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Windows and Whispers


Song: Exo-Politics by Muse

Jacob's grin grew on his face as he raised a bottle of champagne above his head, "but I came bearing gifts!"

I went to shut the door in his face when my motion was stopped by the quick hand of Isabella Swan who seemed quite oblivious to the glaring match that was going on between her boyfriend and everyone else in the room.

"You think a bottle of cheap champagne is going to get you into this house?" Edward's deep voice rung through the air.

"Well champagne seemed classier than beer," Jacob shrugged trying to get into the house but I stood in the way not letting him through, "What have I done to you Rose? I didn't realise."

I reminded myself not to fall for the act as I just looked up at him with the most innocent eyes I could conger up, "Nothing but it is a girls only sleepover and that means that no guys allowed," I smiled up at him trying not to throw up knowing that this nice guy act wouldn't stay long.

"Come on, Rosie. You wouldn't just leave a poor guy out here all alone," he said flashing me a quick smile. I just shrugged and tried unsuccessfully once again to shut the door.

"Bellsies?" Jacob's voice came out all soft and innocent but I knew to believe otherwise.

"Su-" Bella started but was stopped by mine and the familiar growl of Edward Cullen, "Fuck off!" As this was something Edward was more likely to say and in my present state wasn't the best thing that should be coming out of my mouth I realised a saving tactic was needed. Immediately. So I came out with the most utter tripe I could think of in the small 5 second gap.

"Oh you like that song too?" Looking from face to face realising everyone was looking at me eyebrows raised, even Bella had found a way for her eyes to peel from Jacob's figure, I started to singing to the first tune I could think of, "Fuck off, fuck off. You know you wanna jerk off, jerk off," quite pleased with my saviour tactic I smiled at them however my amazing singing skills hadn't seemed to impress so I scowled.

"Well, if you don't like it don't judge me," I once again tried to close the door but Bella's small foot stayed holding its position. However this time instead of me having to try and slam the door onto the smirking face of Jacob Black this time it was the striding figure of Edward.

"Rosalie may not have but I meant it. Stay the fuck away from me. My family. And my house," Edward growled as he slammed the door in the scowling face of Jacob Black who surprisingly didn't try and fight the large wooden door that closed in front of him, I just managed not to raise my hand up to Edward for a high-five just in time. I don't think they would have believed my next terrible lie.

Everything was silent for a moment before Edward started moving up the stairs, "When Tanya comes don't disturb us."

"How disgusting," Bella muttered towards the floor.

"I didn't think you'd see it that way Bells," Alice said seeming confused.

"I don't know why you'd think that. That was appalling!" Bella agreed back but I had the feeling they were speaking of different people.

"It was very rude," Alice replied fists bawling up.

"Couldn't agree more, he can't just think he can do that!" Bella said fists also tightening.

"Disgraceful the way he just came out with it!"

"He's such a bastard."

"He's a fucking asshole, Bella," Alice replied and they linked arms with my laughing figure and pulling me towards the kitchen.

"I must say Rose, that song seemed kind of ... interesting," Bella and Alice burst out laughing and I was offended. I thought my song had potential.

"Screw you," I muttered throwing another brownie down my throat.

"Anyway," Alice started with a smirk, "It's a sleepover so you know what that means... all night movie marathon!"

At that precise moment the door bell rang interrupting the squeals that had gathered in the room and, confused, we all moved towards the door, I was seriously considering throwing my shoe at this man if he didn't leave me alone for one night, I believed even someone on a mission as important as mine needed at least one night off. However, when we finally reached the door our faces were met with the smirking one of Tanya Denali and we were all pushed out the way as she ran towards he figure of Edward Cullen that was stood at the foot of the stairs jumping on him sticking her slutty tongue down his throat as he ran with her up the stairs.

The sick rose in my throat as I tried to block my mind of what was inevitably going to be happening above our heads for a while. As much as this was sickening me I was stood in the room with his sister and the girl he apparently loved so I couldn't complain too much. But I don't think I could have been stood in a more uncomfortable circumstance.

As Alice pulled us towards a massive room lined with windows and filled with a full range of speakers and the biggest television I had ever seen she muttered numerous profanities about her brothers escapade and Bella looked like she was holding back years of unshed tears. Instead of pulling Bella in for a hug I moved my hand towards my pocket ready to give that bastard a piece of my mind, however I managed to stop myself picking up my phone before I could send him a text knowing that that would be a sure give away of who was the one sending him the messages leaving the impact of them being rendered pointless.

The rest of the night held nothing of interest to add to my compiling list of details of this mystery and finally after the buzz from all the sugar had worn off I found myself surrounded by sleeping bodies as the end of The Notebook ran across the screen leaving my usually dry eyes flooded with water. Pulling myself up from the floor I switched off the television using the overcomplicated remote but was suddenly overcome with a chill that sent goose bumps shooting along my arms turning quickly I saw one of the many windows open. I questioned myself if my thoughts that Alice had shut all the windows before settling down were true.

Trying not to freak myself out too much I took a deep breath before shutting and locking the large glass pulling the bronze curtain across to block any view of the outside from the large window.

Turning towards the large locked door to the room I was stood in I walked outside and ran to the kitchen trying to calm my fast beating heart while sipping a glass of water. Running a hand through my hair I took another deep breath while shaking my head telling myself that I was going insane.

Walking back into the television room the first thing I noticed was not the two bodies lying upon the couches but the bronze curtain that I had just pulled in front of the windows was now neatly tied back onto the hook it once lay upon and the locked window was now wide open along with every other window in the room.

My eyes shot around the room looking for anyone or anything that had changed since I had left the room. However as much as my eyes search nothing seemed to have happened that could give a reasonable explanation as to what was happening as I thought either my heart was going to jump out of my throat or my pounding chest.

Before I could move towards a corner of the room to see what was going on I felt a cold, finger trace a line across my neck but when I turned my whole body shaking there was no-one stood behind me or anywhere in sight. When I was about to turn around again I felt two strong hand grip my wrists and two large feet pin down my own stopping any movement I was making, when I opened my mouth to scream a piece of fabric was soon shoved deep into my throat prohibiting any words.

Blinking back silent tears I tried to wriggle from the strong grasp when one of the stranger's hands pinned both of mine into one of his own. The cold finger played with the frilly rim of my tank top before the icicles touched the skin beneath the shirt trailing a line across my shacking stomach before it stopped at the edge of my breast circling past, the frozen fingers raised my shirt above my head as the fingers pushed my waving hair from my neck I felt the cold breath pierce my skin before placing and icy kiss against my neck before they trailed towards my ear, "You're so beautiful, Rosalie," the deep growl trembled through her ear, "It would be such a pity for that beauty to suddenly disappear. I can do to you what I did to Seth. I can do anything, Rosalie Lillian Hale. Anything," the grip the stranger held upon my limbs tightened with ever words he growled, "Stop what you are doing. I would hate to see someone so extraordinary perish."

With the end of the sentence the grips that had held me still were suddenly let loose and I spun around as quickly as I could however I couldn't even catch a glimpse of the person who had just threatened me. Shuddering I pulled my shirt down and reached up tugging the fabric from my throat when I suddenly felt something liquid pore into my mouth and down my neck. Holding the fabric in my hand I felt it drop as the room started spinning around me and I as I fell towards the ground I felt two arms catch me.

As my eyelids slowly closed my head repeated two things.

Who was that?

And, Who is Seth?

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