This was a double challenge set by Victoria Levi.


The first challenge was:

*You have 20 minutes to write

*The pairing must be Kiba and Hanabi

*Take inspiration from the song 'Pauline loves Herman' by Super Furry Animals

The second challenge was:

*Pick any song for inspiration - Song chosen was 'The Prayer' by Block Party

*You have one hour to edit and add to a fic of your choice.

I am so beginning to love this pairing! This is a project that is in the watch this space, ne! (PS I'm still learning the editing tool stuff here, so forgive me if some bits seem messy or the separations are a bit odd! Also, T rating is probably not applicable yet, will be, and probably higher eventually. ;P)



He looked over at the young girl who watched him intently from the back of the classroom. She'd grown so much since he'd last seen her. How old would she be now...16? 17? Already a chuunin and with sights to be a jounin in the next two years. Kiba smirked. She was definitely a Hyuuga alright, with some crazy ambition from who-knows-where driving her to succeed.

Kiba looked over at his teammate who was giving a talk on bloodline limits as part of a 'Ninja Experience Week' for young shinobi and the 'normal' villagers. People were asking plenty of questions and she was blushing furiously trying to answer them all succinctly and clearly. A couple of years ago, this would have been impossible for her - she would have been out that door as soon as anyone had looked her way. Even back in the academy, she had been the one who sat quietly and kept to herself. No one really noticed her, back then. She'd fought her shyness, her weaknesses and surpassed even her genius cousin, Neji.

Kiba looked forward again. Two sisters, so different and yet so alike. Both driven, one a late bloomer; the other with a drive to beat her sister since before she could walk.

The question time was over. They would all take a break before Kiba would start his own talk on ninja dogs. "Come on, Akamaru. Let's go for a quick walk before we show our stuff, eh?"

Akamaru looked up at his master and gave a deep, resounding "Arf!"

Kiba laughed. He'd grown so much, but still behaved like a puppy in so many ways. "Can I join you?"

Kiba turned and saw Hanabi walking up towards them. He nodded. "Sure, no skin off my nose."

She followed him silently as they crossed the Academy yard out into the dusty street. Kiba stole a glance at the young girl...woman. He couldn't get over how...uh...mature she looked for her age.

"I wanted to ask you something, in case you were wondering why I wanted to come along" she said defiantly.

Kiba grinned. "I don't really care what your reasons are, you do as you wish."

Maybe that came off a little harsh. He added, "But Akamaru and I are always glad to have company."

Kiba had conjured up a mental image of his older sister beating him up for being inconsiderate to women if she ever got wind of his 'insensitive and thoughtless' comment, particularly to a young girl 'just in bloom' who would be 'insecure in her femineity'. Kiba shook it off. His sister really did come up with some weird stuff. As far as he was concerned, female ninja, or any females for that matter, were the same as him, or any other guy. It was the same with dogs, wasn't it? Unless the female was in heat, they would all get along equally according to their individual skill sets and pack rankings - gender was irrelevant.

"So, what was it?" Kiba looked over at Hanabi who'd been following silently. He hoped he'd not messed it up after all, his sister was sure to hear about it. He winced.

Hanabi looked up at him, her face flushing. "Can any ninja have a ninja dog, or is it kind of like a bloodline limit!?" she asked, rather loudly and with a speed resembling Naruto being sent into a wall by Sakura's iron fist.

"Uhh.." He hadn't actually expected a question like that. He eyed her over. It wasn't the question she'd planned on asking either, he could tell she was silently cursing herself. He tilted his head and pondered. Was is that this younger Hyuuga, with the cool exterior and confidence of Neji may actually be just as shy as her older sister after all?

Kiba grinned. In that case he had no trouble knowing how to talk to her - he'd been dealing with Hinata for the last 8 years after all.

He started to explain, smiling as he saw her listening closely, eager to understand, if, perhaps, at least in Kiba's mind, a little bit nervously and re-evaluating when she would ask him the real question she had on her mind.

They made their way back to the Academy. "Well, we better get back to class; Akamaru and I have a show to put on."

Hanabi nodded, but stopped. She smiled. "You go ahead, I'll be there in a bit.

Kiba gave her a curious glance.

"Don't worry, I won't be late! I'm not so bad that I'll try to sneak late into class with someone who's been giving my private tuition, you know," Hanabi said with a wink and headed off towards the back of the school.

Kiba shrugged. He scratched behind Akamaru's ear and said "Women, eh? There's no point in trying to figure them out."

Back in class, Hanabi had kept her promise and strode in just as the bell rang for the next lecture. Kiba explained the history of ninja dogs in battle and gave demonstrations of some of the techniques he and Akamaru made use of. Everyone except the five people sitting in the first row had been impressed by Akamaru's 'Dynamic Marking' Technique.

Every now and then Kiba found his eyes straying to meet Hanabi's. They didn't disappoint. She was watching him with a look of keen interest. It would have been uncomfortable had she been less attractive.

After the questions died down, the attendees slowly filed out, some petting and scratching Akamaru as they thanked Kiba for his talk. This had been the last lecture of the day and Kiba was knackered. He wrote down his family's contact details for a villager who insisted he wanted a ninja-bred dog. Kiba suspected the guy was more interested in his older sister than a small furry companion. As he handed the paper over, he softly whispered "Good luck" in the man's ear. The poor guy took it as encouragement rather than the warning it was intended to be. Kiba grinned. He'd find out soon enough.

Hinata was talking with Hanabi over by the blackboard, but otherwise the class was empty. Huh, strange. Those two never really hung out together, did they? Kiba walked over and put his arms around the two sisters' shoulders. "So girls, what now? An all night sake party? Or shall we drop by Ichiraku ramen and see if a certain blondie is back from his mission yet?"

He winked at Hinata. She blushed furiously. Man, even with all her hard work it was still too easy for Kiba, who had worked with her for so long, to make her fall back into her old ways. He really should stop doing that. Another day, though.

He looked over at Hanabi, who was smiling broadly. "That sounds like a good idea!"

Kiba raised an eyebrow. "Which one, the sake or the ramen?"

Hinata broke in. "Well obviously the ramen, because she's still too young to drink!"

Ahh yes, the age thing. He would have to tread carefully if he really was going to pursue anything there.

Hanabi glared at Hinata. She didn't like being second best at anything, but age was something she had no control over. Being shot down in front of Kiba was certainly unforgivable, too. She would consider suitable revenge later.

"How about yakiniku then? It's been such a long time since I've had that! And I bet Akamaru wouldn't mind some scraps from the table. Right, Akamaru?" she suggested as she ruffled Akamaru's fur.

"Arf!" was his startling reply, knocking Hanabi to the ground.

Kiba grinned and helped her up. "Tsk, Akamaru! Always trying to get the ladies on their backs, eh."

He winked.

Hanabi's face turned a faint pink, but she couldn't resist a smile spreading across her face - despite biting her lip as hard as she could.

Hinata sighed. "Sure, let's go to yakiniku then...umm...but it ok if I invite Na-"

Kiba squeezed her shoulder. "Of course, we'll go by Ichiraku first to pick him up... but you may want to bring extra money. I suspect he's broke again."

The sizzling meat spat on the grill as the girls took turns turning over the pieces and handing them out to everyone. Naruto chatted away about his latest mission (his contribution this time was sure to win over Tsunade, convince her to retire and hand over the title of Hokage to him, he assured them). Hinata listened patiently as he described every move he'd made and repeated every dialogue he'd had with anyone and everyone on the trip.

Kiba couldn't help laughing, though Hanabi seemed less entertained. She looked bored, in fact. Kiba glanced over at her. She was picking some imaginary dirt from underneath her fingernails between meat flips. He whistled softly to get her attention.

"Oi, what's up with that face? This was your idea, you should be enjoying this."

She looked up at him with those large, pale eyes. He caught himself staring a little bit too long and took a sip of his sake quickly, trying to look natural.

"I know, but HE," she pointed a thumb over at the hyperactive orange clad ninja, "talks too much. No one can get a word in edgewise."

Kiba leaned over the table and asked in a loud whisper, "Surely that's not enough to stop you from talking if you want to? You're a girl who knows your own mind and does what she wants...or am I wrong?"

Ahh, he did indeed have the magic touch. Her previous unamused expression was lost and replaced by two red spots burning her cheeks. He would have to be careful with comments like that though, this was risky territory. She was young, and he worked with her sister, after all.

"Well, you're right, but I still think it would be more fun if it was just the two of us!" she retorted.

"Ehhh, you two!! Aren't you listening!? Geez, rude much!" Naruto yelled, though they were sitting plenty close to hear him clearly.

"Ahh come on, you've been at it ages, Uzumaki! You should let the ladies have a word in now and then too, you know. It's the gentlemanly thing to do." Kiba replied, cool as ice.

"Umm...I...I don't mind," Hinata whispered, but was ignored.

"What do you mean, gentlemanly! What would you know about that, you arrogant jerk! You've let your dog piss in my mouth!"

Kiba tried to restrain a grin. He failed. Miserably. "Well yes, to women of course. Besides, you certainly don't know any better, all these years you've been treating H-...uh...I mean...doing those hentai harem things, yo. You wouldn't know how to treat a woman even if they had an easy-to-read manual for it."

As the boys' argument developed, their voices rose and the sisters shrunk. The group had attracted far more attention than either of the girls were comfortable with, so they paid for the meal and made a quick escape into the cool night air, just as the guys started throwing fists.

The girls walked in silence back to the estate. But at the entrance, Hanabi stopped and took Hinata's hands in hers. "I won't lose, Hinata. You know that," she said fiercely, squeezing her older sister's fingers a little bit too tight.

"Umm...un," Hinata replied. Confused, she watched her sister walk into the courtyard, then disappear into the darkness.