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Loop in Time

By Hannah554

Chapter 6

John's frustration was still obvious even several loops after he'd confronted Elizabeth. Five more seconds, that was all he would have needed, he would have had her answer, he'd know for certain what she'd do if he walked in there right now and kissed her. He sat in the control room; Rodney had kicked him out of the lab three loops ago and told him not to come back unless Rodney called for him. Apparently the scientist had been making progress and John's negative attitude was distracting him. Since then he'd been wallowing in his frustration which had only served to worsen his mood.

He could see Elizabeth in her office doing her paperwork same as she'd been doing the last time he'd walked in there. She had no idea he was watching her though she could obviously feel something, she kept looking up, her eyes scanning around her. He'd sat in the corner, if she looked hard enough she'd see him but with just a cursory glance around she missed him every time.

"Sir, are you alright?" one of the airmen asked, he was probably radiating bad mood vibes.

"Fine," he all but snapped.

"It's just..." he continued obviously not understanding that the best thing he could do was leave his commanding officer alone. "You've been sitting here glaring at the control room staff for the last three hours."

"I'm fine," John reiterated making sure the airmen understood that if he wanted to walk away from this conversation in one piece he should do it now. Fortunately the man got the message this time and with a solute he left John to his wallowing.

Elizabeth looked up from her paper work again as John returned his gaze to her, she looked confused and like she was actually contemplating the thought that maybe she really did need more sleep. She shook her head, trying to shake off the feeling that she clearly couldn't pin point and stood up leaving her desk and heading to the balcony, their balcony. John wasn't even aware that he was following her until he was stepping through the balcony doors. She turned and offered him a smile as he walked toward her, moving her eyes back to the ocean and closing them when she was hit by the sea breeze.

"Hey," he greeted, his frustration not entirely hidden in his voice. "I was expecting to find you hard at work," he told her pretending he hadn't spent the last few hours watching her every move. She shrugged with another smile.

"Just needed some fresh air," she told him. "I've had this weird feeling all morning."

"Really?" John questioned receiving a nod in response. "Want to talk about it?"

"Not really," she replied turning to look at him. "What about you?"

"What about me?" he asked.

"You seem... frustrated, annoyed, I don't know, that's why I'm asking," she told him and John suppressed a smirk, she had no idea just how frustrated and annoyed he was, nor did she know that she was the cause.

"Just having one of those days, several of them actually," he stated and she gave him an odd look, confused but she let it drop. She never pressed him to talk, she let him decide to do it by himself, when he was ready to talk it was usually her he'd come to. He looked at his watch, this loop was almost over but he had enough time to talk to her, to get rid of his frustration and then go help Rodney end the time loop. "What would you do if I kissed you?" he asked her again and just like the last time she stared at him in shock unable to formulate a response in her usual quick manner.

"That's what's bothering you?" she asked him and he nodded.

"So, what would you do?" he questioned again, she looked uncertain, wary even as she stared at him, trying to judge why he would ask her that. Deep down she had to know, she might deny it, hell he'd denied until this point but she had to know.

"I'd..." she began, that was as far as he'd gotten in his last attempt and there was still time for her to continue. "I actually don't know."

That surprised him; at least she hadn't said that she'd smack him. He needed to know, needed to be sure before this loop ended and he spent the next few wallowing in self pity again. He stepped closer to her, turning her to look at him and she looked back, the answer he needed was right there. He stepped back again, taking a deep breath and forcing himself not to follow through.

"John..." Elizabeth began more confused than she had been this entire time.

"Not now," he told her."I can't do it now."

"Why?" she asked him, the question confirmed the conclusion he'd already come to, if he kissed her, she'd kiss him back.

"Because you won't remember it," he replied, kissing her now felt like a betrayal somehow. "When I kiss you I want you to remember it."

He left then, it felt almost cruel of him to leave her standing there so confused but it didn't last, as he walked through the control room the loop started again.

John went to Rodney's lab, he hadn't seen the scientist for... he had no idea how many loops and in that time Rodney had gotten just as worked up as John had been. He hit the device with his fist, cursing it and calling it a name that John didn't quite catch. John widened his eyes, debating whether to go in and risk getting his head snapped off or just go and find something to do with himself for the next four hours.

"Good few loops?" John questioned only to be glared at.

"I thought I told you not to come back," Rodney stated.

John shrugged "I'm feeling better now."

"I don't even want to know," Rodney said, screwing up his face with a disgusted look.

"Rodney you have a sick mind," John told the scientist as he pulled up one of the lab stools. "So what have you found out without my distracting negative energy around?"

"Nothing," Rodney grumbled. "Nothing useful at least, hence why we're still stuck in the time loop."

"So it wasn't my negative energy's fault," John replied getting glared at again. "If there's no off switch then maybe something else switches it off."

"Like what?" Rodney questioned as though it was a stupid suggestion. John figured Rodney's problem was that he always over complicated things, John had figured out in the last few minutes, now that he had really put his mind to it, how to end the loop, he figured Rodney just needed a nudge. Rodney clicked his fingers in his usual 'I've figured it out now let me have your attention while I pull the thought out of my head' manner. "Resolution," he stated and John smiled to himself, the scientist had it.

"Maybe we have to find some kind of resolution to something personal to us," Rodney continued seemingly amazed by the simplicity of it as he looked at John. "I think it's safe to say you found yours."

"Yes Rodney," John replied. "Now what's yours?"

"How should I know," Rodney said and John rolled his eyes, if Rodney didn't know what he wanted to get out of the time loop then nobody did.

They spent the next few hours arguing about how they were going to end the loop, John insisted that it was up to Rodney to figure out what he wanted, Rodney insisted he didn't know. John looked at his watch, his eyes widening as he grinned and resisted the urge to jump out of his chair and do a victory dance.

"What?" Rodney questioned.

"Loop finished ten minutes ago," John told him "We did it."

"Wait?" Rodney began "What was my resolution?"

"Probably that stupid device, you hate not being able to figure things out and you'd spent days messing with it," John stated as he stood up to leave. "Put the damn thing away somewhere I'll never stumble across it."

"Where are you going?" Rodney questioned.

"I have something to do," John told him heading for Elizabeth's office.