This is my first fan fiction ever so wish me luck and tell me what you think about my story. I came up with this story at work. The idea was created in that little time where you have nothing better to do. Working third shift is really boring I'm telling you. This is just an entry into my story so you guys have an idea on where I'm coming from. Reviews would be really nice thanks.

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This story takes place probably a year after JE. However, I'm switching things around from how that episode ended.

The Doctor was laying there in bed trying his hardest not to wake up Rose. Rose, he thought, I can't believe she is here. Well this isn't how I had imagined things would go on that beach. He really wasn't expecting things to go the way they did but who was he to argue with fate. Especially when he got Rose back. The Doctor closed his eyes and searched his mind for that memory of that day. The day he got Rose back into his life once more. Ah, yes. There it is. He allowed his mind to replay all that happened on the beach.


The other him had just told Rose how they "both" felt about her. However, Rose said "thanks" and looked at Her Doctor. Donna was standing there behind him.

"Oi. Do I have to do evrythin?" Donna was soon pushing the Doctor over to Rose. " Kiss her already. God knows you've been wanting to ever since you saw her on that street."


"Well you have, haven't ya? Don't tell me you haven't. Am I right?" Donna looked over to the second Doctor.

"She's right. Go on snog her to death already. Well not really to death but you know what we mean."replied the other Doctor as he moved over towards Jackie. "I'll be staying here if you don't mind. Don't look at me like that. Donna and I agreed that this paralell world needs a Doctor. I'm you, kinda, and Donna is willing to stay here with me. Right Donna?"

"Yeah. Don't worry about me Doctor. Just give my mother and grandad this will you?" Donna handed the Doctor an envelope. " This world needs a Doctor so why not give it two. I'll survive with Space- Boy number two over there." Donna hugged the Doctor.

The Tardis made a squealing noise.

"Time for you two to get going." Donna motioned to the Tardis.

Rose looked towards her mother. Jackie nodded. " Always knew you were gonna go with 'im. Don't worry. I'll be okay. You go have a great adventure." Jackie hugged Rose and said goodbye to her daughter.

Rose looked up to the Doctor, smiled, and took his hand. The Doctor looked over towards Donna and asked, " Are you sure Donna? You won't be able to see your family again."

"Don't worry about me. Maybe here I can have a better life than what I had back home."

"You are welcome to stay with Pete and I."

"Thank you Jackie." said the second Doctor.

With that, the Doctor and Rose entered the Tardis and left.

End of Flashback

The Doctor smiled as the memory came to an end. Donna. She truly was, wait, is a brilliant human. Just then a flashing light on the wall caught his attention. Pink. Someone is trying to call the Tardis. The Tardis must not want to disturb Rose. He glanced at the sleeping Rose to his right. She hasn't been able to sleep much lately. Of course what person could with all that extra weight squishing their organs.

The Doctor sighed, then very carefully removed himself from the bed. Trying not to make much noise as he left the bedroom, he made his way to the control room. When he arrived the Tardis turned the lights up so he could see the phone.


" Hey Doctor. It's me, Martha. Umm... Jack. No. Jack stop it. Jack."

" Martha? Martha, you alright?"

"Hey Doc. Do you and Rose have plans for November 28, 2009? Good come on by the hub, alright? See ya then."

"What? Martha? You there?

"Doctor. Sorry about that. Jack seems to be in a good mood lately. Sumthin' about Thanksgiving? I guess it is an American holiday. He has been driving us mad here at Torchwood. He has even decorated the Hub for this holiday of his. He wants to know if you and Rose are up for celebrating it with him. Okay okay us."

"I'll see if Rose is up for it then. What's the date and time of this event?"

" November 28, 2009. Time um hang on a sec. Jack! What time? Thank you. Jack says come by around 3 in the afternoon. Alright, see you both there or here I should say. Give my regards to Rose. Bye Doctor." Click.

"We going somewhere Doctor?"

The Doctor looked up and saw Rose standing there by the captains' seat. Hand on her round belly. Her hair all over the place. She was still in her pajamas, but she looked totally amazing. He walked over to her to help her into the seat before telling her where they were going.

"It seems that Jack has invited us to the Hub for an American holiday called Thanksgiving. You think you'll be able to handle all that excitement?"

"I think we can handle some excitement." She said rubbing her belly.

"Okay then." The Doctor pushed a few buttons and pulled a few levers. " Here we go on another little adventure."

I'll try to get more chapters up over the next couple of days. This story is going to keep going till New Years Day. I'm American and have nothing better to do during this years' holidays so I decided to write what the holidays might be like for the Doctor, Rose, Martha, Jack and the whole Torchwood team. By the way I got hooked on Doctor Who from a friend who forced me to watch it with him, so this little chapter is dedicated to him. So I hope you enjoyed this little bit and I'll give you a small hint to keep you coming back for more.

Chapter 2 Preview:

"Okay everybody out of my kitchen now!!!!! What Ianto?"

"Uh Jack? Is that turkey suppose to be on fire????"