Chapter One


"Welcome to the Underworld everyone! I know it may be a little warm but you'll get used to it. Now, there are 7 gates around here. Each gate takes you deeper into our world. If you are allowed to by our king, you may feel free to pass between the gates. But be warned. Many of the demons down here are not allowed to travel between them. They will try to trick you into helping them. If you were to help one, you will be sent beyond the 7th gate, into the core of our world, where you will remain for all eternity, most likely working in the mines harvesting demon gems... rather lovely gems though. Anyway, enjoy your stay here because you are stuck here."

I rolled my eyes. Sounds like Aspasia is breaking in the new arrivals. Great…new annoying children to deal with. You know, she's actually lying. When one dies, you are stuck behind one of the gates, depending on how good or evil your life was. Before you even think about asking if there's a heaven, don't even bother. Now, I'm not saying that there's no possibility that a heaven exists, but when you've lived here all your life… well I suppose you get my picture. Anyway, there are two parts to the Underworld. There is the human region and the demon region. My house rested in between the two regions, so I could hear and see nearly everything happening in both regions.

"Kallisto? Where are you? You know we have to prepare you for tonight. You're meeting your future husband."

Meet my mother. She's 6800 years old……I know, she's rather old. But her spirit is that of a woman in her 20s. You see, we as demons get to choose how old we wish our bodies to appear. Though our spirits remain one age, our bodies can change from been a small infant to being 100 years old. Her name is Nerva. Yes I know it is a bit different, but it's rather fitting. It means strength, and if I were in her position, hell I'd need all the strength I could get.

As you probably already noticed, my name is Kallisto, meaning the most beautiful and I'm 3000 years old. I'm a plain, thin girl with boring brown hair and silver eyes. Much different from my blonde haired, blue eyed supermodel mother. She's eccentric, but a bit predicable. Continuing my oh so exciting description of myself, not to brag or anything... but I'm kinda smart.... really smart. And no it's not because I've lived for so long because as I said earlier, I have never been beyond the 7th gate. Things just always kinda came to me. And I think the whole "most beautiful" thing is a load of shit but whatever.

Anyway, I'm much more like my father, Tacitus, which means silent. While she prefers to journey outside the castle and mingle with the others, father and I prefer to stay inside and read. He's an extremely quiet man who prefers to watch my mother in silent admiration than in flashy manner. I get all my looks from him, the brown hair and silver eyes. I guess you could say that my mother and I have the same body type, though mine may be a bit more muscular because of father.


Oh, did I mention we're the royal family? The rulers of the demon world? Well, now you know. And I absolutely despise it. I am forbidden from leaving the core. Yes, I am trapped beyond the last gate simply because my father doesn't want me wandering around. Not fair. So, I'm taking matters into my own hands. I don't want to be a princess. I hate dressing up and I hate being controlled.

I quickly packed the belongings I would need: My mother's pendent, my father's sword, my own bow and arrows, and my mirror. My mother's pendent would not only help me escape, but it would also help me hide my real identity, my father's sword and my bow and arrows would obviously defend me when I reach the human world, and my mirror would help me see the future of certain individuals.

Before my mother could open the door, I jumped out the window of my bedroom and ran away into the flames that covered my world.

I really don't know how I did it. Normally, there is an invisible barrier that keeps whoever can't come out in. But for some reason, the shield was off. Something told me that I should turn around and report it to my father so he could look into it. But I was too caught up in my current victory to even consider turning back. So, I kept going…and I didn't stop until I reached the final passage way into the human world.

"Princess Kallisto?"

I turned to the gate keeper, who was staring at me with complete shock in his eyes. "I'm on a mission for my father. It's supposed to be a secret so if anyone shows interest, I was never here. Please, it's for the king." He sighed and nodded. As I passed through, I took one last look at the place that had been home for so many years. I might return one day…but not for a long time.


I arrived in the human world on September 12, 1935 to a small town called Forks. It seemed like a good place to settle down and live. I placed on my mother's pendent the moment I arrived. I felt my long nails retracting into a natural length, my skin went from being a light pearly color to a normal human tone, my ears became less elf-like, my tail disappeared, and my eyes changed from a gorgeous silver to a dull and boring brown.

As I explored the town, I began to smell a very sweet scent floating through the air. I followed it into the woods, the scent suddenly joining with another. The second had a more woodsy, earthy smell to it. I jumped up into the trees, following both scents deep into the woods. I was about to give up and turn around, when a sudden bark caught my attention. A huge furry animal came smashing into the tree I was in. The tree collapsed, me along with it. As I hid myself amongst the fallen leaves, I heard the wolf whine in pain, but from what I could tell, he got up just fine. I heard him sniffing around, trying to pick up the scent he was probably following. I slowly lifted my head and tried to find a place to hide. Unfortunately, the wolf saw me before I could get away.

His teeth dug into my shoulder, and I felt myself being dragged into the heat of a battle. I saw 4 others who didn't have fur like myself also struggling against their furry adversaries. The wolf that was dragging me threw me into the middle of the brawl and howled. I immediately froze, my body acting as if I was dead. "STOP!" A blonde haired man rushed up to me and began searching for a pulse. The wolves disappeared and humans returned in their place. "Uley! What have you done?!" The one who seemed to be their leader was completely shocked. "What? She smelled like the cold ones here.... I figured she was tr--" Their leader punched him in the stomach. "Obviously she's not. She's a human you idiot."

I waited until the blonde's hands left my body, and as soon as they did, I shot out from underneath him, and punched the human... wolf.... thing that had annoyed and hurt me. I knew my arm was in bad shape but there was really nothing I could do. I looked around at my surroundings and caught sight of two beautiful women, one with blonde hair and the other with carmel colored hair. Then I saw a gorgeous young man with bronze hair. His golden eyes bore into mine, wonder and shock completely present. I shot him a confused look and snuck a glance at my mirror. My eyes widened.... my now silver eyes. I sighed, oh well... the damage was done. My hair fell in front of my eyes as I raised my head back to meet his gaze. I smiled at him and winked as I heard shouts of "bloodsucker!" I shot off into the woods giggling. I felt a little bad about just leaving them like that, but if word got out, I may be stuck in hell again.

I never did see that stunning family again. I didn't remain in Forks for very long. Well, I actually rushed out of Forks. Anyway, I went to high school and college in the south, majoring in forensic anthropology and gained my doctrine. After that I just kinda wandered. It was amazing though. I went all over the world and learned so many things. I could speak at least nine different languages now.

But, I was lonely.

So, I returned to Forks in hopes of finding a home. As I traveled through the city, I came upon a young couple walking around like I was. The woman was very pregnant, most likely in her last month. The man was handsome, at least to human eyes he was. "Charlie, can we please go home? I really don't feel well." So the man's name was Charlie. "We're almost back Renee. Just a couple more blocks." They passed by me, and I pulled out my mirror as they passed.

Renee was going to have a daughter tomorrow.... but she would be too weak from a blood deficiency and she wouldn't make it. As saddening as that is, this was the perfect chance for me. Now I can really escape anyone who is possibly following me. I know it sounds wrong, but I can pose as Renee and Charlie's daughter. I mean, it's better than not having a daughter at all. So, I found the only hospital in town and waited.

The couple came the next day, rushing the woman inside. I followed behind at a normal pace, pretending I was coming to visit a patient. I could hear Renee's screams from I believe the 3rd floor. Good God that woman could scream. I heard the light cries of a baby begin. Damn it...I mean yay for the couple, but that makes it difficult for me.

"Where are you going with my daughter?! Give her to me right now!"

"Please ma'am. Something doesn't seem right. I will return with her momentarily. Please just rest." I guess it's now or never. I stole one of the nurses uniforms and followed the doctor into the examination room. "Do you need any help sir?" The doctor turned to me. "Ah yes that would be wonderful. I'm going to go grab this little one's charts. Could you please watch her?" He was out the door before I had a chance to possibly decline.

I watched the girl as her cries became quieter and her little heartbeat began to fade away. I felt tears running down my face even though I knew this was going to happen. The least I could do was make sure she arrived to the Underworld safely, and try to ensure that she was placed in a loving home in the human region. As her heart began to stop, I passed my hand over her body, safely passing both her body and her spirit past the passage way. Tears fell more rapidly as her body began to fade and disappear. What if I just made a terrible mistake? What if she could have been saved?

I shook my head. Sadly, her future was clear. There was nothing anyone could have done. "Nurse? How is she doing?" I froze. Crap...I had forgotten about the doctor. I closed my eyes and focused on becoming an infant, hoping that I could not only do it quick enough, but that there wouldn't be any visible difference between myself and the girl. When I reopened my eyes, I sighed in happiness. It had worked. "Where did that Nurse go?" He grumbled. "Can't trust the help these days." He smiled when he saw that she.. I mean I was no longer crying. He checked me over once more, then picked me up.

He placed me into the arms of Renee, my new mother. "Hello sweetie. Aren't you just gorgeous? Charlie, let's name her Isabella. Isabella Marie Swan."

And so began my new life.

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