Zenshinzenrei Zanpakuto: The sword of the moon

A young male ninja about the age of 13 or 14 collapsed. It was eleven at night with a full moon in a hidden village known as Konoha. The boy had spiky blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes. Around his head was tied a headband with a blue clothe and a metal plate with a symbol of a leaf swirl engraved on it, and on his cheeks sat a trio of whisker birthmarks that of a animal. He wore orange pants and a black tee shirt with an orange swirl on it. Next to him laid his orange and blue jacket, and around his neck sat the first Hokage's necklace, which he won in a bet with Lady Tsunade. This is Naruto Uzumaki the holder of the nine-tailed fox demon and the chosen one of the Zanpakuto of the moon.

Naruto got up and sighed as he picked up his jacket, "I better head home after all it is getting late and Granny Tsunade might have a mission for us tomorrow."

He started to walk away as something sparkled in the sky catching his eye. Naruto looked up only to have a sword as big as him drop down on him almost whacking off his nose.

"What the heck?!" Naruto yelled as he dropped his jacket.

He looked at the sword. Its blade was as long as he was. Its guard was a golden square and its hilt was gold and red with two small ropes hanging from its end. Naruto took a step towards the sword only to hear someone mumbling something. Naruto suddenly jumped back at the sound of someone talking thinking that the sword was cursed.

"Okay calm down Naruto. Ghosts aren't real, and a sword didn't just drop out of the sky and try to take off your nose. You are just really tired that's all." Naruto laughed nervously as he rubbed his eyes.

Suddenly, Naruto heard a roar. He opened up his eyes to come face to face with a masked monster. The monster had a mask of a fox with a body of a snake and two arms of a human. Naruto laughed as the monster stared at him. The monster then roared at Naruto once again revealing another mouth within the mouth of the mask. Naruto started to gather charka into his right hand. Naruto charged at the monster.

"Rasengan!" Naruto attacked the monster.

The monster seemed to laugh at Naruto as he only managed to crack the monster's mask.

"Use the sword you idiot." A voice called out to Naruto.

Naruto ran and pulled the sword out of the ground and swung it at the monster. The monster dodged then grabbed onto the sword snapping it in half. Naruto then killed the monster with the half blade at the crack he made earlier.

"Um thanks mister for the help." Naruto muttered as he passed out holding the broken blade.

The man that helped him earlier appeared. He wore a black jumpsuit with no sleeves and black gloves with no fingers. He also had on a mask similar to the snake ANBU mask and a sword strapped to his waist. His hair is black and long, which he pulled back into a ponytail. He removed his mask to reveal his purple eyes and a scar that ran along his right cheek.

"Things are not going to be easy. You like to choose the underdogs don't you Zangetsu." The man muttered as he picked up Naruto and the broken Zangetsu and took them back to Naruto's apartment.