Myth Stakes

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"Waaaaait a minute......what can this Oz guy do that I can't on my own?"


"Hey Fara, Finch, long time no see! Now, why don't you drop the disguises--secrecy doesn't become either of you."

The bat's form melded and changed, growing in size and finally forming the shape of a human. Er, actually, a vampire. I could only tell because of the bloodshot eyes, which Finch hid quickly by pulling a pair of sunglasses out of his vest pocket, and putting them on. Finch grinned. "Hey Aazh, great to see ya! What's chillin'?" Aazh grinned back.

"You'll see later."

I glanced over at Fara and found that I couldn't turn my gaze away. She no longer looked like a 12 year old, but a 15 or 16 year old Wiccen. Her tail was waving in anticipation and her Wiccen ears, which resembled a cat's so very much were lowered in annoyance. However, my gaze was drawn to what she was wearing, or rather, lack thereof. She was only wearing a white tank top and a white tunic that was so short it barely even covered....

I looked back over at Finch and Aazh, who had been discussing something while I was staring at Fara. They were now frowning at each other, Finch with a look of cold determination in his eyes.

"No deal Aazh. This means to much to Fara, and myself, to just throw in the towel and go back to that selfish brat Prince."

Aazh looked over at Fara. "Fara, does he always make your desicions for you, or is this a special time when something that affects your future so gravely you don't get to decide on?" Fara stood in silence, looking at Aazh.

"Alright, you've told me that Phil wants me to come back. We know he does. But why does he want Finch to come back with me? I smell a rat. Or rather, a pervert. What's going on Aazh?" she asked bluntly.

Aazh sighed. "I wanted to see how badly you two wanted to stay on the run, but I might as well tell you now. If Fara doesn't become Philloniel's wife, Genzo is going to take the throne. And he'll probably try to take control of not only the people of Serriune, but the other countries surrounding it. And if you do decide to return, Fara...." Aazh fixed his gaze steadily on the Wiccen, who's tail was trembling at the moment, "Genzo will declare war on Serriune."

This statement was followed by an echo of "WHAT??!!" from Finch and Fara. Aazh smiled grimly. "That's the reaction I expected." he noted. Fara and Finch looked at each other.

"Hold on a sec..." Finch muttered and walked a few feet away to discuss thier answer. I could see that Finch and Fara were definatly both upset, but on their return they seemed more sure of themselves.

"We'll need a night to think this over," Finch said, "How about we stay in an inn? It'll be free, the owner owns fara a favor or two." Fara elbowed Finch in the stomach, and he shut up rather quickly.

"Come on." she said, "Follow me." Fara began walking torwards the outskirts of town. The rest of us followed, not sure what to expect when we came to this inn the two 'fugitives' knew so well.....