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The Power of Three
Chapter 1: Meddling with Dreams

In the world, there is darkness and light. When fear mixes with the light, it begins to fade and drain away. As the sun disappears behind the horizon, three young teens, known as digimon tamers, rests peacefully at their home without a single realization of the power that is yet to come.

Somewhere, unseen in the shadows of night, a digimon sits impatiently awaiting news from his subjects. Soon, a small winged creature dashes into the and politely bows.

"Sir, I have found them." Said the small winged creature.

"How many are there, Vilemon?" The dark digimon shouted impatiently.

"Three, your evilness. They all possess the power to make their partner digimon digivolve."

"Where are they located?"

"A city not far from here. I believe it was called Shinjuku."

"Very well." Vilemon looked at his master as the digimon got up from the throne. The cloaked digimon strode over to a circle where markings were found all around it. With a wave of his hand, the circle opened up to reveal an image of three children, fast asleep.

"So this is where they have been this entire time." The digimon scowled. "Lowly scums and their loyal digimon. It was the digimon that so strongly turned their backs on the fellow creatures they shared the land with. Cowards! Not only did they decide to escape the digital world and join forces with those human, but it was they that banished me from the real world, by blocking the gates from evil! We, the digimon, could have ruled both worlds, and I... yes, I could have ruled them all!" His fist glowed darkly and a long staff appeared. He smirked evilly. "But my loyal and powerful subjects have slowly begun to wear down the barrier. Few have actually begun to succeed in entering the real world!"

"B... but... But sir! I have been faithful to you through out the entire time! I am powerful! And I am willing to aide you into entirely shattering the barrier!" Cried Vilemon.

"SILENCE! You are no match in power to my other allies!" The digimon yelled, but turned to images in the water and smirked again. "My time will come soon. With these three out of the way, I will have no worries about anyone! Beware, my foolish enemies. You can not block out the powers of darkness for much longer... My time is drawing nearing, and then, shall you all feel the full wrath of DAEMON!"

Daemon waved his staff over the water. Images of two people disappeared leaving a blue-hair boy in the water.

"This boy appears vulnerable." Daemon said. "Perfect type for fear to take over. What is his name?"

"Henry Wong, your evilness." Muttered Vilemon.

"Yes, he will do. The other two will be harder. Their digimon seems more capable of fighting." Daemon glanced over to where his servant stood. "What are the names of the other two? The ones that own the larger digimon?"

"Takato Matsuki and Rika Nonaka, o ruler of darkness."

"I see. The plan shall begin. Let's see how this one handles darkness in places where he can not be protected..."

At Henry's apartment, Shinjuku

Henry laid in his bed with an uneasy feeling that crept into his mind as he drifted off to sleep. Tossing and turning, he dreamed only of darkness...

"Takato? Rika?" Henry called out, but his voice only echoed in vain. "Where am I?"
The scene was blank and empty, where every corner was colorless. Not black, not white, just... empty. He wandered around without thinking. Suddenly, blood red eyes became visible behind him. Henry heard the sound of something laughing. Quietly, but it was still there. He quickly whirled around, but there was nothing visible around.

"Who's there!?" He shouted, putting up his hands in guard. The laughter grew louder. It wasn't a pleasant laugh, just cold and hollow. It sent a chill up his spine. "Show yourself! Who are you?" He shouted again. The laughter stopped. An icy whisper indicated that someone, or something, was watching him.

Very well.

The icy whisper echoed around, as if being thrown back by invisible walls. A shadow with the same, glowing, blood red eyes slowly faded into existence. Soon, an image of a digimon appeared.

"You!" Henry yelled. "I thought Daemon didn't exist!"

"Don't I?" Daemon replied. "Then why am I here?"

"This all isn't real." Henry said. "It's a dream. Just a dream."

"Just a dream?" The dark digimon laughed again. "If only it were. But unfortunately, for you, this won't be just a dream again. Soon, it will be reality. After I'm through with you, your friends will cease from existence trying to save you."

Henry took a step back. As soon as he did, ropes shot out and, as if it were snakes, wrapped themselves around his legs. Unable to move, He angrily glared at Daemon.

"It's been 100 years since the last time I managed to enter the real world." Daemon began. "When the former digi-destined sealed all the gates, the light that they made the world recognize prevented me from braking through. Now that those digi-destined are gone, you and your friends took over their place and again the light that the three of you possessed prevented me from entering." He paused, and his eyes laid on Henry, now with ropes bound around his arms. Smiling, Daemon continued.

"But it won't be long now until I have access to your world once again."

Shocked, Henry yelled. "What do you mean by that?"

"Even at this time when you sleep, when your digimon and all your friends are unaware, I am restless! I am slowly, but surely, breaking down the barrier that blocks the entrance to the digital world!"

"Why you... you..." Henry choked, as the ropes found their way around his neck.

"Can't find words to throw at me, Henry?" Daemon chuckled. "I should have known. Someone as weak and pathetic as you wouldn't be able to help your friends at all. But... you and your friends have been helping me a lot. With your foolishness.

You see, with the bits of data that are left unabsorbed by your digimon after destroying a virus type digimon, it disappears, but do you know where that data goes? To the barrier, and the darkness of a virus digimon's data begins to gnaw away at the barrier. So your carelessness is actually helping me."

Henry was furious with himself. How could I have been so stupid? He thought. Now this is all my fault!

Smiling with satisfactory at Henry's confusion, he continued. "That's not the only thing! Recently, a large amount of virus digimon data was concentrated in one area! It did a large amount of damage to the gate, and soon, I will be free again!"

The Juggernaut! Henry's head was pounding. And Yamaki thought it was going to destroy digimon...

Daemon laughed again. "Beware! You have been warned, but I am still out there. I'm watching you, and if you try to plan anything, I'll be able to find you... beware..." Daemon's laughter echoed again as the ropes that bound Henry in place pulled him downward. He helplessly sunk into a pool of darkness, his voice unable to call out for help, his vision of the dream slowly fading away...

No, please... don't do it... leave my friends alone...

Suddenly, Henry jerked awake. Quickly jolting up, he was sweating and felt dizzy. His alarm clock lights blinked. It was only 4:00 am.

It's only a dream. He thought. It's not real. It'll never be real.

On his desk next to him, his D-power went haywire flashing madly, Henry picked it up, and a message flashed across the screen that made him freeze.

I'm watching you...

To be continued in Part Two...

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