Bella's Point Of View

Burning. Mindless, senseless, restless burning. This is what I felt. I was barely aware of the ballet studio around me, barely aware of Carlisle and Alice's screams and Edward's cries of horror. The only thing that occupied my mind was the pain, the trauma of James's bite.

"Edward, you have to!" Carlisle's faint voice called. I knew it was loud and clear and melodic in reality, but the ringing in my ears caused by the unimaginable pain droaned out the sound of the most beautiful voices in the world. A vampires voice truly was like song, like the most beautiful Debussy, and it pained me even more so that I wasn't able to hear it right now. Because I always believed that music could heal. This made me, inevitably, think of my lullaby, which was another one of those beautiful sounds. I longed to hear it, and remember it, but the burning took over.

"I can't. I'm not strong… I wont… stop…" Edward's voice. Truly the most uplifting thing I needed right now, and yet the most painful thing. I wanted to cry back to him. I wanted to give him something that would make him believe… whatever he needed to right now. My mouth wouldn't move the way I wanted it to, and no sound would escape my tongue other that the stuttering and choking sounds that must be what had Carlisle so worried.

A roar of fire inside me, and I knew something must be happening.

"Your too late, son."

What? He was too late? For what? What was happening? Why was the pain getting worse?

"We need to get her out of here."

Get out of here.

Was I dying? Did James drain me of too much blood?

It dawned on me about as soon as Edward cried out in despair, true despair, despair in a tragic, end of the world fashion. Heartbreakingly painful, and then he was joined by a high, melodic, feminine voice. Alice also let of a scream, I knew it had to be her.

And I knew I was becoming one of them.

I was aware of Edward heaving me up into his arms, and running with me. Jumping. I could feel that we were high up and falling rapidly, but I could not see, and the burning was too horrible.

We fell onto something soft, and a faint revving of an engine reached my ears. We must have landed in through one of the cars open windows. It seemed weird, something bizarre like from a cartoon. From fantasy. But this surely couldn't be real either. Because I certainly couldn't be turning into a vampire, because vampires surely couldn't exist. And yet, they did. And I would be one of them in three days.

But I knew barely anything about vampires. Edward was always so reluctant…

I was now drowned in blackness. A few faces flashed through my mind, and then it became black again. I screamed out in terror. Jacob, Charlie, Renee, Jessica, Mike, Angela. The people I could never face again after this. And now I zoned out and was very aware of the sounds around me, as well as the burning that was slowly spreading all around my body.

Edward's Point Of View

"Edward, you can save her! Even if it's just for a while!" Jasper said, shaking my shoulders. "You know the story. You know it's true. Edward, if you love her… this will be the best thing for her."

"The Volturi, Jasper." I growled. "It's banned. They'll be all over us!"

"Edward, just think… for her to be an unaware newborn… it would be disgusting, immoral to let her roam free. Like this she can redeem herself! I would do the same for Alice, like she would do for me, and I know Bella would do it for you if she were in your shoes."

"Don't you think it will hurt her more, Jasper? If she has to say goodbye?" I hissed.

"Don't you think it will hurt her friends more if she just disappears? It would mean so much more to her…"

And so I began to suck.

Bella's Point Of View

What was happening? Edward couldn't suck. It was over. It wouldn't do any good. I was becoming a vampire.

Oh! An electric current ran through my body, I quivered and then jumped. Then I was perfectly motionless.