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Chapter 2

Words have meaning and names have power

Bella's POV

"So it's a girl huh?" Emmett asked as he slipped back into his seat at the Cullen family dinner table after putting Aden to sleep in Edward's old bedroom.

"Defiantly a girl" Carlisle confirmed a smile on his face.

"Damn" he sighed before pulling out his wallet and handing Jasper a hundred dollar bill. "I thought for sure you were going to have another boy…"

"You bet on my unborn child!" I exclaimed once I saw the transfer of money. Everyone laughed.

"It's just some friendly competition Bella…" Jasper explained. "We even have a bet going on when she'll be born…"

"Oh really? When are you guys thinking?" I asked, curious now.

"January 25th" Emmett said. According to Carlisle's predictions, Emmett was two weeks too late but anything was possible

"New year's day…" Jasper said with a smile. He looked like he already had the bet won. At least he was closer then Emmett was. I leaned over to him.

"You give me a cut of the money and I'll try my hardest to convince her to come on new years" I giggled while pointing to my belly.

"You've got yourself a deal…" he whispered back with a wink.

"Hey! That's not fair!" Emmett shouted over the table, fuming.

"Oh please Emmett! Like you didn't ask Aden every day if Bella told him if she was having a girl or a boy so you could get a heads up before our little wager began" Jasper countered.

"Fine" Emmett grumbled before shoving a piece of cake into his mouth. We were celebrating Carlisle's birthday today and the whole Cullen family had been invited to the house for dinner and cake.

"Have you thought of any names?" Esme asked quietly while rubbing Edward's forearm gently. It was obvious she was trying to stray away from Jasper and Emmett's childish antics.

"Not really" Edward answered "but Bella's been reading that huge baby name book from when she was pregnant with Aden"

"That's true. I've been marking off the ones I like…" I said before getting up from the table and scurrying over to my purse and pulling the book out. I flung into onto the table and everyone stared at it.

"From the looks of it you'll have to have fifty children to use up all of those names,.." Rosalie laughed finally getting involved in the conversation. The topic of pregnancy was hard for her. Her and Emmett had been trying for years to get pregnant but were unsuccessful. It very well broke Carlisle's heart to tell her that the chances of her getting pregnant were slim to none. I tried to keep her up beat about it, encouraging her to never lose faith.

"Well there's lots of names I like. Actually I was hoping you guys would help me lower it down…"

"That sounds like fun! Start listing them off!" Alice chimed while pulling Jasper out of his seat next to me and taking his place so she could be closer to me. Edward chuckled as he shifted his chair closer to me as well, reading over my shoulder as I opened the book to one of the tabs.

"Alright first one" I said before clearing my throat "Addison"

"Ooh that's pretty!" Alice giggled. I had a feeling Alice would think all the names were pretty. Carlisle then interjected.

"I don't like it. It reminds me of that doctor on Grey's Anatomy…" he laughed.

"You're right Carlisle, scratch that one" I chuckled. "Okay what about Annabelle?" I suggested. Emmett burst into laughter.

"That reminds me of that cartoon cow…her name was Annabelle…" he spat out between laughs.

"Are you kidding me Emmett?" Rose asked while turning to face him, disappointment on her face.

"What! It's true…" he said before crushing his lips onto Rose's playfully. She pulled away instantly and forgot the kiss.

"What's the next one Bells?" she asked

"Lola" I announced, flipping to another tab

"Oh Lola she was a show girl…" Jasper sang. I couldn't believe it.

"We can't name our child after a showgirl Bella…" Edward interjected after laughing. Sadly he was right.

"What about Tiffany?" I asked looking towards Esme. She shook her head slowly.

"Too old fashioned dear…"

"Well this isn't going very well now is it?" I giggled while looking at Edward. We went through this exact same ordeal when choosing names for our first child.

"Okay the next one is up then. How does Molly sound?" I asked hoping everyone would like it since it was one of my favourites.

"That sounds beautiful Bella" Rose said, a smile on her face.

"Finally" I sighed. "Is everyone else in agreement?" I asked while looking around the room. Everyone nodded.

"Let's hear some more though sweetheart" Edward suggested, his hand now resting on my shoulder.

"Hmm…next in line is Scarlett…"

"No way Bella. I'm not naming our child after a Clue character!" Edward laughed.

"Holy! Do you Cullen's relate every name to something?" I shot, floored by the fact that every name I threw out reminded someone of something.

"Yep!" Emmett laughed. Suddenly I heard a soft pitter patter of feet on the hardwood floor.

"What are you guys yelling about?" Aden asked while rubbing his eyes. We must have woken him. I smiled at him, ready to explain everything but Esme took over for me.

"We aren't yelling honey" Esme responded quickly, already kneeling down at Aden's side.

"Then what are you doing Grandma?"

"We're just having grown up talk…we're talking about the new baby…"

"Oh yeah? Can I help?" he asked looking towards Carlisle. Aden adored his grandfather. The admiration was mutual.

"Of course you can champ. Come sit on my lap" Carlisle said quietly before patting his knee. Aden rushed to him, sliding on the hardwood floor. Carlisle scooped him up, kissed his forehead and then sat him down.

"So let's do this!" Aden giggled, looking very mature now sitting at the head of the table, his hands balled into fists sitting on the wood. I looked at Edward and shook my head. Aden was growing up far too fast for my liking, my baby had turned into an amazing young boy, so full of life.

"What exactly are we doing sir?" Edward asked now looking at our son. Aden looked up at the ceiling for awhile, his index finger pressed to his lips, before responding. Carlisle had whispered something into his ear.

"We are discussing names for the new baby…" he said, repeating what Carlisle had just recited to him.

"Oh yes that's right" Edward said with a wink. "Can you think of any names for your sister?" he asked. Aden hummed and hawed for a few minutes, I watched his mind racing through his eyes.

"I know! Zoe!" he exclaimed, while tilting his head back to look at Carlisle in an awkward way.

"Sweetheart you want to name your sister after your bunny?" I asked, containing my giggles. Aden nodded once.

"Why?" I blurted out. Aden stared at me and then laughed.

"Because I love Zoe and I love my sister too momma…" he smiled. My heart melted. Rose, Esme, Alice and I all sighed and got somewhat misty eyed. We were an emotional bunch.

"Don't cry mom!" Aden screeched before sliding of Carlisle's lap and running towards me. He hopped into my lap now and threw his arms around me. I wiped my few tears away and looked him in the eyes.

"You, Aden Emmett Cullen are a wonderful boy and I love you very very much. Don't you ever forget that" I whispered before kissing his cheeks several times. He cringed under my tight grasp on him, his hands fighting to whip off my lipstick that now stained his cheeks.

"Help me dad!" he whispered over my shoulder. With a slight chuckle Edward loosened my grip around Aden and placed him back on the floor. He scurried over to Carlisle again and made himself comfortable.

"What other names can you think of Ace?" Jasper asked. Ace was his nickname for Aden. No one every really understood it but Aden seemed to enjoy it.

"I don't really know anymore…" he sighed, looking upset. I slid the baby name book over to him.

"Why don't you just close your eyes and open the book up to a page then Grandpa will help you read the first girl name on the page…" I suggested, trying to boost Aden's mood.

"Okay mamma" he whispered before closing his eyes and letting his tiny hands lead him to a page near the middle of the book. When he was ready he opened his eyes, blinking a few times, and then looked up to Carlisle to help him read the name.

"Alright kiddo lets see what you picked" Carlisle hummed before lowering his down to line up with Aden's. I watched his eyes scan the page and then he whispered the name to Aden.

"Grandpa says the first name is Grace. Grace sounds pretty…" he said with a tiny yawn. I hear all the other Cullen women sigh. They liked the name.

"Grace" I repeated to myself, letting it sink in. I thought it was beautiful…

"It's perfect" Edward whispered to me. I smiled at nodded while lacing my fingers into his.

"Grace" I whispered back as we watched our son fall asleep in Carlisle's arms…