Title: Bloody Water

Rating: T

Author: Solarbaby (aka Tara)

Disclaimer: All I own is the plot.

Words: 483

Summary: Robbie is accused of murder and runs…

Spoilers: None really for this chapter. Umm… right after Tasha's aunt tricks her into selling the Caravan Park and Kim backs the building of the resort. Somewhere through there.

Notes: Finally, finally, I have this posted! You'll learn more about what happened as we go along. And they will get longer.



Robbie didn't know how he had gotten here. He sighed, the first sound that had been made in the car for a few hours, save a few sleeping murmurs from the female beside him. The radio had long since been turned off, having listened to the news for a few hours, now the music doing little more than agitate him. He still expected to see the flashing lights in the rearview mirror.

But there were none.

It had been a good nine hours in the car so far and darkness had long since descended. The gas light had come on a few miles back and now it was dwindling painfully low. They would have to stop soon. As soon as they we're far enough from Summer Bay, Robbie would have to ditch the car. A bus could get them where they needed to go, where ever that was.

God, this was screwed up.

He glanced over in the seat next to him. Hopefully he would be able to talk Mattie into turning back. There was no reason for her to leave as well.

"Robbie what did you do?"

"But… I… I…"

They hadn't believed him. Pain shot through him at the thought. After everything, they thought he had killed Brett. But it wasn't. He had promised Tasha he would help stop the Caravan Park from being turned into a resort but he wouldn't kill the man.

None of them believed him. Not his mother or brothers or Tasha or even Kim. The only person who believed him was sitting in the passenger side of the yellow car. Matilda had all but ambushed him when he was getting ready to leave. Robbie had tried to send her back, but all she had done was slid into the seat next to him, threatening to tell if he evicted her. He smiled to himself, remembering her first words to him, as incredulous as they were.

"You're stealing Kim's car?"

He sighed, popping his neck. Too much time had already been spent in this car and the brunette was beginning to feel it. They would have to leave Kim's car in the next town they crossed, before running out of gas ended up leaving them stranded on the side of the road.

The radio flipped back on causing him to jerk in surprise. This made the car weave a little on the road. Robbie quickly jerked back into the right lane then glanced over. Mattie had apparently awoken and was currently fiddling with the dials before finally choosing a station.

Robbie reached over to at least turn it down only to have his hand slapped away. "Hey!" He shot her a look, "Play nice."

She just sent him a grin. "Shut up and drive."

He bit the inside of his cheek, forcing back a sigh. This was going to be a long ride.

Robbie hit the gas.