I was watching a video on Youtube and someone had written this calling it Gurl Language so I just couldn't resist writing a story about it (don't sue!!!) This story should run for a few chapters and this first chapter is just an opener.

Beta-editor: CSI Granger

Grissom walked into his office, sitting down he sighed deeply, she hadn't talked to him all night. As far as he was concerned, he didn't think he had done anything wrong. He had had a long shift, his feet felt heavy and he just wanted her to talk to him. He glanced over at his mountain of paper work that he still had to do – and noticed a small pink envelope balancing on top of the mass. Curiously he picked up the pink envelope and began to open it. He pulled out the piece of white paper and began to read it.

Ok, so I know you're confused and 'don't know what to do about this'; yes I've been talking to Sara; so I thought I would help you by giving you a few hints:

1)When she calls you crazy she's really saying I'm crazy about you.

2)When she pouts her lips she's saying kiss me.

3)When she's silent she's thinking of how to tell you she loves you.

4)When she ignores you she wants all of your attention.

5)When she pulls away grab her by the waist and tell her you will never let go.

6)When you see her at her worst tell her she's beautiful and mean it.

7)When she scream's at you tell her you love her.

8)When you see her walking, sneak up behind her and hug her.

9)When she does not call you she's waiting by the phone for you to call her.

10)When she is scared hold her tight and tell her that you love her.

11)When it looks like something's the matter, kiss her and tell her everything will be alright.

12)When she holds your hands play with her fingers.

I hope this helps

Cath x

P.S don't screw this up Gil.

Grissom re-read the letter. Astounded by it, could he really have been this thick? Was this a list that all women had automatically stored away in their complex minds? Did they expect men to follow every single step?

Of course not, Gil…

But I'm going to follow it to a T.

"Ok, so Sara's been ignoring me…using Catherine's logic that means that she wants all of my attention." Grissom whispered to himself.

"Well if she wants attention, I'll give her attention." He placed the list in his pocket, stood up and walked out of his office and towards the break room.

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