Chapter 1


Everyone has secrets. Something they know, that they keep from the world. Big secrets and small secrets. Some secrets, if known, would destroy the very fabric of society and humanity. Then, in the ultimate, chaos would soon rein. Secrets...

Once, long ago, there was a galaxy, not far from our very own. And in this galaxy, there here lived people, who looked like us, but were very different. These people had power beyond our comprection. This 'power' was, in a sense, 'magic'. This power is what led to their very defeat, for an evil entity came looking for a great source of power, a power it could use to conquer the universe. It came into the galaxy in hopes of killing the rulers and gaining their great power. But it could not do this, for the brave princess, who ruled the galaxy, would never allow her people to fall to such a terrible beast. So, the evil force and the princess battled it out for the galaxy and the power.

But, in the end, the evil thing was temporally defeated, and the dear princess was hurled across the universe, for she used her strongest attack, so strong that it was forbidden. With the princess gone, the evil force destroyed the galaxy in search of the power, not knowing that the power was inside the princess. And finding that out, it went out and searched for the princess.

The princess, had being thrown from her home world, ended up on our world, in the country of Japan. There, she went under the training of Hamato Yoshi, a great ninja master. She studied the art of ninjutsu, which was very similar to her home world style of fighting called ustujnin. She trained with him day and night, till she became his prize student. After her was Oroku Saki. Saki hated the princess, because she was better than him, or at least that is what his master Yoshi thought. But Oroku Saki would have his revenge.

As the princess came back from one of her training exercises, she heard fighting. She kept to the shadows and witness what was going on. Her master and Saki were fighting. The struggle continued, till finally Saki dealt the last blow to her master and killed him. With witness that horror, she fled into the night, but not before Saki had seen her. Now, with the blood of his master on his sword, he would claim another. He chased after the princess, in hopes of killing her. But soon he would be greeted by a 'partner'. His new partner told him of the power that dwelled inside of her. Saki wanted that power.

The princess fled to America, the home of the free and brave. She thought there would be her new home, and she could start a new life, which she did. She found a job and a husband in the great port city of New York. She thought that she could and would not be found in a city so huge. She, unfortunately, was sadly mistaken.

When she married her husband, she could not ever tell him of her past. Only the fact that she had come from Japan. He was perfectly happy with that and never questioned her. He was a sweet man, and very just. But, sadly, just is just not enough. Saki, now the Shredder, had found the princess and her beloved. He came to their home, when she was not home and murdered her husband. She then came to home to find her love dead and then soon fled to the subway/sewer systems. At the time, she was four months pregnant with quadruplets.

The princess and her unborn children's home was a large sewer hub. Then, after five long months, she finally gave birth to four baby girls. Each one, different because of the color of her eyes, was given a name. The first born, who had light blue, sapphire eyes, was given the name Leonniaya, which meant, in the princess's language, 'one who defends' or 'defender'. The second had ruby, red eyes and given the name Rayelle, which meant 'one fights' or 'fighter'. The third, who had amethyst purple eyes, was named Danyelliya, which meant 'one who thinks' or 'thinker'. Last was Micheliya, which meant 'one who heals' or 'healer', and she had topaz, gold eyes. Then they were soon trained to become ninjas too.

OK...this is story i can up with one day...i was thinking 'wat would the guys look like as humans?'...then i read a fanfic. about when they became humans and it made me think up this...and yes...i no the title is the chessy and girlyest thing u have ever heard...but i did not want to change the TMNT title to much...oh yeah...I DON'T OWN TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES...sad...i no!!!

so...yeah...this is a new style for me...i decide to do it like this, just because...
ok...the language, which the exception of the names, is our words spelt backwards...or really our words are spelt ustujnin is ninjutsu...ok...get it, got it, good!
and yes...they girls are supposed to sound and have the same colors as the guys...but don't assume...'Oh! they are like that means they would be paired up?!'...yes and no! yes, i will pair then up...LATER!!! they meet them)...they r friends...sort of...well...u will find out in the later chapters wat i mean!
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