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The years passed and a tight friendship formed between Cloud and Jenova. Being somewhat of outcasts, they stuck together to face off the bullies. Word spread fast of Jenova s abnormalities, and even Cloud at times had to wonder about her. She just couldn't connect with people or understand them. More than once her words had hurt him, but she had, over the years, slowly let slip about her past. It confused him. Why would someone want to join the people who did all those experiments on them? She still wanted to join ShinRa.

Cloud sighed as he surveyed the people around him. They were all so much older and bigger than he was. How could stand a chance to get into ShinRa with this type of competition. It was practically hopeless, but again Jenova insisted. Over the years she had always said that size doesn't matter in a battle. But it sure did help; was what Cloud always added. Then again, Cloud pondered on Jenova's chances. Female SOLDIER was only introduced three years ago, and only four had been admitted into the program. The requirements were stricter and tougher than the male regime and that had cut the candidates quickly. Sure, they had started preparing quite a while ago for these exams, but Cloud couldn't help but feel at a disadvantage. Even some of these female candidates were more muscular than him!

"Don't worry Cloud," Jenova's voice came fom behind him, causing him to jump slightly, "we will get in. You probaly know more than a 3rd class SOLDIER anyway."

Cloud turned around and raised an eyebrow at his long-time friend. She had grown and was, embarrassingly, almost a head taller than him, though more slender than him. Her eyes were a glowing violet, and her strange silver hair was hidden under a hat.

"I'm still smaller than everyone else here, Jen. There's very little consolidation for that," Cloud responded dryly, wearily eyeing the other cadets. The induction hall was rather large and there were a lot of people hoping to join SOLDIER. There was a stage in the front, raised so everyone could see the stage. A voice came over the speakers, calling for attention from the assembly of cadets. Cloud felt Jenova coming to stand next to him, gripping his arm tightly.

Major Girry stood in front eyeing the cadets with distaste. Not even a third of these cadets would be admitted into SOLDIER, then ten, maybe, would advance further than Third Class. Then there were the females; of personal opinion, shouldn't even be there. But, the General had pushed for the ruling that females could join SOLDIER after seeing the Wutai female warriors. But, those females had been brought up from birth to become a warrior. These female cadets were too soft; too frail to become warriors. The same could be said for many of the male cadets. But those would be weeded out soon enough.

"Cadets! ATTENTION!" Major Girry called as Sephiroth stepped into the wings. Most cadets stopped talking; only a few saluted and stood properly. there were a few that carried of chatting. Major Girry suppressed a smirked at what he knew what was coming.

"Maggots, I believe the Major called for attention," came the cold voice with a flash of silver that caught eyes. General Sephiroth was here. Jenova's breathe caught as she silently squeezed Cloud's arm. Cloud spared her a glance and a smile. A cold sneer graced the General's face as he regarded the new cadets. They were getting worse every year. The hall was silent as he continued, barely sparing a glance for the yawning Zack.

"You are here Cadets to try to be accepted into SOLDIER. The elite guard and army of ShinRa. Many of you think you are good enough. But I will tell you: you aren't. Less than half of you will have the honour of making it through the cadet training, and half of that number would be lucky to become a 3rd Class SOLDIER. That is my reality. I only accepted the best. So all that is left to say is good luck and try not to kill anyone, namely yourself." Sephiroth glared at the assembly for good measure before nodding to his Firsts, and then storming off. It was a known fact that he hated these events and doing speeches.

Jenova looked at Cloud, worriedly as Girry told them to chack the boards outside the hall to see their allocation to which rooms and to collect their timetables. The cadets filed out in some semblance of order, after the higher class officers that is, leaving Cloud looking at Jenova. Her gaze was planted on the ground with a sad look in her eyes, a few strand of silver hair escaped their prison. Cloud merely hugged her. Pulling away, he was rewarded with a weak smile.

"Cmon, lets go and check where we are sleeping during the training," Cloud said with a small smile, his arm still on the taller girl's arm.

Cloud entered his dorm slowly, eyes warily looking around at the somewhat hostile and disbeliveing looks he was getting. Sighing, he moved to his assigned bunk and put his stuff down. He luckily got the bottom bunk. Looking up, Cloud glanced to see who would be his bunkmate, his eyes catching green and red. Looking down at him, the redhead grinned and waved.
6 "Hey, I'm Reno. From Midgar. You?" he said.

Cloud sighed internally before nodding, "Cloud. From Nibelhiem. Nice to meet you."

"Heh," Reno nodded before falling back onto his bed, but his voice drifted down from above, causing Cloud to pause as he searched through his duffle bag, "what made a small town boy like you join SOLDIER, Cloudy?"

"Don't call me that," Cloud growled out before adding, "it's in the blood. It's my best friend and my calling."

"Huh?" came the confused answer and Reno peeked over the edge of the bed, his red hair drifting slightly.

"My father was a First and my uncle was a Second. And Jen's brother is a First and her father was a Turk, It's in the blood and it's all we have talked about since we were kids. Got to keep up the family tradition. You?"

Reno whistled at the infomation, before asking, "Jen? As in a female cadet? I joined cos I'm gonna be a Turk. No family legacy but simply my dream, ya know? I grew up in the streets, in the slums."

Cloud looked at him with a thoughtful look and nodded. He then answered, "Yeah, Jenova de Silver. You ever face her in sword work, run. She's a monster."

Reno laughed and nodded, "Ya know what, Chocobo? I think this is the begining of a wonderful friendship."

Cloud scowled and looked away, fuming. Internally he wondered what his punishment would be if he kiled his bunkmate...

Jenova stepped into the small dorm without hesistation and without a glance at her companions. She calmly walked to her bed and placed her duffle bag down. It was only when a voice cut through the silence that she looked up.

"Well, what do we have here? A another newbie."

Looking up, Jenova was met with seven other girls, all older and bigger than her. Standing up, she smiled slightly before offering an awkward, "Hello."

"What's your name, Freshie?" a tall blond girl with quite a built figure asked with a sneer.

"Jenova de Silver." Jenova said neutrally, eyeing the other girls warily now as her instincts screamed at her to neatralise the threats.

"Well, de Silver. Know this, apart from you and Morita, the rest of us have been cadets before. No female has ever been accepted into SOLDIER on their first try before. So get used to it and stay out of our way, geenies."

Jenova's violet eyes narrowed as she carefully assessed the situation and going with the best possible solution. She merely nodded and returned to duffle. Getting changed quickly for bed, Jenova slipped under the covers after storing her duffle bag under her bed. But before she could close her eyes, a meek voice spoke to her.

"Hi, I'm Keli Morita form Juno."

Jenova turned to look at the bed next to hers and noted the slightly bigger black-haired girl. Forcing a small smile, Jenova replied, "Jenova from Nibelhiem." She then turned around and fell asleep, anticipating the morning classes.

The cadets stood quietly in the training hall. They eyed the walls of weaponery as they awaited their instructor. They didn't hvae to wait long as the doors banged open revealing a Second Class SOLDIER, Leo Pednis. He took one look at the bunch of cadets ebfore bellowing out, "Form a line maggots!"

Immediately, a line was formed of the forty cadets, of which five were female standing at the end. Pednis walked down the line, eyeing each one as with a face of disgusted. He paused momentarilly infront of the female cadets and a sneer formed on his face. He stopped suddenly and looked the cadet up and down.

"What are you wearing, Cadet?" he asked in a low voice.

Jenova raised her eyes to meet his, "The male uniform, sir!"

"Name cadet! And why would you be wearing such a thing, cadet?" Pednis continued.

"Cadet Jenova de Silver, sir! Sir, the male uniform allows for easier movemnet than the skirts of the female uniform sir! And the cloth tied around my head is to keep my hair from distracting myself or giving my opponent an advantage, sir!"

A thoughtful look entered Pednis's eyes, but his sneer was firmly in place as he nodded, "Very well cadet de Silver."

Walking to face the whole line, Pednis demand, "Those who have taken the cadet test before step back!" Four females and five males stepped back silently. Nodding, he continued, "Those who have handled a weapon before step forward!"

Three males and the last female cadet stood foward. This caused an eyebrow to be raised from Pednis. "You! Redhead! Name and where did you learn to fight with what weapon!"

"Reno, sir. I fight with daggers or with rods. I was taught from gangs from under the plate," the redhead said with a smirk.


"Derek Tallin, sir. Fists from my uncle who runs a dojo."


"Cloud Strife, sir. I was trained in sword fighting by my father and uncle before they died in Wutai, and then from my best friend Jenova, sir."

"Wutai? They fought the war?" Pednis asked slightly curious.

"Yes, sir! My father was a first class soldier and my uncle was a second class soldier, sir!"

Nodding, Pednis turned a sharp eye to the last cadet, "Where did you learn, Cadet de Silver?"

"My elder brother, sir! He is a SOLDIER First class and my father who was a Turk, sir!"

That caused Pednis to stop and stare at the girl who met his gaze. Seeing that she was telling the truth, he decided. "Strife! De Silver! Pick up your the wooden version of your weapon and spar. I wish to see what you have been taught," Pednis declared in a tone that screamed that he didn't believe that they knew much.

Jenova and Cloud retrieved their weapons and stood facing each other on the blue mat. Jenova swung her two wooden blades in her hand, testing the balance and weight. Cloud tossed his bastard sowrd from one hand to the other as well. Taking their stand, Pednis yelled to begin.

Jenova made the first move, speeding towards Cloud who moved to the side evasively, still blocking as Jenova's signature move followed. Despite running head on, at the last second to follow Cloud, she used her right foot to flip herself backwards to strike at Cloud, which was blocked. Cloud retailiated with pushing against her blades for a moment and then dropping to the ground to sweep her feet and she landed. He only suceeded in sweepig one as Jenova flipped again, out of his reach.

Not wasting a second, Cloud charged at her, swiping and cuting, throwing parts of katas from every thing he knew; be it third, second or the few first class ones. Jenova dodged and blocked with ease and grace, as if it was effortless, never missing the beat. She then gave as much as she got, matching Cloud's fast pace of attacks and blocks.

The end came quite suddenly after almost fifteen minutes of sparing, Jenova performed some acrobatice feats in a fast pace combined with twisting her left sword around her hand to pass a block and point it at Cloud's throat, forcing his to yield.

Panting slightly, Cloud backed off and smiled. Jenova smiled back and nodded. Silence met the end of their match. Turning to Pednis, he merely stared at them in shock. Moreso at Jenova.

"You were taught well. You are both atleast third class in sword fighting. The most I can do is get you a personal trainer, Strife. As for de Silver, you should speak to you brother. I can put in a recommendation for you to take the SOLDIER tests in a few weeks and if your brother were to ask the general to bump you straight in if you materia skills are up to par and-" Pednis said, still in shock.

"With all due respect sir, but that is not an option. I will make it into SOLDIER without my brother's influence or favors. Only on my skill and strength, sir." Jenova said with a steel bite in her voice.

Pednis met her gaze with a smirk and nodded, "Then I'll find you a trainer too." All the while thinking that he was going to like these two cadets and that hadn't happened in a very long time.

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