Well hello ther to the Golden Sun fanfiction cmmunity. I am Flashgunner, i've written three stories for , two of which are complete, and one wich i just finished after three years of writing it. (Believe in Me, in the megaman section) I've had this idea for a Golden Sn fanfiction planned out or very long time, but i've never gotten into it, so i picked up the games again and now have rekindled the interet to write this fic. (I know in my last fic i said it was most likely gonna be a DBZ fic for my next one, but well, things change fast.

Anyway here I am with a brand New Valeshipping story between the Determined warrior Isaac and the Powerful beauty Jenna that takes place post Lost-Age. (except for the intro.) What is in store for these two? Well, there's only one way to find out!

This is the First installment of That Incredible Feeling.





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That Incredible Feeling

By: Flashgunner

Ch. 1: Intro: Reunion

The elements… the essence of all creation and power. Earth… fire… wind… water… and likewise, Venus… Mars… Jupiter… Mercury… All carry their significance… all carry their purpose… and they all act in a circle. Earth provides structure… Fire provides warmth… Wind provides movement… and Water provides life…

But some say, that there is more to these elements than appears. Certain elements mix well while others do not, and these relationships may have an effect on those adept with natures elements. There have been recordings within ancient texts that tell of a rarity that occurs only once every century. Two individuals whom are adept in different elements have the capability of forming an extremely powerful bond with their auras, if their elements share a symbolic relationship, then the possibilities are unimaginable…

As fortune may have it… the fated pair of this century happens to have known one another since birth…

The last time she saw him and his friends was atop the cerulean lighthouse of Mercury. She feared for them as they began fighting a battle that seemed hopeless. She soon learned of their safety, but still longed to be with them. Despite the difference in their goals, Jenna, the auburn haired fire adept, wanted nothing more than to be reunited with her childhood friends.

But things had changed. Saturos and Menardi had met their end upon lighting the golden light of Venus. Jenna's brother, Felix, had taken it upon himself to complete what the proxian duo began. Now they neared the apex of their third target, the fuchsia light of Jupiter. Her comrades, Kraden, Sheba, and Piers followed close behind Felix as he led the group through the various nooks and crannies of the heavily complicated tower. All was going smoothly; it seemed that soon they would be only one step away from saving the world.

Suddenly there was a loud crash and a girl's scream, followed by a familiar voice yelling, "MIA!" it wasn't Isaac, but she still knew it. It was Garet. Another loud crash was heard. Then she heard Isaac. "Garet! Mia!"

They're here! Jenna's heart was half jumping for joy and half worried that there would be a confrontation between the groups, but then she looked up. Garet was hanging from a ledge. And a girl dressed in white robes with baby blue hair was trying desperately to pull him up. Oh no!

"Look it's Isaac!" yelled Felix extending his index finger towards the commotion.

"Ah! Garet looks like he's about to fall! We have to help them!" ordered Karden.

"Why did you jump after me Garet? I landed on this ledge!"

"Ack…come on Mia, I wasn't gonna let you fall to your death! I acted on reflex." He choked out in response as he clung to the ledge with only one arm. This puzzled Isaac.

"Garet!" He yelled. "Why are you using only one arm!?"

"My other arm's completely numb! I don't know what happened! It won't move!"

"I'll try to pull you up!" Mia grasped his large wrist with her delicate hands and tried to lift Garet onto the ledge, but try as she might, he was too heavy for her to budge. "It's no use Garet I'm not strong enough!"

"I'll go down and help them!" began Ivan.

"You won't be going anywhere." Isaac spun around to see two dark figures approaching from the shadows. One scaled to about Mia's size, with blood red hair and a glare that could shatter glass. The other stood tall and powerful, blue hair slightly pushed over his head piece that covered his face slightly, but his stoic expression and cold stare could frighten even the bravest of men.

"Who are you?!" Isaac questioned while positioning his palm slightly above his shoulder, ready to draw his sword, the Gaia Blade, at moment's notice.

"I am Karst." The little one replied in a sly voice filled with hatred.

"I am Agatio." The large one answered in a deep hard voice filled with lust for action. Karst began to speak without further provocation.

"We set that trap up to snare your water adept, but lucky us… we snared another one with it."

"You set this trap?" Then Isaac took a double take. "Wait…you look familiar."

"If you're thinking of Saturos and Menardi, we hail from the same region and clan of fire adepts." Agatio answered with a hint of rage in his words.

"But why are you here?!" yelled Ivan as his hand trembled lightly above the hilt of his Kikuichimonji.

"Hmph. You see, you've caused a grief to Karst that cannot go unpunished. Menardi, her beloved sister, was murdered by your hands, and for that… you shall pay with your lives." Instantly after Agatio finished, Karst charged at Ivan brandishing a large scythe similar to her sister's and took a swipe at him. He drew his blade and blocked, but the strength of the blow knocked him back.

"Ivan!" Yelled Isaac, his focus straying from Agatio.

"Don't look away or you'll die in an instant!" Agatio pounded his fists together, which emanated a metallic tone as they clashed.

Gauntlets… Isaac pondered as he unsheathed the Gaia blade from his back. Taking the initiative, Isaac charged and began swinging at the brute before him. Each swing was knocked aside by Agatio's swift wrist movements, but Isaac pressed onward with determination.

"No! Karst and Agatio are attacking them!" Jenna yelled to Felix. "Come on Felix we have to save them!" She pleaded to her brother while tugging on his sleeve like a small child.

"You heard the lady! Let's get moving!" The group ran up the stairs as fast as they could, they were at least five stories below the battle. The entire way up Jenna was praying with all her heart that Isaac would hold out against the fierce Agatio.

"Isaac…I'm sorry…she's too…powerful……" Ivan dropped his sword and collapsed in a heap on the ground. Karst stood over him and placed a foot on his head.

"What a weakling…"

"Ivan!" Isaac quickly averted his attention back to Agatio as he began his own frontal barrage of attacks. Isaac did his best to keep up, but began taking more hits than he was blocking. After a grunt and quick dodge, Isaac turned the tables in position and balance, gaining an edge on Agatio. He began forcing him towards the ledge in attempt to send him plunging to the earth.

Jenna and the rest emerged from the nearby door, just as Karst was sneaking up behind Isaac. Jenna's eyes opened wide as Karst swung and slashed across Isaac's back.

"AAAARGH!!!!!!" Screamed Isaac in pain as blood spewed from the large wound on his back.

"ISAAAAAAC!" yelled Jenna as she watched in horror.

J…JENNA?!?! Isaac supported himself with his sword and painfully raised his head to see Jenna and the rest of Felix's group watching. Just then Agatio stepped back and held out his hand. A ball of fire psyenergy began to form in his hand. Felix and Piers drew their weapons and charged for an attack, but they could not avert the inevitable outcome.

The fire energy gathered under Isaac and thrust from the ground upward in the form of a dragon. The dragon flew higher and higher until it exploded in a massive fireball. Isaac was thrown from the fire and limply fell to the ground, singed and motionless. Jenna quickly ran to his side.

"Isaac!!!! Isaac!!!!" She yelled as she nudged his body. He didn't move. Tears began to build up in her eyes as her words fell flat with no response. If her reunion with him was to end with his death she would never be able to live with herself. Suddenly Isaac groaned in pain and twitched lightly, making Jenna smile. Phew! He's still with us!

"What?! The whelp isn't dead yet?" Jenna spun around and spotted Agatio's massive figure looming over her. "No matter, I'll just finish him off right now." Agatio held out his hand, gathering psyenergy once again. But before he could unleash the attack, he glanced down to see a light blue blade being held to his throat.

"If you are wise, you will dissipate the psyenergy." Felix stood next to Agatio, holding the "Phaeton's blade" an inch away from Agatio's neck.

"Now give me one good reason why I should. I could kill you right here just as quickly as I could Isaac."

"Because if you don't, my friend Piers behind me has a fully charged bubble of water energy in his palm which so happens to be aimed at you…… so any quick movements and your flame will be out. That goes for YOU too." Felix shot a glare at a now halted Karst.

Agatio's vision snapped to Piers who was indeed aiming a blast of water at him. Glancing back and forth at the unfavorable situation he and Karst were now in, he decided to obey.

"Hmph. Fine." The fire extinguished from his palm. "We will wait for you at the top Felix. Don't even think of trying anything funny… or you will all die." Agatio motioned to Karst and the two fearsome warriors walked past the group and through the door. Jenna immediately turned back to Isaac.

"Healing aura!" A red glow emanated from her body as she pressed her hand against his chest. The healing psyenergy flowed from her hands into Isaac, but it lacking the desired effect. I must keep trying! Piers jumped down to the ledge and managed to pull Garet back onto the platform. Soon he had both Garet back with the rest of them along with Mia, who quickly healed Garet's arm before running to Ivan. Felix spoke up.

"All right, I'm going up to meet them." He turned to leave, but stopped. He shifted his gaze to Isaac, narrowing his eyes. Turning around, Felix made his way toward the fallen earth adept and grabbed a woven mythril bag that was dangling off his belt. Content with his action, he began walking for the exit, but an arm shot out and grabbed his shoulder.

"I don't like it when people steal things from my friends…" Garet spoke in a slightly angered tone. "Drop it." Felix shot Garet an annoyed glare.

"I'll explain everything after we get out of this forsaken tower. Just trust me for now… and let go of me." Felix retorted. Garet wasn't about to let himself be bossed around, but…

"Garet we'll explain it all I promise!" Jenna yelled to her old friend. Garet's expression reverted back to normal and he released Felix, sighing heavily.

"Fine… but you pull anything… and I'm gonna kick your ass…" Felix grunted at this conclusion reached by the fire adept and continued to the door.

"Wait." Piers ran up to him. "I'll go with you, I can't trust those two." Felix nodded in agreement and the two walked through the door, following the proxians' footsteps.

Jenna, now with her attention back on Isaac, kept trying to heal his injuries to no avail. Her healing powers were just not strong enough for this amount of damage.

"Move." Jenna felt a light push on her shoulder that jostled her from her spot. Naturally miffed at first by the action, she was ready to yell at whoever this white robbed girl thought she was, but Mia knelt down beside Isaac. She spread the palm of her hand and water energy began forming in it. Jenna recognized the form from her studies.

Ilian healing technique!

"Pure ply." Whispered Mia. The energy shot around Isaac and surrounded him in a blue aura. Jenna watched as all of his wounds slowly closed up and all his burns faded. After a few seconds the aura disappeared. Isaac stirred at first, then slowly propped himself up on his elbows before slowly opening his eyes. Glancing left, he first spotted Mia.

"Mia! Did you heal me?"

"Yes." She replied subtly.

"Thanks, who knows how many deaths we'd die without you here." He chuckled.

"Thank you." Mia replied with a slight blush across her face. Jenna twitched a little at this.

Who does she think…

"Jenna?" Jenna perked up seeing his blue eyes fixed on her. There was silence for a moment. She didn't know what to do or what to say, she mentally cursed at herself for longing for such a reunion with nothing to greet him with. Isaac couldn't find anything else to say either. He was relieved that he finally caught up with Jenna, but he still had a major question on his mind… why was she cooperating with them? Jenna opened her mouth to respond, but nothing came. Then she realized that something was different. She never had problems speaking to him before so why now?

"Sorry to break up the void of awkwardness, but there will be plenty of time for you to stare at Isaac later!" Sheba barked at her. Jenna's face turned bright red as she shot a glare at the little blond girl.

Just like when I mentioned him before… Thought Sheba. Yep… she's got something for him…

Isaac only raised an eyebrow and shuffled to his feat.

"She's right… we need to go help." Garet, Ivan, and Mia all stared at their leader in disbelief.

"Help?" Questioned Ivan.

"Yes… we will play along for now, but after this we will return to Contigo, where they will owe me an explanation." He brushed himself off and walked towards Jenna, stopping briefly beside her. "We'll talk personally after that." He whispered into her ear. A look of surprise came over her…

He sounded… angry…

And with that the group of seven embarked towards an unsuspected battle.

It was done, the light house had been lit, and for the time being Agatio and Karst had been defeated. However two new problems had arisen… The Mars star was stolen by Karst, and a long overdue explanation was about to begin.

The two groups congregated within the Inn of Contigo. The explanation was underway, about the stars, the lighthouses, the new discoveries, and the possible fate of the world. Jenna wasn't listening, she was too nervous about her meeting with Isaac that was to take place afterward. He didn't sound very happy when he "scheduled" it, so she unsure on what to expect. He stole a quick glance at her before returning his attention to Felix. She quickly looked away and blushed. Why… what's wrong with me?

The meeting adjourned, the groups were united, and a new common goal was set. Everyone was already together talking about future plans, but Jenna spotted Isaac just as he left the Inn. She glanced at the door, then back at her friends, then inconspicuously exited the building.

Isaac was standing in the middle of the town, the torches lit the square dimly, casting shadows all about. She approached him slowly. "Isaac?" He turned to her voice and gazed upon her with his battle hardened eyes.

"Jenna." Was all he said in response. Another silence similar to the fiasco atop Jupiter lighthouse ensued, but Isaac was determined not to get stuck in his own thoughts again. He stepped towards her. "Look… I'm…" He hesitated again. "I'm sorry…" Jenna was surprised.

For what? She thought to herself. Isaac realized he had stopped again and forced himself onward.

"I'm sorry that you got pulled into this… if I had been stronger, then you'd have never been kidnapped…" Jenna listened intently. "During our mission… my priorities were all out of order… I didn't care about the lighthouses or the elemental stars… I just wanted to save you…" Jenna smiled slightly knowing how worried he was for her, but her expression fell back again as he continued, "But now I come to find that everything else I set out for was wrong, and that you really didn't need to be saved, I feel a bit foolish…"

"No!" She blurted out and took a step closer to him. "Isaac, if you had not embarked on your journey to find me then we would not be here now fighting for the same cause. Besides… you came all this way, to find me and make sure I was safe… it was very sweet of you…" Isaac only hung his head. But he moved close to her and wrapped his arms gently around her waist, hugging her. The sudden movement startled Jenna, not just by his action, but for some reason, when he moved close to her, she felt a strange warmth inside her body that she couldn't figure out. The close contact made her face turn a light shade of pink, but what was the other feeling? Isaac could feel it too, it wasn't a normal feeling. It almost made him feel as if his psyenergy was glowing within him. He quickly pushed the thought aside for later questioning and returned his focus to the girl in his arms.

"I'm sorry Jenna, I probably look pathetic right now… but, you, Garet, and my mother are all I have left ever since the boulder fell… When you were kidnapped it felt as though part of me was deracinated from my life… I'm just happy to have finally found you…" She smiled, gingerly returning his light embrace.

"Yes, Isaac… It's nice to finally see you again…"

---To Be Continued---

And so our tale begins... next time we will shift to th rebuilding of Vale, post lighthouses being lit.

So i got this off the ground, and i hope to continue, this is a couple i've always wanted to write for , just never had the chance until now.

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