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"Seeley....Seeeeleeeey... wake up Seeley!" A short slap stung on Booths cheek as he struggled to open his eyes. "That's right. Guess what ol' buddy? We gots a playdate for you. May I present...."

Booth could only see out of one eye, the other could barely see a slit of the man in front of him. The lights had gone, and the room had changed, now it was someone's living room. Windows all around let in the green light that filtered through the trees outside. Long panes of glass showed the way to a deep pool of turquoise that threw up a flickering light against the walls and trees.

Children's toys littered the pool. Noodles, tubed and flippers lay around in heaps. An arm reached into his vision, gripping the arm of his chair before a nightmare face was lowered to his level.

It was just a mask and some face paint, Booth knew that, tried to get his tired eyes to understand that the man didn't really have skin that white, and that the black, curving lips were painted on. But the mask, the mask was truly horrible, it didn't fit at all with the make up.

The colors were red and yellow, black and orange. The eyes, they had to be contacts, they were dark blue almost purplish-red. The chines mask was that of a snarling dragon from the nose to his hairline. It was ridiculous, a Halloween makeover. But to a confused and agonized Booth it was terrifying.

"Come on concentrate Seeley, I was telling you we had a special guest, let me introduce... Dr. Temperance Brennan!"

His chair was swung around, making his whole body twist against the pull. He couldn't help the groan that escaped his clenched teeth. And he looked up.


At once he was struggling against the ropes, his mouth set against the scream that was building in his chest of pain at the ropes binding him, at the slackness of his partner's neck, at the slight bruise on her chin, at the hopelessness of their situation. "" The words tore at his throat, the tissue was bruised from the occasional scream and the force of holding down what noises he could. "If...if.. you..."

The mask was watching him intently, it's chin propped on one hand as the man waited for Booth to finish, but Booth couldn't, felt his head drop against his chest in a haze of panic and slid what few desperate words he could into the air. "Let her go."

The man jumped to his feet as if propelled by a wound spring. "Nope, too late for that. I think she's waking up."

Brennan was stirring and Booth felt his heart lurch, she shouldn't be here...


And now he had to use his voice, had to make sure that she was alright, had to.. had to... make everything alright for her, had to fix the world for her. The words that came from his mouth were soft, hoarse, they cracked and whispered, but at least they were there. "Bones? Hey, you okay?"

That was a stupid question, he cursed himself as he looked as his partners, of course she wasn't okay. She was here, and here was a bad place to be.

"Booth?" Her voice was small, almost as tired as he was.

"I'm here."

And now she opened her eyes. "I found you."


Angela Montenegro walked down the bright hallway, her long heels clicking on the tiles as she pressed the call button again, Brennan's voice filtered into the empty space, calmly explaining how to leave a message.

"Bren, where are you? Call me back when you get this." She sighed and snapped the phone shut. The hallway seemed to go on forever, but Angela stopped next to the lab and looked inside. Jack was still at his computer, head held up by the palm of one hand and his mouth slightly open as he scrolled down a complicated graph, unreadable from this distance.

Shaking her head she slipped her ID badge up to the scanner and entered the lab, carefully stepping over a lump that rose and fell underneath a body bag.

"Jack,She talked softly, trying not to startle him. He jerked anyway, papers falling to the floor. She helped him pick them up and sat on the chair next to his, watching him fumble with the desk. "Brennan's not answering her phone."

"She's probably sleeping. She looked like she needed it last night."

"No, her car is in the parking lot."

"Well, she's not in her office."

"There's something not right about this." Angela, tapped the desk impatiently.

"Have you tried calling-" Jack abruptly shut up and looked back at his computer. Angela stared at him. "What?" She asked, and looked around.

Dr. Collins stood right behind her. She yelped and slid off the desk, trying to gain some distance from him. "I understand you are trying to contact Dr. Brennan. Has there been any updates?"

"Well, kind of," Hodgins pointed at the chart. "The report for ballistics came back. There was one gunshot, from Booth's gun."


"He didn't hit anyone."

"And?" Dr. Collins was getting impatient. Hodgins looked to Angela for support.

"Booth wouldn't miss. There was something back at the apartment we didn't see."

"Even the best Agents miss sometimes."


"It's an empty lead." He walked of to poke some sleeping interns and told them to go home or go back to work.. Angela turned back to Hodgins.

"It's not an empty lead, we'll go back to the crime scene and then..."

Angela thought of the missed phone calls and the car in the parking lot. "How do you feel about breaking down some more doors?"

Jack groaned, "I'll fetch my coat."

Bones was screaming. He could hear it from the other side of the house.

Just tell them Bones just, just please tell them.

"Now, Agent Booth. All we need is six little numbers. Six little digits. Come on..." The shadow man was leaning against a piano on the other side of the room. "Does it spell something? That's Angela's style you know, I've been watching her."

He sighed as Brennan's shrieks grew louder and then broke into sobs. Suddenly the man was right in front of Booth, the feathers on the top of the mask blew lazily like a soft halo as the light from the windows hit the tiny strands.

A tiny needle appeared as if by magic. And the soft, unpleasant voice seemed to be coming from over his shoulder. "This, Seeley, is Potassium Chloride. Not enough to kill you, well, not enough to kill you instantly."

Brennan's screams rose again, and Booth struggled in his bonds, nearly overbalancing his chair. "Bones!"

"Calm down, I'm trying to tell you something important."

He sounded annoyed, annoyed? This guy was crazy, so god damn crazy. Booth pounded his head against the back of his chair. He closed his eyes and tried to think. But Bones' screams made it impossible to concentrate.

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