Kigeki: Chapter 17

By Female Heero Yuy

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A heartbeat could be heard as everything slowed down. Sebastian was stunned even as blood splattered on his face. His eyes widened as the gruesome attack took place before his very eyes. And then the scream. The screaming that came after. All he knew was that it wasn't himself that screamed. His master was infront of him. And he saw the blood splatter on Malavist as well. Then time seemingly returned to normal. Everyone just stood there in shock. Waiting for the outcome that they were sure had happened just moments ago.

Ciel's own eyes widened in shock. He never saw when the attack had been dealt. All he knew was blood was everywhere. Flowing slowly to the floor. But then before his eyes. Malavist faultered and coughed. Ciel looked down, there was a golding spike coming from Malavist's stomach, heart, and shoulder. His clawed fingers only an inch away from his own belly. He backed away and fell on Sebastian. Both stared with shock and couldn't figure out what had happened.

Looking alot the spikes they'd come from the altar. When had it moved? When did the attack come? Was it really saving Ciel's life? Or had Malavist merely gotten in the way. Strangely it wasn't until Ciel fell that he saw something white on Malavists back. Small trembling arms wrapped themselves about Malavists torso.

"L...Lily." Sebastian muttered slowly. When had she gotten there? Why was she there? And why did she have to be spiked alot with Malavist in the attack?

"M...maasss...tteerr..." she said in slow agonizing pain. "Masss..tterr." she weaped.

Malavist growled as he slowly pulled forward to remove himself from the spikes. Pulling Lily's arms away so she'd still be attached to them. She hung there after he'd stepped away, reaching for him.

"You disgusting whore!" he spat at her as he held the wound to his heart. "How dare you try to mix your blood with mine!"

"Master...please stop this..." She cried. "Please..come me."

"I ate killed you and ate your flesh years ago after the birth of our daughter! I've no need for you anymore!" he shouted as he attacked. Shoving his clawed fingers through her heart. "Go back to hell! And take the others with you!"

Her eyes dulled as tears fell softly. Her hands dropped to her sides. " you..." were her last words she uttered in her dying breath.

Silence fell for only a brief moment as suddenly Malavist laughed insanely. Pulling his clawed hand out of her body and taking a few steps back. "Do you see this now Ciel Phantomhive!" he turned to the Earl. "Even when she should of died she came back! This is the love these creatures give me! Enough to want to come back!" he laughed some more.

"Lily...was your wife?" Ciel muttered in shock. He was so confused. Lily was a mere child. He'd seen her in the play. There was no way that she'd been killed before. Nor did she even look old enough to even have a child. He was utterably confused.

"Sebastian stop this nonsense of wanting to stay with a human. Just say with me. I'll grant your every desire. We can even have children together." he smiled as he walked towards them. "It's just a matter of placing a uterus within your body. It'll be wonderful to have truly immortal children." he held out his hand. "Come to me. I need you."

Ciel felt sick at those words. It was disgusting to hear one talk about it like it was normal.

"I'm not something you can use to your own gratification." Sebastian spoke as he held onto Ciel. "Your disgusting."

Malavist physically started to shake as his eyes grew with hatred. He clentched his hands into fists. "Why?..Why is it...? Out of every creature i've ever had. That you are the only one that defies me." his face started to twist into a gruesome bat like face. "Why are you the only one who denies me?" he took a step forward. "Tell me why!" he shouted as he let out a powerful energy from his body that shook the whole area. Pieces of the building started to fall. Making the others jump out of the way to dodge the fallen debris. Sebastian had grabbed Ciel and done the same. When the quake stopped. Sebastian landed near the others, standing on unsteady legs.

"Sebastian..." Ciel looked up at the panting demon. It seemed he was still being binded by the collar. He collasped to the floor when his knees gave out. "Sebastian!"

"I'm...soo...tired." He collasped to his side on the floor unconcious.

"Sebastian! Wake up! Don't go to sleep! Wake up damn it!" Ciel shook him, but to no avail. When he looked at Malavist, his eyes glowed red.

"Don't touch him with your filthy human hands!" he shouted as he shot out tentacles from his body. One slapped Ciel away, while others grabbed Sebastian at his waist, wrapping about him to pick him up while his arms hung limpy, and his head was back. It pulled him towards Malavist holding him in the air beside him.

"Mr. Sebastian!" Agni ran towards Malavist as he pulled the bandages from his hand. He threw a hard punch that Malavist caught with ease. No matter how much Agni pushed, he couldn't move any further.

"Pathetic." he said as he flung Agni into a wall.

"Agni!" Soma shouted as he ran to check on his butler.

"Damn it!" Bard shouted as he fired a gun over and over at Malavist. No matter how many times the bullets hit, he wouldn't go down.

"I'm tired of everyone taking what is mine!" he shouted as he threw a powerful blast of air at Bard. Then ran towards Maylene and punched her in the gut, making her drop her guns and kneel to the floor. He grabbed Finni by his face and slammed him into the ground, causing a crater beneath his body.

Ciel's eyes grew wide, he didn't even realize he'd started to cry as he saw everything before him play out. "Sebastian! You could fight it if you wanted to right?" he shouted at the unconcious demon who was above him. "Why are you playing this stupid game of pretending to be weak? Your strong aren't you?" he cried as his fists shook at his sides. "Everyone worked so hard. So hard to help you. So why? Why are you letting yourself be controlled by someone who isn't your master?"

Malavist appeared behind him like a shadow. "Foolish brat. You truly know nothing. For all your rambling you fail to realize the only weak one is you. You truly don't understand him as a demon at all. You've only lied to yourself."

"What do you mean lied to myself?" he turned.

Malavist looked up at Sebastian with a sense of sorrow in his eyes. "You poor thing, why do you stay in a world where no one understands you? The pain that you feel? The agony..." he then looked at Ciel with harsh eyes. "You know nothing of the agony that a demon must endure when contracted with a human."

'Agony?' Ciel thought as he looked up. ' in agony?'

"He works hard everyday to please you like a dog to his owner. Starving himself willingly. Exhausting himself everyday just to make your life perfect like the fairytale that you live in. All so you won't notice the horrible truths of what's going on around you."

"Not notice?" Ciel laughed even as he still looked up. His laughter erupted as insanely as it possibly could be. Malavist gave him a unusual look, as if he'd never heard such an insane laugh before. Then Ciel gave him a mocking look. "How does one not notice the chaos around them everyday? It is a fact that Sebastian saved me." his eyes flickered with the memory of what happened on his 10th birthday.

The others started getting up, how they survived the attacks was questionable. Perhaps Malavist hadn't intended to kill? One would never know.

"He saved me from those who hurt me. And he saved me from my own insanity." he opened his jacket and pulled out the book he'd read so many times for a clue, anything to help him get Sebastian back. "Before reading his book, I knew nothing of what a demons emotions were. His likes...dislikes...I know only so few. This book only perhaps added ever so slightly to the knowledge I did have. The fact that he needed to be near me, even for a short moment everyday. Just to keep the fact in his mind that he hadn't been abandoned and that his hard work would soon pay off. That I hadn't forgotten why i'd called to him in the first place." he put the book to his face, "This book opened my eyes to that point..." he opened his eyes as he pulled the book away from his face. "But this book is just that. A book. It is only words that someone else has written. Whether it was from experience or passed on knowledge I will never know." he traced a finger along the cover of the book. "But truly the writer of this book, was a great man." Silence descended once more for a brief moment. "I never knew...that my father knew so much about demons."

"What?" Malavist eyes were wide in surprise.

"Funny isn't it, I was so innocent, but my father actually wrote a book on demons. I wonder if he knew i'd need it someday." Ciel hugged to book to himself. "But then already knew that didn't you..." he looked up at Malavist. "Vincent Phantomhive...or should I say...his past self?"

Malavist started laughing hysterically. Even as his body returned to normal save having wings and clawed hands. Sebastian was slowly placed on the floor as if he was being carried by the air. "Vincent Phantomhive? That is to laugh. What makes you think that we're the same person?"

Ciel pulled out another book from his coat. A diary with the name Vincent on the cover. "I found this in the one place no one had ever thought to look."


"My mothers old my Aunt's house. Aunt Angelina." he spoke as he remembered the day after his aunt had passed away. It had been his duty to clear her house of her possessions. He'd taken a trunk that'd been in his mother's old room. But never had he opened it until he was looking for books to aid him. The opening of the truck was an accident on his part. He flipped through the pages slowly, "I read this book everyday. I guess because I wanted to know my fathers thoughts. But then I realized how much of the contents of this diary, was of what you stated before." he flipped to a certain page and stopped. Reading the contents.

"I remember it like I was yesterday. The day i'd met my wife. She's so wonderous and beautiful, like a moon shining upon the sea. Her white hair is like starlight from the heavens, glisening as she moves with grace. She appears younger than she looks. Most mistaken her for my daughter or sister. But I don't care. All I need is her. My darling Lily."

He closed the book and looked at Malavist. "This book is only about 12 years old. Why would my father write about that?" he glared at him now. "It is because you are him and he is you. Don't you see Vincent Phantomhive is your human self."

Malavist trembled as he heard those words. Something clicked in his mind. Something he'd long forgotten, but he couldn't see it. Images faded in and out randomly. The day he'd married Lily. The day they'd had a child. The day he'd eatten here flesh to become immortal. But why? Why had he eatten her flesh? Was it to be with her? In his mind she'd lived even after he'd eatten a piece of her flesh. How could he have forgotten that? But suddenly like a gate had opened the forgotten memories came flooding back. The memory of seeing a demon from hell for the first time. The day he'd become obsessed with that one specific demon. The fact that in his mind the demon was with him, with long dark hair, and was female. This struck a cord with him. Tears flowed from his eyes as he remembered the sorrow he put his wife threw as he killed every child she'd given birth to. Just for that one demon.

"You stated I didn't understand Sebastian." Ciel's voice broke his thoughts. "But you also didn't understand anything either. Look around you. You've killed everything that wanted to be with you, wanted your attention, but still you weren't satisfied."

Malavist shook with rage, "Shut up!" he rawred as he charged at Ciel.

"Young master!" his servants shouted.

His attack stopped just before Ciel's face. No matter how much he pushed. He couldn't attack Ciel. Ciel could swear he saw his father stopping the attack just moments before it'd hit. That's when the altar started to move. It opened and golden vines came from the darkness and entertwined themselves about Malavist's body. Lily who hung limply from the golden spears was pulled into the darkness, just as Malavist himself was being pulled.

"NOOOO! I DENY MY HUMAN SELF! I DENY IT!" he struggled. Arms reached for him grabbing him. Chanting at him.

"We love you master!" the voices cooed. "We'll love you for eternity!" they kept on.

One of the vines twisted about Sebastian's leg and started pulling him in.

"Sebastian!" Ciel shouted as he grabbed on to him. "Noo! Let him go! You can't take him!" he held on. Slowly they were being pulled in. Bard came up from behind and grabbed ahold as well.

"Damn it! It's strong!" he uttered as he tried to pull the butler back. Soon everyone was pulling, trying to stop Sebastian from being taken in by golden altar. More vines were wrapping about his body.

"We must love him together.." the voices chanted. "Everyone he'd loved so dear."

"No! NOOO!" Ciel shouted even as his tears fell onto the gem of the collar. "Sebastian!" he screamed so loudly that it was almost as if the gem heard his call and shattered. He felt his fathers hand on his head, his spirit smiled at him as his ghostly hand touched the golden vines. Making them release their hold.

"No! I won't be taken! Release me! Release me I order you!" Malavist shreeked as thousands of arms wrapped about him as the altar started to close around him. "NOOOOO!" was his last cry as it closed before his eyes.

" it over?" Finni asked. But then the ground started to shake.

"It's collasping!" Soma shouted. "We've got to get out of here!"

Agni picked up Sebastian bridal style. "Hurry! We don't have time!" he shouted, then started running. They ran even as walls cracked and floors started to fall. They didn't stop until they'd reached outside. Panting heavily as the building sank into the round.

"We made it!" Bard shouted.

"Ho, ho, ho." Tanaka stated.

"We did it Ciel!" Soma shouted happily. But it was short lived as he saw Ciel look at Sebastian. Agni too had a sad look on his face.

"I'm sorry Master Ciel...but he doesn't seem to be waking up." he apologized.

Ciel grasped at Sebastian's sleeve. "Your free of the collar right? So why aren't you waking up? Wake up! It's an order!" he cried. "Wake up."

Everyone huddled around and started to weap.


The journey home was long, even after they were back at the manor. Depression filled the house. No matter how much everyone tried. Sebastian seemed to refuse to wake up. Everyday Ciel waited for his butler to wake. And everyday he was given the same result. Even as he was tucked into his bed after being put into his night shirt. The demon did not wake. A week passed by. Then two. Nothing seemed to be wrong with the demon, only the fact that he still slept and his part of the contract still red.

Maylene came into the room after knocking on the door to Sebastian's room. "Young master...dinner is ready."

"I'm not hungry." he spoke lightly. He wasn't even wearing his eye patch to cover his part of the contract.

Maylene stood awkwardly at the door. "Young master...Sebastian won't like if you keep missing meals." she was only greeted by silence. "Maybe later then?" she asked. But again she was greeted by silence. Fidjiting she walked to the window. "Let's let some air in here. It's abit stuffy." she opened the window, allowing a light breeze in the room. She turned to face the bed and watched at the demons chest rose and fell with his breathing. "I'll be going now." she whispered then left.

Ciel just sat in the chair by the bed. Waiting, waiting for Sebastian to wake. He reached for the contracted hand, fingering the contract. "Sebastian...I miss you." he spoke softly. "I don't understand...why you refuse to wake up. Are you afraid? Or is it because i'm a horrible master?" he asked knowing he wouldn't receive an answer. Each day he'd as a question, each day he was given silence. "Is this gods way of telling me i'm destined to loose everything? To have everything taken from me?" a single tear fell. "It's unfair. What did I do wrong to loose everything?" he put the limp hand to his cheek. "I've been meaning to tell you Sebastian...that ever since my parents died. That after you'd saved me. That I..." he stopped himself, choking down the tears that threatened to fall. "Your the only one I can see that I don't question where you stand in my life. You've taught me so many things. Just older brother would." his tears fell. "It must sound strange to you. A human calling a demon a brother. But that's what you are to me Sebastian. My older brother. You let me pull pranks and turn them around just like a brother would. You scold me when needed. Teach me things...take care me...after my parents were gone." he clentched the hand. "You promised you'd be by my side. So why aren't you?" he fell into the soft sheets, clinging to the hand. "Why are you still sleeping?" he said tiredly. Thinking for a moment. "Ne? Sebastian...are you having a pleasant dream?" he asked before falling a sleep himself.


How many hours had it been? How many days? He couldn't tell, he just knew that even after being put to sleep, even after being able to wake. That he was extremely tired. Like all his energy had been sucked out of his body. He knew something had grabbed him. But he didn't know what. How long had it been since he felt something grab him? Once it was harsh. And not it seemed to be gentle. For the longest time he felt like he was floating. And now he was on something soft and solid.

Eyes opened slowly. Everything at first was a large blur. Soon they cleared and he looked about his surroundings. 'My room?' he thought. He slowly sat up, feeling groggy from sleeping for so long. He looked out the opened window, and saw the sun setting. "Pretty..." he whispered, as he watched it. Something at his side stirred but he paid it no mind.

Ciel stirred in his sleep. Then looked up. Suddenly like a light he was awake. "Sebastian!" he shouted in shock. When had the demon awoken? How long had he been awake? He didn't know. Nor did he care, he just knew the demon was awake.

"Good morning young master." he smiled.

Ciel started crying. "It's not morning you idiot." he just couldn't seem to stop the tears.

"I apologize, I wasn't aware of the time." he smiled.

"Do you know how much you worried everyone? Me?" though he wasn't speaking harshly, nor was he angry.

"I apologize young master. I was very tired." he wiped at his master's tears. "What happened? All I remember was falling asleep during the battle."

Ciel wiped at his eyes. "Malavist is gone."

"How?" he asked stunned.

"I don't really know myself. But I guess his obession claimed him for eternity." he calmed down. "Why is the contract red?"

Sebastian looked at his hand, eyeing it. "That I don't know. I've never seen it go red before." he touched it with his hand. "So what was this about me being an older brother?" he smirked. "I never knew you thought of me that way. Perhaps I should stop calling you young master."

Ciel blushed profusely. "I don't know what your talking about you stupid demon!"

"Oh? But I distinctly remember hearing your voice. I'm pretty sure you asked me if I was having pleasant dreams." he put a finger to his chin as he smiled mockingly at his master.

"It's all in your head!" he shouted.

Sebastian smiled as he giggled abit. "Your so horrible at lying young master." but then his stomach growled, making him put his hands to his belly. "Oh my, i'm so embarassed."

"What haven't you heard your stomach growl before?" Ciel raised a brow.

"It's rather perplexing actually. This is the first time i've heard my own growl." he held his belly. It growled again in protest as nothing had been put in it to sate it.

"Well your not getting my soul yet. You haven't fullfilled your end of the contract."

It growled again, "For some reason I have a craving for stew...and bread...lots...and lots of bread." he stated. "But that aside young master. What will you do?"


"The others know of my true nature. How will you deal with it?" he smiled. "Though they don't seem to care."

"Hmmmm." Ciel pondered. But neither noticed the contract had once more turned to black. "Maybe there are somethings...that don't need to be explained."


After a few days things returned to normal, almost as if nothing had every happened. Mostly.

"If you all have time to be standing around go do your jobs!" came Sebastian's shout as he clapped his hands.

"Ahhh he's angry! He's angry!" Finni shouted as he ran away to go outside.

"The demon is angry!" Bard ran.

"Ahhh!" Maylene blushed and ran.

"Honestly, why can't they just do their jobs, and do them correctly." he sighed. Other than the others knowing he was a demon. His routine didn't seem to change. Other than the fact that now he could use his nature as a threat. Like eatting them if they didn't work. And the fact that now Maylene seemed to be even more obessed with him. It was the worst when they'd found out he was awake. They bombarded him with a million questions. Agni and Soma were no exception.

Things like, How long had he lived?(Finni), Where was he born? (Bard), Did he have any siblings? (Soma), Did he have to train to become so adept to fighting? (Agni), and one of the strangest question of all, out of all the questions they'd asked. Did demons need to use the bathroom? (Maylene). That one made everyone perplexed at why anyone would want to know something like that. He'd ignored that particular question, and a few other questions that he deemed, insuitable for answering.

"Sebastian! Hurry up and come here!" came Ciel's voice from upstairs.

Sebastian sighed again, "Even on slow days it's so busy." he whined, walking up the stairs to his master.



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