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Title: The mating game




Cannon/AU: post canon

Summary: can't give it away, now… but it's damn hot if I do say so myself.

A/N: I had SO much fun writing this, but it hasn't been beta'd so if you see any typos let me know, 'k? 'K.

Moonlight bathed her just as much as the water of the fall. She didn't know he was still here, having been unable to leave as he usually did after this visit to the village.

Something struck him now, that hadn't ever struck him before… she was beautiful.

No longer a child… no a beautiful woman now, he'd been unprepared for her 'growth spurt' as the younger miko had called it. The silk kimono he'd brought hadn't fit her, her newly formed curves bursting obscenely out of the top, and slim calves revealed where only slender ankles should have shown.

"It will be tailored." He'd promised, as she giggled at him, teeth flashing white and eyes flashing dark, with sparkles of amusement. Only she could ever laugh at him and live to tell the tale.

When she'd hugged him goodbye, as was usual for them, he had bemoaned the fact that he choose to forgo his armor for their visits now that they were not at war. Her warmth pressed against him, her soft breasts meeting the powerful hard chest, molding to fit him in all the right places.

He's become… aroused.

His brother had flashed him a knowing grin, his scent giving him away as he attempted to discreetly tilt his hips away from the girl, lest she realize his hardened state.

When the girl tilted her chin upwards, and stood on tip-toes bouncing on the balls of her feet to give him a light peck on the cheek, also a common occurance, he couldn't help but to stare at the long thin column of her throat, and the hallow above her collar bone, and envision what his mark would look like against her flesh.

He'd… growled… at her. Thank the kami she didn't speak Inu… it would most likely have frightened her if she realized he'd offered to 'mate the bitch'… damn his demon instincts!

The girl pulled back immediately, confused and repentant.

"Rin is sorry. Rin didn't mean to make Sesshomaru-sama mad. Rin will not kiss Sesshomaru-sama anymore."

He'd turned on his heal and stalked off in a flurry of fine silk, fluffy fur and unearthly grace.

He ignored the scent of salt on the breeze as Rin had tried desperately to figure out what she had done to upset him so… he'd always tolerated her touch before.

When he'd heard her whisper on the wind, confused, sad, and desperate, he knew he would not leave this time, not until he'd repaired the damage he'd wrought.

"Sesshomaru-sama hates Rin now."

He could not let her think such a thing, but it was not the time to explain otherwise, with the other… he sneered at the thought, humans around. He stopped in his tracks, calling back to her without turning around, and confident that the girl would obey his command, even if she did not think he would be there to enforce it,

"Rin, be sure to bathe tonight."

He had often said those exact words to her as a child, telling her without telling her that he scent was becoming… unpleasant, and she needed to take a bath, lest she offend his sensitive nose.

The scent of salt increased, and when the girl thought he was out of earshot he heard her turn to the younger miko, crying,

"Not only does he hate me, but he thinks I smell bad too!"

Inuyasha had scoffed,

"Keh… no he don't…" but thankfully the hanyou had offered no further explanation, instead sighing and rolling his eyes, before grabbing his wife and the gathered pups, intent on taking them home and sharing a meal.

Now he stood here watching her bathe from the shadows. He had no particular plan in mind, no explanation for his earlier behavior, and nothing he really wanted to say to her… no… nothing he wanted to say, but oh so many images were racing through his mind of the things he wanted to do.

"Did you think Rin would disobey you?" Her question startled him. How had she known he was there? For how long had she realized he'd been watching her?

"Soooooo…" she casually approached him, smiling brightly, as if she were not naked and dripping wet, "does Sesshomaru-sama intend to go back on his word?"

He narrowed his eyes,


"Did Sesshomaru-sama not offer to mate with Rin?"

His eyes widened, his mouth feel slightly slack and two thin eyebrows hit his bangs, and the sharp intake of breath betraying his shock. She knew all along…

He turned his face and upper body slightly away, narrowing his eyes again.


"Was a wonderful teacher, my lord." She finished.

She gathered her waist length hair into a pony tail and pulled it over her shoulder, tilting her head to the side, baring her pulse point and sighing,

"If Sesshomaru-sama is no longer interested…" His gaze flicked back to her, her submissive position contrasting with her nearly condescending tone driving his instinct to dominate her, force her to admit that she was not so blasé about his attentions, that she wished him to be interested, and it was not simply duty or obligation that led her to question him. She must desire this Sesshomaru as much as he desires her… She will want to mate this Sesshomaru… oh yes… this Sesshomaru would see this condescending bitch beg for his attentions.

He growled again, however this time it was not a nice sound… it was mildly threatening, but she did not seem or smell scared… no… She is… aroused.

He knew it, even as she gave her back to him.

"Well, obviously Rin came out here for nothing..." she teased, climbing out of the stream, and heading for her clothes, as if she were going to dress.

He used his demon speed against her, coming behind her and snatching her hair, wrenching her head to side, pulling her back flush to his torso, and wrapping his other arm around her waist, holding her in place.

His long tongue came out and he laved her neck from her collar bone up to lobe of her ear, nipping it when he reached it. Rin sighed and relaxed against him, going limp in his dominating embrace.

"When did you become so bold, and since when are you aroused by the use of force?" His hand around her waist slid upward and he cupped a breast in a clawed hand, using his thumb and first finger to tease her nipple. He pinched and pulled, coaxing it to perfect budded hardness, before moving on to it's twin to repeat the actions.

"Unnn… Harder…" She breathed.

He ceased his ministrations, and slid his hand down to the mound of curls at the apex of her thighs. He used his foot to nudge her legs apart, and when he had, he could much more easily scent the wetness coating her folds.

Instead of toying with her gently, he gave a sharp *slap* to the tops of her nether lips, making her cry out at the slight sting on a most sensitive area.

"Do not presume to command this Sesshomaru, Rin. Because I desire you does not mean you will lord over this Sesshomaru. He is your master, and you will take what he gives you, with no resistance and no demands for either less or more. Do you understand?"

"Yes master, Rin understands!"

He began to use the pads of his fingers at the top of her womanhood, stimulating the sensitive bud hidden beneath her plump lips.


He used his first and third finger to spread her lips and the tip of of his non-clawed middle finger, (the one from his 'new' hand, which had neither stripes nor claws), ghosted over her button. He used the pad of his finger to flick it back and forth lightly

The female in his grasp moaned wantonly, and he smirked.

"You are enjoying this… this Sesshomaru can smell your desire for him, Rin."

An embarrassed blush spread across her cheeks, and she ashamedly admitted her own wantonness, whispering to the dark,

"Yeeeessss… Rin wants Sesshomaru-sama… so bad…"

He pulled his hand away.

"Good." He nipped her ear again for emphasis.

Rin groaned at the loss of contact, wiggling her hips and pressing her knees together.

His hand snuck behind her to untie his hakama slowly, and when they fell to the ground he stepped out of one pant leg and then used the other leg to kick them away, going to work on his kimono and juban, which he shrugged out of, then released his grip of her hair to fling it aside carelessly. He unwound his fundoshi, his erection springing forth to press into the cleft of her ass-cheeks, as he pulled her against him again, relishing the feel of her skin against his naked flesh.

"Come to your hands and knees, Rin." He released her so she could comply, which she did, with shamefully little resistance and more eager speed than was lady like.

He fell to his knees behind her, placing his knees between hers, and spreading his legs, forcing her own knees far apart and leaving her wide open and dripping, displayed before his heated gaze.

He ran his hands over her posterior almost reverently for a moment, sensitizing the skin of her ass, and brushing his fingers against her outer lips, and her inner thighs.

Rin fell further forward, pressing her face to the soft cool earth and her upper torso lower, shoving her ass higher into the air, and thusting it out toward him, wordlessly begging for fulfillment. She heard him growl behind her.

Sesshomaru watched her wanton display with hooded eyes and a heavy cock. He palmed his thickness, stroking himself lightly, running his foreskin over the head of his cock and pulling it back again several times.

He pressed the tip of his hot cock lightly against her seam, running it up and down, moistening his tip and appreciating how she pressed back against him and wriggled her ass in his face.

"Does Rin want something?" he snuck the head of his cock down between her cleft to press his tip to her swollen clit and shook himself from side to side, strumming her body with his sex.

"Ummmm… yes… yes…"

He poised himself at her entrance, but pulled back when she rocked back, spanking her lightly.

"Tell this Sesshomaru. Tell this Sesshomaru what you wish for him to do to you, Rin."

Frustrated nearly to the point of tears, she whimpered, so ashamed, but so full of need. Rin gave in to his desires and cried out,

"Fuck me! Please! Please fuck Rin!"

Her wish was granted when she felt him spear himself inside of her in one decisive thrust. She moaned at the stretching sensation rocking her core, and tears fell at how unbelievably good it felt to finally have him inside of her, hitting that special spot that made her moan and cry and beg as if she had no control of her own body.

"Unnnn!!! Kami-sama!!!" she cried into the night.

He growled and forced himself more deeply inside of her tight slick passage, going balls deep, his testicles pressed against her outer lips.

"Too much!" Rin begged, "Too… damn… much!" She was so incredibly full of him, stretched to the limit, bordering on exquistite pain that she wouldn't trade for anything… He was so… BIG!

"Take it! Take it all, Rin!" He growled roughly, his body having fallen over hers, and his head over her shoulder. He pulled back to kneeling gripping her hips and making a small circle with his hips, wiggling back and forth, making his cock dance inside her.

"Gods!!!" She cried again, "Please! Fuck me!"

"I love to hear you beg, bitch…" With that he pulled out and slammed back into her, dragging her back on him when her body naturally fell forward.

In. Out. Pumping. Thrusting. Driving. Deep. Deeper. Over and over again he plunged himself into her soft, tight, wet, pussy.

She cried and moaned, screamed and her thighs began to shake as her climax over took her. Her world went white and her hearing faded to nothing as she screamed his name to the moonlight heaven above.

Her pulsing sucking wetness massaged his cock and sent prickling tingling sensations that made his heavy sac tingle and his length inside her twitch and he felt the pulsing throb of his own release as his head fell back and his howl shook the leaves from the trees and woke the sleeping birds making them fly from their roosts.


His body fell forward and he buried his fangs in her shoulder as she panted below him.

Long moments later, he extracted his fangs and lapped at her wound as the exhausted girl collapsed beneath him and he rolled them onto their sides and then her to her back.

He wiped her sweat soaked brow, brushing her bangs back from her face as she stared back at his softened expression adoringly.

"Thank you, Sess… for… everything… y'know… playing along with me and all."

"Happy five year anniversary, koi." He whispered, nuzzling her long ago healed mate mark.

She giggled, his hair was tickling her,

"Y'knoooowww… we should thank your brother too… if it weren't for him going along with it and watching our pups…"

"Hn. I shall leave that task to you, beloved."

Rin rolled her eyes… some things never changed.