"Inuyasha get the darn sword!" Kagome yelled "If you cant hit him in the body..hit him in the ego..hurt his pride!" Inuyasha smirked, great idea. Sesshomaru said nothing, just watched and listen to the girl and her talk. "I'll do it, just to see the look on your face" With that Inuyasha walked over to the rusty sword and tried his best to pull it out, but nothing. Kagomes wished she could take by her words now. Inuyasha was just as mad...now he felt like a fool. Sesshomaru had, had enough..so he went after his brother once more.

Kagome fought with the toad, that stupid little green toad..oh how she hated that toad. Some how the green toad pushed her back and she fell. Using the sword she stood back up...only to draw it out when she saw that Inuyasha was about to be killed.

Both Sesshomaru and Inuyasha gasp at the sound and site, Kagome stood...with the sword, she had pulled it out.

"Oops, sorry" She knew nothing good was going to come of this.

"Dont look at her! look at me" With that Inuyasha attacked, but his brother was fast,..and when Inuyasha found him, he was mere one foot away from Kagome. He looked down at her

"What are you and how did you draw the sword" He looked from her to the sword. He heard his brother call to leave her alone...but this was Sesshomaru. When he fist noticed the girl he thought it funny, at least his father and brother picked descent looking humans. He did take not of how she did not fear him, she was a strange human.

"One step closer and I'll cut you!" As if she could, or the sword for that matter! He turned away from her, not worried and spoke to his brother, telling him that for some reason she was able to draw the sword....and that she must die. Inuyasha was not just going to hand her over...he might not have been thrilled about how she looked like Kikyo, and now he now had to travel with her to find the jewel she broke....but he was not about to let her die either, she was his friend.

"Kagome, give him the sword"

"No way! why does he automatically get to keep it? if he couldn't pull it out it means he's not supposed to have it" Once again her voice showing she was not afraid. "He will have to come and take it" It was clear the girl had no idea just who Lord Sesshomaru was.

"Your only a human, so back off, shut up and butt out!" Inuyasha spit out, she was asking to get killed. Sesshomaru watched for a moment, taking in the site. He stopped her ranting when he spoke...He stepped in front of her, blocking Inuyasha view. Sesshomaru pointed out how Inuyasha protects her, indulges her and even seems to love her...and how he must have got that from their father. He also pointed out that he had no such feeling, for anyone...much less a human. With that Sesshomaru burried her under his poison from his hand. She fell to the ground, sword still in hand,but not she was under blanket of posion.

But again the human girl shocked both men..she was only under the poison blanket for a mere minute before jumping out and yelling at Sesshomaru once again "Hey you! you tried to kill me didn't you!" She pointed the sword at him and walked to Inuyasha. "Don't think your going to go and get away with it!"

The Inuyasha asked the question...the question that Sesshomaru, tho he hated it, knew the answer to. "Hey..how come your not dead?" Inuyasha asked...looking over his not dead friend.

She didn't know...but he did "The sword, that's what protected you" Sesshomaru was telling himself really. It all came to him, hit him like a rock. The sword belonged to his father...to protect his human mate. The sword would only work for the owner..if..if he had someone to protect. His fathers words rang in his head.

"tell me Sesshomaru, have you someone to protect?"

That's why he did not trust the sword to him...he had no one to protect, he still has no one to protect..and he still does not need such. He looked to the girl holding the sword once more. That mere human girl. She was not afraid, she pulled out the sword, and the sword protected her. Then her words came into his head.

"If you cant hit him in the body..hit him in the ego..hurt his pride!"

Sesshomaru smirked, he was not one for low life trick or trades...but this was to good to pass up. He could not kill his brother, and it would seem he could not kill her....so he would do the next best thing. One he will hurt his brother pride, her own words used against them, and then he hurt her...the only other way he knew how...and then the sword...would be his. His eyes went red and with a flash he knocked Inuyasha back and stood in his spot, grabbed Kagome by the waist hard, jerked her so hard her head flung back and then he bit down, Inuyasha screamed in the background. Kagome grabbed Sesshomarus arms, dropping the sword...his bit on her neck burned, hurt like hell. Even after her removed his mouth from her neck and threw her to the ground...it was still burning. Kagome screamed out in pain, she could not even open her eyes, all she could do was scream and listen.

Sesshomaru sent Jaken with sword away out of his father grave while Inuyasha ran to Kagome. "YOU BASTARD!"

Sesshomaru smirked and before he jumped out to leave...Kagome heard him say

"Take good care of MY mate...little brother" With that he was gone.


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