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It was a few weeks after the first Truth or Dare incident. I promised I wouldn't ever play Truth or Dare again. I told the whole family that I would never do it again. I was so embarrassed last time it pains me to think about what happened that night. The night my secrets were revealed and also the best night of my life, for Edward and me.

I laid in bed thinking about that night. The whipped cream incident, I wish he would do it again. I was laying there when Alice came barging in.

"Bella, get dressed and ready. It's family fun night again." Oh great, I thought to myself. Last family fun night it turned into a disaster.

"Trust me on this one Bella. It's going to be fun for you." Rose said evilly. I didn't like the sound of that.

I got dressed and my hair up in a pony tail. I didn't feel like doing anything with it, but I needed to at least put it up. After I was done I went downstairs to get ready for the 'oh so fun' night I was about to experience.

"Are you ready for a fun night?" Emmett caught me and gave me one of his famous bear hugs. Like always, he squeezed me so hard I couldn't breathe.

"Emmett, my breathing back please..." I said and he realized it meant I needed to breath. Oops he murmured and left me. I went to find Edward since I hadn't seen him in a few. I saw him arguing with Alice.

"No Alice, I will not take part in this and I know Bella won't either." He kept saying. Take part in what?

"Yes you will and you will enjoy it. Now go out and act like you are happy." Alice said demanding. Dang when she is demanding, it's actually really scary.

I was still wondering what she was talking about, but I let it slide. I went out and found Edward.

"Hey," I said happily.

"Hey Bella, Alice got you?" He said and I nodded. We had a conversation about nothing, and then I went to stare into his eyes. Big mistake because I got dazzled and couldn't even think of what my name is.

"Ok are you guys ready for family fun game night again?" I sighed and said no. Alice just ignored it and went on being her happy self. She called the rest of the couples downstairs including Esme and Carlisle. I didn't see why they needed to be here, but oh well.

"Guys we are going to play Truth or Dare again. And before you guys complain, it's going to be fun. Trust me." After she stopped talking, came the complaints.

"Woohoo another round of Truth or Dare." Emmett said happy. Of course Emmett would be happy.

"Why must you make us suffer again?" I asked really not wanting to play it again.

"Because this time, it has to be out of the house dares. It has to be around a crowd of people or somewhere like that. For truth it has to be personal, it can't be stupid truth questions, which we have a lot of good ones so don't worry." Alice said excited. Uh-oh I'm in for another long night again.

"Are you sure you want to do this? I could back out?" Edward whispered to me.

"No it's ok, I think I can handle it. I will be a Cullen soon enough anyways." He nodded and Alice then picked someone to ask a truth or dare to someone. That person was Jasper.

"Truth or Dare… Emmett." Jasper said and I saw Emmett's face get happy.

"Dare of course Jasper. You knew that."

"Yes perfect Emmett. I dare you to go up to an older lady and ask her if you can walk her kitty. Then you have to tell her what walking her kitty means and she can't faint or you have to go up to another person and do it." Jasper said evilly. What. The. Hell?

"Ok what does walking the kitty mean?" Emmett asked and Edward busted out laughing.

"Good one Jasper," Edward said.

"Thanks… and basically walking your kitty means masturbating for a lady." Jasper said laughing which caused us to start laughing. I was clutching my sides laughing so hard. Oh this will be fun.

"Fine let's get it over with." Emmett said as we all got up and walked out of the house. After a little bit of walking, we found a park. Jasper looked around and saw a lady standing there. He pointed to her. She was in her higher 50's. It looked like she had her grand child with her.

We watched as Emmett walked up to her and said, "Excuse me miss?"

"Yes young man?" She said innocently. I was already laughing.

"Can I walk your kitty for you?" Emmett said casually acting like he was actually asking her.

"Excuse me, what?" She asked looking creeped out.

"You know, like walk your kitty." He said and she gasped. I guess she did know what he was talking about.

"You mean…" He nodded and she started hitting him with her purse.

"Eww perv," She said hitting him over and over with her purse. We were laughing so hard that I fell on the ground by now. He just turned around laughing and walked away.

"Well she didn't faint. So I guess it's good." He said laughing along with us. Poor lady. She gathered her grandsons and left.

We laughed all the way home. As we got home, he was thinking of someone to truth or dare.

"Who do you want to pick?" Alice said when we sat down.

"Truth or dare, Carlisle…" Emmett said with an evil smirk. Carlisle looked scared. After last time with him going to work in Esme's clothes, who wouldn't be scared of their kids?

"Dare," He said scared, but he knew he'd never hear the end of it if he didn't choose dare.

"I dare you to…"

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