By: Female Heero Yuy

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It was a typical day at the Phantomhive residence. The same old routine day after day. Waking up, eating breakfast, checking on the progress of the Phantomhive company, study, eat lunch, study some more, eat dinner, relax, take bath, and bed. Never did I realize that I would receive an unusual offer on the day of my least busy schedule. Oh the irony that this had to come on my least busy day. Had this happened on my busiest day, I could of turned these people down for another day to meet. But no...they caught me...caught me on my least busy make a unusual request of me.


"Sir Phantomhive, we implore you! Allow us the use of that...item we spoke of before" stated a elderly man with a monocle and suit of ash grey.

"Yes sir please! We beg of you!" stated a lady of to the side of him wearing a flashy yellow dress, with brunette curls.

Ciel leaned back within his chair. Debating on the subject that was presented to him this very moment. On the very moment where he wished he had a prior engagement to prevent even the consideration of this present subject. "Tell me why should I help any of you on your current...predicament?"

Both of the guests looked as if they were having a hard time thinking of a logical reason behind their current request, until the man decided to speak up. "If you grant us permission Sir Phantomhive, I'm sure the queen would be most pleased at the selection for our event."

"Yes, yes! She would be most please Sir Phantomhive"

I should of known they would use the queen for this. They caught me in their trap, a trap I wouldn't be able to get out of no matter how hard I tried. To my great dismay I knew they weren't lying about the queens thoughts either. For unknown st to them the queen sent me a letter prior to their arrival stating she was looking forward to the even with the selection that these two had in mind.

"I guess I have no choice but to agree" Ciel stated with a sigh.

"Oh thank you sir! Thank you very much! You won't be disappointed, I'm sure of it!" The woman stated with glee.

"Will you please call him in so that we may prepare him for the event?"

This is so humiliating. Humiliating to the Phantomhive family. But I guess in the end it's not the Phantomhive family that will suffer the most will it?

"I shall send him to you after I've discussed with him what he will be doing."

"Very well Earl, we shall be waiting for him then!" The man and the woman take their leave, but it is quite noticeable that they are leaving with expressions of glee on their faces.

"Keh, a play. A short one at that. But I guess it's better short than long. Now to call him in, though I know he's not going to like it one bit."


Did somebody slap me? Or is that the look of shock on my face? Is my lord serious? He can't be serious, he's probably trying to play some childish prank on me to try and catch me off guard. "I'm sorry my lord, but could you say that again?" Sebastian stated with his typical smile.

"Your going to a lead a play." Ciel stated with a hint of agitation in his voice.

Nope, this was not a prank. Though I wish it was. To be in a play for me is to have myself exposed to the public eye. But this is what my lord wishes, so I must do it. Even if I disdain being the center of attention within it. Being the center of attention of a ball is so much better. There's grace, charm, and freedom in the dance. Plays are so...not graceful or free movement. Annoying directors on your case until you do what they want you to do, over...and over... and over...and over.

"You are to go to the theater for rehearsal today and for the next week. Your duties will by the others..."Ciel stated while shaking with the horror of the thought of letting his other servants do the house work and cook the meals.

"Rehearsal? So soon?" Sebastian asked wide eyed. "But why so soon?"

"The man they had chosen for the lead role quit due to...unconventional circumstances."

"I see."

"Sebastian, this is an order, I order you to do anything and everything the directors of the play tell you matter what."

"Yes, my lord."


"You there, put that set up to dry! Hey don't drop any of the lights! Take that to the storage room!" stated an energetic youth with short black hair, wearing a sweater and casual pants.

"Where do you want these books sir?" asked a teen with glasses.

"Oh put those in the back for now."

"Excuse me, but I am here for the rehearsal and I do not know where to go. Would you be so kind as to point me in the direction of rehearsing area?"

The energetic youth spins on his heel to face Sebastian with a surprised look on this face. "Oh you must be the replacement, yeah go straight down that hall and it'll be the last door on the right."

"Thank you kind sir" Sebastian stated while bowing. Sebastian then walks toward the hall where the energetic youth pointed.

"Wow I didn't think they'd get a replacement so quickly." An energetic youth stated before going back to work.


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