(Note: This is all metaphorically. It doesn't take place in the game, for all you newbies out there.)

My legs aren't fast enough
I get on my horse
It's not fast enough
I must run from this darkness
that is at my heels
evil flooding my soul
I can't let it get me
Hyrule depends on me
I must go on
I must go on
I must run or fight
I cannot fight
For it shall surely devour me
I must run!
Into dense forests
it finds me
Into high mountains
it finds me
Under a vast lake
it finds me
Within a goddess of sand
it finds me
Under a dark graveyard
it finds me
Once more I run into the Temple of Light
It hides
At last! HAHA!!
I found my sanctuary
I must stay
my people... God's people... call out
to the heavens
and the castle
in pain and suffering
but the tear
I shed
is not for them but
for my love and my mother
I miss them both so.