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Summary: When a night of drinking leads to a passionate encounter, Kagome is left with a strange mark, and an evasive Inuyasha. When their graduation trip ends in a terrifying accident, can the two work together to survive, or will it tear them further apart. AU. Inu/Kag

Deserted: Inebriated

The Tavern was busy. The college students from Tokyo U. celebrated: some the end of final exam week, others graduation. The chatter and laughter of mild to extremely drunk twenty-somethings echoed everywhere. One source of the clamor came from the table occupied by Koga, Inuyasha, Miroku, and Shippo.

The four had become regular visitors when they'd hit drinking age. They had also learned they could get a discount if they stayed in the good graces of friend and tavern server Kagome. She could be seen now and then squeezing through the crowd in her dark green polo and black Levis, taking and delivering orders.

The Tavern was a welcome respite to many, most coming in after long days on campus. Their minds on overload, they were searching for anything or anyone to ease the many stresses of college.

The Tavern itself was built of solid oak on the beach by a wood carver, Masaki Ochiro, as a gift to his wife Kaede on their fiftieth anniversary. Masaki had crafted carvings everywhere, each image different, and all beautiful in their craftsmanship and design. On the walls were mythical birds and winged creatures: griffins, hippogriffs, phoenixes, and even a few well-placed unicorns.

The bar stools bore various dragons: American, Japanese and Chinese, all carved by hand with enough detail that one could see the scales that lined the skin. The tail of each creature wrapped around the edge of crimson cushions, the body curving around the wooden supports down to the base where beaded eyes glared at the patrons from above the polished hardwood floor.

On the bar at the northern end of the room, he'd carved various scenes of battle, all involving some ancient myth. Each was intriguing in design and stunning to behold. Glass shelves were lined along the wall behind the bar with dozens of bottles of various liquor, glasses for mixed drinks, and shot glasses for the more daring. A list of available drinks and their prices hung behind the cash register in the far right corner.

He'd decorated in crimson and silver, with wooden window blinds left open for better ventilation and a pleasing view of the ocean during business hours. They were turned down at closing and private parties only.

Booths were situated near large windows by the walls, the center of the room left empty for the dance floor and a small stage for the local band. Located on the southern wall was the exit leading to the parking lot. Another exit on the western wall led to the balcony and dock that stretched fifty feet into the turquoise sea. Various bench seats, some in the open, some with partial walls for those who sought privacy, dotted the wooden planks.

Upstairs he'd built apartments that lined the eastern and western walls. The rooms he rented were offered first to interested employees, family, and close friends. The rest were left vacant for party-goers who'd had too much to drink and not enough common sense to bring a designated driver. They were rented to guests on a nightly basis to discourage any from taking advantage of the courtesy the Tavern provided.

After Misaki's death, Kaede took one of the apartments for her own. There were too many memories in the home they'd shared and too much silence in a place that had always been so full of laughter.

More laughter rang out in the Tavern, Koga's smooth baritone voice carrying over that of his friends. "Okay, okay," Koga gasped out, holding up his half-empty beer to gain the others' attention. "In honor of our wonderful vacation coming soon, I will pose the next question."

He took a swig of his drink before slamming it down on the round table and leaning in close, a mischievous glint in his dark blue eyes. "If you were stuck on a deserted island, who would you want to be stuck with?"

Shippo, Miroku, and Inuyasha deliberated among themselves for a moment, smiles still on their faces.

"Miroku, you first."

The only human in the group perked up, his grin widening. "Sango, of course!"

"Figures," Shippo muttered.

Everyone knew of Miroku's infatuation with the woman and the reckless advances he made toward her. She shot him down every time, more often than not with physical violence. They all agreed that either he was crazy in love (which was unlikely) or just a masochist who loved the punishment. The latter was the preferred conclusion.

"What about you, Yash?" Koga murmured, eyes shifting to the silver-haired man on his right.

The known playboy smirked. "Kikyo," he said in a no-nonsense voice.

Groans erupted from everyone, their attention straying to Shippo who'd put a finger in his mouth making gagging noises to show his friends what he thought of Inuyasha's answer.

"You've got to be kidding me," Koga drawled; his attention was once again on Inuyasha. "I thought you were over her."

"Hey, hey," Inuyasha interrupted, raising his glass and closing his eyes. "I am. But out of all the women I've had, she was, by far, the best."

"You need to get out more," Shippo replied, a disgusted look marring his features.

Laughter erupted before Inuyasha's voice cut in. "What about you, Fleabag? You think you can do better?"

Koga chuckled, his eyes dancing merrily over the trio. "Ayame."

Inuyasha snorted while Miroku and Shippo just rolled their eyes. "Also figures. She's the only girlfriend who treats him like a god," Shippo answered. "And you know he loves every minute of it."

"Koga glared halfheartedly at Shippo, who merely smiled in response, shaking his head. Inuyasha and Miroku smiled and agreed. "All right, Shippo. You've been giving a hell of a lot of commentary. What about you? Who would you want to be stuck with?" Koga countered, the smile returning to his face.

The kitsune grinned and sat back in his chair, taking his time to look at each of his friends.

Inuyasha sat on his right, a glass of beer in his hand, silver hair falling casually over the shoulders of his red pullover. Miroku sat across from him, laughter in his eyes, and a Long Island Ice Tea clutched in his hand. Koga sat on his left, waiting expectantly for the answer to his question.


All eyes grew wide, but it was Koga who spoke. "What the hell?!"

"You got a thing for the wench?" Inuyasha muttered, raising his drink to his lips, his eyes peering at Shippo over the rim.

Shippou broke into a fit of laughter at the stunned expressions on his friends' faces. Once he calmed down, he explained. "No, she's like a big sister to me. I'd want to be stuck with Kagome, because she would get right down to working on a way to get us off the island. If the island wasn't deserted, and there was a surefire way to get home, I'd choose Kirara." He wiggled his eyebrows in a Miroku-like fashion.

"Hello, boys!" a warm voice called, its owner approaching the table and grabbing the spare seat between Koga and Shippou.

"What are you doing, Kagome? Slacking off?" Koga teased, his eyes bouncing between the woman and Shippo.

"Yeah, wench. Why don't you make yourself useful and get us another round," Inuyasha grumbled, his eyes focused on her.

She was more their friend than his; he and the raven-haired beauty never really got along. They exchanged sarcastic remarks, even going so far as to exchange dirty looks, but the wench wasn't all bad. She was the only one who could give as well as she got and not hold a grudge once all was said and done. He liked that in a woman, and to be honest, it was a hell of a turn on.

Kagome glared back at him and responded by stealing Koga's drink as he went for another swig, taking one herself. "Not slacking. I'm on break." She relaxed in her seat. "And just because I'm a Tavern server, doesn't mean you have the right to call me wench, Dogboy."

InuYasha looked away. "Keh, whatever."

"Anyway. We're celebrating!" Kagome diverted her attention to the other three men in the group. "I heard a lot of laughing over here. What was so funny?"

"Just one of our 'what if' questions," Shippo told her.

Kagome smiled. "Oh, fun! What is it this time?"

Miroku chuckled at her enthusiasm. "All right, Kagome. If you were stuck on a deserted island, who would you want to be stuck with?" He wiggled his eyebrows, trying to send his not-so-innocent interpretation of the question.

A slow, mischievous smile graced her glossy lips. After a moment of thought, she giggled. "Well, that's easy."

The trio raised their eyebrows. It was known that Kagome didn't have a love life; she was constantly working. Three of four pairs of eyes focused on her, interested in whom she would choose.

She giggled again. "Inuyasha."

Said hanyou choked on the mouthful of beer he'd just taken from his glass, sputtering at her answer. "What the—? You can't be serious!"

Koga, Shippo, and Miroku's uncontrolled laughter grated past his ears. His nose burned from the unexpected direction the liquid had taken, and he narrowed his eyes at the source of his irritation.

"Because," she paused, beginning again when the men had gotten their laughter under control, her glare fixed on Inuyasha. "He would be my inspiration to get off the island as soon as humanly possible." She couldn't contain her grin at the looks on their faces.

"See?" Shippo cut in. "Didn't I tell you? That's why I picked her."

"You picked me?" she asked.

"Because you would be the most helpful in getting off said island," Koga elaborated between bursts of laughter.

Kagome laughed, too. "Aww! Shippo, that's sweet," she teased, draping her arm around the younger man's shoulders.

"Kagome! Break's over! Order up!" a voice called over the crowd.

Kagome slipped gracefully from the chair. "I'll be back with your next round soon, all right?"

They watched her maneuver back to the bar in silence. Miroku took another look at his friends and laughed again. "Her answer was priceless!"

Inuyasha reached to smack Miroku on the back of the head. "Shut up, will you? She's just sore because she hasn't had any in who knows how long," he growled.

A hush fell over the table. Koga and Shippo exchanged glances. Miroku put his hand on Inuyasha's shoulder. "Trust me, Yash. Never say that to her face," he said solemnly.

Kagome returned a few minutes later, two mugs of beer in each hand. Moving toward Koga, she allowed him to retrieve his drink, smiling softly at his muttered "thank you" and wink. Turning, she reached to give Shippo his, smiling at him when he nodded his head in thanks. When she handed Miroku his mug, she laughed when he bowed slightly before her. "Thank you, my lady," he murmured, a sly smile on his face as he eyed the remaining mug in her hand, then glanced toward Inuyasha.

Indulging in the moment, Kagome curtsied, bowing her head slightly, laughter lacing her words. "You're very welcome, kind sir. "

With a friendly wink at Miroku, Kagome turned and moved toward the hanyou. Inuyasha merely turned in his seat, eying the mug she held out to him. The mugs were fresh out of the freezer, the sheen of frost on the outer edges melting into drops of water that trickled slowly down the sides. "You spit in it or something?" Inuyasha grumbled, his eyes moving from the mug to the dark shade of her eyes.

In a movement she would blush over later, Kagome smiled, her eyes narrowed in challenge. "No, though the idea has merit."

Raising the mug to her lips, she trailed her tongue from the bottom edge following a drop of water up the frosted side before licking the rim and taking a sip of the beer inside. Her gaze never left the expressions fighting for dominance on his face.

Inuyasha's eyes were wide, his gaze focused on the delicate arch of her tongue trailing up the side of his mug, a bead of moisture gathering at its tip, and the lush curve of her lips as they closed over the rim of his drink. He blinked in stunned silence when she extended the mug to him, her lips glistening from the drink she'd taken, her tongue leaving her mouth to swipe leisurely over her bottom lip. His insides melted, and his body stirred within the tight confines of the Levis he wore. Her words echoed in his head, his ears twitching as the sultry tones swept past them. "Take it, or leave it. "

Reaching with an unsteady hand, he grasped the frosted glass, the cold searing into his fingertips insignificant compared to the heat in his loins. Letting go of the cup, Kagome turned and walked away with a flip of her hair and a seductive swing to her hips.

Koga cleared his throat, his eyes lingering on the disappearing sway of Kagome's body, grunting slightly when Miroku leaned heavily into his side. "Hot!" he murmured, his gaze moving from the scene before him to the wide, green eyes that brightened Shippo's face, a blush highlighting the bridge of his nose and cheeks.

Three sets of eyes turned toward Inuyasha still holding the mug out in front of him, eyes blinking in shock and desire. "That was the hottest thing I've ever seen," Inuyasha muttered before bringing the mug to his lips for a drink.

"No shit!" Koga answered. "It's a good thing I'm taken or I might have done something stupid."

"Koga, you're always doing something stupid," Shippo laughed.

"It's a good thing I'm single," Inuyasha replied. "And interested. Two can play that game."

"What are you going to do?" Shippo said, his wide eyes trained on the bright amber of Inuyasha's. "You can't hurt her, man. She's not like the other women you've dated."

"I know. And that, my dear friends, makes her that much more interesting," Inuyasha smiled, raising his mug for a toast; the others followed suit.

"To finding a woman worthy of the chase," Inuyasha growled.

The men cheered, laughter ringing out around them. Shippo turned his gaze back to Inuyasha, his words soft so the others wouldn't hear over the roar of laughter and music. "She's a good woman, Inuyasha. Don't make this just another conquest. Please. She's my friend, and I don't want to see her hurt."

"Oh, don't worry, Shippo. I think she's got a fair chance of holding her own," Inuyasha murmured. He sighed at the frown on the younger man's face. "I won't hurt her intentionally Shippo. I promise. This time I am genuinely interested."

"The women are here!" Miroku shouted, his gaze resting on Sango as she, Ayame, and Kirara made their way through the crowd to join them.

"Shit yeah!" Koga shouted, his mug in the air. "Let's party!"

A cheer sounded around the table, and Kagome looked up from the bar, her eyes meeting Inuyasha's across the room. A smirk graced his mouth as he brought the mug she'd given him to his lips, his tongue darting out to circle the rim as she had done. She blushed, cursing her heart as it increased its tempo, her blood heating at the sight. She'd always had a crush on the hanyou, always knew there was something that drew her to him.

Kaede watched from behind the bar, a smile tugging the corner of her lips. 'Ah, the beginning of young love. It's about time.'

Sliding up next to Kagome, Kaede nudged the woman she'd come to think of as a daughter. Kagome jumped in surprise, tearing her gaze from Inuyasha's and meeting the warmth of Kaede's. "Why don't you take the rest of the night off? I can handle it from here," Kaede said, smiling.

"But we're swamped!"

"Yes, but the other servers are due in ten minutes. Go celebrate your graduation with your friends."

"Are you sure?" Kagome answered, a smile forming on her face, anticipation building in her chest. "

"I'm certain. Now go."

"Thank you, Kaede." Kagome turned and made her way around the bar, her feet carrying her upstairs and into her apartment. She rushed past her scarcely-furnished living room and into her bedroom to the closet bearing her clothing. In a rush of movement, she replaced her green polo with a white silk top, her pants with a black skirt, and her shoes with black boots. Moving to the bathroom, she pulled a brush through her hair before making her way out the door.

She smiled at Kaede as she passed the bar, her gaze finding Sango, Ayame, and Kirara on the dance floor. "You ladies ready to paaartty?" Kagome shouted over the music. "Kaede gave me the rest of the night off."

"Kagomeee!!" Sango, Ayame, and Kirara screamed, their arms reaching to pull her further into the crush of dancing bodies.

The men turned from their conversation, and smiled. "Looks like the party's over there," Miroku said.

Koga and Shippo shouted in agreement, sliding out of their seats and setting their drinks on the table. Inuyasha smirked, reaching to set down his own drink before moving with his friends toward the women. His gaze settled on Kagome, her change of clothing obvious. The crush of people on the dance floor made it impossible to see anything other than glimpses of her white shirt.

"It is," Inuyasha smiled.

Seven songs later, Inuyasha had yet to meet Kagome on the dance floor. He'd caught brief glimpses of her now and then taking drinks from the server on duty, tossing them back as easily as Koga or even Miroku might. Inuyasha moved toward the outer edge of the dance floor, his gaze searching for their friends. Spotting a dark ponytail, he found Koga and Ayame isolated in the privacy of a corner booth, their attention focused on the intense lip lock occurring between them. Shippo caught his attention next, the kitsune led by Kirara as they headed for the privacy of the rooms upstairs, passing what looked like Kagome on their way.

His eyesight blurred and inwardly he cursed. He shouldn't be drunk- far from it. He was hanyou, after all. It should take more than… what was it now? At last beer count he was three over the rest of the men in his party at nearly twelve. His vision didn't normally start fuzzing out until after fifteen or so.

A loud smack over by the western door brought his gaze to Miroku, who was anxiously following a fuming Sango. She darted out the balcony door, Miroku spouting apologies as he followed her, a lovesick pout gracing his reddened face.

The only one left to find was Kagome. Moving back into the crowd of dancers, he winced when he stumbled on his own feet, then smirked and accepted his inebriated state. It was graduation. Generally speaking, you only graduated from college once.

Then Inuyasha caught sight of Kagome. She was dancing near the stairway leading to the upstairs rooms. She moved to the beat of the song, her hips swaying, head thrown back. The white silk shirt she'd changed into was split down the middle to expose the soft tanned skin of her stomach and the valley between her breasts.

Her black skirt reached mid-thigh, the clasps holding her thigh high nylons peeking out from beneath it as she moved, knee-high leather boots adorning her feet. Her raven hair was loose, swaying down her back. One hand clutched the hair at her temple, the other trailed lightly down the curve of her throat, down her chest. Her fingers brushed sensuously over the inner swell of her breast before flattening to press against the toned ridges of her stomach, her hips rolling seductively to a song he no longer heard.

She opened her eyes when the song changed, her eyes meeting his across the dimly lit dance floor. Heavy bass flooded the air between them, bodies moved heatedly around them, and time stood still.

The sexual tension between them was primal. All the sarcasm, all the dirty looks, the sexual innuendo; this was attraction at its finest. Her hand raised, palm up. With her index finger she called him to her. Inuyasha moved without conscious thought until his hands found her waist.

"Dance with me."

It wasn't a question or a demand. He moved against her, smiling when her hand tangled itself in his hair.

The music was loud, the bass thumping so hard he could feel it around him. The crowd cheered when the lyrics began, the song erotic. Her scent created chaos for his senses: sweet lavender with a touch of salt and strawberry. He could make out the scent of tequila on her breath as it washed over him.

When you need it,

girl I try to hide it, but I can't escape it. Oh baby.

Please forgive me.

When I think of you my thoughts are so x-rated. Oh baby.

Baby I don't give a damn.

I know that your man's nowhere in sight- whoa, oh,

and your eyes don't tell a lie.

I know you wanna come with me tonight, and I'll say all right.

But first you gotta -

push, push, back up on me, make me believe you want it.

Push, push back up on me, girl I can't go home lonely.

Push, push back up on me, go ahead lay it on me.

Don't stop until the mornin', just keep pushing back on me.

Moving together, Inuyasha closed his eyes when Kagome moved closer to him, her slim body turning so her back pressed against his chest. Her head rested in the curve of his shoulder, her arm thrown over so her fingers could tease the hair at the nape of his neck.

Do you need me? You know it.

Do you need me? You know it.

Will you please me? You know it.

Will you tease me? You know it.

Baby I-

I'm the kind of guy that don't get real excited. Oh baby.

When you have, when you have your private party,

I hope that I'm invited. Oh baby.

Kagome turned her head, her nose brushing past the underside of Inuyasha's chin. In her mind she could see him tracing the edge of his mug with his tongue, and her body reacted with a surge of warmth she felt all the way to her toes. Curling her hand at the side of his head, she turned him so his gaze could find hers. Awareness lingered in the depths of his golden eyes, a primal knowledge of her body's want of his. His lids lowered, his gaze sweeping down her body, desire dancing in the depths of his eyes as they once again settled on her face. She didn't know where the courage came from—though she suspected the five strawberry margaritas she'd drank through the course of the night. She kissed him.

Baby I don't give a damn.

I know that your man's nowhere in sight- whoa, oh,

and your eyes don't tell a lie.

I know you wanna come with me tonight, and I'll all right.

The growl that rumbled through him held a purr-like quality, approval laced in the guttural sound coming from within him.

But first you gotta -

push, push, back up in me, make me believe you want it.

Push, push back up on me, girl I can't go home lonely.

Push, push back up on me, go ahead lay it on me.

Don't stop until the mornin', just keep pushing back on me.

She smiled into his mouth, her smirk changing to a startled gasp as he turned her around to face him. His mouth crashed against her open one, his tongue darting in to brush against hers. Her answering moan was all he needed, and Inuyasha deepened the kiss, his eyes rolling back behind closed eyelids when her hands raked through his hair to pull him closer. Moving her toward the stairwell leading to the upstairs rooms, preferably her apartment, he kissed her again, softer this time, his question echoing in the silence of his kiss.

Push, push, back up in me, make me believe you want it.

Push, push back up on me, girl I can't go home lonely.

Push, push back up on me, go ahead lay it on me.

Don't stop until the mornin', just keep pushing back on me.

Kagome answered by pulling him into another dizzying kiss, her body moving slowly up the stairwell and pulling him gently with her.

Push, push, back up on me, make me believe you want it.

Push, push back up on me, girl I can't go home lonely.

Push, push back up on me, go ahead lay it on me.

Don't stop until the mornin', just keep pushing back on me.

Push, push, girl!

Push, push, girl!

Push, push, girl!

Push, push.

The song changed to one with a slower beat, though the bass still vibrated through the walls and into the hallway as Inuyasha and Kagome stumbled through it.

When she turned to push the key into the lock, Inuyasha pushed her against the door, his body pressing intimately against her back, his mouth at the curve of her neck. Her delighted gasp echoed around them. When the lock gave way, they stumbled through the doorway, falling in a tangle of limbs just inside the door frame.

Inuyasha kicked the door shut before moving his way up her body, ridding her of clothing as he moved. He smiled when her hand found his zipper and groaned against her skin when her toes pulled cloth down his legs. He kissed her stomach, watching her head tilt back, the glorious expanse of her throat exposed. His demon snarled in approval, something he'd never heard with any of his previous lovers. He ignored it. He was half demon, after all. It was normal… right? What should have been his first warning slid away beneath the alcohol-induced fog, delaying the message centers of his brain from answering the question regarding his demon. His shirt, followed by hers, joined the growing pile of clothing scattered across the floor, effectively beginning the 'forget everything but her' process.

Forgetting the thought, Inuyasha focused on the delightful moans coming from the woman under him. Sliding his tongue between her breasts, he moved cautiously upward, his gaze focused on his target: her neck, specifically the junction of her neck and shoulder. She was submissive, lying beneath him, her scent heavy with arousal. He could smell his scent coating her and feel the sting of his incisors as they lengthened in anticipation. The moment his mouth closed over her shoulder she arched deliciously under him, her hands holding him to her, her mewl of pleasure searing past his ears. Kagome. And then everything went black. She went still beneath him, one word echoing through his mind before the blackness stole that away, too.


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