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"Hmm, where are they?" A large young man with spiked up red hair made it to the top of the hill, gazing down at the plains of Vale. He scratched the well-trimmed beard around the outline of his face and sighed. "Why can't Isaac just always be where I need him?" He complained to himself as he made his way back down the hill. He glanced back and forth as he made his way over the grassy fields.

It's amazing that Isaac can just restore the fields every time we scorch themthis place used to look like such a battleground He chuckled to himself. "Oh?" He spotted something beneath a nearby tree. "Oh I should've known…" There was a faint orange glow coming from the shade of the branches. He jogged over to the tree and wasn't surprised at all by what he saw. Isaac and Jenna, asleep on one another, leaning back against the tree. An orange aura surrounded them that glowed softly in the shade. "Hey! Mr. and Mrs. Mango beacon! Wake up!"

Isaac twitched and opened his eyes slowly, yawning. The orange glow faded.

"You would make a good rooster Garet…" He commented as he stretched out. Unlike Garet, Isaac's appearance hadn't changed much; he made it a habit to stay clean shaven. "What is it?" Garet poked Jenna again.

"I need both of you, cmon." He poked her one more time. She stirred and dug her face into Isaac's shoulder momentarily before her eyes fluttered open.

"You better have a damn good reason for waking me up Garet, I was enjoying that nap." She was clearly miffed. Garet only smirked at the two.

"What if I told you Piers' ship just flew overhead?" The two were awake in an instant.

"What?" They answered simultaneously.

"Let's go!" Garet beckoned them; they got to their feet and followed him quickly.

That Incredible Feeling

By: Flashgunner

Part 2: Sacrifice

Ch. 24: Journey into the Unknown

The three adepts ran into town, giddy like children towards a parent. As they reached the hanging cliff sides that descended into town they spotted it. Piers' Lemurian ship in all its glory. Even more excited now, Isaac sprinted ahead, with Jenna close behind leaving Garet in their dust. They eventually reached the town square and needn't go any further. Isaac spotted Piers immediately, it was hard not to with his long blue hair and sailor garb.

"Piers!" He called out. Piers turned to the voice and smiled at his approaching friend.

"Well I be a goblin's uncle! If it isn't the Hero of Vale himself!" Piers hammed up as the two briefly embraced.

"It's great to see you, you old sea dog! How've you been?" Before Piers could humor Isaac, Garet and Jenna caught up.

"Well look what we have here! Finally look like a man there Garet!" He joked. "And my you are as beautiful as ever Jenna." He greeted them all in his typical fashion: All compliments and a little exaggeration for good measure. "And look at this rough looking fellow!" They all turned to see Felix approaching. The earth adept had grown his hair longer, still keeping it in a ponytail, and had a full set of facial hair. "Now that's a beard Garet!" Piers joked as Felix approached and greeted his old partner.

"It's good to see you Piers, what brings you to Vale?" Felix wasted no time in asking. Piers smiled and snapped his fingers.

"Well, I recently sailed to the rim of the ocean, and guess what? My sea charts ended and I could see for miles into uncharted waters. I sailed down the path for a day and still saw no end to the sea." He nodded. "Remember what the ancient warriors told us?" They all perked up, remembering the words of Skylar and Rheneas. Weyard, being held down for so long by the lack of the lighthouse energy, was eager to expand its reaches and connect itself once more. "It's been a little over a year since we battled them. I think it's safe to say we can embark on one more journeys to finish our duty to Weyard."

"Sounds like it is." Isaac said with composure. He couldn't deny that he was excited. They're destiny to destroy the Stone of Sages could finally be completed. Along with their work in town, he, Jenna, Garet, and Felix had all continued to study their psyenergy, and train themselves hard for this day. It was time to put everything, new and old, to good use.

"And we can go straight there." A new voice caught their attention; three more figures emerged from the town gate from the direction of Piers' ship. They all stared wide eyed in pleasant surprise.

"And this time I decided to make this my last stop." Piers explained with a smirk. From the town gate, walked three familiar adepts. Ivan, Sheba, and Mia. Ivan hadn't changed much. They would never get used to how tall he was now, but he remained relatively unchanged. Mia had new robes, they were still white and clearly of the Imilian culture. She had changed her hairstyle, letting it all down instead of keeping some of it in a ponytail, the hair reached all the way down to her lower back. Sheba had finally broken the plane between girl, and lady. She had grown taller, her hair longer, and her body had earned some shape. She had discarded her old white outfit and had replaced it with a green one of similar design, but kept her purple cape. Her eyes were locked on Felix the instant she saw him, and his on her.

The group erupted in joy, mingling together, asking about lives and chatting about life. Isaac took a moment to look among all of his friends.

This looks like it'll be another adventure He smiled and continued with the moment.

Once they were all caught up and re-acquainted. Piers beckoned all of them to Kraden's house, saying that a few things had to be taken care of here in Vale before they could plan departure.

Kraden, of course, was happy to see all of them, inviting them all in instantly. Despite his looming age, nothing would ever stop Kraden from being the overzealous child he always acted like. They all packed in and Piers got straight to the point.

"Now I know how eager everyone is to get going, but there are some important matters to set straight. For one I haven't a clue where Skertoban is exactly, but I have something that can help us figure it out…" He removed a bag that was slung over his shoulder and pulled from it a few old and worn pieces of rolled up parchment and two books that looked as though they would fall apart if touched. "I can't begin to tell you how much trouble I went through to obtain these…" Ivan examined the books.

"These look like their hundreds of years old."

"Thousands actually." Piers corrected him. "I snuck back into Lemuria and stole these from the Library of the Ancients." Kraden couldn't believe his ears.

"What?" He sputtered as his glasses fell off his face. He scrambled to find them, but couldn't. Isaac quickly bent down and handed the glasses to the frantic teacher. "The Library of the ancients is regarded as a sacred place! Piers if they found out…"

"I could care less." They all stared at Piers. "I no longer have any ties to Lemuria. If they want to come after me they can, but I think the fate of Weyard is much more important than some old traditions." He unwrapped one of the parchments, clearing space on the cluttered table and spreading it out. A cloud of dust jumped into the air as it hit the table, but it was quickly cleared with a flick of the wrist from Ivan. It was a map. A very faint and old map of continents none of them have ever seen before. "This is one of the three maps I found collecting dust in the library. Two of them are unmarked and are slightly different. The third differs a little more and is labeled, but it is too faded to read. Apparently these are old sea charts of the other side of Weyard."

"Other side?" Garet thought out loud. He wasn't the only one, the entire group, including Kraden, had lived their entire lives without knowledge of another great body of water far south of Weyard's limits. Gaia Falls had been the boundary they have always known.

"And in these two books…" Piers placed the two books beside the map. "Have information about ancient cities long lost in history. Kraden can you read ancient Lemurian?" Kraden shifted his glasses and nodded.

"I know a little."

"Then I need your help. If the two of us work together we can look through these texts and pinpoint a general location of Skertoban. If we can do that, then I'm sure all of you wouldn't mind the chance to explore a little of a new continent." He smiled to the rest who all nodded in agreement.

"Then it's all settled." Isaac stepped forward. It's not like they needed a leader anymore like they did in the past, but they would always trust Isaac and his judgments. "Let's let them get to work. Everyone make yourselves at home…" He said to the new arrivals. "And the rest of us have to prepare. How long will you need Piers?"

"If we work quickly and with the aid of Kraden's knowledge this shouldn't take long… say two, three days."

"Perfect." Isaac smiled at everyone as they dispersed. Having every one together will never get old

With that they all dispersed for the day to prepare, but more importantly, to get reacquainted. Isaac and Jenna were moving on their way, but they were stopped by Ivan.

"Isaac do you have a moment?" He asked while jogging up to them. Isaac nodded and the two turned to him. "I thought you may want to know about the situation in Tolbi." Isaac perked up.

"I pray they've figured something out." Isaac hoped out loud, knowing the situation when he last left was not very favorable for a stable system.

"Well, I hate to say it, but I doubt things will be level there for a while… The council of Tolbi collapsed and the city itself was left in a state of turmoil on the verge of anarchy. Representatives from Bilibin and Contigo met in Tolbi to discuss with the only leaders they had left what to do. I was there with the Contigo representatives. We were all addressing one problem, but the Tolbians were split. One side favored Idoem, saying that his work as stand in leader before qualified him to just take over. The other side favored Horatio, who believed with no heir to the throne, he was best suited because of his knowledge of kingship. We did all we could, but Tolbi has split into two different states. East and West Tolbi. There are multiple debates and even a few riots between the sides, and the castle has been abandoned for the most part due to the conflict over who should rule. I think it will be a while before that conflict is solved."

"That's awful…" Jenna responded, clasping her hands over her chest. Isaac couldn't believe it.

"Did you speak to Idoem at all? What was his point of view on the matter?"

"No need to worry about him. Idoem is still the man we all know. I did speak to him personally and he can't stand seeing Tolbi in the state it's in. He greatly wishes to end the conflict and solve it peacefully, but you know Horatio…"

"Such a shame… Tolbi was such an influential city… If only King Guile hadn't died…" Isaac rubbed his forehead.

"We can only wish for the best…" Ivan turned away. "We may be able to save Weyard from destruction… but sometimes conflicts like these have to be solved from within. Now I have a few people I wish to visit, take care." Ivan waved to them and left.

Isaac and Jenna were left alone. Isaac sighed as the two of them continued on their way.

"I think I understand why Vale always stayed hidden from the rest of the world…" He thought out loud. "Weyard is so full of corruption and misunderstanding. Maybe it would have been better if we never left."

"You're right about Weyard." Jenna cut in. "But I'm glad we were given a chance to see the world." She hugged his arm. "And besides… I think our adventures helped us discover ourselves too don't you think?" She smiled brightly at him, and he returned the expression.

"Can't argue with that!"


When Mia quit the house, she just walked aimlessly into Vale. She had no idea what to do and was prepared to secure a room at the Inn early, but a familiar voice came from behind.

"Whoa, whoa! Mia! You walk off without even saying hello? I'm crushed!" Garet jogged up behind her in a joking manner. She smiled at him and bowed slightly.

"I'm sorry Garet, it's been a long day of travel, and I'm a bit out of it."

"What are your plans for tonight?" He quickly asked, skipping the usual pleasantries, knowing they weren't needed. She looked away briefly in thought.

"Nothing actually, I was going to the inn just now…" She wasn't actually planning to go straight to the inn, but she didn't want him to think she was aimlessly walking around. Garet however, was not so easily convinced. He knew Mia better than any of the others. She may seem normal to the rest of them, but he remembered. He could remember the first time he, Isaac, and Ivan met her. The brightness in her smile, the radiant color in her eyes; she was happy, truly happy. As soon as the mercury lighthouse was lit and Alex turned against her clan, her demeanor changed, and it had been that way since.

However, recalling the more recent past, Garet was aware of how she felt about her whole situation. Normally he would coerce her into talking about it, but back then it was only because he felt the absolute need to. He had recently contemplated whether or not that was the best way to go about it.

"I don't think so." Garet smiled. "You came all the way to Vale, I'm not about to let you spend the night at the inn, you have friends here. Why don't you come home with me? My mother will be thrilled to have you!" He offered her. She shook her head.

"Oh no, I don't want to be a bother…"

"Nonsense!" Garet stepped forward and slung his arm around her shoulder. "I'm not taking no for an answer, I want you to be comfortable!" She blushed slightly, half due to close contact, and half due to Garet's slightly embarrassing actions that were drawing attention. But as he knew her she knew him.

"Very well, thank you Garet." Without another word, he led her towards his house. On the way she realized something. He didn't bring up Alex, not once. The past few private interactions with the two of them had been heavily centered on her feelings and depression about the situation with Alex, and while she liked having a chance to vent her thoughts to someone, she didn't necessarily enjoy doing so.

The fact that he didn't bring it up warmed her heart. She knew he always meant well, but the topic always tore at her and dragged her down. He understood her, and preemptively detected her feelings. It isn't often one finds a friend like that. She smiled, knowing she was in good hands and was prepared to enjoy the night with Garet and his family.

Unlike Garet, Felix was trying to get away before Sheba could talk to him. Sheba followed him out regardless, and was completely stumped as to why he was trying to escape.

"Felix!" She called to him, but he kept walking. "FELIX!" She yelled louder. He quickened his pace. Fed up, she let her psyenergy flow into her palms and released it towards him. A strong gust of wind slammed into his back knocking him down face first… a little harder than she intended. "Oh god!" She sprinted forward as he cringed on the ground, cursing. "Felix, I'm sorry! That was more than I intended I just wanted to slow you down!" She knelt beside him as he pushed himself to his knees and rubbed his nose.

"Pushing me from behind is the most interesting way to stop someone from moving I've ever heard…" He sarcastically replied as he leaned back and sat on the ground. She blushed embarrassingly.

"Well what do you expect me to do? I'm a Jupiter adept, it was either that or I hit you with a lightning bolt…" She turned away and sat down. "But since you clearly don't want to see me I might as well have done that."

"I… sorry, I was just…" Felix stumbled over his own words.

"Yeeeesss?" She beckoned his excuse. Felix gritted his teeth.

"I… was just not ready to see you…" He forced out. She glanced over her shoulder.


"Um…" He clearly didn't want to answer.

"Tell me or I'm not talking to you anymore." She crossed her arms and turned her back again.

"Do I have to? It's really embarrassing…" He complained. She didn't answer him. "Augh! Fine!" He yelled, throwing his arms into the air. "If I had known you were coming, I would've… you know, looked more presentable…" She turned to him, eyeing him in confusion.

"What?" She didn't understand what he was getting at. Noticing this Felix groaned.

"I would've shaved…" He pointed to his full, scruffy beard. Sheba stared wide eyed at him.

"Wait… you ran away from me… because you were embarrassed about…" She pointed at him beard. He nodded. She suddenly snorted and threw a hand over her mouth, trying to hold her breath.

"What?" Felix averted his eyes to the ground.

"PFFFHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Sheba fell back laughing extremely hard. "Seriously? HAHAHAHAHA!"

"Hey, HEY! I'm serious!" Felix looked around to make sure no one was hearing this. Sheba's laughter died down, but she was still holding her stomach and had tears in her eyes.

"You are such a spazz Felix oh my god I can't breathe…" She smacked him on the shoulder. "You could be your own comedy act."

"What's so funny about it?" He was clearly miffed.

"Felix I could care less if you had a beard or not, I kinda like it actually, it's manly. But seriously, it doesn't matter."

"Hmph." Felix was a bit annoyed but glad that she didn't care. Sheba was happy that he hadn't changed one bit, this was the Felix she had always known and she never wanted him to change. The two sat together for a while longer, before Felix invited her to spend the night with his family.

Back with Kraden and Piers…

Kraden pushed his Spectacles up onto his nose as he looked carefully over the old sea charts. He and Piers both had a feather quill at the ready to circle and mark points that were related on multiple charts. As they worked, Piers glanced up at the table full of books off to the side. He noticed the fifth volume of Xavier Lemure's OriginsofAlchemy sitting on top, the book Ivan discovered years ago.

"Kraden are you still going through that old book?" He asked, breaking the studious silence of the cottage. Kraden looked up at the pile of books and saw the volume with multiple bookmarks protruding out from the top.

"Ah yes… it's been quite interesting." Piers furrowed his brow when Kraden missed the question.

"No I was wondering if you had finished it." He asked again.

"Oh! Pardon me…" Kraden chuckled, adjusting his glasses again. "I have not actually, I know it's been a long time since I've found it, but there have been multiple points where I find myself stuck."

"Stuck?" Piers glanced back at the book.

"Yes, you know, there's been a lot in that book that I've never known. Every time I come across a new piece of information, I mark it and study it, hence why it's been taking so long."

"Then we better hope there's nothing later on that could perhaps help us on this journey." Piers commented with a chuckle.

"Oh come off it, you can't blame me for being interested." They returned to their work, but Piers couldn't help but steal a few more glances at the book. He eventually returned his full focus, but a small thought lingered in his head that anything unknown would be good to know when sailing into the unknown itself.

That night…

Isaac tossed and turned in his bed, breathing heavily and sweating.

In his mind, he saw himself standing beside Jenna as two wide stone doors opened in front of them. As they entered the doorway, a bright light filled wherever they were. Isaac reached his hand towards the light and began to concentrate, but right before he could channel any power to his arm, he felt a sharp pain push through his abdomen. He looked down and saw the blade of a sword sticking out of his stomach.

"ISAAC!" Jenna yelled his name beside him as he fell backwards and everything faded to black.

"AHH!" Isaac jolted upright in bed. The heavy breathing continuing as he looked himself up and down. He ran his hand over his stomach, and to his relief there was no wound nor sword in it. He exhaled loudly and glanced down at his hands.

That dreamit's been a long time since I've experienced itwhy is it back now? With the possibility of sleep completely dashed, Isaac stood from his bed, grabbing his blanket and dragging it downstairs with him.

He threw the blanket onto the couch and grabbed a kettle to fill it with water; he built a small fire in the fireplace and hung the kettle above it. As soon as he sat down with his blanket draped over his shoulders he heard the front door creak open slowly. It only took him a moment to feel her psyenergy.

"It's okay Jenna, I'm up too." He spoke towards the door. The door was pushed open and Jenna stepped through wearing a light brown night gown and leggings. She had a red and purple cloak draped over her shoulders.

"You had the dream?" She questioned as Isaac offered her a spot beside her by opening the blanket. She slid off her lavender slippers, tiptoed across the floor towards the couch, and sat beside him, pulling the blanket around her.

"Yeah… though I can't fathom why it's resurfaced… I've scarcely thought about it the past year."

"Why would it come back?" She nestled herself into his body. "And right before we leave on another journey…"

"The dream has become more detailed with every night we've encountered it. This time…" He stopped there, knowing she had seen it too.

"Isaac I'm scared… if this is a vision… then…" She paused, Isaac hugged her tightly to him.

"I will not die Jenna… Some say that dreams show us the future… but for all we know this dream could also be a warning… either way, I've come too far for it to all end with my death, I promise you that…" The kettle began to shake. "Ah here…" He rose from his spot and took the kettle from the fire, after finding two small cups; he poured the hot water into one, handing it to her. "Drink this, it'll help you take your mind off it and relax." She flashed him a smile, and the two sat down with their tea, finding comfort in each other's company until they grew drowsy and fell asleep together on the couch.

After three days of deliberation, and with some extra help from Ivan, Piers and Kraden were able to put together a rough sea chart with the location of continents past Tundaria. The extra day was required to discuss the climate conditions. Tundaria was practically an iceberg, so what would they expect going past it? Kraden then mentioned something he had read in one of the older additions of the Origins of Alchemy. The flat world of Weyard was once connected with an entirely other half, creating a globe shape. With Alchemy sealed, the very force holding all of Weyard together was shut down, causing the world to split in two and flatten on both sides. Had they waited much longer to restore the power, not only would Gaia Falls have eaten all the continents, but the two halves of Weyard would have been forced apart, and crumbled under their own imbalanced energy.

Once Isaac and Jenna had finished putting that explanation into shorter words for Garet and Felix, Piers explained how the climates on the other half of the world mirrors those on the side they know. There would be a harsh few days of sailing past the edges of Tundaria, but once they cleared the bottom of the reforming globe and began heading north again, the conditions near the continent containing Skertoban should mimic those of Hesperia and Osenia.

All of this was a lot to take in, stumping even Isaac and Jenna at one point. Mia questioned how they could be heading south in a straight line and suddenly be going north. Piers assured her that it was possible, and he didn't expect them to understand it because not even Kraden fully did, but they knew what they had to do and how to get there, so it was time to act.

With all the preparations complete, the eight heroes once again boarded the Lemurian ship and set sail, this time with much to discover.

The journey was long and tedious to some. Isaac, Ivan, and Mia passed the time practicing their Psyenergy concentration, but those who required a little more spice in life to stay sane like Jenna, Sheba, Garet, and Felix were all bored out of their minds. Piers of course had no problem, because he was driving the ship, but even he admitted at times that the journey was the longest he'd ever undertaken.

The three days that were planned to pass by Tundaria turned into a week due to multiple scenarios of parts of the ship being frozen by the cold. Piers couldn't use the ships wings because he feared them freezing mid-flight. Garet kept busy moving about the ship and warming frozen parts or melting ice chunks baring the ships course while Jenna moved about the ship, trying to keep her companions warm.

Once this long week passed, Piers could hardly contain his excitement. They were sailing into unknown waters. Piers had sailed every inch of the great ocean at least twice before the world had reconnected itself; the anticipation was making him giddy. But luck have it, the first thing the adepts ran into was the thickest fog they had ever seen. Piers admitted he had no way of knowing which direction he was driving, but with the help of Ivan and Sheba's reveal psyenegy, he was able to stay on course. Once they had penetrated the fog, constant, non-stop rain began. It wasn't a downpour, but it continued going on three days.

Despite the weather, everything was going smoothly and Piers was confident they would reach a continent within the next two days. He hoped.

Isaac awoke with a start as he was thrown from his bed. He landed face first and quickly got to his feet. His bed slid into him and knocked him down again, but he used his psyenergy to throw it off. The window in the corner of the room was forced open and a large blast of wind surged through it with heavy rain, followed closely by a flash of lightning and a crack of thunder. Isaac located his tunic, sword, and scarf among the many items strewn about the room before sprinting to the deck. When he unlatched the deck door it flew open, nearly knocking him over. Garet, caught him as he fell back.

"You alright?" He yelled over the sound of violent rainfall.

"Yeah! Let's get to Piers!" Isaac shouted back, but the door slammed shut. "Dammit! The wind is so erratic!" The two approached the doors and tried to force them open, but as soon as the wind shifted they flew open again, this time outward, breaking the doors off their hinges. The two were thrown onto the deck. Isaac got to his feet as soon as he heard a scream. "Sheba!" He yelled as he spotted her clinging to a rope halfway across the deck. Garet got up and pushed through the storm, grabbing her by the arm and pulling her towards him.

"I've got you!" He called to her, she clung to him for dear life as Isaac and Garet forced their way through the weather into the cabin. They entered and Piers was fighting the wheel of the ship, and getting beat.

"Blast it!" He yelled as the ship lurched and the wheel nearly threw him off. Isaac, Garet and Sheba entered and Garet quickly ran up, grabbing the wheel to help Piers keep it steady. Mia and Felix burst into the cabin as well.

"Piers! This is the most violent storm I've ever seen! Can you handle it?" Piers gave a quick glance back, but instantly refocused on the wheel as he and Garet were almost pulled off by another sudden lurch in the rudder.

"I can, but I don't know if the ship will! I need help fortifying parts of the ship! Or else this storm will tear it apart!" He pointed to Felix. "Felix I need you to fasten as many ropes hanging to the mast to the port and starboard sides of the ship. If the mast is taken from the ship its imbalance will likely tip us over!" Felix immediately rushed back out. "Garet! Go with him! Sheba and Mia! Take over for him!" Garet let go of the wheel and took off after Felix. The two girls grabbed hold of opposite sides of the wheel and held it steady for Piers. "Isaac! I want you to go below deck and find Ivan and Jenna! If they aren't up here yet, they may be trapped or injured!"

"Roger!" Isaac instantly complied and burst out into the heavy rain. The wind pushed him in every direction, knocking him over twice. He passed Garet and Felix, who were tugging on the ropes and forcing them towards the edges of the ship. Lightning struck the water dangerously close to the ship, splashing a wave of water onto the deck. Isaac forced himself to stay up as he was battered by the sudden deluge and finally made it to the exposed below-deck entrance. He struggled to keep his footing down the hallways as the ship swayed and lurched. He made it to Ivan's room first, but before he could open the door it flew open on its own and bunch of excess furniture flew out with it. Ivan jumped out, his hands still glowing.

"Isaac!" He acknowledged the earth adept as his psyenergy dissipated. Before he could question anything, Isaac gave orders.

"Ivan, get to Piers as quickly as possible! He needs all the help he can get to make it through this storm. Go!" Isaac pointed as he continued down the hallway and found Jenna's room. The door was hanging open, but inside was a nasty sight. The once well kept organized room looked like the storm had taken place within its walls. He couldn't see Jenna anywhere, but his eyes focused on a large pile in the corner, consisting of a large dresser, the bed, and a table. He could feel something beneath it.

"Jenna?" He yelled towards the pile.

"Isaac…" a faint voice came from beneath it. Isaac instantly sprinted for the pile and threw off the table, the bed, and finally lifted the dresser slowly. Jenna was beneath it, her leg pinned by the dresser, but she was sprawled out and breathing heavily. Isaac quickly removed the dresser from her leg and bent down to help her up, but she cried out in pain as he did. He quickly looked her up and down and winced when he saw blood pouring from a gash in on her leg. He didn't have time to concentrate his healing psyenergy, so he deemed the best course of action was to cover it up and get her to Mia in the cabin. He tore a piece of the bed sheet off, and wrapped it around her wound to temporarily contain the bleeding before hoisting her up.

"Jenna! Don't worry! I'll get you to Mia!" He picked her up in his arms and ran back into the hall. The ship shook violently and Isaac was thrown into the wall, luckily he was able to turn his back to it before slamming into it. The ship was being thrown every which way, but Isaac stayed determined as he bounced down the walls with Jenna in his arms. He nearly lost his grip on her when he stepped out onto the deck again; the storm almost seemed to have picked up even more. He pushed his way through, spotting Ivan on the deck, tied to the mast. The wind adept was trying to counter the wind with his psyenergy, but he seemed to be struggling against the wrath of nature. Isaac made it into the cabin and ran up to Mia.

"Mia! I need you! Jenna's leg is injured!" He pleaded. Mia glanced back and was about to leave the wheel, but Piers grabbed her by the shoulder.

"She'll be fine! Stay with me!" He ordered, Isaac was about to give Piers a piece of his mind, but the sailor cut him off.

"Isaac, we need to make sure we all don't die first! Get out there and help the rest of them!" Piers grunted as the wheel nearly threw him to the ground. Isaac cursed and ran back onto the deck, catching a rope that was pulling Felix away.

"What…?" Isaac looked off into the storm as he gripped the rope. The two tied it down and he leaned past the edge of the boat. Whatisthis? Isaac felt something different. His psyenergy was jumping wildly, but not the same way it did with Jenna, it felt more like a warning.

"ISAAC! HELP US OUT HERE!" Felix yelled to him as he and Garet were struggling to tie down the last batch of ropes. But Isaac kept staring out into the dark clouds, among the lightning breaking the sky, the rain careening down, and the thunder piercing the air. In the distance, Isaac spotted something, something in the middle of the dark clouds was glowing, but it was so far away he couldn't deduce it. Then he felt a familiar energy.

It was similar to his golden sun energy.

Before Isaac could turn around and warn the rest about the danger they were in, multiple bolts of lightning ripped towards the ship. Striking it and pulling the boards of the deck apart. It was followed by a large concentrated ribbon of electricity that struck the mast, breaking it down the middle, and tearing the ship to shreds. Isaac was thrown from the ship, as he fell towards the water he watched the Lemurian ship break apart. He reached out towards the cabin, Jenna on his mind more than the rest. A stray scrap of the ship struck him in the face before he could gather himself, and he fell unconscious as he hit the water.

-To be continued-

Am i a dirty bastard when it comes to cliffhangers or what? it doen't help that i have less time to work cause i'll be leaving it in the dark for a while. Again i apologize for that, this is something really important i have to work on.

As i said it will be a while before the next because i'm working on my first fantasy novel as part of my senior project for college, so bear with me for a while i don't enjoy keeping people hanging i feel bad after a while.

In the mean time though i want to say thank you to everyone who has read and/or reviewed my work. And thank you for sticking with me through my rough and erratic schedule changes. I'll make it up to you all at some point i promise. =)

Please read and review!

Flashgunner over and out!