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Title: Rough fuck in the woods... (lol, I don't know what else to call this?)
Author : Plumespixie
Rating: MA
Genre: Post Canon (Rin's age is what you need it to be to not be squicked, but she has boobs and butt, so at LEAST late teens.)
Word Count: 1,645
Warnings: Smexy times...
Summary: That would be telling


"The smelling game!"

"No! Hunters and prey!"

"No! The smelling game!"

"No! Hunters an-"

Rin laughed at her "niece" and "nephew" arguing over which game to play with her.

"Hey, pups, lets play hunters and prey, and then we'll sit around and play the smelling game… okay?"

Two little hanyou beamed up at her, and she giggled in response. Rin had devised a way to 'train' the quarter-demons… tell them it was a game. Teaching them to hunt was the biggest deal, and to use their sense of smell was important. Kagome was an excellent mother, but, in Rin's opinion she treated her children as if they were fully human… which they weren't. It was one of the reasons the pups loved being left in Rin's care, at the small shiro she and her mate shared, when their parents had to travel far to slay a demon. Rin treated them like the youkai they were.

"Okay guys, give me to the count of 100 and then come hunt me… but I'm not going to make it easy on you!"

The hunt was on and Rin tore through the woods, outside the shiro kicking off her geta, and peeling off layer after layer of silk to leave a series of false trails.

After leaving several false trails she was sure would confuse the little pups, and teach them to decipher not only the presence but the strength of a scent, she ran towards the edge of the shiro's barrier and began climbing a tree, wearing only her under yukata.

"My lady, you are inappropriately dressed." The baritone voice behind her startled Rin, and her hand nearly slipped from the branch she was clinging to, but two arms with immeasurable strength used infinite care to envelop her and bring her safely to the ground.

"Don't do that koi!" Rin chided.

"Catch you when you fall?" He deadpanned, though it was clear to her he was teasing.

"No! Sneak up on me like that!"

"It is to be the fault of this Sesshomaru that your weak human ears did not alert you of his approach?" Sesshomaru began to nibble on one of said 'weak human ears', from his position behind her, nipping the lobe and tracing the shell with his tongue.

"You seem to like my ears just fine…" Rin breathed, tilting her head to give him better access.


A clawed hand ran up Rin's thigh, lifting her yukata, the only layer she had not yet removed, above her hip, and a non-clawed hand (the new one), slipped into the 'V' at her neck line, lightly teasing a nipple with light pinches and soft pulls.

"The pups are looking for me…" she breathed.

"Then we shall be quick." He reasoned, tucking the bottom hem of her yukata into her obi, and releasing the tie to his hakama, moving the silk of his kimonos aside, and slicing his fundoshi open, all using demonic speed that left Rin breathless, feeling his aching arousal slip between her cheeks, and burrow deeper, seeking her entrance.

"Sesshomaru-sama…" a nip to her earlobe corrected her, "I mean… Sesshomaru…"

"Lean forward." He lightly ordered, spreading his legs wide and lifting her by the hips to correct their height difference.

Rin leaned forward, gripping the tree in front of her and thrusting her posterior outward, already she was wet, his teasing of her nipple and ears, (her 'special spot') spurning her desire for him.

She felt him slip inside of her easily, and his breath catch as he stilled for a moment to relish the feel of her wrapped so tightly around him. She could feel the head of his arousal pulsing inside of her, and his shaft throbbed with undisguised need.

She in return gasped, feeling him fill her, slightly stretching and pressed against that delicious internal spot that felt so good.

"Oh kami… please… Sesshomaru…"

He panted harshly for a moment more before pulling back, keeping only his tip buried. He wrapped one arm around her ribcage and snuck his other snuck down, his first and third finger spreading her outer lips, while his middle finger danced across the sensitive bundle of nerves at the top of her womanhood.

The added stimulation at the same time he thrust back into her, hitting that delicious pleasure place inside her made her weak in the knees and she felt herself ripple around his thick hot length and his grip on her ribs tightened, even as she grabbed at the tree in front of her for balance.

"Touch yourself, Rin." He whispered, hot breath sliding across her ear, and the order causing a blush to spread across her cheeks, even as she instantly complied.

Her hand replaced his, and he adjusted his arms so they were supporting her, and his hands were gripping the fronts of her shoulders, his fingers curling back over the tops, holding her in place.

His legs straightened, pushing her up off the ground, spearing him inside her even more deeply, and she brought her legs up and back, pressing her bent knees to side and crossing her legs behind his back, her ankles just below his shoulder blades and making her nearly parallel to the ground. Only his demon strength allowed him to hold her up in this somewhat awkward position, her entire upper body resting on his forearms, but he would never let her fall, and she was no burden to his demon strength.

He began to rock his hips, pushing into her swiftly, taking her fast and hard, and dragging her body back and forth over his cock. In this position he was in complete control, even more so than when she was on all fours and had the leverage to push back on him herself.

"Sess… soooo… goooooddd…"

With a light grunt, and a squeak of surprise on her part, he gracefully fell to his knees, remaining inside her the entire time, and moving her long hair out of the way; him now sitting in seiza, Rin unlocked her ankles, brought her legs forward, and let her thighs release their grip on his sides and fall open completely, as his hands came down to grip either of her hips. He lifted her up then slammed her back down on his cock, over and over. Her tight internal fist squeezed him and her juices coated him, as Rin moaned and grunted her pleasure.

His head bent forward and he peered down over her shoulder, watching as she continued to stimulate her own clit and admiring the way her breasts bounced in time with her bouncing on his thick member.

He increased his speed and began a powerful upward thrust each time she slammed down onto him, bouncing her up and down even more wildly.

Rin was in heaven, having a demon mate that was stronger than any human man allowed for so many more options when it came to mating positions. His thick hot cock slammed up into her over and over. Rin loved when Sesshomaru took her like this, so rough and wild, rutting like the dog he was.

He dripping wetness coated his silver pubic hair and his heavy testicles thudded against her outer lips, his silver pubic hair intertwining with her dark hair, and his heavy breathing tickling her 'weak human' earlobes.

Every slap of their bodies sent ripples of sensation to her core and she fisted and spasmed around him, her whole body quivering, and her thighs beginning to shake as her climax approached.

"Come for me, Koi." His baritone voice sounded strained, she knew he was close, but was holding back for her sake. She was so close…

Just a little longer, a little more…

Rin let back arched shoving her ass cheeks into his lower abdominals and her shoulder blades against his pectorals, as her head fell back and to the side to rest on his shoulder.

"Growl for me Sess... I need to feel you growl." She panted out.

His arm wrapped around her waist and he pulled her back flush against his chest, and a deep growl shook his body and hers, providing the extra stimulation she needed, at just the right moment. The world went white and nothing existed beyond the waves of erotic bliss cresting and falling over her entire body. Her head lolled even more to the side, her eyes snapped shut and her mouth opened in a silent scream.

Rin distantly felt his fangs at the junction of her shoulder and neck, and she knew he was right there with her.

He slammed her roughly thrice more before clamping down on her shoulder, snarling, and holding her down on his lap. His orgasm heightened hers and she rolled her hips in small circles and lightly patted her clit, prolonging her own pleasure as her upper body shivered and her thighs and buttocks tensed and flexed over and over.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Kami-sama!" She breathed as she came down from her orgasmic high.

His own breathing slowed, and his fangs released her shoulder, then he dragged his wet rough tongue across the wound slowly, lapping up the blood and instantly healing the small wound.

Suddenly he tensed, and pushed her up and off of him.

"Cover yourself." He ordered, as he pulled his robes closed and stood, retying his hakama.

"Anata?" Rin adjusted her clothing back into place before turning to glance behind her, but he was already gone, having taken to the skies to return to the shiro.

Only a moment later two excited quarter demon pups came bursting through the shrubs.

The eldest took a whiff of the air before her eyes widened, then narrowed suspiciously.

"Auntie Rin! You cheated! You covered your scent with Uncle Sesshomaru's!"

Rin blushed crimson before telling the pups it was time to go in for dinner.