FOUR AVATARS: Banishment

Iroh finally came to tell Zuko about what Ozai had stated could redeem himself for the fault that Zuko had supposedly commented. The boy was to find and capture the Avatar. Obviously Ozai felt that this task was one that his son would never achieve; even with the prophesy, stating that he would, being in place. This meant that there was little hope of the boy ever returning to his nation.

The boy's first course of action and decision was to set a course for the Southern Air Temple. There they saw a massive fortress that at first glance looked impenetrable. But with Iroh showing them, they quickly found out how the Fire Nation had taken the temple nearly a hundred years ago.

Snow crunched under Zuko's feet with the feeling that this place was somehow familiar; it was a few minutes before his problems started. "I don't like this place." Zuko thought this was pretty much, his own self talking, until the second thought came. "Kuzon thinks we should leave."

"What, is Kuzon now my spirit guide," Zuko snapped, thankfully loud enough so that only his uncle heard him, to which Iroh rose his eyebrows at the boy. "I care not what you think of this place."

"There are bones of children right in front of our eyes. Can you not see them!" Zuko opened his mouth to reply, then walked over to his uncle. He pointed to the pile of rags and bones.

"Are those children?"

"I can not… possibly," Iroh commented then sighed. "Yes."

"Why didn't the Fire Nation bury them well enough so carrion could not get to them… were they in a hurry?" Zuko didn't want an answer to his question, nor did his uncle wish to answer hi.

It was also then that Iroh made a decision. He would let Kuzon play out for awhile and not tell Zuko the truth from the looks of it, his nephew was already polarized on the edge of a knife as it was, there was no need to push him.

Author's note – Here is the end to the first of the series. The first chapter of the second, Four Avatars II: Awakening, is already written up in my notebook… I only need to type it up and post it.