Jaken was most shocked by his Lord. He had come back alone, without either of his fathers swords! Sesshomaru aura felt slightly different, of course no one else but Jaken would notice. Jaken worshiped the ground Sesshomaru walked on. Jaken wanted to ask, but that would mean risking his own dear life, and he liked his life, well do far.

An hour into their travles Sesshomaru stopped "Jaken" He snapped, scaring the imp. Jaken looked up, he knew he had done nothing wrong, so why was his lord mad at him? "Yes, Mi Lord?"

"If you have something to say, say it"

Jaken swallowed "Forgive me, I mean, I wanted to ask, but I don't want to sound nosy, I mean, what I mean is, have you given up on your fathers swords?" He closed his eyes quick and waiting for the death to come to him. Sesshomaru didn't move "Jaken"

Jaken opened on eye "Yes, mi Lord"

"Do you think me a fool?"

"What! no master not at all!" He went down to Sesshomaru's feet.

"The sword is out of my reach at this moment, I will gain them later, my brothers human miko holds it in till such time"

Jakens eyes grew "You mean that horrid human girl!"

"Hey I'm a human girl master Jaken!" Rin cried out,

"Come" Sesshomaru was not about to stand around while those to faught, at least she gained Jakens attention, since when did he tell Jaken anything? They walked on, in till he found an open place to stop, unlike most people, Sesshomaru liked open fields.

As he looked up into the moon light, he heard Rin tummy "Rin, if you are hungry, you must fend for yourself"

The human child was not much of a bother to him, she did as she was told, always.

"Ok!" She set off to find food.

"Rin" She stopped "Yes my Lord?"

"Taken Jaken with you"


"Come master Jaken!"

Jakens mouth hit the ground, why did he have to go, did his master love the little girl more than he?! Then an idea hit him, he would get the sword back for the human girl! Then Sesshomaru would thank him, love him, way more than Rin, Rin didn't do anything for Lord Sesshomaru!

So Jaken got Rin some food and sent her on her way, he told her to tell Lord Sesshomaru that he was looking for more food and water, he knew they were done walking for the night.

Jaken, unlike Sesshomaru, was master of tricks, and so as they group traveled into a village to stop for the night, he sicked a monster after them. But of course Inuyasha and Miroku took care of it, Jaken under estimated his masters younger brother. Jaken eyes Kagome, as she stood holding the sword tight to her, he narrowed his eyes, he would have it!

So he settled back and waited. The group slept inside tonight, thanks to Miroku, and Iuyasha did not tell them of what happened between Kagome and Sesshomaru, fear from being sat all night long.

Then men settled in while the girls took to the hot baths, Jaken sneaked.

"Kagome, are you ok?"

"Yeah, why"

"You have been quiet"

"Just a lot on my mind"

"Yeah, I cant believe Sesshomaru left the sword with you"

Kagome looked at it as it sat against the bath house wall, she then ducked under the water and came back up "I almost thought he was going to kid nap me"

"I'm sure it's not over" Sango added as she washed her hair. Jaken, waited, as soon as the two dumb human went under to wash the soap out, he would nab the sword, with a cloth of course so he didn't get burned.

"I wish these human girl would hurry up!" Jaken needed to get back! He tapped his foot as the girls giggled, then it hit him, they were naked, in a bath, he didn't need to wait, he could nab and run, but then they could scream, so he said a simple spell, sealing sound, then he quickly dashed in, nabbed the sword, smiled and ran!

Kagome screamed which caused Sango to stand and yelled. Jaken ran quick, the sound block would not last long.

Of course when the two men did not come running they knew something was up "A sound barrier!" Sango yelled.

"The sword!" Kagome rushed out, throw on a towel and ran,

"Kagome wait!" Sango yelled throwing on a robe, she had to stop her, she was half naked!

Sango ran into the guys room, Miroku smiled "Well hello!"

"Hurry, Jaken stole the sword, Kagome went after him!"

"Kagome can handle him" Inuyasha said "I doubt my brother knows"

"Kagome is half nake Inuyasha!"