"Rodney, get out of there! You've got five Wraith heading straight for you!" John called down the radio with a great degree of urgency.

"I'm almost done!" He replied, determined. His face was an expression of resigned courage, he knew what he was facing, and though it wasn't the way he would choose to go, but if it meant he finished his work here then it would be worth it.

"There must be something we can do!" Teyla said in frustration, all they could do was sit in the Jumper and watch the unfriendly red dots gets closer to the lonely blue one.

"You can't go," He denied her before she even suggested it, her bandages already soaked in bloody from the metal rod embedded in her leg painfully. "If we go and try to rescue him, and get caught or killed by the Wraith, then no one will be able to transfer the data back to Atlantis and he'll have done it all for nothing." John said, facing forward, looking at the screen in the military emotionless stare. It had to be done. "I'm the only one who can fly the Jumper. It was his choice. He knew the risks." He said, sounding as if he were lamenting his scientist friend before the certainty of his death.

"We never should have let him go alone in the first place." Ronon growled. He was rocking back and forth in his seat as though he made the motion to stand, but couldn't and fell back down again, only to question his choice. However, it was not long before he actually did get up, readied his gun and run out of the back of the Jumper, full pelt down the corridor of the facility.

"Ronon!" Teyla called out after him, lunging forward instinctively, reaching out to him, but he own body forced her back and into a wince of pain.

"He made his choice." John said, furiously fighting the urge to lock and load himself, but two things stopped him. His sense of duty for one, the information they took back to Atlantis would be incredible, they could protect the city for decades to come and keep the Wraith away. Secondly, it was a far more selfish level, part of the data being streamed into the Jumper was part of a Replicator storage capsule the Wraith had salvaged from a fragmented ship, lost during their renewed war and probably contained everything Rodney needed to rescue Elizabeth and bring her back to Atlantis safely. His stubborn heart exhumed a coldness for other things as he slowly caved into his own desire to have Elizabeth back. Teyla called to him, her voice begging for him to act, but he froze and refused to do anything.

Ronon, for once, was not concentrated on adding to his kill count. For the first time in what felt like years, that was not his driving purpose, something had been roused in him; the last time he had felt it was when he watched Her die in front of that perversely bright window. His heart quailed for Her then, as it did for his friend now. Most Wraith only received a single shot and were able to regenerate and return to normality in a few minutes, but he just needed to clear a path, make a hole, whatever you want to call it. He reached the grubby door later than he would have preferred, but in better time than he thought he was going to make. The guards before it posed no trouble to the near-raging Satedan, but his blood was made to boil as he heard the screams coming from inside, the unmistakable gasping yelps of the scientist who so bravely, yet with so much pain, was meeting his end. Like hell if I'm going to let Wraith kill him! He roused himself, opened the door and pumped three shots on the maximum setting into the spectating Wraith. There was only one left, and he had wrenched his bloodied hand away from Rodney's pounding chest at the intrusion.

"Ah, the Satedan Runner." Came the arrogant taunt of the revitalised beast. Rodney collapsed to the floor, Ronon's gaze following the path of the body. The Doctor was still alive, but five years at least had been robbed of him, a small patch of hair had gone white from the stress and his face contorted with pain. "They said you try to take on Wraith without a weapon. How foolish, you are too weak." In truth, the Wraith was provoking the rash man into an equally as rash move so that he may be easily conquered and fed upon, yet Ronon was not in this mood.

"Just shut up and die." He said, as though bored and shot it down, but his trademark temper returned and he did not relent in firing shots into the head of the creature, until he was shooting the floor and Rodney could just about choke out,

"I think it's dead." This brought Ronon back to reality and resisting the urge to spit on the corpse (he thought it would be a waste of saliva) went over to help prop up the still shocked McKay.

"You alright?" Came the question.

"No, but you came to save me." He said, annoyed at the obvious answer to Ronon's question, but this soon being outweighed and forgotten by the realisation that it was just the Satedan who had saved him. He did not have much time to ponder the deeper complexities of the issue as he lost consciousness.

This panicked the rescuer, he had just come all this way, and not in terms of the run from the Jumper to the main lab, for Rodney to die at the end of it all?! Not a chance in bloody fracking hell! Knowing that he did not kill all the Wraith on his way, let alone all those in the facility, he decided to swing the body over his shoulder, leaving one arm free to fire shots at any creatures who dare to threaten him or the fragile life in his charge.

However, to his relief and disappointment, he knew he would get little chance to bump up his kill count because a low, whiny alarm sounded throughout the facility and Ronon knew that, cowards the Wraith were, they would all be fleeing as he stood for a moment in thought. On the other hand, this meant that the chances of Rodney's body coming into an unfortunate encounter with unfriendly fire were greatly reduced, and that gave him consolation over lost numbers and a determination to move on.