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Iris stared at the tiny white stick she was holding, unable to hold back her shock. The porcelain tiles of her bathroom were already beginning to become damp with tears. Her sobs ("No…no…God, no…no…") were soft yet the sound they carried traveled all over the temple, echoing as if a pin dropped from the heavens.

She sat on the toilet with the lid down under her, tears starting to trickle down her face. What the stick told her compromised everything; the mission her twin sent her on, her faux identity, her status as a nun…

Her robe was becoming wetter by the tear as her panic swept over her in an artful, deft stroke.

"God, please…" she whispered, as if praying that the stick was lying, "Please…no!"

But the stick wasn't lying. It had two lines encompassed in a circle perpendicular to each other and a small, tiny, miniscule word that would change her life forever:


Her mind almost half-mad, Iris quickly bolted out of the bathroom and grabbed her keys to the snowmobile in her rush to exit the temple as quickly as possible.

She needed to call Phoenix—fast.


Sometime later

Phoenix was surprised to hear his Dollie's voice (that sweet, sweet voice he craved) panicked as she called his cell phone during Chemistry. He politely excused himself before taking the call, and immediately wished he hadn't for the pain that he felt for his girlfriend was unbearable. He hid that sort of pain well, but one could tell it was still there.

Dollie was in a sobbing frenzy, her voice almost hysterical. Phoenix could almost hear the tears, those dreaded tears. He wished he could be there at the other end to comfort her, but alas, he could not.

"Doll, just calm down for a moment or two, ok? Just calm down right now," he told the receiver on his phone. His voice was trying to soothe his girlfriend, but he knew that his efforts were in vain.

"Feenie…*hic* Oh, God…what *sniffle*…? Why…*sob*…? Oh…*sniffle sob*…why now? God…*hic sob sniffle*…" Dollie cried into the phone, voice panicked.

"We'll get through this, alright? We're in this together, you and me."

"*sob* I…*hic*…can't do this…*sniffle*…"

"Listen, I need you to be strong. We got ourselves into this; we can get ourselves out of it." Phoenix's voice was trying to stay strong for his girlfriend, but he was panicking on the inside.

"*hic* Alright…I'll…try."

"Ok, first, we need to—" Phoenix began before being cutoff.

"Feenie…can I trust you?" Dollie asked; her voice quiet and sore from all her crying.

"Yeah, you can trust me."

"I've…been meaning to tell you something…"

"Other than you're…you know…?"

"Yes, other than that."

"Go ahead. Shoot." Famous last words,Phoenix thought, but pushed that in the back of his mind.

"I'm not Dahlia Hawthorne."