The Start

RPOV (Rosalie's POV)

Song: Me, You and My Medication by Boys Like Girls

I climbed out of my BMW and looked around the parking lot observing straight away the difference between my car and the others. My new red BMW looked like the only new car in the parking lot apart from two others a silver Volvo and a red jeep. Well, I hope I fit in here. I thought as I started towards the office to pick up my time table and a map of the school. I was used to the looks and whistles I got from the opposite sex every single boy bored me and there was going to be any different here. Forks of all places couldn't hold anything of interest. Once I had picked up my things from Mrs. Cope I started towards my homeroom in building 2, at least it was the same building I had my next class in so I wouldn't be too late.

When I opened the door I looked across a full classroom with one spare seat next to a tall, blonde boy. He was gorgeous. Maybe Forks did have some gems among the other pathetic male population. I sat down in the seat and noticed him talking to two girls behind him.

"Alice, I don't really think Bella wants to hear anymore about your arranged shopping trips," he laughed as a brunette nodded along with his speech while a small pixie looking girl pouted giving the poor blonde next to me a look that even I, the queen of ice, would melt for.

"Sorry Ali, you know I love you but think about poor Bella," Oh great, the good looking ones are always taken, what did I expect?

"Yeah, think about poor Bella!" The brunette laughed before she turned and finally acknowledged me, "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't see you. You must be new, I'm Isabella Swan but you can call me Bella," the girl held out her hand and I took it finally looking into her brown eyes. So many emotions were flooding through them but the one that stood out most behind her cleverly shielded orbs were a look of pure pain as her eyes flickered to the right side of me.

"Rosalie Hale but you can call me Rose," I said shaking the others hands.

"I'm Alice and we are going to be great friends I can already see it and maybe you can come shopping with me since Bella is always complaining even when I'm the one buy her things," she grinned at me, her blue eyes were also guarded from any prominent emotion and my mind started wandering to the figure to my right that seemed to be changing these peoples moods as soon as they looked at them.

"Jasper," Jasper merely smiled before he started staring down at Alice again, his eyes flooded with love and I felt the need to look away.

"What have you gotten first period?" Bell asked and I answered biology delighted to know I would have it with her.

"We better get going, you don't want to be later for Mr. Banner," she smiled and looked once again to the figure to my right, longing and pain flooding from her chocolate pools. As we left the room I made sure to look at the figure causing all the discomfort. Sat in the chair Bella had been looking at was a boy with bronze hair and piercing green eyes looking at Bella with the same strangled expression she held every time she looked at him.

All my classes went uneventful apart from my growing curiosity about Bella and the bronze haired boy, whom I soon found out his name was Edward. It was very obvious that there was something there but apparently no one knew why. Everyone I asked told the same story, Edward and Bella were best friends, basically inseparable, Alice occasionally hung out with them, since she was Edward's sister, but they were literally attached at the hip. Then one day last year they came into school and had a massive row full of 'I hate you's' and cuss' exchanged from each side. Ever since these fights had become a reoccurring event and no one had ever found out what happened.

When lunch finally came Bella led me outside, apparently it was one of the rare sunny days in Forks, we sat down at a table with Alice and Jasper. We started casual conversation, about classes and such when Bella realised she forgot to buy a drink and walk off towards the cafeteria door so I took this as my chance.

"What's up with Bella and Edward?" I tried to ask as casually as possible taking another bite of lettuce. Alice's smile turned into a quick frown before she masked it with a fake confused look, "I don't know what you mean." I burst out laughing before I could stop myself, "Alice, I may be blond by I'm not that dumb. It is obvious something happened and no one knows what apart from, I am presuming, you."

She looked like she was arguing something in her head before she looked at me, "I can already tell that we are going to be great friends and that you can keep a secret so I'll tell you all that I know. Which isn't a lot more than what anyone else will tell you. What happened between the two of them is a mystery. What do you know already and I'll see if I know anything more," she said as she took another bite from her sandwich.

"Bella and Edward were best friends then one day they weren't," I frowned at how little information I really knew.

"Well, that is basically all I can tell you as well. But one key facture is missing from that explanation that only I knew, I'm not even sure Edward and Bella knew themselves."

"That doesn't make any sense how can they fight over something you don't know?" I inquired.

"It was quite obvious, well to me at least, that Bella and Edward lo-" but before she could finished her sentence shouting came from the cafeteria the other side of the grass.

"I FUCKING HATE YOU CULLEN!" I heard Bella voice growl followed my Edward's.




"WELL IF YOU HAVENT NOTICED YET YOU ARE YELLING TOO DICKHEAD!" with that Bella turned around towards our table.

"It was quite obvious that Bella and Edward loved each other but now I think their eyes are too full of hatred and pain to remember anything else of the past," Alice said as Bella sat down a small tear rolling down her cheek.

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