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Naruto and Hinata made their way into the castle. This was it, the final battle between the last forces of freedom and the tyranny of Orochimaru. The long-time couple's thoughts flashed backward, remembering all their friends and family. Remembering the destruction of Konoha, the death of all those they had loved.

The only thing that kept either of them going at this point was each other. And they were determined to see the land free, or die trying. Orochimaru had established a massive fortress in the middle of the Elemental continent as a testament to his power.

The remaining survivors from the elemental villages had gathered their forces and made an all-out assault. Both sides had lost everything in the battle, Naruto and Hinata being some of the only survivors.

The pair entered the throne room to see Orochimaru sitting quietly on his chair, a quiet gleam of madness in his Sharingan eyes. Naruto clenched his fist. Even now after fighting him so many times, he still felt disturbed when he fought the body of Sasuke Uchiha.

"Well...looks like the fox brat and the reject have finally arrived. Are you proud of yourselves? You've done quite a bit of damage to my armies." The body surfer said with a light chuckle.

"We won't be satisfied until you're dead!" Naruto growled.

"That's the spirit. It'll make it so much more enjoyable when I crush you." Orochimaru said with a manic grin.

"The only one who's going to be crushed here, Orochimaru, is you." Hinata said

"I love it when they think that they have a chance. Don't you, Kabuto my boy?" The snake master said.

"Kabuto's been dead since the fall of Iwa." Naruto said.

"What's that Kabuto? Yes, I think it is time to deal with these pests." Orochimaru continued uncaring of Naruto's statement.

The last Sannin blurred out of sight reappearing in front of Hinata in a swirl of dead leaves.

*Gurgle* Hinata choked as she coughed up blood. The old heart defect from Neji's vicious beating years ago acted up as Orochimaru stabbed her in the stomach.

"Na—Naruto-kun." She whispered as she felt her strength leave her.

Naruto watched in horror as his wife died. As she fell to the ground, Naruto felt the last vestiges of sanity leave him. With a primal roar, he leapt at Orochimaru intent on destroying his hated enemy.

Orochimaru for his part laughed. As the last thing standing between him and total domination attacked.

The Void

Hinata looked down. She was in a place with no light no sound. No anything. Just emptiness.

"Is this death?" She wondered out loud.

"Not quite." A voice replied in a dry, gravelly tone.

Appearing from the emptiness a white cloaked figure stood in front of Hinata. His face was mostly hidden behind the high collared cloak. His eyes seemed to crackle with power. Hinata knew instinctively that this being was powerful than she could ever hope of being.

"What are you?" She asked softly.

"That's a little tricky to explain. I guess you could call me a cosmic maintenance man. It's not completely accurate but it'll work. You can call me Kai." The now named Kai answered.

"So what do you want with me?" Hinata asked.

"Well considering you're my last living descendent. I want to help you out." Kai answered with a deadpan air.

"You're human?" The indigo haired girl asked.

"Not anymore. As I said, it's complicated. But when I was human they called me the Rikudo Sennin." Kai answered.

"But I'm not related to you. You only had two sons." Hinata said with a frown.

"I think I know whether or not I had more than two kids. Admittedly, you're descended from my daughter. And in those days that just didn't count for much but your still of my line." Kai said irritated.

"You had a daughter?" The last known Hyuuga asked.

"Yes I did. All doujutsu bloodlines can be traced back to me in one way or another. Given that you're the last of mine, I'm willing to call in a few favours and give you a chance to stop all of this from happening." The white cloaked being answered.

"How?" Hinata asked. Hope long dormant made an appearance in her heart.

"I can send your consciousness back to the day of the Genin exams. After that, it's up to you. Doing so I'll turn this track into a dead end. It'll still happen but it won't be the main universe anymore." Kai said after a moment.

"What?" The pale eyed woman asked. She understood the first part but the second confused.

"Nevermind. I have to remember that this reality never learned high level quantum physics." The being said, his eyes narrowing.

"All right then. What about Naruto-kun?" Hinata asked.

"Sorry, the Shinigami has dibs on his soul. I'm breaking enough rules as it is." Kai said not seeming very sorry at all.

"I need him. I can't do this on my own." The Namikaze demanded.

"I think you can. However, I'll give you a chance to convince me otherwise." Kai said with a shrug.

"Going back I'll be the Hyuuga Heiress. I'll be under too much scrutiny to act freely. Naruto-kun, on the other hand, can move around do as he likes. He is the only one who can get to Sasuke. I need to stop him from going to Orochimaru. Naruto is the best way to do that." Hinata said quickly.

"Valid, but I still can't send him back. The Shinigami would kick my ass." Kai said shaking his head.

Defeating the Juubi was one thing. Fighting a death god on his home turf? That was quite another.

"Well, can't you give his younger self his memories or something?" The indigo haired woman asked her brow knitted in concentration.

"No because I'm not allowed to directly interfere with the living." Kai answered.

"I'm living" Hinata pointed out.

"No you're just not dead. I never said that you were alive." The former human replied.

Hinata wasn't quite sure what to make of that. Deciding to ask about it later, she looked for a loophole.

"Okay, can I somehow give Naruto-kun his memories?" She asked.

"Yeah that could work. I'm going to give you the power to give three people their memory of the future." Kai said after a moment.

"Why three?" The former matriarch of the Hyuuga asked.

"It's the rule for this sort of thing, three, or seven and I can't get away with seven. This power is severely limited. It puts an incredible strain on the brain to deal with that much information at once. Only use it on people who can heal very quickly or are used to dealing with a lot of information at once." The white clad being said.

"So jinchuruki's are the only ones who will definitely survive?" Hinata said after a brief moment.

"They're the only ones I can guarantee that will survive. The rest, well it's a toss-up." The ascended Sage said.

"I'll use it then. Thank you." The pale-eyed woman said with a deep bow.

"All right then. In order to use this power you will have to attempt to use the punishment seal but place the thumb on the outside rather than in. Focus your will and future memories on the person and they will receive their memories of the future." Kai said.

Making a long string of gestures Kai placed his hand on Hinata's head and a small burst of energy passed between them.

"So, ready to go back?" Kai asked after he was finished.

"Yes." Hinata nodded.

"Then here we go." The former sage said.

For the second time in as many hours, Hinata passed out.

Hyuuga compound (Day of the genin exams.)

Hinata groaned, her head hurt and that bastard Orochimaru had stabbed her. As she opened her eyes, she was shocked to find that this was not the hide out that she and Naruto used. This was the old Hyuuga compound. But it had been destroyed hadn't it? She wondered if that dream of hers was real.

Using her Byakugan, she took a quick scan of the compound. It was real. She nearly felt herself collapse at that. No genjutsu, save the Tsukuyomi, could fool the Byakugan. And Orochimaru was too much of hands-on type of tormentor to ever settle with a Genjutsu.

It was real. She had a chance to save them all, a chance to keep her family alive. Tears glistened in her eyes only to be banished by years of emotional control.

"Not again. I will protect my family no matter what." She vowed.

Looking at the clock, she saw that it was time for the academy. Quickly getting dressed and slipping out of the compound, Hinata started to think.

She pondered about how exactly she was going to fix everything. True, the easiest method would be to kill Sasuke outright. But while she arguably had the skill to do so, Hinata was leery of that option. The Sasuke of the future had turned into a monster, true, but that was no guarantee he would this time. This became even truer if Naruto regained his memories and really worked at saving Sasuke from the darkness.

Naruto had only met two people that he had been unable to save: Madara Uchiha and Orochimaru. Naruto had also only met two people that he didn't want to save. Hinata firmly believed in her husband's ability to redeem people.

The question was how to get close to Naruto. Hinata knew that unless they were on the same team her father would have issues. She couldn't stand that but understood it. Plus, it would tip off people that she was not the same Hinata Hyuuga. When she was this age, she had been painfully shy and meek. So much so, that she could barely talk to Naruto without passing out.

If she didn't live up to those expectations, questions were going to be asked, questions she had no way of answering, which meant that despite the Hyuuga's power or maybe because of it she would be seeing Ibiki. Hinata had no desire to meet the scarred man from the Chuuin exams again.

How had Naruto passed the first time around? Hinata racked her brain. Naruto never really talked about it saying that it wasn't important. Stupid idiot always put others before himself. She chuckled to herself. Naruto may have been an idiot, but he was her idiot by all the spirits.

Making her way to class the Hyuuga heiress still wondered these things. She sat down at the old 'watching spot' as she thought of it.

Some had called Hinata a stalker when she and Naruto first went out. They had been partially right. The pale-eyed girl had spent an inordinate amount of time watching her crush, but not because of some deluded fantasy. Hinata had started watching to find out what made Naruto so strong. Over time, it had simply become a coping method for her. For awhile she could escape the harsh glares of her family as she watched the blond haired boy.

The fact that watching a person that had been called 'An ADHD squirrel on crack' proved useful for reconnaissance training was just a benefit.

Seeing Naruto bounce into the room Hinata firmly stood by her decision. She glanced at the clock, about 15 minutes before the test. Was that enough time? She berated herself for not asking more questions. Well...worst thing that could happen was Naruto failing again right?

Deciding that the risks were, in fact, worth it, Hinata made the requisite seal towards Naruto.

Who ducked...hitting Sasuke full force. Said Uchiha promptly passed out. Hinata controlled the small twitch in her arms. She was going to kill that blond baka! Three times this power could be used and Naruto had made her miss one! Hell, she didn't even know if Sasuke had any memories after Orochimaru took control.

Everyone was looking at Sasuke. Hinata weighed whether or not it was worth the chance of detection to try again with Naruto. No, she finally decided, there were too many people here. The last thing Hinata wanted was to waste another of her precious memory transfers.

Those two were ear-marked for Naruto-kun and Gaara. Hinata decided that if she was going to be stuck with Sasuke she wanted the two men who had consistently kicked his ass.

Iruka looked at Sasuke, who at this point had fallen down to the floor. He looked at Naruto and Kiba, the two most likely responsible for whatever it was that had happened to Sasuke.

With a loud sigh Iruka spoke.

"Alright, which one of you knuckleheads knocked Sasuke out? If I told you once I told you a thousand times: Sabotage is for enemies not classmates."

"We didn't do anything Iruka-sensei honest!" Naruto protested.

"Yeah, we want to kick Sasuke's ass legally." Kiba chimed in.

"Right...Well I have no proof so you get off this time. But so help me if I hear either of you two doing this when you make Genin. I will end you painfully." Iruka threatened.

"Yes Iruka-sensei." Both of them said in a defeated tone.

"Mizuki, do you mind taking Sasuke to the med-center?" The scarred Chuunin asked.

"Sure, no problem." Mizuki said, gingerly grabbing Sasuke and disappearing in a swirl of smoke.

"As for the rest of you, it's time for the written test." Iruka said.

Naruto groaned and looked around the room for any support.

"Just do your best Naruto-kun." It was Hinata, that weird girl who was always blushing around him and looking down at the floor.

She wasn't now. Naruto, though a dense person, still had a very well-honed skill when it came to figuring out who a person really was. It wasn't perfect, but more than once it had helped him out when trying to find things for his apartment. Thanks to that skill, Naruto knew something was wrong with Hinata maybe he should do something after the exam.

'First things first.' He thought. 'I just have to do my best like she said.'

Surprisingly Naruto did better than expected on the written exam actually managing to pass. However, he failed all of his other tests. Depressed over his failure he listened and agreed whole-heartedly to Mizuki's plan and temporarily forgot about his earlier plans to see if Hinata needed help.

Meanwhile Hinata was wracking her brain, where did Naruto go. She looked frantically with her Byakagan but couldn't find him. 'Wait he said something about a forest when I asked him about it in the future and there's only one forest he goes in right now...Naruto's go to be there!' She thought as she rushed off towards Naruto's hiding place.


Naruto looked through the scroll 'This shouldn't be too hard.' He thought as he began to form the hand seals.

Hinata caught up with Naruto and watched him for a few seconds.

"Okay let's try this again." She muttered and made the seal.

Naruto fell backward as his mind shut down his conscious thought processes so it could deal with the wave of memories being sent. Hinata was prepared for it and went over to him. Doing a quick scan with her Byakugan, Hinata found that her beau wasn't in any physical danger. Gently she put his head in her lap and waited for Naruto to wake up.

"So the Hyuuga princess finally acts on her feelings, too bad the boy's unconscious or I'm sure the demon would have fun with you." Came Mizuki's voice. "Now hand over the scroll and come with me and no-one gets hurt; except the demon." He said in a mocking tone.

"No, I will not let you kill Naruto-kun and I will not let you take the scroll." Hinata said in a cool tone.

What the hell? Mizuki thought this girl was supposed to fold like paper whenever you raised your voice and now she was standing up to him?

"I don't know what you're thinking girl, but there's no way you can stand up to me!" The traitorous Chuunin said doing his best to intimidate her. The girl slipped into a Juuken stance and said nothing.

"Mizuki you bastard! Attacking your own students?" Iruka yelled from the trees and leapt down.

"That is unforgivable!" The scarred man snarled as he settled into a basic Taijutsu stance.

"No matter how good you think you are Iruka, you have a fatal flaw. You care too much to let these students come to harm." With that, Mizuki tossed a ridiculously large shuriken towards Naruto.

Iruka dived to try and get the shuriken before it hit Naruto but he was ill positioned and missed. Hinata prepared and tried to do the same but Mizuki was too quick and attacked her, forcing her to defend herself rather than the blond. Despite Hinata's skill, Mizuki was quickly able to get the upper hand by using his reach at the cost of much of his chakra.

As they continued to fight, Naruto woke up. He remembered everything; he remembered dying at Orochimaru's hands, the fall of Konoha, the death of nearly all his precious people. He remembered how Hinata had saved him from his own depression, he remember swearing on the grave of his father and mother to protect Hinata.

As Mizuki brought down a kunai towards Hinata, Naruto once again saw red. Kyuubi chakra surged through him and in an instant, the kunai was gone, along with most of Mizuki's arm.

Mizuki screamed. Hinata and Iruka looked at Naruto in shock.

"I have had a very bad day. Now I really only have three rules I go by. 1.) Never touch my wife. 2.) Never hurt my people. 3.) Don't betray Konoha." Naruto said with an animalistic growl.

"D—demon." Mizuki whimpered. The man hadn't ever felt killing intent this powerful. By luck, he had been out of the country when the Kyuubi attacked.

"No I'm not, but you're going to wish I was. Onipo: Jigoku-no Doki!" The blond said his hands flashing through a set of seals.

His hands glowed with a demonic light. Naruto struck Mizuki with both palms. The man exploded in a shower of gore.

"Naruto-kun?" Hinata asked quietly.

"Yes Hime?" The whiskered boy asked.

"Naruto-kun!" The pale-eyed girl leapt into Naruto's arms.

'Did I miss something here? What the hell just happened?' Iruka wondered. First, the dead last of the academy had blown up Mizuki. Okay that was sort of good. Mizuki was a traitor and was going to die anyway. However, Naruto had used a demonic style jutsu, which was bad. Then Hinata had embraced Naruto for some reason. This was just confusing to the poor teacher.

"All right I know when I'm out of my pay grade. Let's get you two to the Hokage." He said after a few minutes.

"Alright Iruka-sensei." The two said.

They made their way to the tower with the scroll. As they entered, Sarutobi sat in his office waiting for him.

"Naruto you better have a good reason for using that jutsu. Considering it was banned in the Shodai's time." Hiruzen said coldly.

"Konoha Protocol 71443, Condition: Crimson, Password: Six paths become one. Recognition Code: Phoenix, Dragon, Turtle, Dragon, Tiger, Phoenix, Turtle, Tiger." Naruto said smoothly.

"But that's impossible....." The Sandaime said for once openly shocked.

"I used to think the same Old Man. It's good to see you again." The blond said chuckling.

"What just happened?" Hinata asked.

"Welcome to my world." Iruka muttered.

"Iruka's involved?" The current Hokage asked.

"No." The future Hokage answered.

"Very well, Iruka this never happened. Go home. You were asleep all night understood?" Hiruzen said. It was unmistakably an order.

"Yes sir!" Iruka said and disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

"Naruto-kun what did you do?" The pale-eyed girl demanded.

"Remember when I told you that the Hokages thought of everything?" The whiskered boy said sheepishly.

"Yeah..." The indigo haired girl said cautiously.

"Well, we have a system in place for potential time travellers." Naruto continued.

"You're kidding..." The Hyuuga heiress said in shock.

She had faced men with delusions of godhood; she had seen a man turn into a plant and back, heard a talking sword. But this stretched the limits of her belief.

"No, it was dear old Dad's idea." The blond said with a quiet snicker.

"Indeed, one of the few times I questioned the man. But it appears that he foresaw this happening eventually." The grey haired Hokage mused.

"Wait, so Konoha has a plan for time travel?" Hinata asked confirming the absurdity.

"Yep, we also have one for zombies, vampires, pirates, and a few others as well." The future Rokudaime said chuckling.

"Naruto, you may be the Hokage in the future, but remember that those are classified." Hiruzen said sternly.

"I didn't give her the codes just knowledge that they existed." Naruto pointed out.

"Almost as bad as you're father. Congratulations on becoming Hokage by the way." The Sandaime said warmly.

He was genuinely glad that his adopted grandson had done so well. But the Sandaime was worried about whatever it was that had made Naruto and Hinata come back.

"Didn't get it the way I wanted to." The blond muttered.

"Oh?" Hiruzen said with a quizzical eyebrow arch.

"Konoha's in for some rough times Old Man." Naruto said grimly.

"Tell me." The Sandaime ordered as all trace of the old man he normally was vanished.

So they told him everything. They told him of the invasion by Sand and Sound, of his own death, and Sasuke's defection. Told him of how Pein destroyed Konoha and How Naruto had killed Pein. How it seemed that killing Pein had sent the world in a downward spiral. In haunted tones, they spoke of the destruction of the five great villages. Of the lives lost.

At long last, they came to the end of it. When they were done both Naruto and Hinata looked drained of emotions and energy.

Hiruzen sat back in his chair and puffed a few times on his pipe.

"You know, if not for that recognition code I'd say you were having me on. As it is, you have given me a great deal to think about. You say Sasuke was given memories too?" He said after a moment.

"Yes, Naruto ducked and I hit Sasuke with the memory retrieval power. I don't know if he'll survive or not." Hinata said with a glare.

Naruto gave a sheepish smile to his wife.

"I think he will. And he will pass the makeup test. That, of course, leaves us with the question of what do with him." The old Kage said.

"Put me on his team, I'll keep an eye on him and try to help him." The blond replied at once.

"After all that you still want to save him?" A disbelieving Hiruzen asked.

"Sasuke was as much a victim as anyone. The seal, his brother, Madara, they all broke him in a way. I still remember the guy who took an attack for me on our first mission. I want to save him." Naruto answered.

"I see. Unfortunately assigning Hinata-chan to the team will be quite impossible. Even now the Hyuuga still have a lot of resentment for the Uchiha. Who among the rest of the Konoha eleven would you prefer?" The Sandaime asked.

The couple looked at each other before speaking.

"TenTen." Hinata said at last.

"Why is that?" Sarutobi asked.

The canny old man was trying to discern this Naruto's character. You can learn much from how and why a man chooses his allies.

"Well for one thing she was...will be my sister in law. Besides even now she's probably one of the best kuinoichi we have." The whiskered boy replied.

"Gai won't like it. I can probably swing it if you can tell me why beyond future ties." The old smoker said.

"Sasuke needs someone who is competent. He also needs someone who will be a friend rather than a fan girl. Sakura and Ino can't do that right now. TenTen can." Hinata supplied.

"A valid point. You said that Sakura becomes a legendary medic-nin under Tsunade right?" Hiruzen asked.

"Yeah, one of the best there's ever been." The future Hokage agreed.

"Then putting her in a melee combat team will do wonders for her. There is nothing quite like hands on experience for learning how to heal. Plus if anyone can shake her out of that fan girl stage Gai can." The current Hokage said.

"True, Bushy-Brow sensei was good at motivating people." Naruto chuckled.

"Well I don't like being apart from Naruto-kun but I guess it'll be okay." The indigo haired girl said pouting.

"Hey the Chuunin exam is in six months. We kick ass and take names. Become Chuunin and we can spend most of our time together." The whiskered boy said.

"Yes well if you two can stop planning the future. It's time for Hinata to get home. Naruto we need to talk." Hiruzen said calmly.

"About the protocol?" The blond enquired.

Sarutobi just nodded.

"Night hime." Naruto said to his wife.

"Good night Naruto-kun." The girl said giving a deep kiss to the blonde before leaving.

"As you know, the protocol automatically puts the time travelers as special reserve ANBU members. Can you handle it?" The Sandaime demanded.

"Give me three months to get my body up to stuff and the celestial weapon contract." The Rokudaime replied.

"You can use one of the celestial weapons?" The monkey summoner asked.

"Yeah, the Ame-no-nuhoko is what I got the first time around." Naruto answered.

The celestial weapon contract was a thing of mystery. Only those that were exceptional ninjas could even read the contract and only one person in a generation could sign it. If that person didn't sign it that generation didn't receive one of the heavenly weapons. Each weapon was said to have phenomenal powers.

Orochimaru had been the last one to sign the contract, gaining the Kusangi from it.

"Impressive. Now what plans do you have exactly? You wouldn't use condition crimson if you didn't have any." Hiruzen said after a moment.

"Well Old Man so far I..." The two Hokages discussed things long into the night.


Sasuke felt pain. It wasn't an uncommon occurrence for him. Training yourself to exhaustion every day allowed one to become familiar all sorts of aches and pains. The mind raping by Itachi hadn't helped.

This was different though. This morning he had been full force with a slew of memories, or visions or maybe dreams? Sasuke didn't know what they were if he was honest. But he had watched in horrified fascination as he had betrayed everything he believed in. All so that he could kill one man.

Sasuke's horror turned to stark terror as Orochimaru took his body. Things were done to the once proud Uchiha. Sasuke's body was changed and transformed. As Orochimaru used the Sharigan to destroy the elemental countries one by one, Sasuke's terror grew.

Then he woke up.

"What the hell was that?" Sasuke muttered to himself.

"What was what Uchiha-san?" A tall man asked.

"I had dreams or maybe a vision but they didn't make sense." The raven haired boy answered absently.

"I'm Doctor Miyagi by the way. Now what's this about visions?" The doctor said dryly.

"I was possessed by Orochimaru. He used my body to destroy everything. It was terrible. So much death, so much blood. I saw my family massacred four years ago. I would have sworn that was the worst thing I'd ever see. It wasn't." The last Uchiha answered.

From birth, Sasuke had his parents hammer in the concept that you trust and listen to your doctor. They are trying to keep you alive. This ostensibly is a good thing.

"Well I can't explain that Uchiha-san. According the Yamanakas you did receive a vast amount of information into your brain. They theorize that because of the Sharigan's copying ability your brain was just barely able to keep up." The old doctor said.

"If it hadn't?" Sasuke asked quietly.

"The brain isn't meant to process that much information. Only people who are used to the strain or have a genetic predisposition to dealing with it would survive. Anyone else they would have been brain dead." Miyagi answered.

"I see..." The onyx-eyed boy said.

The thought of his brain frying would come to haunt Sasuke's dreams in the coming weeks.

"You got lucky Uchiha-san. We'll want to keep you overnight for some tests but you should be out of here tomorrow." The tall doctor said.

"What about the Genin exams?" Sasuke asked.

"I have no idea on that Uchiha-san. I'd expect that the Hokage would give you some sort of make-up test." The doctor gave a shrug.

"Hnn." The last Uchiha settled for his standard grunt.

"If there is anything else?" Miyagi asked.

Sasuke was abruptly reminded that all ninja have a psychological test to pass. True, it wouldn't prevent you being a ninja. It would serve as a black mark against you and prevent promotions.

"About that vision? You won't tell anyone right?" Sasuke demanded.

"No, the Akake Oath prevents me from sharing patient information save in a case where not telling it would harm another. Your vision doesn't fall under that." The doctor said wryly.

"Thank you doctor." The last Uchiha gives a small nod of respect.

"No problem Uchiha-san. I take my oaths very seriously."

"Alright Doctor. You know it's weird, even with in the span of this conversation the vision's starting to fade." Sasuke thought out loud.

"That may be the mind trying to protect itself. Even with your genetics helping you that was a lot of information." Miyagi said with a shrugging gesture.

"Will I get it back?"

"There's no way to tell." The doctor answered.

"Hnn." Sasuke grunted.

"Anyway you'll spend the night here we'll release you in the morning." Miyagi said.

The doctor finished writing on the chart and left the room, leaving Sasuke alone with his thoughts. Even now, the memories were starting to fade. Thinking quickly Sasuke grabbed one piece of paper. He then wrote the three 'failure points' as he thought of them. Along with the some solutions he figured out. On the page was written:

-Going to Orochimaru

: Stay as far away from that crazy bastard as possible. Don't get the Curse Seal!

-Attacking Konoha

: Do not let yourself get consumed by revenge. Only the Elders and possibly the Sandaime have to die.

-Trying that suppression technique without mastering it.

: Don't do this without having a seal master present to draw the seals.

Looking over his list Sasuke gave a grunt of satisfaction. He didn't know if that vision was real or not. But if it was now he had a game plan to stop it. With that done Sasuke tried to continue working on the plans with less and less details until he drifted off to sleep.