we made our way to the diner. This was just going to be great. He couldn't cook, and though I was a decent cook, Bella had done the majority of the cooking back home. His lack of culinary skills was just another thing to add to my ever growing list of reasons why he wouldn't make a good parent. As if I needed anymore reasons to add to that list.

Once we got there, we were seated at 'his' table as the waitress called it. She apparently remembered Bella and I from when we were little; of course I had no idea who she was. I didn't even have an idea who the man that was my father was. "I remember when you two were little.." she smiled brightly as she pulled out a pad and wrote down Charlie's order, apparently already knowing what it was, "What would you two like?"

I looked down at the menu and tried to decide what to eat, I had a feeling the food here probably wasn't that good, "I'll get a cheeseburger medium well and a side of fries. And a coke thank you."

"Okay," she smiled as she wrote it down, then looked at Bella. "What do you want sweetie?" Bella looked at me then back at the waitress. The woman just chuckled, "what is it sweetie? Cat got your tongue?"

I could already tell that it was going to be a long night as Bella's gaze fell back towards the table, tracing the worn pattern of it with her eyes. I sighed inwardly and ordered the same thing for her, not missing the look that passed between the waitress and Charlie. I had to keep myself in check before I exploded at him. I'd already done it once today in front of Bella and I couldn't let that happen again. Not that I wouldn't give him a piece of my mind, I just had to be careful to do it when she couldn't hear me. I knew that I didn't need this, not from him or anyone else, so I could only imagine how she felt. He was nothing more than an intrusion. Someone we didn't even know and didn't really care to get to know.

"So.. Uh" Charlie cleared his throat and crossed his hands in front of his face, "I'm really sorry about your mom and Frank?"

"Phil," I said through gritted teeth. Phil was more of a father than Charlie ever was and ever would be.

"Oh yes Phil.." he shifted awkwardly in his seat, "I'm really sorry about your loss"

I couldn't and wouldn't acknowledge that. I was seething inside and Bella, who'd finally stopped crying during the car ride, had started again. I wanted to throttle him, but instead, I pulled her closer to me so she could cry into my shirt. He cleared his throat again, preparing to say another completely asinine thing, but I put my hand up to stop him. "Don't, just don't. You're only making things worse for her."

I was actually glad when the food came; I got Bella to calm down a little bit and pushed her plate in front of her so she would eat. I knew she had to be starving; she'd had barely eaten anything in the past week. When I started to eat my own food, I saw her playing with her own, she picked up a fry and brought it to her lip and took a little bite out of it.

She mostly played with her food for the entire meal, but I did see her eating some of it. Not enough, in my opinion, but I just reminded myself over and over again that I couldn't, and wouldn't, push her. Thankfully, dinner finished rather quickly in spite of the hovering and oppressing silence, and we were soon on the road again. "On the way home," Charlie said. I just scoffed at that. Home was Phoenix, this was hell wrapped up in a picturesque packaging. I couldn't deny that it fit our moods; dark and cloudy, but I already missed the hot sunshine of Phoenix. The drive took all of 10 minutes, and I was more than grateful for that, and for the fact that in the short 10 minute drive, Bells had fallen asleep. Charlie tossed me the house keys after he'd gotten the trunk open so I could carry Bella inside. I waited inside the front door for him to show us to our rooms, or at least to her room. I wouldn't be leaving her side tonight anyway, so I didn't really care to know which room was mine. Regardless, it would never be mine. "Temporary legality," I repeated over and over again in my head. We'd be back home soon enough; we just had to survive this year.

When he finally showed me her room I laid her down on the bed and sat with her, it was a decent size room, thank god for that, and the bed was big enough for both of us. I knew she needed me by her side for a little while. Before Charlie left us he made a comment about how my room was next door between his and Bella's. I nodded and watched as he left the room, thankfully shutting the door behind him. I looked down at her sleeping figure and sighed. I started to gently rub her back, "it's going to be okay Bells, I promise!"

I must've fallen asleep at some point because the next thing I knew, Bella was sobbing uncontrollably and fighting with her pillow. I could tell she was still asleep and tried desperately to wake her up. "Bells ..... Bella ...... wake up, it's okay. I'm right here, you're just dreaming." It took a good 5 minutes before she sat straight up in bed, her eyes locked on mine, tears still streaming down her face, her mouth open in a silent scream. I had to choke back my own tears as I took in her appearance before she locked her arms around my waist and buried her head in my chest shaking from the sobs racking her body. I vaguely heard Charlie's door open down the hall and hoped that he wouldn't come in here to see what was wrong. I didn't have the energy or desire to deal with him right now.

I groaned softly when I heard him stop in front of the room; he stayed there for a few moments then turned and retreated back to his room. I sighed and gently touched Bella's back, not wanting to push her too hard. "Bella its okay, I'm here you know that. I'm your big brother I'm not going to let anything happen to you," I smiled softly at her. "I know you don't want to talk and I'm not going to ever push you too ever.. Do you want to go back to sleep or watch some television or anything? Squeeze me or something to let me know"

She squeezed me around my waist and eventually her sobs slowed, then stopped, as she fell back asleep. However, I couldn't get back to sleep, not after that. She didn't move from the position she'd been in, curled up in my lap with her arms around me, and even though I didn't mind, it was a little uncomfortable. Morning came slowly after that, and by the time the sky had lightened enough for me to wake Bells up so she could get ready for our first day of school here, I was absolutely exhausted. As was to be expected, it took me awhile to get her to wake up.

"Hey bells.." I gently shook her then took my hand away quickly, "you got to get up sis, we got to get ready for school." I was dreading school, and I knew she was too. I was a year older then her so we would probably have no classes' together. And the last thing I wanted was someone to upset her and I not be there to help.

Finally, after nearly 30 minutes, she woke up and rolled back onto the bed before sitting up and walking over to her suitcase. I let her get ready first so that I could rest for a little bit longer. It was going to be a long day - scratch that, it was going to be a long year - and I wasn't ready for it to start just yet. I leaned back down getting ready to close my eyes for a few more minutes when I realized that Bella wouldn't know where anything was in the house, so reluctantly, I pulled myself out of bed and stood by the door, waiting for her to get her things together for her shower. Once she was ready I walked to the bathroom with her and gave her a reassuring smile to let her know I'd be in her room waiting for her when she came back out. As soon as the door closed I sluggishly found my way back to the room and collapsed on the bed for a few minutes before pulling myself up and started to get myself ready. Before I knew it, I was done and Bella was walking back into her room, clutching her stuff to her chest. I got up and went over to her, "you think you're ready to go?" I pushed a strand of hair behind her ear. I had no idea how we were even getting to school. My guess was Charlie.

I began to walk out the door when she grabbed my hand again. One look at her told me that she most certainly wasn't ready for this, and I wished more than anything that she didn't have to go, that neither of us had to go. Instead of letting her go back to bed like I wanted to, I gently pulled her out the door and down the stairs. I contemplated eating breakfast, but didn't really want to hang around this house any longer, so pulling Bella behind me; I set off to look for Charlie. Instead, I found a note and a set of keys on the side table next to the front door.

"Jasper and Bella - The truck out front is yours. I'll be at work until late. Maybe we can talk later. - Charlie"

I scoffed at this, but at the same time I was relieved. I did not want Charlie to have to drive us in, and now he wouldn't need to. I lead Bella outside and shook my head with a chuckle when I saw the car. Could the thing be any older? Hopefully it wouldn't fall apart while we were driving. I knew that was the last thing we needed especially after…… I shook my head and looked at Bella, "Cool huh?" I smirked and lead her to her door. "Come on get in," she looked at me for a moment then climbed into her side of the truck. I walked around to the driver side and got in. Thankfully, the car started and I headed out of the driveway and toward the school. Good thing I had seen the school on the way to Charlie's otherwise I would've had no idea where the hell I was going.

It was a quaint small town school where everyone probably knew everyone and because they knew everyone, they knew everything. Everything that included why we were here. Great, just great. As if we needed to deal with the gossip and rumors that ruled small town life. It was a short drive, and thankfully (and surprisingly) the hunk of junk Charlie called a truck held up. It was loud and slow, but it was certainly better than being driven around by him in his cruiser. We pulled into the schools parking lot and I parked as close to the building as I could to avoid unnecessary walks through the ever present rain and helped Bella out of the truck. I could tell right off that she was uncomfortable. Everyone was staring at us and she clung to my arm like it was her lifeline. Which, quite frankly, it was. Sighing, I pulled her along to the front office and kept up a running monologue in my head of the things I'd like to say to everyone who couldn't stop staring.

The ladies in the front office weren't much better, and I had to bite my tongue, literally, to keep from snapping at them. As I'd assumed earlier this morning, we had no classes together and my heart dropped. I couldn't let her go off on her own and it's not like she would've let me. This was going to be a serious problem so I did the only thing that I could think of doing at that point. I called Charlie at work.

He was actually quite shocked that I even called him. I explained to him that Bella and I had not one class together and asked, no begged almost, for him to talk the school into at least giving us two or more classes. He agreed and I handed the phone over to one of the ladies. After a few moments she handed me the phone back and explained how they were able to fit me and Bella in gym together as well as Spanish. It wasn't great but it was better then nothing. Although I was glad they put me in her gym class because I knew that was the worst class for her. I thanked the ladies and lead Bella to her first period class: English. I gave her a reassuring squeeze on her hand and a slight smile, "I will be right here when you get out okay?" she didn't say anything, just turned and walked into the class. I let out a sigh and looked at my own schedule; this was in fact going to be a very, very long year.

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