Every time you hear thunder you think of vampires playing baseball.

Every time your driving down the road and see a cop car you point and yell "Charlie!"

Every time it rains you pay more attention to your surroundings because you might be able to see Edward or one of the Cullen's.

You look in every store at the mall when you go to see if you can spot Alice or Rosalie.

You see a wolf on TV or outside you go "Jacob!"

People from all over the world come and look in your locker, room, etc. because it is a perfect example of a Twilight Saga shine.

You see a yellow Porch you yell "Alice!"

You see a silver Volvo you yell "Edward!"

You watch the trailer for the Twilight movie over and over and over and over.........

Before you go to sleep you think...'I wonder what the Cullen's are doing now?'

When you go to the doctor's you think. "Carlisle! Carlisle! Carlisle! Carlisle!"

When you grow up you want to move to Washington.

You name your pets, children, stuffed animals, etc. after Twilight Saga characters.

Your watching a football game, bet on who will win and say "I wish Alice was here."

You start to lick yourself when you bleed.

You see the book at the store and you yell really loud "TWILIGHT!!!!! OMG!!!!!"

You nickname your friends after which character they are most like.

You start to act like your favorite character more and more every day.

You now love Biology class.

You hate Gym class.

.........And suck at gym too.

You hear a clock chime and you think to yourself. "Volturi..."

You name all your teddy bears Emmett.

You wish you were Bella every single day.

When your in a meadow or field you look around for Edward and Bella.

You see nice clothes at a store and you think 'Alice would like these.'

You look in ever Civil War book you can find and get ticked off when you can't find Jasper's name.

You can read off of pages from the book without looking.

No matter what anyone says you insist that the Cullen's are real.

You have memorized the words to the movie already.

In your spare time you say your favorite quotes from the books to yourself.

At school you are known as the Twilight and/or Cullen girl.