A Lack of Understanding

Author's Note: So… hi. As you can see, contrary to popular belief I am in fact very much alive. Sorry I've been gone so long. The very first part of this I wrote like three years, but never had anywhere to go with it. Until now! This is MUCH longer than I thought it would be but hopefully you'll all soldier through it. I hope you all enjoy it!

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Warning: This fic contains YAOI elements!! That means BOYxBOY romance!! If this isn't your thing, don't read. If it is, please enjoy!


When Mouto Yuugi was thirteen, his grandfather came to him and, with a crimson face and trembling hands, he delicately explained the inner workings of physical relationships to the boy. Yuugi couldn't look directly at Anzu for two weeks.

At age fourteen, Bakura Ryou's father decided it was time his son learned about the birds and the bees. But he was on a dig at the time, so he sent the information via mail. Ryou read the materials and stared carefully at the pictures filled with conveniently placed bushes, fig leaves, and marker slashes before gazing up at his yami, his eyes shining with innocence, and softly complained he didn't understand. Bakura had been thorough with his explanation. Twice.

Honda Hiroto logged onto unspeakable internet sites.

On Jounouchi Katsuya's fourteenth birthday, his father explained the whoha and the tata to his son. He stumbled over his words, blushed to his neck, and drew crude, labeled pictures on napkins. When he began talking about the night his son was conceived, Katsuya feigned a seizure.

As for Kaiba Seto, his father had died before it was appropriate for The Talk to be had and Gozaboru was more concerned with Seto being a worthy heir than the boy understanding sex. Further, without any social contact with other people outside of business transactions, Seto was never privy to hearing others' horror stories of The Talk, or what The Talk even consisted of.

This lack of understanding proved troublesome.

"Oh man! You have Chains of the Immortal, too? This game isn't supposed to be out for at least another year!"

Mokuba glanced over at Honda from his video game search beneath the entertainment center. "Hmm? Oh, yeah, Seto did some business with the man who owns Oedipus Technology and he gave that to us as a gift. It's not the official version, though, they're still making modifications." Mokuba shrugged nonchalantly and resumed his search.

"That's so cool…" Honda breathed in awe.

"Mokuba, are you sure this is okay?" Yuugi asked, equally awed by the younger boy's game collection. The room they were in was rather large and located just off the main living room of the Kaiba mansion. It was deceivingly simple, decorated only by a single couch, a large plasma screen television that hung carefully on the wall, and numerous armoires. However, within the armoires were disgustingly large amounts of video games and game consoles. Most were Kaiba Corporation designs, some of which had never been released to the public and were obviously gifts personally created for Mokuba, but they had numerous other games from other companies.

Mokuba sent Yuugi an odd look. "Of course it is. Why would we have these if we weren't supposed to play them?"

"You won't get in trouble? A lot of these haven't been released yet…" Yuugi trailed off, looking a bit uneasy.

Mokuba laughed. "As long as you don't get on the internet and ruin the endings for everyone, I'm sure we'll be fine."

"No worries there!" Jounouchi called excitedly, holding up four different games and reading the backs furiously. "I swear Mokuba, you have the coolest life ever!"

Again, Mokuba shrugged. People often said things like that to him, but, honestly, he didn't see his life being that different from anyone else's. If anything it was more complicated and stressful, what with all the threats and kidnappings, but he's gotten used to it.

"Mokuba! Is this supposed to be you?" Yuugi held a game up for his inspection and Mokuba felt a smile spread across his face.

"Yeah, Seto created it for my birthday last year. He designed the main character after me."

Honda raised an eyebrow and smirked. "Another Princess Adina?"

"No, it's a boy." Mokuba replied, his face flushing.

"Speaking of money bags, where is the jerk?" Katsuya asked.

"He is not a jerk," Mokuba automatically responded, "and he's at a dinner with some associates right now." Mokuba glanced at his watch and frowned. "Actually… he said he'd be home about an hour ago."

Just then, a loud crash punctuated by a snarled obscenity sounded from the hallway. The four boys ran out of the entertainment room and stared in shock at the sight before them. Seto Kaiba stood swaying unsteadily in the hall, one hand pressed against the wall for support while the other massaged his temple, as he glared accusingly at the shattered pieces of what had once been an undoubtedly expensive Chinese vase.

"Seto?" Mokuba ventured carefully.

Seto seemed startled by Mokuba's voice and his head snapped up so quickly he momentarily lost his balance and teetered backwards, only remaining upright by hastily grabbing the edge of a table. He blinked at his younger brother for a moment before tilting his head to the side and said, "Huh?"

Mokuba frowned. His brother didn't normally say "huh" while wearing a stupidly confused expression on his face. Seto never stumbled about the house, running into things and nearly falling. His brother had always possessed a peculiar unerring grace about him.

Mokuba's eyes widened in alarm. "Seto? Seto, are you drunk?"

"Psh!" Seto responded flippantly, waving his hand in a dismissive manner. "'Coursh not, Mokuba! Ya know I don't imbibeded in alcohol."

"Imbibeded?" His shoulders fell. "Seto, that's not even a—"

Thunderous, obnoxious laughter interrupted Mokuba. He glared over his shoulder at Honda and Jounouchi, who were using each other as braces as they chortled at his brother's expense. Only Yuugi had the decency not to laugh, but if his red face and tightly closed lips were anything to go by, he was just barely managing.

"Say it again!" Honda called out. "Go on, Kaiba!"

"This isn't funny!" Mokuba hissed.

Katsuya forced himself not to laugh and nearly choked on it. "It's a little funny," he countered.

Mokuba huffed and turned his attention back to his brother. Seto was staring murderously at Katsuya. "The dog's laughin' at me, Mokuba. Make it stop."

Mokuba ignored his brother statement and Jou's accompanying rude hand gesture. "Seto, what did you drink tonight?"

Seto screwed his face up in concentration, trying hard to remember. "I had punch."

"Okay… did this punch, ah, taste odd?"

Seto's noise scrunched up in disgust and Mokuba heard Jounouchi let out a barely muffled snort. "Awful. But Yamada Mio went and talked to the carters and I got new punch. That was good. But I couldn't get it myself. She kept sayin' she had to get it for me."

Mokuba growled. Lovely. One of Seto's associates was trying to butter him up to some deal by getting his brother unknowingly drunk.

"She's nice." Seto said drunkenly, blind to his brother's anger.

"Is she now? Let me guess you two had a nice long conversation about some business transaction while she kept funneling you alc—punch."

Kaiba's face scrunched in concentration again. "No," he said slowly. "No she mostly talked about how much I'd changed."


"Yeah," he nodded, "kept sayin' how big I had grown o'er the years and how strong I look now. She kept touchin' my chest and arms." Seto frowned. "I think I made her mad at me. She said she was gonna take me to her hotel room and make me scream."

Mokuba paled in horror. "Ah, Seto, I don't think she was mad with you…"

Seto shook his head obstinately. "No, she was." He tugged on his earlobe, "She even bit me."

Mokuba couldn't say a word and apparently the other three boys had been stricken by the same speechlessness.

Seto looked at them in naïve confusion. "Wha?"

"Seto, you didn't…" Mokuba gulped, "you didn't go with her, did you?"

"Coursh not, I was already late t' come home."

Mokuba let out a breath he hadn't realized he had been holding. "Thank God…" He carefully analyzed his older brother. "Seto, I'm going to get you a glass of water. How about you go upstairs and sleep?"

Seto nodded and started to move towards the stairs, but he began to teeter again and had to resume to leaning against the wall once more. "Gimme a minute."

"Oh for the love of… Jou?" Mokuba wheeled around and pointed at said boy. "Will you carry him upstairs? He isn't exactly in… um, you know, the best—"

Katusya chuckled. "Yeah, okay." He walked over to Kaiba, struggling to keep the laughter for billowing up and out of his chest. He threw his hands out and opened his arms to Kaiba. "Come here, princess," he said to the taller boy with a smirk.

"JOUNOUCHI!" Mokuba screeched, scandalized.

Seto glared up at him, but the effect was useless given the glaze in the blue eyes. "Go 'way, mutt. I can make it on my own."

Katsuya nodded patronizingly. "Of course you can, money bags. Now come here."

Seto eerily resembled a petulant child. "No."

Katsuya shrugged. "Okay," he said and began to turn away. As soon as he did that, Seto visible relaxed and then with a speed too fast for a drunk and tired Seto to follow, Katsuya ducked back down, pressing the back of his shoulders into Kaiba's stomach, took his wrists in one hand and hooked his arms around his legs and deftly lifted the other boy of the floor, draped about his shoulders.

"PUT ME DOWN!" Seto howled and made a spectacular move to hurl himself off of Katsuya's shoulders. Unfortunately, the wall had other intentions and the only thing his grand attempt accomplished was knocking a painting off the wall and landing a bump on Kaiba's head.

"JOU! BE CAREFUL WITH HIM!" Mokuba hollered as his brother groaned.

"It isn't my fault!" Katsuya shot back. He then bounced Seto a little on his shoulders to jar the taller boy. "Knock it off, bastard, you're scaring your brother."

"Jus' put me back down." Seto scowled.

"He's going to, Seto." Mokuba responded diplomatically. "But first he's going to take you up to your bedroom so you can sleep."

"I'm fine," Seto replied, though looked far from it. His eyes were unfocused and his face was flushed.

"Seto…" his little brother trailed off, lower lip trembling pathetically.

"Ah… fine," Seto caved. He tried his best to kick Jou from the awkward angle. "Ge' on with it, Mutt."

Jou grumbled, but did as he was told and carried the other boy upstairs. "Geeze, Kaiba. Do you eat? I bet you weigh less than me."

Kaiba snorted. "Wouldn't be 'ard. All ya do is stuff your face."

"You know, I could just drop you down these stairs. The jury would think it was an accident." Katsuya muttered darkly.

"Jou, I'm right here." Mokuba helpfully pointed out. "And Seto, quit provoking him."

Seto huffed, but remained quiet.

"Okay," Jou was breathing heavier once they reached the long hallway at the top of the stairs. "Where's his room?"

"Twelth door on the right."

"What do you guys do with all these rooms?"

"Oh, most of them are just guest rooms."

"Ah… you guys have guests over?"

"Well, no, but if we did they would have excellent rooms."

"Awesome," Katsuya peered into one of the opened rooms. "Hey, maybe I'll keep you guys company some time! Better than just hanging around with this loser." He grinned at Mokuba.

"No dogs awowed in tha housh." Seto slurred.

"Geeze, money bags, your slur's becoming even worse," Katsuya told him with relish.

With great care and exact pronunciation, Seto slowly replied, "Bite me, you shabby mongrel," and then smiled, quite pleased with himself at managing the sentence without incident.

"Witnesses or not, I can still drop you!" Jou snapped. He jerked his head to a door and stared down at Mokuba. "This one?"

"Yeah," Mokuba replied, opening the door for him.

The taller boy only got a few feet in before he paused to take in the room. It was huge, easily bigger by three of his own bedroom. A large, four poster bed was situated in the middle of the far wall with large bay windows on either side leading out to a balcony. An armoire, matching nightstands and dresser, and a very expensive looking chair facing out the window also decorated the room. An overcrowded bookcase and oriental rug finished it out. Katsuya had never seen such a nice room.

"Oi, don't drool on my floor, mutt," Seto growled.

Katsuya flushed, humiliated that other boy noticed. "Sh-shut up, Kaiba!" Seto chuckled, ruffling Katsuya's hair with his breath. Katsuya could feel his warm face get even hotter. "Ri-right! So, off we go bastard!" He bent slightly and tossed Kaiba off his shoulders on to the bed.

Seto scowled up at Katsuya as he bounced.

"JOU!" Mokuba yelled. "What part of be careful with him, didn't you get? Seto? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," he replied, still snarling at Katsuya. Suddenly, his eyes went wide and he fell backwards. "Argh, my head…"

"I'll get you some water, Seto! Stay put!" Mokuba rushed out of the room towards what Katsuya could only assume was a bathroom or small kitchen.

"Where's he gonna go?" Katsuya murmured, matching Seto's glare. "He can't even stand."

"I heard that!" Mokuba announced, jumping back into the room. "While I'm getting him water and a wash cloth, could you undress him?"

"What?" Katsuya replied in a tone befitting a MAN, not a shrill prepubescent girl, regardless of the vicious lies Mokuba would later spread.

Mokuba raised an eyebrow. "Undress him. He shouldn't sleep in his clothes."

"Shouldn't you do that? You're his brother!"

Mokuba regarded him curiously. "You're a guy, too. Why do you have such a problem with it?"

"I- I don't! It's just…" Katsuya scratched the back of his neck. He didn't know why the thought of undressing Kaiba bothered his so much, but it did. "Fine," he grumbled at last, no longer able to withstand the staring for the young boy.

"Okay, good." Mokuba watched him as he left the room slowly, as though he was having second thoughts about leaving his brother alone with him.

Katsuya looked back down at Seto. "Don't touch me," Seto ordered.

"Like I'd want to! Now…now just stay still!" Surprisingly, Seto did just that; however, he watched Katsuya closely. Katsuya quickly relieved Seto of his shoes and socks, tossing them to the ground. He began to work on the other boy's shirt, but his hands started trembling. "Stop that!" He snapped.


Katsuya pouted slightly. "You're staring at me. Knock it off."

"Am not," Seto replied and continued to stare at him.

Katsuya huffed angrily, convinced his face would remain a permanent red for the rest of his life. "Shut up, jerk." He unbuttoned the shirt, careful to avoid Kaiba's gaze but always conscious of its presence. He finally got the shirt of the other boy. "There, done! Now be grateful!"

"Nuh uh, not done." Seto frowned. Katsuya raised his eyebrow in question and Seto jutted his chin downward.

Katsuya gulped down the lump that suddenly formed in his throat. "You can't be serious."

"Mokie said I can't sleep in my clothes."

"Since when do you take orders from your little brother?!"

Seto simply shrugged and stared at Katsuya with expectant, alcohol glazed eyes. Katsuya gave a suffering sigh and tried to ignore his heart, which was attempting to jump out of his chest. He undid the button of Seto's pants and pulled down the zipper. He paused, "This is it, you know. I'm not touching your boxers."

Seto snorted back a laugh, only serving to further annoy Katsuya. "I don't understand why you're not fighting back now. You had such a problem earlier with me carrying you upstairs, but seeing you mostly naked is A-okay?" Katsuya grumbled. Seto shrugged again, his eyes trained on Katsuya. "Lift your hips a bit?"

Seto obeyed and Katsuya began to remove the pants. "Hey, mutt, your hair…?"

"What about it?" Katsuya snapped, glaring hatefully at the pant legs which became trapped by Kaiba's feet.

"It looks really, really, really soft."

"Uh," Katsuya blinked.

Seto cocked his head to the side. "Can I touch it?"

Katsuya gaped and just as he was about to respond, Mokuba burst in the room carrying a glass of water and a damp wash cloth. Katsuya jerked the pant leg all the way off, grateful that Mokuba seemed too worried about his elder brother to pay attention to the tension in the air. He frowned. There wasn't any tension! Only Kaiba be stranger than usual. Katsuya refused to look deeper into it.

"Here you go, Seto." Mokuba handed him the glass of water. He took a sip and set it on the nightstand, then laid back on the pillows. Mokuba took the damp wash cloth and covered his brother's forehead and eyes. "I don't know if this will do anything, but I hope it helps you sleep and keeps your hangover – which will be awful, by the way—to a minimum." He sighed. "What were you thinking?"

"Di'nt drink," Seto protested sleepily.

Mokuba rolled his eyes. "Of course not, now get some sleep, okay? I'll see you the morning."

"Kay, g'night Mokuba. Make sure the mutt doesn't get capshured by the pound."

Mokuba turned off the lights and hastily pulled Katsuya out of the room before he could snap back at Kaiba.

"Hey, Jou?" Mokuba looked up at him with a peculiar expression as they made their way back to the group. "Thanks and everything, but, um…why did you take Seto's pants off?"

Katsuya rounded on the smaller boy. He threw his hands up. "Wha? You told me to!"

"I just meant his buttons, because he might have a hard time with them. I'm sure he could have done the rest. I didn't expect you to…you know, go the extra mile," he chuckled.

"Oi don't make fun of me! Your idiot brother has done that enough for one night."

"He's not an idiot," Mokuba replied instantly. "He's just… not good with alcohol."

"Or human beings," Jou snickered. "I mean, come on! 'I think I made her mad at me! She even bit me!'"

Mokuba pouted. "First of all, my brother doesn't sound like that! And secondly, he isn't stupid! He just… doesn't seem to realize when people come on to him. I see people flirt with him all the time. He just thinks they're flattering him for a business deal or a bit of his fame or money. He doesn't ever seem to notice that they may be offering a bit, ah, more than just flattery. You know what I mean?"

"Yeah," Katsuya snickered. "He's stupid." He ignored Mokuba's indignant response and just continued chuckling to himself.

"I always used to think that Kaiba was just cruel to them," Anzu told Yuugi as they ate their food in the school cafeteria. People had been staying clear of Kaiba all day, given the "sudden influx of evil" as Katsuya had put it. Anzu gestured over to a huddled group of girls who were pointing at Kaiba blatantly while not so secretively whispering to each other. When the young CEO's hair fell rebelliously in front of his eyes and he pushed it gently back, a couple of girls fanned themselves. Anzu rolled her eyes at the girls' reactions, despite her own heated cheeks.

"I figured he always knew that they were flirting shamelessly with him," she continued, "and that he didn't reject them outright because he wanted them to get their hopes up only to completely humiliate them in front of the entire school when those poor girls finally worked up the courage to ask him out." Anzu sighed and took a thoughtful sip of her grape juice. "I feel so sorry for them."

"Didn't you point and laugh two weeks ago when he told Yoshiko he would rather have needles pushed beneath his fingernails than spend an evening with her?"

"Oh! Well," Anzu flushed and looked a bit flustered at the mention. "Well that was different. She deserved it."

"She ran out of the cafeteria crying hysterically! Then she didn't come back to school until three days later! What could she have possible done to deserve that!"

Anzu's face darkened as her eyes took on a peculiar malicious glint that none of the boys had ever seen before. "She said my new shoes made my ankles look chunky."

"Ah," Katsuya nodded, his eyes wide as he leaned subtly away from the girl, "Yeah, that makes total sense now."

Anzu's eyes narrowed at Jou, "What was th-"

"It's hard to believe, isn't it," Yuugi interrupted to save his friend from being on the receiving end of a particularly nasty slap. "I mean, Kaiba's a genius. I always thought he just being a bit mean, too, I didn't know he was just-"

"Stupid?" Katsuya supplied eagerly.

"Er, well, I suppose…" Yuugi conceded slowly. "But I don't know if I'd call him stupid. Maybe… maybe naive, but not exactly stupid."

Jounouchi pursed his lips in thought. "Nah, I'm sticking with stupid."

"Still though, it makes you wonder."

"Wonder what, Ryou?" Yuugi asked.

"Well, with how ridiculously blatant all his fans are, how could he not realize that he is possibly the most fiercely pursued man on the planet?" Ryou tapped his finger on the table as he took a bite of his tapioca pudding. "Makes you wonder what one would have to do for him to understand."

Jou chuckled, "Yeah, makes you wonder." His eyes drifted over to Kaiba. The other boy didn't have any food in front of him, only a cup of the school's infamously bitter coffee, which Jou personally thought fit Kaiba quite well, and a small bottle of Tylenol that was currently being stared at so sternly by Kaiba, Jou was half surprised it hadn't withered away to dust from sheer intimidation. A girl who had her skirt above regulation length, sauntered over to Kaiba's table and sat, in what was apparently supposed to a sexy manner, upon the edge. Katsuya was too far away to hear what was being said, but he could hear the ridiculously shrill giggles from the girl. She flipped her hair and giggled again, before speaking once more in hush tones to Kaiba. Seto did not seem impressed, but he lifted his death glare from the Tylenol bottle and his cooling coffee to grace the girl with an astoundingly handsome smile.

Katsuya frowned. Complete egomaniac jerks like Kaiba Seto shouldn't be able to smile like that.

Of course, the irritatingly pretty smile didn't hold up for long. It soon twisted into a smirk and then any facial expression disappeared completely as he returned to his match of wills against the pill bottle. The girl's expression, however, was not nearly as stoic. First surprise when he looked up, then utter elation when his mouth slipped into that charming smile, and then complete devastation as that charming mouth said to her something that was decidedly uncharming. Her chin quivered a bit, before she let out a squawk of anger and rushed out of the cafeteria, her face, though mostly concealed in her hands, was a humiliated red. Three of her friends went running after her shooting dirty looks at Kaiba as they followed.

"Jou? Where are you going?"

"Kaiba's a prick," Katsuya announced, as if that was an answer.

"Yeah? So where are you going?"

"To tell him that," Katsuya replied and began to move away from the table.

A hand shot out and grabbed his wrist. "No, you're not." Anzu accused. "You're going over there to see how much worse you can make his headache." She sighed. "Just leave him alone. You saw what… condition, he was in yesterday. And you just saw what he did! That has to be a record for the quickest breakdown Kaiba's caused this year!"

Jou smiled in a charming way, though not as charming as Kaiba his mind supplied bitterly. "I know. I'm just going to tell him how cruel that was. She's a lovely girl and doesn't deserve to be treated like that."

"Oh really?" Anzu seemed unmoved. "What's her name?"


"Name, Jou, what's her name? If she's such a lovely girl, you must know her name."

"Of course I do!" he snapped. "It's… it's Yu—er, no! It's Ka… um Ume—er, Sa—well I'd know it if you quit shaking your head at each suggestion!"

"Her name is Suzuyo, but I'm sure you knew that." Anzu frowned disapprovingly at him. "I don't see why you have to antagonize him."

"I already told you," Katsuya said, taking his hand back and grinning. "He's a prick."

Anzu let go of his hand in a huff, furiously shaking her head. "Fine! But don't expect me to mourn at your funeral after he kills you.

"Don't worry, Jou!" Honda spoke up. "I'll mourn for you after Kaiba kills ya!"

Ryou raised an eyebrow at him. "Why not just stop Kaiba from killing him in the first place?"

"You kidding? Kaiba's dangerous enough when he's just being his bitchy self, I'd never get in the way of a hung over super bitch Kaiba." He looked sideways at Katsuya. "Sorry man. You'll be missed."

"Well, it's nice to see at least someone cares about me!" Katsuya said pointedly to Anzu and then sauntered over to Kaiba.

Seto didn't bother to look up as Jou slammed his hands on the table and leaned over him, though, Jou noted with a smirk, Kaiba did wince at the sound. "Hey Kaiba!" Jou said in a loud, nearly shrill voice. "Watcha doin'?"

"Not that it's any of your concern, mutt, I am analyzing this medicine." Seto said it seamlessly

"Oh really?" Jou responded in another unnecessarily loud tone. "Still trying to get rid of that headache, huh?"

Seto looked up at him with thinly veiled annoyance. "What are you talking about?"

Katsuya frowned. "You're headache. From the hangover! That's why you've been glaring at this pill bottle!"

Seto raised his eyebrow superiorly at the boy. "I'm a researching this pharmaceutical company as a possible investment, mutt, and to do so I have to scrutinize every branch of this company, including the packaging of its products."

"But… your hangover—"

"I didn't have one." Seto replied with a smirk.

"But you winced!"

"Yes, I tend to wince a lot when you are present. I have spoken with an attorney, but unfortunately extreme annoyance is not legal grounds to issue a restraining order."

Katsuya looked at the boy carefully. "You're lying!" He suddenly burst out. "You were so drunk you couldn't even make it up your stairs last night!"

"And how exactly do you know this?" Kaiba learned forward in interest. "Spying is grounds for a restraining order."

"Don't flatter yourself, you rich jerk! I was at your house with Mokuba when you came in." Katsuya's lips twisted into a condescending smirk, "Who do you think carried your drunken ass upstairs?"

Katsuya mentally gave a whoop of success as Kaiba's eyes widened and his ears took on a faint, red tint.

The celebration was short lived. "You carried me? Perhaps I should give you a biscuit, that's quite an impressive feat for a mongrel." Before Katsuya could respond Seto grabbed the pill bottle and stood up. He looked down his nose at Katsuya. "Unfortunately I don't have one on me presently, but don't worry, pup, I'll be sure to bring you one soon. I won't even make you beg for it." And saying this, Kaiba turned and walked out of the cafeteria, leaving Jounouchi festering in anger.

Seto briskly walked down the hall in the all important manner that he was quite used to. A few people tried to speak to the hurrying CEO, but quickly thought better of it, as Seto flattered each one with a withering glare. Seto entered the boys' bathroom, snarling at an underclassman washing his hands. The other boy blanched, and quickly ran out of the room, forgetting to get all the soap off. Once the door had closed, Seto rushed to the still running sink and splashed water on his face, trying to mentally will his throbbing headache to stop.

"That stupid, stupid mutt…" Seto groaned rubbing the sides of his temples. He had woken up that morning to his brain attempting suicide by continuously bashing against his skull. He had taken pain reliever but it wasn't working and he was fairly certain that he was already well over the recommended dosage. He had considered staying home, but Mokuba had already spent half the morning lecturing him on being more careful when accepting drinks, as if he was some naïve college girl at her first party, so Seto knew that if he stayed his brother would just lecture him more later on. It took him an hour to convince Mokuba that there was no reason to press charges.

He scowled at the mirror. Just what had Yamada been thinking? He knew she was trying to get him to sleep with her, but why? He racked his brain, trying to remember if there was a business merger coming up or if she was getting involved in any projects, but he couldn't think of any. He was often offered sex by people who wanted his influence, or money, or fame. A former employee of his had even gone as far as to hire a prostitute in hopes that Seto would promote him. Instead, Seto sent the woman to the man's house to have her deliver to the man his letter of termination.

Seto's lip quirked upwards. It probably would have gone more smoothly had the man's wife not answered the door. He had always been a bit odd, but Yamada on the other hand…

'Maybe she has snapped,' He thought. 'She seemed fine, but then again they all do until it happens. I'll recommend Dr. Porpleski to her.'

He splashed a bit more water on his face as another spike of pain ran through him. "Idiot," he mumbled. "Just had to come over and start being loud." Seto sighed. Had the mutt really carried him up the stairs? He had to have been there, at least. There was no other way to explain how he knew about Seto being drunk. And Seto knew Mokuba couldn't lift him up the stairs. However, the thought of the blonde carrying him up the stairs was embarrassing. The mutt probably threw him haphazardly over his shoulder as he carried him to his bedroom…

His heart welled up into his throat. When he woke up his shoes and shirt had been folded neatly on his dresser. His pants, too. Had the other boy also…

Seto felt his face heat up at the thought. "Damn it!" He snarled. "The mutt isn't even here and he's annoying me!"

"Didn't have one."

"Yes, Jou, we know. You told us a million times since this afterno—"

"He didn't have one!" He threw his hands up. "How could he not be the slightest bit hung over? He wasn't even able to make it up the stairs!"

"Well, it's good, isn't it?" Yuugi ventured. He shrunk back a bit under Jou's intent stare. "I mean, it would be, um, bad, if he wasn't feeling well…"


"Oh, come on Jou, he isn't that bad."

"No, Yuugi. He IS that bad! He's evil, I tell you. And stupid. He's evil and stupid and that's a bad combination."

Anzu rolled her eyes. "He isn't stupid, Jou. He's a genius."

"A genius with numbers and computers, sure! But he doesn't have an ounce of common sense. With all these girls throwing themselves at him, and he doesn't even realize why. I mean, what exactly would one have to do to make him get it?"

"I don't know!" Anzu huffed. "Why don't you come onto him and find out!"

Honda reeled back, his nose wrinkling in disgust. "Ew! Anzu that's so gro—"


Ryou blinked in confusion. "Er, what Jou?"

Katsuya jumped out of his chair and rushed around Yuugi's kitchen table to hug the dumbfounded girl. "Anzu, you're brilliant! Why didn't I think of that?"

She wrenched herself away from Katsuya grip and frowned at his overly excited face. "Because it's an awful idea! You're not seriously going to do that!"

"Why not? Think about how embarrassed he'll be! And after all the crap he's put me through, he deserves it!"

"You do realize that that would embarrass you more, right?"

Katsuya scoffed. "Pft, will not." A mischievous grin broke across his face. What did they know? Jounouchi Katsuya was full of great ideas. "You'll see! That bastard won't stand a chance!"

"Mr. Kaiba?"

Kaiba blinked at his employee. The man had just finished his presentation on Kaiba Corp's expected quarterly earnings, when a peculiar shiver had run up from the bottom of Seto's spine to the top of his neck.

The man cleared his throat and glanced around nervously at the other employees, who were not so subtly purposefully avoiding his gaze. He twisted his hands a bit and shuffled his feet nervously. "It's…. ah, a bit lower than last quarter, I know. It must be the economy. You know, state of the yen and all that. See, America and Europe are major consumers, but their economies aren't so great right now either, so it's… ah, affected our quarterly projections. Um, I – I could be wrong, though!" He assured him quickly. "I mean, I'm no financial advisor or anything and their economies could bounce back up to normal tomorrow!" He gave a laugh so strained it sounded painful. "Funny things, economies. Economies. Strange word, isn't it, sir? If you say it enough, it doesn't even sound like a word, anymore. Economies."

Seto raised an eyebrow delicately and watched the man babble himself into a frenzy. He wasn't sure what that shiver was, but he didn't want to think about it and the nervous man, who just began to sweat and develop a slight stutter, was providing a welcomed distraction.

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