Disclaimer – I do not own Avatar: the Last Airbender. This idea sprung up from reading a couple of Aang having a twin sister, or sister fanfics where she was a second Avatar, which doesn't work. This is an AU where there is one Avatar for each nation at a time. Thus four avatars, and the title to the series, Four Avatars. Hope you enjoy.

FOUR AVATARS: Banishment

One hundred years before the Air Avatars return… the day when he disappears…


Bumi was running through the hallways of the castle to meet with his sister to see what he could tell her about another exciting day of riding the shoots. He hadn't told his best friend Aang that he was of the royal Earth Kingdom family because he wanted a friend to like him for who he was, not what he was. Aang had been that person.

His sister, Fumi was lying on her bed looking over what was a Firebending scroll. She had already mastered Earthbending and to Bumi's humor was trying to master another element… something only one of the four Avatar's could do. He laughed and jumped onto her bed, doing an terra slam and causing her to bounce out of her bed.

Fumi glared at her little brother and was prepared to stick out her tongue at him. "I have to study this Bumi."

"Why? You're going to be Queen Fumi of Omashu… why would an Earth brat need to know about Firebending?" the boy laughed, snorting as he did.

"No… you will be Earth king Bumi… I can't believe they let you run around as they do," his sister murmured.

"What do you mean!" Bumi whined. "I like playing games."

"Don't think that I don't know that… wait… they haven't told you," Fumi said, glancing at her brother. "I am the third ranked Avatar Bumi!"

"But you can still be Queen," Bumi smiled at her, not phased one bit… then again, this was Bumi they were talking about.

"Bumi!" the girl laughed. "You know there are four temples in each kingdom, each with a series of Avatars… do you know who the lead one is."

"Duh… an Airbender!" the boy laughed.

"Avatar Ruko would just love the fact you haven't figured it out," the girl said.

"You met Avatar Ruko? I thought the four Avatar's couldn't overlap?" the boy sighed.

"They aren't supposed to… but he wanted to make sure that the second Avatar Kuzon knew what to do…" the girl commented. "That we both had the instruction that we needed in Firebending."

"Oh… Kuzon, your boyfriend!"

"Thank you very much… I am eighteen and Kuzon is sixteen!" the girl snapped.

"Yes, and I am thirteen!" Bumi beamed at her. "So who are the other Avatars!"

"The Water Avatar is a boy by the name of Lyto…" the girl commented. "You still have to guess who the other one is, who the lead Avatar is!"

"Ahh… why!" the boy mumbled.

"Because you know him! And you like these games!" she laughed.

"Oh… a game! I know… the only Airbender I know is Aang!" Bumi smile suddenly went wide. "Oh… it IS Aang!"

"Don't tell, him, not until his sixteenth birthday!"

"Ahh… ohh… I can tease him and not tell him and he won't know!" Bumi grinned, knowing what he said was right. His frown suddenly changed when he saw his sister suddenly becoming incased with ice, along with the tiny Badgermole that was a runt, and small for its kind.

Ember Island…

Kuzon was sitting on his mat at the Fire Temple on Ember Island, meditating and thinking about the fact that he would soon have to go and train with the Airbending techniques. He wasn't looking forward to this idea, but had liked the idea that he would have been able to see the young Aang at the time being, as the boy would not be able to have gone and started his Waterbending training for some time.

His eyes snapped open as he sensed something within his bones… a great dread that he did not want to have to deal with, but he went and grabbed a piece of paper, his mind buzzing with disturbances.

To bring peace
One must die
To bring the fire
Past the lie
The fire shall find
The air outside the ice
With the same soul
But a different spice

The boy crumpled up the paper and tossed it away, growling. He already knew that the current Fire Lord wanted nothing with him going and training with the Airbenders. He had said something along the lines of it having to come complete circle and staying for once completely with one kingdom. He took it that the man wanted the lead Avatar to stay with the Fire Kingdom, but the boy was yet to figure out what that meant. He glanced at his hands and suddenly found them frosting over.

North Pole…

Lyto, the younger brother of the King sat watching with great excitement that the whole mission was going quite fine. The mission was to look as innocent as possible when the man came hurtling through the door, drenched with water. He held open an eye just as his brother came bounding in and snapped it shut. The next thing he knew, he was frozen solid.

Author's note – To explain how this works, there are four temples for each Kingdom, each temple is supposed to have statues for each Avatar. Aang is the lead Avatar and the other three are Lyto, Fumi… who is in fact Bumi's older sister… and yes, I do plan to use that as jokes later on, and at this point Kuzon. But something is going to mess with the order of Kuzon's cycle.