Chapter 2: Take Two!

Author's Note: Another little encounter with Dr. Ulysses Feral and a certain SWAT Kat.

It had been nearly a month since the last time T-Bone had invaded my lab. I had many an erotic dream fueled by that one visit but was pining for another session with the handsome vigilante.

I sighed and stood up to stretch after spending a little too long bent over my microscope. Taking the slide from the microscope, I carefully returned it to it's case and took it across the lab to the cool storage unit. Putting it safely away, I began to walk to my office when someone grabbed me from behind.

A familiar voice spoke hotly in my ear, "Hello, handsome! Are you finished for the night?"

"T-Bone." I breathed excitedly.

"Yeah, it's me. Did you miss me?......." The burly tom asked as one of his paws began to caress my chest and stomach sending ripples of heat to spiral through my body. "......because I've certainly missed you." He rumbled, purring deep in his chest.

"Yessss......I missed you a lot." I moaned, writhing back against the tom holding me.

"Hmmm, you smell so good." T-Bone growled as he rubbed his growing erection against my rear.

I couldn't help but gasped which seemed to please him a lot since he moved his paw to stroke my cock through my pants. I shuddered and moaned.

"Ohhh.....yesss.....that feels wonderful. Can you stay?" I asked, barely able to speak from the pleasure rippling through my body.

"No. I'm afraid it will have to be quick again. Have you been taken before?" He asked, rubbing his body against mine heatedly.

I was disappointed, but I would settle for anything he could give me. I couldn't believe how badly I wanted this tom.

"Yesss but it's been a bit." I answered on a strangled moan.

"Okay, good thing I remembered to bring something. I'm going to make it good for us!" He rumbled hotly, nipping my neck. I shivered at the brief touch of his fangs.

He moved me to a wall and began to undo my belt while rubbing his already hard pole against the base of my tail.

'Kat's Alive!' I was soo very hot and hard for him already. I pushed my rear back against him and was rewarded by a groan of need from him.

He finished partly undressing me, letting my pants fall to my ankles then grasping my boxers and pulling them down.

I heard a zipper behind him and guessed he was releasing his own hard tool from his G-suit. I was right because the next thing I felt was his hot cock slipping between my legs and rubbing against my perineum. I couldn't help but spread my legs to accommodate him more. I used my tail to tickle and tease his cock and balls causing him to moan.

His paws rubbed my sides and one of them tweaked my nipples through my lab coat. I trembled and whined. His cock between my legs and his erotic touches were driving me insane. I was pleading with him to take me.

"Not yet, handsome. I need to make sure you're ready." He breathed huskily in my ear.

Suddenly I felt a slippery digit slide into my channel. I groaned loudly and flipped my tail over my back. He thrust in and out for some minutes before adding another finger. By the time he had added a third finger, I was beside myself with lust and need.

"Okay, doc.....get ready for the ride of your life." He warned as he withdrew his fingers and moments later his hard pole was prodding me firmly, slick with lube.

He was slow and considerate, allowing only the large head to pop through the muscled ring first then waited until I adjusted before pushing more of himself in.

It felt incredible and there was no pain. It took him five minutes of pushing forward then withdrawing a little and returning, over and over again until soon he was thrusting fully.

I cried out and my legs shook with wild pleasure as he started thrusting deeply within me and picking up the pace. I pushed back against him with every thrust and he hit that perfect spot every time making my head explode.

My body got tighter and tighter and the pleasure spiraled out of control.

"Oh God, T-Bone......harder.....deeper......" I begged mindlessly.

"As you wish, doc...." He growled, grabbing my scruff in his fangs and pounding me violently.

I loved it!!

But it couldn't last no matter how badly I wanted it too.

My body tightened around his pistoning cock as I got closer to my climax. I could feel T-Bone's cock swelling bigger and his rhythm began to stumble. I knew he was getting close too then lightning exploded through me and I screamed. T-Bone thrust furiously two more times before he slammed into me then released his fangs and roared, his hot seed filling me.

We both trembled and panted hard, trying to catch our breaths. It felt so good to feel him leaning on me, his cock still within me, pulsing.

Finally, he slipped free of me and I couldn't help sigh in disappointment. I felt empty but sated. After restoring his clothes, he tenderly pulled my underwear and pants up and refastened my pants and belt.

I was limp and could barely move but I managed to turn around to face him and grab a kiss. It was hot and sweet but far too short. He gently disengaged, nuzzled my face then quickly left without another word except for a lingering smile before he vanished.

I sighed. Gods! What that Kat does to me should be illegal. I'll be missing him again until he sneaks into my lab for another round. I can't wait!