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The Power of Three

"Come on, Rika, honey!" Rika's mom yelled. "We have to hurry or we're going to be late." Rika responded by slamming the door open.

"I hate dresses." She said bluntly. Throwing on a long sleeve black shirt, she tugged annoyingly on her velvet black skirt. "That goes double for even shorter versions of dresses."

"It's a skirt, dear." Her grandmother stated.


"Honey, I know how much you hate to dress up," Rika's mom said. "But we ARE attending a funeral and you need to look nice. It'd be disrespectful to wear pants."

"Henry's not dead." Rika said quietly. Her mom suddenly came up with a camera and snapped a few photos.

"Of course he's not." Rika's mom said absentmindedly. "Now hold still, I want to get some pictures of you during the rare times that you wear something tasteful, not like the jeans and t-shirt that you're always in."

"Mom!" Rika shouted.

Takato didn't understand why he had to go. The adults wouldn't believe the two of them (three including Susie) that Henry was going to be back. Henry's family could only believe that Henry was dead and there was nothing else he, Rika, or Susie could do.

Fumbling with the buttons, he cursed the people who made the suit so hard to wear. After 10 minutes or so, he eventually got the jacket buttoned up and walked out of the bakery with his parents.

It's been a week since the rampage of Digimon within the district. Shinjuku was being repaired, and luckily no one (except maybe the tamers) was badly injured during the fight. Jeri had quite a freight during the time but is still holding on, as innocent and cheerful as ever.

As for Kazu and Kenta, they haven't been able to sleep for 3 nights straight after the attack but eventually could not hold out and collapsed in exhaustion.

Rika and Takato continue on with the hope that they will still see Henry again. They know for sure that he will not break a promise.

"Hey! Rika! Over here!" Takato waved to his friend/girlfriend who had just entered the door. His parents hushed him and told him to sit down, which he obeyed. Rika found her way over and sat down next to him, followed by her mother and grandmother. Behind them sat Jeri, as well as Kenta and Kazu who (for once) was keeping his big mouth shut.

Unfortunately, Rika didn't get a chance to talk since the funeral was starting. A picture of Henry hung on the wall to the front of the area.

"Today," The man at the front started, (Takato had no clue who he was but he didn't say anything.) "We are gathered here to bid farewell to a beloved son and true friend, Henry Wong. To some, he was a respectful and bright student, and to many others, he was much more than that…"

Rika cut the man's voice out of her mind. Susie slid off her seat and made her way towards Rika, who bent over to hear what she had to say. Nodding, she too, got up and held Susie by the hand as the two strode out of the hall, followed by Takato, and soon Kenta, Kazu, and Jeri. Some watched them out the door in surprise, while others shot them a menacing look for their disrespect. Rika and Takato avoided their eyes and kept on walking. Susie just focused on getting out.

Rika's mother was about to go after her when Rika's grandmother pulled her back.

"Let her go." She said quietly as Rika's mother sat back down.


Takato's mother looked over to where they sat. "A friend's death is very hard on children at such a young age. It's best to let them go." Rika's mother nodded and said no more. Little did they know that this was not the reason why they left.

Takato and Rika sat by a rock cliff over looking the ocean, not far from where the funeral was being held. Susie curled up on Rika's lap, drifting off to sleep. Takato put a hand on Rika's shoulder while Rika threw another rock into the waters.

"I'm glad you walked out of their first, I wouldn't have had the guts." Takato said, giving her a peck on the cheek.

"It was her idea first." Rika said, stroking Susie's head. "Besides, the funeral was a waste of our time. We know he's not dead." Jeri, Kazu and Kenta stood behind them.

"Man, I can't believe you guys had a whole adventure and we missed out on it!" Kazu whined, placing his hands behind his head.

"Ya, all we got were a bunch of stupid Bakkamon in our apartment and trashing our stuff." Kenta added. "This bites."

"But at least we know that we didn't REALLY lose someone." Jeri said optimistically. "And we don't have to worry as much."

"That is so like you, Jeri, always looking on the bright side of things." Kazu said.

Looking back, Takato smiled. "There's nothing wrong with optimism, Kazu."

"Ya, but…" Kazu continued to blab on about the pessimistic side of optimism, which sounded so farfetched that everyone, even his best friend Kenta, stopped listening to him.

"We need optimism in this world." Takato thought to himself. "Optimism is what pulls us through every battle and every journey. It's what gives us hope to do something, and the hope to keep on going." Rika put her head on Takato's shoulder and Takato pulled her closer.

"And with optimism" He thought, "Is what will give us the hope that we'll see Henry again… Someday…"

End of Epilogue.

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