Co-written by Nothingtolose15 and phnxprncss.

Summary: Bella and Jasper Swan are sent to live with their father Charlie in Forks, Washington after the untimely death of their mother and stepfather. Neither of them had seen Charlie since they were 7 years old and Renee had cut off complete contact between the children and their father. Now here they are in a place they don't remember at all trying to get on with life. But to make matter's worst Bella Swan has not spoken a word since her mother and step-father's death. Will Jasper be able to protect his sister? Or will she have to go down her own road to find herself again?

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Bella's Point of View

The week went by at a moderate pace and thankfully, there was no more contact from the Masen's; at least as far as we all knew. I did my best not to push the issue with Edward, only talking about it when he brought it up – which honestly wasn't very often. When Saturday came around, Edward and I had the house to ourselves while Carlisle was on shift at the hospital and Esme had procured the help of Jasper and Emmett in moving furniture at one of her job sites. Of course, since Jasper went, Alice went as well to 'supervise' as she so aptly put it, but we all knew that it was because she couldn't stay away from my brother for excessive periods of time.

We spent most of the morning in our room talking, playing with Chewy and listening to music before finally getting dressed and heading downstairs for lunch. Being the wonderful girlfriend that I am, I made the both of us grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. Edward did offer to cook but I was kind of sick of macaroni and cheese at the moment and he didn't really know how to cook much else without being closely watched. It was an enjoyable day, for the most part. There wasn't anyone else around to interrupt us, if we so chose to do anything, and we didn't have to worry about Alice popping up with some kind of crazy plan.

We'd taken our lunch into the living room so that we could pop in a movie to watch while we were eating. Since I'd cooked, Edward let me choose the movie and after much internal debating, I finally decided on The Boondock Saints earning an arched eyebrow and questioning look from Edward. Instead of answering his silent questions, I pretended I didn't notice and just handed him the movie so that he could set the DVD up. Once it was cued up and ready to go, he handed me the remote and settled onto the couch beside me, still watching me intently as I pressed 'play' and continued eating.

"So, are you going to tell me why you chose this particular movie?" He finally asked, curiosity having gotten the best of him.

I giggled quietly and turned to face him, "maybe later, if you don't bother me too much during the movie." I smirked and turned my attention back to the television.

"Come on, Bella!" The slight whine in his voice made me giggle even more as I tried my best to ignore his pleading.

I smirked and continued eating my food before glancing back at him for a moment, "Hmm, did you say something? The movies about to start." I turned my attention back to the screen as he just gaped at me.

"Bella," he reached over putting his hand on my thigh, rubbing it lightly.

Oh he was going to try that.

"Come on and tell me, please baby?"

"Nope," I said popping the 'p' as I took a bite of my grilled cheese, turning my attention back to the movie as the opening scene began playing.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see him leaning in towards me and I tried to surreptitiously move towards the end of the couch. Unfortunately, my slight movement caused the hand that was resting on my thigh to slide up further, coming into contact with my crotch. I inhaled sharply, blinking my eyes rapidly and mentally screaming at myself to focus on the movie and not my gorgeously seductive boyfriend.

"Bella," his voice was pure sex as he whispered right up against my earlobe. "Please tell me, baby."

The combination of his hand still resting on my crotch, the tone of his voice and the feel of his breath blowing across the side of my neck caused my resolve to crumble. "It's the – uh – their accents," I stuttered out, my breathing extremely shallow and my heart beats erratic.

He raised his eyebrow and smirked, "their accents, huh? Is that what turns you on?" He pressed a kiss to the hollow of my throat, "does it disappoint you I don't have one?" His hand had been keeping a steady rhythm rubbing against my heated crotch.

"I – I – No!" I shook my head as I began to whimper.

"Are you sure, baby?" He tilted his head to the side and looked me in the eyes as his hand moved against me harder and faster.

I nodded vigorously before tossing my head back against the couch, trying to hold on to my cup of soup and sandwich for dear life, "I – I'm sure." I was panting laboriously as he continued his ministrations while his mouth lingered on the contours of my neck.

"You seem pretty turned on to me." His voice has turned huskier, his open-mouthed kisses more insistent.

"Oh God, baby," I moaned out, wanting to beg him for more. "I – I think that – uh, oh my God – I need to put my food down. Fuck!"

He pulled his mouth away from my neck and looked me in the face, "Hmm, did you say something?" He smirked at me before slowing his movements, giving me a chance to put my food down on the coffee table. The moment that I'd pulled my hands back, he went right back to work and I couldn't help the soft moans and whimpers from escaping my mouth.

"God, Bella," he panted against my neck, "you're so wet, baby. I can feel it even through your jeans." My only response was to whimper; coherency was not my friend at the moment.

He started to chuckle, "What Bella, cat got your tongue?"

Instead of answering him, I wound my hand around the back of his neck and pulled him in for a deep, searing kiss before pulling back just slightly. "Stop teasing me, Edward Anthony Masen Cullen!"

He pressed his forehead to mine, "Oh, you think this is teasing? I'll show you teasing, Isabella Marie Swan."

But before anything could happen a sudden noise came from the direction of the coffee table followed by Chewy whimpering. Edward quickly pulled away from me to check on Chewy, and there he was, sitting on the floor lapping at the spilled tomato soup and eating the remainder of my sandwich. I groaned out loud and flopped back into the chair thoroughly annoyed and incredibly frustrated.

"Dammit," I muttered under my breath. "I didn't think we'd have to be worry about being interrupted with your sister out for the day." I was pouting like a petulant child and I knew it. I couldn't help it though; Edward had gotten me so worked up that I wasn't thinking straight.

"Just relax, baby," Edward murmured, placing a chaste kiss on my mouth. "I'll clean this mess up and take Chewy up to the room. We can finish this shortly, I promise."

I nodded, "Okay," earning another kiss from Edward before he began to clean up the mess. I sat on the sofa, letting myself get into the movie and imaging Edward in the lead role – which I had to admit, would be pretty hot – when I was interrupted by the ringing of the doorbell. I looked over at Edward on his hands and knees, scrubbing the carpet furiously and paused the movie while I stood up.

"I'll get it, baby." I called out over my shoulder as I rounded the corner into the foyer. The doorbell rang again before I reached it and yelled out a very annoyed, "I'm coming," muttering under my breath the rest of the way to the door. On the front steps were two people that I'd never before seen in my life, though they looked oddly familiar. I cocked my head to the side waiting for them to say something and when they didn't, I let out an exasperated breath. "Um, can I help you?"

"Why yes dear, I sure hope so," the woman spoke to me, her eyes deliberately looking me up and down. "Are you Alice Cullen?" False cheer colored her tone and though I'd never been a violent person, the way she stood there and spoke down at me made me want to slap her.

"No," I spat out a little harsher than I'd intended. "I'm Isabella – Bella – Swan. Might I ask who you are?" I already had a feeling on who these people were, but I was going to keep my assumptions to myself until they were confirmed. Before they had a chance to answer me, Edward came sauntering around the corner, his cocky yet adorable grin firmly in place.

"Who's at the door, baby?" He asked, not even bothering to see for himself.

"I don't know, Edward, they were just about to tell me who they were," I responded, my eyes never leaving theirs. He finally came to a stop, holding Chewy under his arms.

"Edward? Edward Cullen?" the woman said again with a smile before turning to look at her husband.

I looked at Edward and he just looked confused, "Um yes that's me," he responded slowly, his gaze jumping between the couple. "Can I help you?"

"Oh Edward, it's us, your grandparents." The couple looked absolutely thrilled as Edward just stood there, mouth opening and closing in shock. "Well, aren't you going to come over here and give us a proper greeting?" The man – Emmett Masen – asked gruffly.

Edward didn't budge he just stared at them, almost as if he were a statue. When Chewy began to wiggle out of his grasp and bark wanting to be let down, I took him and brought him to my chest rubbing his head. The woman smiled at me and made to pet Chewy on the head, causing me to step back. My reluctance didn't go unnoticed but thankfully she ignored it – for the moment, at least – and redirected her attention back to Edward.

"Such a cute dog; is it yours, Edward?"

"No," I growled out, my anger bubbling to the surface. "He's our dog."

Thankfully, Edward finally unfroze both his fists and jaw clenched. "I don't think my parents would appreciate you being here, Mr. and Mrs. Masen," he ground out between clenched teeth. "Furthermore, Emmett, Alice and I want absolutely nothing to do with you, so please leave before I call the police."

"Edward, dear, we just wanted to talk," Catherine looked at him imploringly.

"And I asked you to leave," He put his hand on the door to go close it but Mr. Masen stopped managed to stop it before it shut all the way. "Let go," Edward spat out, his voice growing more agitated.

"No Edward, we are here to talk and that is exactly what we're going to do, talk, just talk."

I reached out and placed my hand on Edward's shoulder and began to rub up and down his back. "Maybe it is best if you leave Mr. and Mrs. Masen," I turned back to look at them, trying to keep my own anger in check. "This is certainly not the best time, especially since neither Carlisle nor Esme are home right now."

"Excuse me, young lady? Who are you to get involved in our business – business between family? Why don't you and your little dog go run along now and let us talk to our grandson alone." Her purposely haughty and condescending tone grated on my nerves and I was seconds away from smacking her across her perfectly made up face. Her jab at me, however, proved to be the final straw for Edward.

"I asked you nicely, more than once, to leave," he began, "and I'm going to ask you just once more. I have absolutely nothing to say to either of you and after you," his eyes, cold as stone, turned towards Mr. Masen, "disrespected my girlfriend who has more right to be here than you ever will, I can guarantee you that you will never get a chance to speak to any of us, ever." I stepped back and let Edward slam the door in their faces.

A moment later, he turned to look at me, the anger in his eyes quickly turning to sadness. I quickly put Chewy down on the floor and pulled Edward into my arms, "I love you, baby, so much."

"I love you too, Bella," he whispered into the top of my head, his arms holding me against him tightly. "I think we should call Carlisle and Esme to let them know what happened.

I nodded in agreement and carefully untangled myself from his grasp. "I'll go get your phone, why don't you go relax on the couch."

As soon as he'd rounded the corner back into the living room, I peeked out the window beside the front door only to see the Masen's still sitting outside in their car; Mr. Masen on his phone, obviously yelling at whomever he was speaking with. I shook my head in disgust and let the curtain fall back into place before picking Chewy up and running up to our room. Once there, I set him down in his little doggy bed, grabbed Edward's phone off his desk and headed back down to the living room.

Edward was curled up on the couch just staring at … well, at nothing. I made my way over and cuddled up next to him, "here baby." I handed him his phone and pressed a kiss to his jaw.

He stayed still for a moment, just staring at his phone in his hand before dialing one of his parents. He pressed a kiss to my earlobe and put the phone to his ear. I could faintly hear the rings on the phone and finally someone picked up, "I need to speak to Dr. Carlisle Cullen please … This is his son … it's very important … Thank you."

I listened to his end of the conversation as he told Carlisle about the events that had taken place not to long ago, sporadically placing kisses on his neck, cheek or basically anywhere else that I could reach. Half an hour later, the conversation had wrapped up and Edward was placing his phone on the floor beside the couch before wrapping his arms around me tightly.

"I'm sorry about what my gra – Mrs. Masen said to you earlier, baby." His voice was low and apologetic and it broke my heart.

"It's not your fault," I whispered back, pressing another kiss on his lips. "She's a snotty bitch and I swear to you, I almost smacked her across her face."

Edward chuckled at this, "I would have loved to see that." He pulled me to him and placed his chin on the top of my head, "I'm sorry our moment got ruined earlier."

I began playing with the collar of his shirt as I shook my head, "it doesn't matter." I smirked as an unbidden, but not unwelcome, though crossed my mind. "You know, no one's home yet and Chewy is up in the room." My mouth moved down to the side of his neck, lightly nipping and sucking on the skin there while I held the collar of his shirt out of my way.

"Are you trying to seduce me, Ms. Swan?" His voice had taken on a much huskier tenor and as I peeked up at him from under my eyelashes, I was met with his lust-filled, hooded gaze.

"Why, are you seducible, Mr. Cullen?" I quipped back before placing an open-mouthed kiss on the hollow of his throat.

He let out a sigh, "I just might be."

"Might?" I pressed another kiss to his throat.

Edward groaned and tightened his grasp around me, "Maybe more than might."

"Good, I like the way that sounds much better." I kissed my way up his jaw line and then back down to his mouth, all the while grinding against him slowly.

"I'm glad," he murmured as his hands started to roam my back until they finally came to rest on my behind, moving me against him.

A soft moan escaped my lips, "make love to me."

His entire body froze up beside mine and he pulled back to look in my eyes, "Bella, I – God baby, I want to. You have no idea how bad I want that. But not like this, here on the living room couch." His voice was frantic and pleading with me to understand, and I did to an extent. That didn't stop the rejection I felt from crashing down on me forcefully, causing me to pull away further and crash onto the floor.

"Shit, Bella, are you okay?" He'd jumped up off the couch and was hovering over me, his eyes searching for any kind of injury or signs of pain.

"I – uh – I'm fine." I rose to my feet unsteadily and made my way into the kitchen, my face flushed deep crimson in utter embarrassment.

It didn't take long for him to come following after me as I sulked around the kitchen, banging around the pots and pans that we'd never gotten a chance to clean up from our lunch. "Bella please don't be mad at me baby, I want to so bad, I really do – "



I sighed and sat down, "I felt a 'but' coming on there," I scoffed. "I guess you already gave me that couch one though."

"God Bella, please don't be like that," he remarked, raking his hands through his perfectly tousled hair. "It's not just the couch and it's certainly not that I don't want to. You already know the effect you have on me so please don't make this any more … difficult." Almost reflexively, his unoccupied hand came up and pinched the bridge of his nose; something he only did when he was frustrated.

A deep sigh escaped my lips as I let my head rest on the countertop. "Then please tell me what it is, Edward, because I'm just not understanding. We've done everything but that, what more could you be waiting for. I want to and you 'claim' that you want to as well, so what exactly is the problem." I wasn't sure where all this boldness was coming from, but it sure beat being shy, blushing Bella, even if it didn't last.

"I don't want to hurt you and I know it's going to hurt." He sighed and came toward me, "I want it to be special, baby."

I turned and looked up at him, "it's going to be special no matter when and where we do it. We could do it on this counter and – "

"Bella," he growled. "I know you don't need all the romance and grand gestures, but I want to give that to you. I was raised to be a gentleman and even if Carlisle and Esme would never find out about this, I would know." He pulled me into his arms and held me against his chest, "plus, we've got to be responsible about this, Bella. It's not like I have condoms just hidden away in some drawer and I know you aren't on any form of birth control."

"Emmett," I muttered softly.

"Huh?" he pulled back to look at me, "what did you say?"

"Emmett has condoms in his room; we can borrow one."

He groaned out loud, pinching the bridge of his nose yet again. "Why must you try so hard to undermine my self-control, baby?"

"Why must you have such impeccable self-control," I quickly retorted, growing even more agitated by the second.

"Look at me, Bella, because I'm only going to say this one last time," his hand lifted my chin so that he could see my face. "I love you and I want you more than you could possibly imagine. But you deserve better than just some quick fuck on the living room couch or even in our bed. Even if you couldn't care either way, I want it to be special for the both of us. I promise you, baby, you can have what you want soon, just please be patient." The tone of his voice had turned pleading as he continued to gaze into my eyes. I could see nothing but sincerity there and began to feel the guilt of what I'd just done.

"I'm sorry," I whispered as I let my head fall into his chest. "It's just – ugh! It's so hard to wait sometimes."

"I know baby," he rubbed soothing circles on my back while his chin rested on the top of my head. "Believe me, I know."

"And your sister is always around," I groaned into his chest.

That caused him to chuckle and I could feel him nodding in agreement. "I guess I'll just have to plan something."

"Okay." I tilted my head back up to look at him and smiled. "I love you, Edward, even when you're being entirely too chivalrous for your own good."

"I love you too, Bella, even when you're doing everything in your power to destroy my already faltering grasp on being a proper gentleman."

I couldn't help but snort at that as I smacked him on the chest. "Just remember, you started it all," I retorted with a smirk before disentangling myself from his arms and heading back into the living room. "Now can we finish the movie you were so intent on interrupting earlier?"

He followed me, stretching his arms over his head, "I think that can be arranged."

We settled back into the couch and went back to the movie. I didn't even realize we had fallen asleep until I heard the squealing of Alice Cullen ring through the house.

"Jasper, stop!" She giggled.

I let out a yawn and took in my surroundings as I carefully stretched my legs out. Edward was still asleep, his arms wrapped around me protectively. The DVD player was still on; playing the title menu over and over again, hurting my ears as it was much louder than I'd remembered. I continued looking around the living room, still trying to wake my brain up, when Esme walked in with a concerned look on her face.

"Is everything okay?" She asked, concern coloring her voice.

I blinked my eyes rapidly, trying to clear the sleepy haze before responding, "yes, everything's fine now. Have you talked to Carlisle yet?" I wasn't sure if she'd heard about the Masen's coming by and didn't want to say anything just yet if she hadn't.

"Yes, he called me shortly after speaking with Edward," she sat in the chair across from me and leaned her head back against it, staring at the ceiling. "I still can't believe that they had the audacity to come to our house and treat you both the way that I did. Carlisle and I have decided to look into obtaining a restraining order. They've have gone too far this time and we simply won't stand for it."

I shifted a little to get into a more comfortable position causing Edward to stir beside me, "Bella?" His voice was still husky with sleep as he slowly opened his eyes to look at me.

"Morning sunshine," I quipped with a light chuckle. "Your mom is home."

Edward nodded and closed his eyes again, "That's nice." he pulled me back against him and buried his face in my hair.

"Edward," I groaned, "you've got to wake up."

"Nooo," he whined, his voice reminiscent of that of a small child. "Let's go back to sleep, maybe they'll all go away."

I couldn't help laughing at that and Esme soon joined in. "Baby, don't you want to talk to your mom about what happened today?" I asked as I attempted to mask my amusement of the entire situation.

"Later. I want to sleep now."

"Fine," I conceded. "Do you want to go up our room?" All I got in return was a slight shake of his head before his breathing once again evened out.

"Just let him sleep, sweetheart," Esme said with a laugh. "We can talk about everything later when Carlisle gets home from work."

I resumed my previous position, snuggled up in Edward's warm embrace and nodded in acknowledgement of her words. Soon enough, my eyelids began drooping and the feeling of contentment stole over my entire body. I gave Edward a peck on his soft and inviting lips before succumbing to sleep once again, a smile gracing my face as I nodded off.

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