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Ceres and Angitia's cousin was born mid-August, which made Harry very happy. In the coming years, there would be his sisters' birthday, his, and then Jack's. The Snape twins and Jack Gibbs would certainly go to school together - and Remus Malfoy would certainly go with them.

A few days before Draco's brother was to be born, Narcissa was attacked by a warlock. Remus rescued her, and he was made the boy's godfather on the spot - and the boy got his name, too.

Before the next Yule, DiNozzo proposed to Ziva, who said yes. By the time those two tied the knot in Jerusalem, Rae was already expecting a baby witch, Lana - her and McGee's first daughter.

Nymphadora Tonks started training as an Auror, and when she joined her first Auror team, she invited Remus Lupin to the Leaky Cauldron to celebrate. Before leaving, she told him that Snape's Memory-charm had never worked, and she left him to think about what that really meant. Snape admitted that she'd told the truth, and Abby Gibbs-smacked Remus to encourage him to see the certified witch in another light. Remus and Tonks started dating a year after she'd passed her witching exams; they had their Ted, a baby Metamorph, a year after their wedding.

Jack Gibbs got a baby sister when he was three, and the Malfoys had a baby witch the same year, just one week after the birth of Mariam DiNozzo.

Harry was completely besotted with his sisters, and he shared with them everything that he knew, from games and songs to magic and secrets. When they were old enough to follow him, he never complained when they tagged along - not even when he went to Malfoy Manor to play with Draco.

It became usual to see the children of the Malfoy, Snape, Gibbs and Lupin families play all together. As more Weasley children enrolled at Hogwarts, the family - except Molly - became closer to Harry, and by the time Harry was to become a student at Hogwarts, he was friends with all the Weasley children. Harry was particularly close to Ronald and Ginevra.

Harry loved Ceres and Angitia equally, but he had an odd sort of link with their surprise witch. When the twins were taken to the newly extended nursery, Harry asked Greenli to suspend the second Japanese talisman above Angitia's cradle, and nothing his parents said could convince him otherwise.

Both girls were extremely bright. Ceres showed signs of magic when she was barely three; however, Angitia didn't show signs of magic. When the twins turned ten, and Angitia still hadn't cast a single spell, Snape asked Pomfrey to check if there was something unusual about his little girl. If the girl was a Squib, they'd find her the best Muggle school, but if there was something blocking her magic, they'd all do anything to help her.

Pomfrey couldn't find anything wrong with Angitia, and therefore, her parents and relatives began to think that she was truly a Squib, which wasn't impossible after all.

Ceres and Angitia were spending most of their free time in the school library. That was where Harry and his friends found the girls that day.

'Hey, my sweets," Harry whispered to his sisters.

'Oh, look! The fab four,' Ceres joked.

Their father had explained the principles of Legilimency and Occlumency. Harry never used either on his friends, but Ceres had no such scruples and she searched the minds of Hermione Granger, Ron, and Draco.

Ceres turned to her twin and said, 'The great union of houses would like to test you for magic. They're not convinced that Poppy and Ruby got your diagnosis right.'

Angitia shrugged.

'Ceres, honey, when will you stop calling us those childish nicknames?' Draco asked her.

'When you're a certified wizard?' the little girl answered with a smirk that was the Snape trademark.

The evening Harry and his friends had been sorted had been quite entertaining, and everybody remembered it.

The Snapes had met Hermione Granger and her parents in Diagon Alley when they shopped for Hogwarts supplies; it was instantly obvious that the Muggle-born witch was a sponge for knowledge. No one was surprised when she became a Ravenclaw.

When the Sorting Hat sent Harry to Slytherin, it was no big surprise either.

The two big shocks of that evening were the sorting of Ron and Draco. Ron was the first Weasley in generations to not be sorted into Gryffindor; Ron became a Hufflepuff, and it turned out that he was quite happy not to be in his brothers' house. Ron liked Professor McGonagall, but being a Hufflepuff gave him confidence and the independence he needed.

Strangely, Draco had become a Gryffindor, and the Weasley twins, Fred and George, said that Draco would have to be made an honorary Weasley to compensate for the loss of Ron. Draco didn't mind getting an entire tribe. Draco's father was rather surprised, to put things mildly, that his son wasn't a Slytherin, but since the head of Slytherin was his godfather, it wasn't all bad.

Hermione wanted so much to learn about her new world that she asked Harry, Draco and Ron to help her understand things. They all became friends, and they brought house competition to new heights - they all wanted to be the best in every field. Slytherin kept winning the House Cup, but it was usually by the skin of their teeth.

The Quidditch games were quite entertaining; all the more since Ginny Weasley, a year after Ron's sorting, became a Slytherin and provided her house team with tips to win against her brothers.

The students of Hogwarts were all working hard, and they kept in close touch, through owl post, with their younger siblings in order to prepare them for the impending competition between the four houses - and since the teachers' children were getting extra lessons at home, all the kids took to working hard.

Jack had seen the "fab four" head for the Snape twins; he left his mother's desk, where he was reading a big military history book, and he joined his cousins.

'What are you doing here?' Jack asked.

'Hermione is convinced that the adults missed something about Angie,' Ron said.

'Ronald Weasley! Why don't you make an announcement?!' Hermione hissed angrily. 'Oh, someone, cuff him!'

Draco, who was the one closest to Ron, cuffed the back of his head.

'Oi! You're getting the Gibbs-smack rather nicely,' Jack told his older friend.

'Regular training on Remus when I'm home,' Draco said.

'Bad Draco!' Hermione scolded him.

'Don't worry, Remy gets even,' Harry explained with a merry chuckle.

'You're an only child, 'Mione, you can't really understand what it's like,' Ron added.

Hermione shrugged.

'Well, sorry to disturb you all, but what are your plans for me? I have a book to finish, and I'd like to hop by Mum's lab to check a website on her computer,' Angitia said.

'Since Ceres is a witch, and you're her identical twin, you should be a witch, too,' Ron said.

'I've read about spells that could help you,' Hermione said.

'Is it so terrible if I'm a Squib?" Angitia asked quietly.

'Yes,' Hermione said. Angitia was ready to explode, but she didn't when Hermione added, 'It's terrible because you'll go to school in Washington, and we won't see you as much.'

'And then we can't work together when we're certified,' Ron added.

Angitia shrugged, but she followed Hermione to her dorm.

Ceres stayed in the library with Jack, while Ron and Draco went flying together. Harry waited for his little sister outside the Ravenclaw common room.

After a few minutes, Angitia came out.

She went to hug her brother.

'It didn't work,' she said. 'Poor Hermione is quite disappointed.'

'I had to let her try, my Angitia,' Harry said.

Angitia had got used to the shortening of her name, but she didn't like it, and she worshipped her big brother for always using her full name.

'I know, she's quite stubborn,' she said.

He caressed her long black hair, and he hated the tears he could see in her green eyes. He knew that they weren't biologically related, but they looked so alike that in his heart, there were moments Harry wanted to pretend Severus and Abby had made him, just like his little sisters.

'You don't speak much about magic,' Harry pointed out.

Angitia shrugged.

'Is there something preventing you from showing signs of magic? Is it because you don't want to be a witch?' he asked her. 'I'm worried about you. I want what's best for you, honey.'

'I'm fine, Harry,' she promised.

'Really?' he insisted, hugging her tighter.

'I can't swear on my wand, but I can cross my heart,' she said.

'I made you a copy of the book you were reading, and don't go telling Aunt Irma, or she'll have my hide. We can go see Mum, too, if you want,' he said.

'Thanks for the book!' she said joyfully. 'You can go flying with Draco and Ron, you know. I can go to Washington alone.'

'But you're my little sister, Angitia. It's my job to look after you,' he said seriously.

She took his hand. She knew that he meant it.

Harry stayed with his non-magical sister that day.


Over the following year, the Snapes organized themselves to plan Angitia's schooling in the best Muggle secondary in Washington. Of course, it would mean that Abby would have to go to Washington through her flat and drive Angitia to school, while Ceres would be having breakfast with her Hogwarts schoolmates.

The situation was strange, but it became even stranger when Abby discovered that, almost eleven years after giving birth to her daughters, she was pregnant again.

Gibbs said that he could either teach his brother how to drive, or he'd take Angitia to school after Abby's delivery.

Harry and the girls were walking on the ceiling with happiness. In a few months, they'd have a baby brother.

During the last Hogsmeade weekend, Harry went shopping with Ginny for his sisters' birthday, and he wanted to find gifts for his parents for Mother's Day and Father's Day. Ginny had seen something that she thought Abby would love in a Wizarding magazine, but she couldn't remember the name of the shop. She suggested that they Floo to her house; it was supposed to be empty.

Ginny invited Harry into her room, and they talked a bit after she'd found the magazine and given it to him. Harry would turn fifteen in over a month, and the teenagers' hormones were driving them crazy. Ginny had never made it a secret that she loved Harry, and he was beginning to think that she was quite a cute witch.

Before they could overcome their respective shyness, they heard voices downstairs. Voices that killed the mood: Molly and Sirius were in the kitchen. The kids were trapped.

'Let's go eavesdrop, and then we'll see if we've got to start looking for a Plan B to escape. Perhaps they're just passing through,' Ginny said.

Harry nodded.

They crawled to the landing and overheard that the two adults were gossiping about the Snapes.

'With the amount of Dark magic in him, I'm surprised that Snivellus got his wife pregnant again,' Sirius was saying. 'If the girls didn't look so much like them, I'd be temped to believe that he's not the father.'

'The girls are nice, Sirius. Even the Squib,' Molly countered him.

Ginny took Harry's hand. When he looked at her, he saw that she was crying in silence.

The last blow came with the next sentence from downstairs.

'I heard that she's having a wizard this time. Snivellus will have his own son, and Harry can start behaving like a Potter. The boy isn't a Snape. He'll never be one; thank Merlin!' Sirius declared.

'Don't worry, I'll ask my children to remind Harry that he's the Potter heir, the last of the family,' Molly said. 'Now, let's go back to London before Arthur buys too many Muggle things.'

They Floo'ed out.

'Oh, I'm so sorry, Harry,' Ginny sobbed.

By then, Harry was crying, too.

Tears were rolling down his cheeks when he whispered, 'But I'm not Harry Snape.'

Like a zombie, he walked to the fireplace, took a pinch of Floo powder and threw it. Even though he didn't say a word, flames enveloped him, and he disappeared.

Ginny knew that there was something very wrong because the flames were blue, not the usual green.

She knew she had to work fast. She kept her mind clear and yelled, 'Greenli!'


While Harry was still chatting with Ginny in her room, the oddest thing happened at Hogwarts. The owls that delivered the Hogwarts letters started to do their jobs, and the very first one found Jack in the library with his mother.

There were a lot of students to contact, and the writing of the envelopes was left to a team of house-elves; truth be told, neither Dumbledore nor McGonagall had been directly involved in the mailing process in years, and therefore, they couldn't know the whole list of prospective students.

'Mama, do you mind if I open it later, when Dad's here? And I'd like to open it with Ceres and Remus, too', Jack told his mother.

Pince beamed at her son and nodded.

Severus, Abby, Ceres and Angitia Snape were coming back from Hogsmeade when two owls came to perch on the girls' shoulders. Each had a Hogwarts letter in its beak.

Angitia took a treat from her pocket and gave half of it to her twin. They took the letters, fed the owls, and the birds flew away.

Angitia looked at her envelope and pocketed it. She kept walking towards her home in the dungeons.

'When can we go shopping for my wand?' Ceres asked her mother.

'First Saturday after the end of term, Sweetie,' Abby answered.

Abby was observing her husband, who looked completely at sea about Angitia.

'Angitia!' Snape growled.

'What, Daddy?' she asked, not even slowing down.

'Stop walking!' Snape said.

The girl didn't obey.

'Sev?' a very worried Abby asked.

'I can't read her thoughts. She's got to be an Occlumens,' he said, sounding completely puzzled.

'Angitia Stubborn Snape! Come here and show me what's in your pocket!' Abby said.

The entire family knew that when Abby gave them "Stubborn" for middle name, they'd better do as she said.

'There's nothing in my pocket, Mummy,' Angitia said.

Abby patted her daughter's pocket, and there didn't seem to be any parchment in it.

'Did you make it disappear? Are you a witch?' Abby asked.

'I didn't make it disappear,' Angitia said.

Abby turned to her husband and said, 'It's got to be somewhere.'

Snape's mood was short that day, and he resorted to drastic action. He took his wand from his sleeve.

'Accio my children's Hogwarts letters!' he said.

Ceres's letter flew to her father's free hand, and a few seconds later, Harry's old letter slapped him in the face.

There was no sign of Angitia's letter.

Before her parents could investigate further, an alarm sounded.

'What's that?' Abby asked.

'I don't know, but it's coming from my office,' Snape said.

They all followed the sound. It led them to the hourglass that Snape had spelled years ago to monitor Harry's magic.

Once Snape and Abby had located the source of the alarm sound, they both remembered what it was.

'What's happening to Harry?' Abby asked. She was terrified because the sand that represented Harry's magic was falling at an alarming rate.

For a second, Snape was mesmerized by the hourglass. When he answered, 'I don't know, Abbs.' His wife knew just how lost, puzzled and frightened he was.

'Harry was shopping in Hogsmeade with Ginny,' Ceres said.

'Greenli will know where he is,' Angitia stated.

'Why would she be watching him?' Snape inquired.

'Because he needs protection more than Ceres and I do,' Angitia said.

'Even you?' Snape asked his daughter who didn't do magic.

'Aunt Ziva taught me self-defence, and Mum said it was okay to break wands if need be,' Angitia said.

Snape had to admit that his daughter had a point, but it was nonetheless surprising to hear that from his baby girl who had never shown signs of magic, and who couldn't defend herself against a Dark witch or wizard - at least in theory.

'Greenli!' Abby yelled.

The house-elf, who'd answered Ginny's distress call, Floo'ed into Snape's office with the young Slytherin.

Greenli walked to Snape and looked at the empty hourglass.

Before any of the Snapes could ask her anything, she said, 'What have you all done to my poor boy?' and with those words, she disappeared.

'What happened?' Snape asked Ginny.

The girl told him what happened at the Burrow, and how Harry disappeared in blue flames.

'But he knows he's our son,' Abby protested.

'Then why isn't he a Snape like us?' the twins asked in synch, which was slightly eerie.

'Mum and Black broke something in him when they said that,' Ginny intervened. 'He knows you love him, but when he said that he's not Harry Snape... Merlin! He looked so sad,' Ginny said, new tears rolling down her cheeks.

'But we love him, and he's legally our son,' Snape objected.

'But for people like Black, he's the orphan boy left by James and Lily Potter, the two war-heroes,' Angitia pointed out.

'And he's the last Potter,' Ceres added. 'We could have signs on Time Square and Piccadilly Circus telling that Harry's our brother, and for most of the Wizarding people, he'd still be the last Potter, who happens to be living with the Snape family.'

'Harry knows he's the last Potter,' Snape said lamely.

'Father,' Angitia said coldly, with an odd voice. 'If you don't understand that he doesn't want to be only the last Potter, you won't have to worry about anything.'

'What do you mean?' Abby asked.

Angitia took the hourglass from her father's hands and said, 'Harry's already relinquished his magic. If you don't find him fast, he'll quit everything in this world, and he'll go on to his next incarnation.'

'How can you know that?' Snape asked his daughter.

'I've read every single book in the school library, in your collection, in Uncle Remus's and in Uncle Albus's, too,' Angitia said. She looked at her father, and her eyes turned greener as she added, 'And Harry's been my brother ever since he talked to me in Japan.'

'He talked to you because you were already taking up all the space in Mum,' Ceres said.

'You can't remember that!' Snape objected.

'Our magic does,' Ceres answered.

Snape looked at Angitia and said, 'Then, you're not a Squib?'

The little girl's eyes turned a notch greener when she said, 'I'll be one if you lose Harry, and I'll go live with Nana in New Orleans.'

'You can't do that,' Snape snorted.

'There are old laws that say that if parents cause the death of a child who's their charge, the other siblings can go live with any other relative if they want,' she answered.

'She's right. It's in the Magical Magna Carta of 1214,' Ceres added.

Pince and Jack were on the threshold.

'Why choose Aunt Abby's mum, Angie?' Jack asked his cousin.

'Why do you think, Jacko?' she hissed at him as she left to go to her room.

'I said it was a bad idea to shorten her name,' Pince said. 'Now, tell me what's going on with Harry.'

The Snapes and Ginny brought Pince and her son up to date.

'I'll go warn the others,' Jack said as he ran to the connection with Washington.

'I've never heard of blue flames. I'll go to the National Library in London,' Pince announced.

'Wait!' Snape said. 'We'll go to London, too, but we need a way to stay in touch.'

'It's times like these I wish that cell phones worked in your world!' Abby growled.

'Jorp!' Snape called.

A young house-elf appeared instantly.

'Master?' the elf said.

'My son has disappeared. You'll be the liaison between Madam Pince and my family,' Snape ordered.

Jorp nodded.

Snape took Abby's hand and said, 'I'll send Jorp as soon as we know anything.'

'I'll find a way to catch up with you,' Abby said.

Snape blinked, but since his wife was expecting a wizard, she might well be able to do magic like when she was expecting the twins.

Snape and Pince Floo'ed to London.

'Ceres, go to your room,' Abby said.

'But, Mum!' the girl protested.

Abby glared at her daughter, and Ceres reluctantly went to the Snapes' quarters.

Instinctively, Abby placed her hand on one of the walls, and she tapped into Hogwarts's magic.

Then, she yelled, 'Greenli!'

The Snape house-elf came back to her chosen mistress, and she was crying.

'Where's my baby?' Abby inquired.

'He's lost all magic. Greenli can't find him,' the house-elf sobbed.

'How can he lose his magic? He's a wizard!' Abby exclaimed.

'Master Harry let his magic go. He felt what some people think about him, and it broke his little heart,' Greenli said.

'But us! He knows we love him!' Abby said, tears coming to her eyes.

'Black's words hit the one spot that could break Harry's heart. He must have crumpled almost instantly,' Greenli explained.

'Take me to Black,' Abby said, as she held her hand out.

Greenli obeyed and wrapped her mistress in her magic.

When he saw Abby appear right in front of him, Black flinched. Abby looked as if she were ready to disembowel him with her bare hands.

Abby was in the mood to do much worse to Black, but first, she wanted to hurt him.

'You should have served Voldemort. You're going to succeed where he failed,' Abby declared quietly.

'Wha... What do you mean?' Black asked.

'He overheard you, and he's gone missing. My son is a Muggle now, and if we can't find him, I'll kill you. Slowly,' Abby swore.

'Muggle?' Molly gasped.

'How is that possible?' Black asked worriedly.

'From the moment you told James to choose Pettigrew for Secret Keeper to the instant you said Harry's not a Snape, you've been weaving a Dark spell without knowing it,' a man with an American accent said.

'Milly!' Abby exclaimed.

'Mrs Snape,' the policeman-slash-Auror-slash-Unspeakable said sadly.

'Why are you here?' Abby asked.

'We have a department that monitors Dark magic, and I was sent here to warn you that there's a potent spell on Harry. If you don't hurry, the last Potter will just cease to exist,' Milly said wretchedly.

'But we can't locate him!' Abby said.

'Where's your husband?' Milly asked.

'National Library with Irma,' Abby said.

'Why?' Milly wondered.

'Harry used the Floo Network, but he disappeared in blue flames,' Greenli explained.

'Let's go see if they've found anything on the topic,' Milly said.

He took Abby's hand and Apparated her to the library.

'I read something about blue flames,' Black said.

'Do something!' Molly barked.

She knew that if anything happened to Harry, her children - and quite possibly her husband - would never forgive her.

Black ran to Flourish and Blotts. He didn't know where to look, and the bookstore was packed.

He knew that time was an important factor. He cast a Sonorus charm on himself and said, 'I need your help. There's been an accident, and I need to find information on blue flames in the Floo Network. A life is at stake.'

The store started buzzing even more.

Strangely, it was the Squib working in the Muggle section that knew what it meant.

Black knew that the Snapes might hex him on sight; therefore, he Apparated to the library with Tina Toransenn. She would be the one to tell them what blue flames meant.

Black's Apparating to the library would have looked comical if the situation hadn't been so terrible. Black had placed the poor Squib right in front of him, and before Snape could hex him to Kingdom come, he said, 'She knows what the blue flames mean.'

'Do you, Miss Toransenn?' Snape inquired.

'D'you know me?' the young woman asked with a squeak.

'Long story,' Snape snapped. 'So, blue flames?'

'Blue flames appear only when there's a combination of High magic and vows,' Tina explained.

'What?' Abby said.

'What does it mean for Harry?' Pince inquired.

'If the kid fell to a Dark spell, his inner magic must have instinctively compensated,' Milly explained.

'Try being a bit more cryptic, will ya?' Abby growled.

'Harry must have taken the High magic version of the Floo network to some place where an important vow took place,' Milly said.

'He instinctively went somewhere safe,' Abby said.

'But where?' Pince asked.

'It's not the Great Hall,' Abby pointed out.

'He was already our son back then,' Snape declared.

'Your house? Where we met, thanks to our little plagiarist here,' Abby said.

'Oi!' Tina protested.

Wisely, Sirius placed one hand over Tina's mouth to prevent her from being hexed by either Snape.

Milly, who'd heard the story through Rae, who'd got it through her companion, remained silent, too.

'That's a possibility. Harry adopted us there,' Snape agreed with his wife.

Much to everybody's surprise, Abby Disapparated without any help.

Just before following his wife, Snape said, 'Milly, if Toransenn's been honest, lift my spell from her, will you?'

And with those words, Snape Disapparated.

With a mere flick of his wand, Milly assessed that Tina Toransenn had learnt the lesson and hadn't stolen anyone else's work since she'd plagiarized Snape's chemistry article. Milly undid the spell.

'Thank you for your help, Miss Toransenn. Can you go back without magical help?' Milly inquired.

The Squib nodded and left very fast. She was too happy to leave people with magic who knew what she'd done earlier to try and get famous.

'Black,' Milly said coldly, 'you were innocent the first time you were sent to jail, but if anything happens to Harry, I know quite a few people who'll be delighted to make you pay for the harm you've done with your prejudices.'

'But...!' Black tried to protest.

Pince punched him.

'I see your husband's taught you a thing or two,' Milly told Pince.

'He helped, but Mrs DiNozzo's the one who perfected my technique,' Pince explained.

Milly could picture Ziva DiNozzo tutoring her boss's wife in self-defence.

'Hey!' Black growled from the floor.

'Your stupidity hurt Harry!' Pince spat.

'It takes a lot of hatred to weave a Dark spell without even knowing it,' Milly said.

Dobby arrived to protect his master, but the house-elf hadn't counted on Greenli, who froze him.

'That's more than enough. I should have protected Harry better,' Greenli said.

Still on the floor, Black attempted to crawl away from the Snape house-elf.

'Mistress Abby's magic wasn't enough. Preventing you from coming near our Harry wasn't enough,' Greenli growled.

She moved her fingers, creating a complicated spell, and she cast it on Black. It was so powerful that Black passed out. Greenli released Dobby and ordered him to take his master back to his mansion. Dobby felt that he was no match for the other elf; he obeyed.

'What did you do to him?' Pince asked Greenli.

'What I should have done to protect Harry,' she answered. 'Greenli made Black forget everything about Harry Potter.'

'But...' Milly began to protest.

'Don't worry!' Greenli growled. 'His magic still carries the trace of what he's done, and he can be prosecuted.'

Greenli didn't wait for Milly or Pince to comment any further. She went back to Hogwarts to keep an eye on Ceres and Angitia.

'What can we do to help now?' Pince asked Milly.

'There's nothing we can do. The Snapes have to rely on their inner magic to locate their son,' Milly said.

'Then, let's go back to Hogwarts. Jack must have told the rest of the family what's happened,' Pince said.

When Pince and Milly arrived at Hogwarts, the whole school was buzzing with the sad news about Harry.

The Snapes' friends and family were all in the parlour of the Snapes' quarters, trying to find a way to help - or was it to find a way not to become mad with fear for Harry?

They were all so afraid that it took them a bit of time to realize that the Snape twins were rather quiet; they were too quiet, if one stopped to consider how much they loved their brother.


'He's not here!' a very frightened Abby said after she and Snape had checked the whole house on Spinner's End.

Snape took his wife in his arms and kissed the corner of her right eye. He didn't know why, but he'd noticed that the simple gesture could calm his wife - and truth be told, her proximity was like a balm on his own heart.

'Our poor Bunny! I should have trained him more in the Dark Arts; then he might have felt what was happening to him. I'll have a word with his godfather, too,' Snape said.

Abby melted against her husband, chuckled and said, 'We haven't called him "Bunny" for a long time.'

'The last time I did it was right in Potions class. The end of his first year... He wasn't paying attention and almost blew up his cauldron. He was so embarrassed when I called him "Bunny", but at least he never had another near-accident in my class,' Snape said softly.

'Oh, where's our baby, Sev?!' Abby asked worriedly.

'Not where we met, not where we married,' Snape enumerated. 'I can't picture him going to the Dursleys', and we never took him where he was born.'

'Japan!' Abby yelled.

'Japan?' Snape said.

'The day we met the Totoro, we promised him that he'd always be our first baby,' Abby exclaimed.

Snape wasn't too surprised when his wife managed to Apparate them right inside the temple where their daughters' talismans had been made.

'Thank Merlin, we didn't splinch,' Snape said.

Abby punched his arm.

'Ouch!' he said.

'You deserved that,' she growled.

'You took us half-way around the world, Darling, and you're not a witch,' he pointed out.

'Hey, I'm looking for my baby,' Abby said.

'All right, Abigail. How are we going to find the Totoro though?' Snape inquired.

'I can probably see them, Sev,' Abby said, one hand over her belly.

Snape placed one hand over hers.

'Let's go find our Bunny,' Snape said.

The Snapes went back into the wood where they'd met the Totoro eleven years before.

'What if the anime is right and their house is in the big tree over there?' Abby suggested.

'We can try. My magic can't really help us here,' Snape admitted.

Abby followed her instincts, and Snape let her. He knew that her magic would operate here.

However, Snape was in for a big surprise.

'There's movement inside that shrub,' Snape said.

Out of the greenery came a blue Totoro.

'Abbs, am I ready for St Mungo's department with soft wall, or are we in front of a baby Totoro?' Snape asked.

His voice told his wife that he was truly worried for his sanity.

'It's a Totoro all right, Sev. Not a baby, but a Totoro nonetheless,' Abby said. 'So, you can see them now.'

'Well, it's transparent, but I can see it, yes,' Snape said.

Abby crouched and addressed the little Totoro, 'We're looking for our baby. You met him years ago.'

The Totoro tilted his head.

'Help us, please!' Abby begged.

The Totoro emitted a sort of squeak and turned around; he trotted towards the great tree.

'Let's follow him,' Abby said as she grabbed her husband's hand and dragged him behind her.

The little creature took them to his family nest inside the tree. There, on a bed of moss, Harry was asleep... or maybe dying.

The eldest Totoro was caressing Harry's hair.

Abby and Snape rushed to their son's side so fast that they wouldn't have been faster if they'd used magic.

'Sev, what's wrong with him?' Abby asked.

Snape cast a few spells and paled.

'What?!' a worried Abby inquired.

'The only trace of magic in him is the Dark spell, and it's killing him,' Snape said.

By then, Snape was whiter than a shroud.

'What can we do?' Abby asked.

Snape was so afraid that he wasn't thinking straight. 'Perhaps I can do what Lily did for him,' he suggested.

Snape knew that Abby would be there to take care of their four children. This time, there was no Voldemort to kill Harry's two parents.

Before Abby could say anything, the eldest Totoro cuffed the back of Snape's head.

'Thank you,' Abby told the Totoro.

The Totoro roared.

The entire Totoro family pushed and dragged Harry's parents, and they made them kneel, one on each side of Harry, and then they made them take their son in their arms.

'What kind of magic do they want us to do?' Abby asked.

'Oh!' Snape exclaimed.

He looked up at the eldest Totoro, who bowed.

'What?' Abby growled.

'Harry's collapsing because he's not "Harry Snape",' Snape said.

'He's legally our son. What more can we do? I'll do anything. He's my baby. Lily entrusted her son to me,' Abby said.

'High magic,' Snape explained.

Holding their son between them, their fingers intertwined, the Snapes magically reached out to their cursed son.

First, they destroyed Black's accidental spell, and then they claimed Harry as fully theirs.

Harry instantly looked better, but he wasn't awake yet.

'Hold him,' Abby said as she took her phial of Pepper-up potion from one of her pockets.

She gave Harry a few drops, and he began to stir.

A Japanese Auror in full samurai gear Apparated next to them.

'Professor and Mrs Snape, it is an honour to bring you this parchment,' the Auror said.

He presented them with a scroll of parchment that Abby took while Snape kept holding their son.

'Since Harry Snape was born here, your son will have to decide if he wants to remain Japanese when he turns twenty-one,' the Auror declared.

'Guh?' Harry said.

Abby cried with relief and happiness when her baby regained consciousness.

The Auror bowed and Disapparated.

'Mum? Dad? What happened? I've got the headache of the century,' Harry said.

Truth be told, Harry was a little spooked to see both his parents with misty eyes.

'Don't you remember what happened at the Burrow?' Snape asked.

'Oh! There was that stupid Black, and he said... he...' Harry's voice trailed off.

Remembering Black's words broke his heart all over again.

'It's okay, Bunny,' Abby said.

Harry grinned. 'Am I still your Bunny, Mummy?' he asked, his eyes turning misty, too.

'You'll always be our Bunny!' both his parents said in synch.

Harry beamed at them as if he'd won the Muggle and Wizarding sweepstakes.

'That stupid Black used Dark magic on you, Bunny,' Snape informed his son.

'Hell! I bet Uncle Remus is going to be disappointed. I didn't feel a thing! I guess I'll have to work harder in his class,' Harry said.

'Bunny, would you cast a spell for me?' Snape asked his son.

'Dad?' Harry said.

'Obey your dad right now; there's something that we must assess,' Abby said.

'But, why, Mum?' Harry protested.

'Harry Stubborn... Snape! Do as I say!' Abby ordered.

Harry took his wand. As soon as he touched it, he knew that there was something wrong with him, because he didn't feel the magical tingle he usually felt.

He tried a simple spell, but it didn't work.

'What's wrong with me?' Harry asked.

There was no beating around the bush, and the Snapes refused to lie to their son.

'You've lost your magic, Harry,' Snape explained.

'I'm a Squib?!' Harry screeched.

'You're a Muggle right now. The Dark spell took all your magic,' Abby said.

'It might not be permanent,' Snape pointed out. 'And if I have to invent a potion to make you a wizard again, or steal Black's magic from him to give it to you, I will.'

'Thanks, Dad! And if it comes to that, I'll go to school in Washington with Angitia,' Harry said with a sad chuckle.

'Angitia!' Snape said urgently.

'Dad?' Harry asked.

'Both of your sisters got Hogwarts letters, but Angitia's disappeared when she put it in her pocket,' Abby explained.

'Huh?' was all Harry said.

'We should probably go home and investigate that mystery,' Snape said.

Abby turned to the Totoro family and bowed.

'Mum?' Harry asked.

'I guess she's saying goodbye to the Totoro. They're the ones who took care of you,' Snape said.

Harry blinked.

'Can you no longer see them?' Abby asked her husband.

Snape shook his head.

'You saw them, Dad?' Harry inquired.

'Being worried for you must have done something to me, but now, only you mother can still see them, thanks to your baby brother,' Snape said. 'I'll Apparate us all,' he declared.

Harry paled.

'How do you feel, Harry? I could aim for the hospital if you don't feel well,' Snape said.

Harry mumbled something.

'Loud and clear, Bunny, if you please,' his mother said.

Clear it was, but not loud. 'Sorry I'm a Muggle now,' he apologized.

'Bunny, we don't know yet if it's permanent,' Snape said softly.

'But...' the boy began to protest.

'You're our Bunny, with or without magic,' Abby interrupted him.

'Bunny, you could be the next Dark Lord, and you'd still be our son,' Snape said.

'Geez, Dad, if I were the next Dark Lord, you'd wash my brain with soap!' Harry exclaimed.

His parents chuckled.

'Okay, Bunny, up! Your sisters must be terrified for you,' Snape said.

Harry obeyed.

Before Snape could Apparate them, they had a surprise. 'Hogwarts opened a momentary door,' Greenli declared.

'Where?' Abby asked, looking around and seeing nothing.

'Take my hand,' Greenli said.

They followed her, and in two steps, they found themselves inside Harry's bedroom in the Snapes' quarters. They saw a wall shimmer and become solid again.

The voices from their parlour told them that the whole family was there, with their friends, and most of the staff, as well.

Harry's safe return - even as a Muggle - was quite welcome.

His family and friends wanted to try to do something to help him, but Harry didn't seem too worried.

Pomfrey was about to cast charms and spells on him, but Harry stopped her.

'Harry, time might be a factor,' the Mediwitch said.

Harry shrugged.

'What's on your mind, my dear boy?' Ducky inquired warmly.

Harry blushed.

'Harry?' Ginny asked softly.

'I don't really care if I'm a wizard or not. Black might have been a storm cloud, but I have my silver lining,' Harry said.

'In English, Kiddo?' DiNozzo said.

'He's Harry Snape,' Ziva explained.

'That means more than the world to me,' Harry said. 'Mum and Dad didn't create me, but they sure made me. Am I making sense?'

'Yea,' Abby said, as she kissed her son's brow.

Ceres and Angitia went to hug - or half-crush - their brother.

'I heard that you got a letter, Angitia,' Harry teased his little sister.

'Time to show off, Sis',' Ceres told her twin.

'What do you mean?' Snape inquired.

'Just don't hex or give me detentions next school year, Dad,' Angitia began.

'He won't,' Abby promised for her husband.

'By the time I started feeling magic bubbling inside me, Cecily came to see me in a dream. She explained what would happen today. She knew it was inevitable, and she knew it had to happen so that Harry would be a Snape, just like us, and the Potter heir,' Angitia explained.

'I'm going to shoot my cousin,' Vance said.

'Careful what you say, Boss. If you mean it, I'll have to arrest you because intending to commit a crime against a seer is as bad as going through with it because the seer can testify as to the intent,' Rae declared.

Vance blinked, and they all laughed.

'Then why didn't you show signs of magic?' Snape asked his daughter.

'I've been saving it up for today,' Angitia said.

'Why, my Sweet?' Harry asked.

Angitia gave him the hourglass that had monitored his magic and had warned their parents that something was wrong.

'Do you trust me?' Angitia asked with a small voice.

He cupped her cheeks and kissed the tip of her nose. 'With my life. You're my baby sister,' he said.

Angitia summoned each and every particle of magic in her, and she tapped into Hogwarts's magic, as well. Soon, the little witch was glowing with High magic, and she reversed the process on the hourglass. She made the time go back, up to the point when Harry was still a wizard.

'Whoa! I'm not trying that again anytime soon!' Angitia declared.

Pomfrey cast spells that showed that Harry's magic was back, and that Angitia was unhurt by her extraordinary bout of magic.

'Show off!' Ceres said as she hugged her twin.

'Harry, Ceres, Angitia, you're great kids,' Dada Jackson said.

Angitia beamed. Somehow, she knew that from that day on, no one would shorten her name ever again.

'I wonder what kind of madness Jethro is going to add to our family,' Abby said.

'What?' Gibbs asked, lost.

'Our brother,' Harry explained.

Gibbs blinked.

'We thought it was time to have a real "Jethro" in the family,' Snape teased his brother.

Gibbs growled, but it was to cover the fact that he was pleased.

'I say we need to celebrate the good ending to this odd day!' DiNozzo said.

'An excellent idea!' Dumbledore agreed.

'You two use any reason to make the house-elves work for you,' McGonagall protested.

'We'll ask them to have raspberry sherbet,' Dumbledore told his Deputy Headmistress.

McGonagall shook her head, but smiled at the same time; Dumbledore knew what treats she really liked.

They all started to leave the Snapes' parlour to go to the Great Hall; they were chatting and laughing and rejoicing.

Vance stayed behind to give the Snape family a letter from Cecily.

Vance winked. The Snapes and their elf stayed in the parlour.

'I hope she's not warning us to be prepared for more surprises,' Abby said.

Snape opened the letter, perused it and said, 'She's sorry that she didn't warn us, but things had to happen exactly the way they did. She promises that this was our last encounter with Dark magic.'

Abby sighed with relief.

'Is that all?' Angitia asked.

'She says we should all drink a few drops of Pepper-up potion,' Snape said as he handed a phial to his daughter. He looked at Greenli and added, 'You, too.'

Greenli blinked a few times and surrendered to the famous Snape glare. However, since she really was a member of the family, she took a bit of liberty and answered, 'Yes... Boss.'

They all laughed heartily.

'Cecily says you should be very proud of yourself, Angitia,' Abby added after reading the letter.

Harry and Ceres hugged Angitia.

Abby squeaked as she finished the letter.

'Do you want to discuss this now?' Snape asked his wife.

She nodded and said, 'It's about the family.'

'Are you having twins again?' Harry asked.

The Snapes looked at their children and shook their heads.

'Drat! That would have been great fun!' Ceres exclaimed.

'As if you can't be a proper competition for Gred and Forge!' Harry teased his sisters.

Angitia blushed, but Ceres grinned like their dad when he discovered something really important.

'If you try to get more detentions than those two, I'll be the one dealing with you,' Abby announced.

That sobered Ceres instantly.

'What's in the letter about Jethro?' Harry asked. 'Nothing bad, right?'

'No, Bunny,' Snape said. 'Cecily told us that she's convinced that your brother is going to be a true seer.'

'Crickey! That's going to be fun,' Angitia said.

'He'll be a certified wizard just in time to replace Professor Trelawney,' Ceres added.

'Apparently, that's the plan,' Snape said.

'Did she say anything about us?' Ceres inquired.

'Just that you three will be fine,' Abby said as she handed her daughter the letter.

Ceres, Angitia and Harry read it, too.

'So... there's no big storm ahead, just the normal occasional clouds with their silver linings. Normal, quiet, barmy life,' Harry declared.

'Yes, Master Bunny,' Greenli said.

Harry grinned.

He didn't mind.

He was Harry Snape, heir to the Potter line, and the happiest wizard on earth that day.

Life would be a bumpy road sometimes, but the worst was behind now - for good.