Chapter Twelve


I watched as my Kallisto wrapped her arms around this.... I will be polite and say boy. Yes, yes I can speak and understand English, but when you travel with Agathangelos, you get pretty comfortable with not talking, since he thinks this is all a game. I rolled my eyes and refocused on the scene in front of me. The boy Kallisto had chosen turned his gaze towards me. As we stared the other down, I searched for anything I could use against him if, and possibly when, the time came. But, I saw nothing but pure adoration, devotion, and love in his eyes as they began to flicker between me and her as she spoke with the others, Agathangelos hanging on her every word. Sometimes I wonder why the boy didn't learn their language; He can understand it, but his speech....I sighed.

Damn you vampire. I saw Kallisto's.... how you say... interest smirk as the thought crossed my head.

Mind reader? He nodded his head, keeping his eyes on her Highness.

Now pay attention and listen to me now boy. His eyes slowly turned back to me as I stared him down. Hurt her in any way and my sword will meet you neck very quickly. His eyes softened as he laughed. "I've waited for nearly a century to have her in my arms, after only barely catching a glimpse of her. I'm going to do my best.... no.... better than my best to make her happy. If I do what you think I will, I may come and beg you for that." Kallisto turned her eyes towards him, a questioning look in her eye as she raised her eyebrow. Her eyes darted between us as she carefully examined our expressions. She signed.

"Chrysanthos, I love you dearly, truly I do, but please don't scare my love away yet. I will let you know when you can." I smiled at this. Maybe she would see reason, leave this mere child, and find someone better suited for her. "And before you even think about scaring him off because you think I should be with someone like us, really think. I've had over 3,000 years to find someone back home. Yet it's taken less than 5 minutes for me to fall in love here, and less than a century to find him." I cocked my head in question as she spoke. They met before but were separated? And she still found happiness with no one else? I shook my head.

She is one very strange princess.

They, after introducing themselves, continued to ask questions until the late hours of the night. Kallisto had placed her head on Edward's chest, occasionally translating for Angel, a nickname she had given him as a child because she couldn't pronounce his name very well and she thought he was an angel because of his wings. I'll admit, it was pretty cute seeing little 100 year old Bella dashing around the halls, hiding behind her father when Angel chased her around, flying through the halls.

When Kallisto, or Bella, which she is apparently called here, fully turned her body into Edward, I knew it was time to end the questioning. He carefully picked her up, clutching her to his chest in a tight yet loving embrace, and announced that he was going to take her home. I looked towards Angel, signaling it was time for us to go. He had picked up quite a lot of English and, with a little struggle, managed to give his thanks and goodbyes to the Cullen coven. I slipped out the door before Edward did and carefully scanned the area around. Everything seemed peaceful, for now at least. Edward and Angel soon followed me, Angel repeating my look around. We silently made our way to his car and sped down the driveway. He kept her Highness in his lap as he drove, occasionally kissing her forehead or stroking her cheek when we came to a stop.

We pulled up to a small house just inside Forks' city limits. It was smaller than I had expected, but it did present a sort of warm and homey feeling, even though the lights were off and no other car was present. Edward lifted her up once more, turning towards me. "Charlie Swan is her father here and he's the Police Chief of Forks. With all the recent activity from not only your kind, but mine as well, he's left for a meeting in Seattle to discuss what the state as a whole is going to do about it. The key is under the eave of the door."

Once we were inside, he took Bella up to her room, but he did not come back down. I had already sent Angel off to look around the house and the nearby area to ensure Bella's safety. As I went up the stairs, I thought about the curse mark that now marred her Highness' once porcelain and perfect skin. She still looked radiant of course, but the mark was beginning to take its toll on her. I opened the door to her room, and immediately pulled out my sword, slamming Edward against the nearest wall.

"What are you doing in her bed?" It was the first time I had spoken all night. I normally don't like to speak because the whole actions speak louder than words idea has really grown on me. He took a deep breath and calmly looked at me. Damn it, does nothing shake this guy?

"Not usually, no. Recently Bella has been having nightmares. Sometimes she becomes trapped in them and it takes a while to wake her up. But, most of the time when I stay with her, she doesn't experience them." I lowered my sword and allowed him to move back to her. I heard the whimpers that escaped her before he was at her side again. Only once he curled himself around her protectively did they cease. I sighed. "I apologize. I was her guard for so long, and she's been missing for so long...." He nodded, understanding filling his topaz eyes. I shook my head "There is no way that you, a child no older than 120 years, could possibly understand what I'm feeling. I was supposed to protect her, keep her safe and out of harms way. Yet, here she lies before me, the curse of our kind covering her body and soon, her soul."

Contrary to what many, including Kallisto, believe.... demons actually do have souls. How else would every single demon have the chance to walk among the humans as a human? Though I have never taken up the offer, I see the changes that take place, especially in Bella. She probably wakes up everyday with a reason to even get out of bed, whether it's school, or a job, or even this boy. As much as I love swordplay and fighting, I would love to have someone as close to me as he is to her and vice versa. But now... I rested my head in my hands. Now this curse, at the rate it's growing, will destroy her before anyone can do anything.

He hummed to her all night long, trying to ignore my thoughts. It was a beautiful melody and it calmed her quickly, causing her body to sink into him, her head buried into his shoulder. I saw his eyes soften as she whispered his name into the darkness, pure love flooding his eyes. It amazed me how they could both look past the differences, and even similarities, of our kinds and simply love the other for who they were, not what. As I watched them, I knew Angel and I couldn't just steal her away to return home; it would crush her and make her even more desperate to leave home. I saw how peaceful and relaxed her body looked with Edward right by her side. I closed my eyes, remembering the times where she would awaken, screaming because of a dream.

Bella, who was no older that 250 at the time, sat up in bed, clutching to her sheets tightly. Tears streamed down her face as she let out a scream. Tacitus and I flew into her room, my sword drawn, ready to defend her. Tacitus immediately went to her, wrapping his arms around her small waist and pulling her into a hug. He hummed an old tune to her, trying to calm her down.

"What is it my Kallisto?" Terrified silver eyes darted around the room.

"I'm afraid father. There was a man with a whip... he was beating another. I couldn't see their faces though. I saw blood everywhere: on the rocks nearby, the ground, the poor man's back...." He hugged her tighter. She was young and still did not fully understand what she was seeing.

Edward curiously looked at me. "What was she seeing?" I sighed, "Many of the doctors whom she spoke to believed it to be visions of the past. What the exact moment was, no one except she knows. But, the more I think about it, the more I think she was seeing what was yet to come." I raised my head, looking directly at her. Her mark was growing.

"How long?"


"The curse... how long has she had it?"

He shrugged his shoulders, "I'd say nearly a month, maybe more." I growled at the thought and violently shoved the chair I was sitting in to the ground. I paced around the tiny room for a few moments, before punching the wall, nearly howling in anger. "I should have been there....I should have been there to protect her."

"Chrysanthos," I quickly turned, embarrassed that I had allowed my anger to get out of control and woken her, "First, I do not blame you at all for not being there. I am fine and this stupid curse is not going to beat me lying down. So stop worrying about that. Second, worry more about defending the Cullens if, and when, the time comes. I need you to remain with them should anything happen to me." I growled and narrowed my eyes at that possibility, but nodded my head, "Third, you might want to fix that wall. I don't want Chief to think that I'm torturing criminals or anything in here." She gave me a heartbreaking smile, one her mother and father were both very good at.

The next morning, Angel and I were forced to attend this strange thing called "school" with Bella and the Cullen coven. At first, Bella (which she insisted upon us calling her. Something about the royalty idea had died out... I don't really know) was a little concerned about our ability to resist not only the humans, but her beloved vampires as well. We assured them that we would take on their style of feeding until the time came for us to leave... oh great.

Anyway, when we got to school, many girls immediately came up to us and began blinking really quickly and spoke with such speed, the only words I caught were "like" and "totally." Thank the world below when Bella came to our rescue, saying that we were her cousins. Angel and Chris, from Africa and we were still learning how to speak English. Of course to that, we got stupid comments like "why are they white?" Goodness gracious, why does it matter? I wanted to shout.

But that wasn't the worst part.

There's this class called Physics. I have broken many of the 'laws' this class has accepted as unbreakable. Like the 'Law of Gravity' for instance.... even while on this planet, Angel and I have been able to simply jump in the air and take everything in from a bird's eye view.... nonsense I tell you. Then... there's one called Math. Why on earth do I care about what a sine graph looks like? As far as I can tell, the students in art class do more math than Pre-calculus. The two should really switch descriptions because I did not realize I had been signed up for an art class. If I had known and if I had wanted to draw lines and curves, I would have signed up for art.... but then again.... that would have been math.... right? And let's not get started on History. I mean, honestly....the Great Fire of Chicago was NOT started by a cow, despite what everyone thinks. Actually, my friend Agni and I were fighting against Baladeva's servants there at the time. I may or may not have accidentally set that barn on fire when I pushed a flame demon into it.... oops... when I voiced this to the woman called 'teacher', she merely smiled and laughed along with my 'class', telling me I had a wonderful imagination.

Stupid humans.....

I nearly screamed in joy when Alice and Emmett came to my rescue. But my excitement was cut short by their expressions. "Bella's in trouble."


We were walking to lunch when it happened. We were laughing at Chris's tortured thoughts when she collapsed. Her body began convulsing, her mark glowing brightly and screams bubbling at her mouth. Angel came running up to us, scooping her up as he flew by. I followed him as quickly as I could. He led me deep into the forest before stopping and setting Bella down. I ran to her and began to do anything I could to make her fit pass quicker. Angel pulled out a vial filled with an orange liquid. He tried to make Bella drink it, but I nearly attacked him, mostly because he wouldn't tell me what it was. "Angel! Stop this nonsense!" Chris came running out of the trees, my brothers and sisters at his heels. I gathered Bella up in my arms, shifting my body slightly, giving her whatever protection my body could provide.

Angel growled at my movement and lunged at us. I curled my body around her, ready for an impact, when a sudden piercing sound froze everything. Chris pinned Angel to a tree, his sword plunging deeply into Angel's stomach. "I can not believe you. After everything we've been through, you choose now to turn your back on your own kind." Angel(I should really stop calling him that because he isn't one) only smiled.

"A new age is coming Chrysanthos. Join us, and Baladeva will reward you greatly." Chris snarled. "I'd rather die defending Bella than serve that swine, no matter the reward." Bella's fit had finally stopped and she was listening quietly. She looked at me, silently asking me to turn around. As I did, I saw tears forming in her eyes. "Angel.... I thought I could trust you... I thought we were friends.... I'm sorry... so sorry...." She began crying into my shoulder.

I can't say who looked more heartbroken: Bella or Angel. Self hatred and sadness filled Angel's eyes. "As am I princess." With one final swipe of the sword, Angel was gone. Chris sighed as he cleaned off his blade with the grass. After he sheathed it, he turned to us. "I must take Bella home now. With that curse marking her, and slowly growing stronger, she will become more and more vulnerable to traitors like him. I must take her where she will be safe."

I wanted to say that we could defend her... that we could take on any demon that came looking for her. But the words wouldn't form.... maybe because he was right... It didn't matter though. Wherever Bella was going, I would follow without a second thought or a second glance back at what I was leaving. I opened my mouth to say this, but Alice beat me to the punch.

"We're coming too."

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