Agh, I'm tired. Still suspended. Still dating Tristen. Still madly in love with my best friend even though I'm dating Tristen (haha, don't tell him that). Sick to my stomach. Want to be a pediatrician/teacher/novelist when I grow up. HERE'S THE STORY!! :D And... umm, for those of you who got my accidental last chapter... sorry.... haha, funny isnt it? Well, here it is.

"Oh, thanks," Nowaki stated blankly as he received another bouquet of flowers. I was getting really tired of this. I was getting tired of people thinking he was sick, of people thinking they knew what had happened, when the really didn't. Only I knew, and I couldn't even tell anyone about it. I was really getting sick and tired of having to keep this huge secret, and it was only the first month of him having it. God dammit... I really am a bad boyfriend if I'm giving up on him so easily... but I wouldn't really call it... giving up.

Nowaki and turned back towards me and smiled. He smiled that damned smile. The same plastic smile that everyone thought was there for a purpose when it was only a guise to mask his true and in depth feelings. I felt slightly proud though. I was proud to be the only one that could see through him, I was glad that I was the only one who was able to really make him smile. Not that fake smile that everyone else gets, but a real Nowaki smile.

"Hiro-san," Nowaki began, putting the orange wild lilies on the table. The table was crowded of different types of flowers. Tulips. Roses. Buttercups. Daisies. Lilacs. Water lilies (which came in a mini pond). And some bastard even sent him cat tails... I mean what the hell? Those aren't even flowers. They're just those annoying plants that bob over ponds and feel like peach fuzz. Truthfully, they scared the crap out of me. Who knows what could be living in those things? But it was a gift from someone to Nowaki, so I didn't do anything about it.

"Yeah?" I replied.

"When do you go back to work?"

"Two days."

"Not a very long Christmas break, huh?"

"You don't even get a break, so shut up."

"Ahh, but I'm sick."

"Sick my ass. You're just... just..." Just what? Undergoing the turn of becoming a vampire? Jeez, I'm such a jerk. I didn't finish my sentence. Nowaki smiled and hugged my waist. I jumped at his freezing hands.

"What were you thinking, Hiro-san?" he asked in a melodic voice, almost as if his monologue were supposed to be accompanied by a tune.

"I wasn't thinking anything!" I yelled. Nowaki smiled again.

Um, ok. Wow. It's over. D: It's around Christmas time, I'm going to make a Christmas special and then I'm done writing for a little while. I'm trying to get this book finished by the end of December. AHH!!!! Won't somebody save me.

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