Falling Up

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Chapter One: The one with the bet

I stormed into my apartment, and opened the refrigerator, grabbing a tub of ice-cream and sitting down on the couch with my two best friends, Alice and Rosalie.

"God, I am so sick and tired of him! Why did I ever agree to keep seeing him?" I moaned, opening up the ice-cream and taking out a large scoop. I was fed up of my boyfriend, Mike Newton.

"We're all wondering why we're still with our boyfriends honey, Mike, Tyler and Eric are a bunch of losers, but it's just a dry spell. Tomorrow we cam dump them like yesterday's boots," Alice replied, "And we were doing the exact same thing Bells, hence the ice-cream. Our good friends Ben and Jerry have been here!"

I looked at the table and saw two half eaten tubs of Ben and Jerry's there. Alice had her hand around one, and Rose had her hand around the other.

"Bella, I've tried dumping Tyler, believe me, but he's like an annoying little puppy dog, he doesn't know how to take a hint. I wish he'd just leave me alone," Rose said darkly. It was a minute till ten, and Tyler regularly called Rose at ten to 'say goodnight'. Read that as 'tries to convince her that he's The One'.

"Another head hangs lowly, time is slowly taken" The Cranberries came blaring out of Rose's cell as Tyler rang. He still didn't realize that the ringtone Rose had for him signified that she wanted independence.

"That's him." Alice guessed with a laugh.

"How in the world did you know?" Rosalie said, rolling her eyes, a frown settling upon her tanned face.

"Hey Tyler," She said. Then pressed one finger to her lips, and put her phone on speaker, so we could hear just how cringe worthy Tyler actually was.

"Her Rose-a-bear," he crooned. Alice and I doubled over laughing, Rosalie shooting us a glare of death, and gesturing that she'd turn off the speaker if we didn't shut up.

"Whatever," she muttered, drawing the syllables out until it sounded like what-ev-er.

"Why are you calling so late?" She asked him, but I don't think he caught the sarcasm in her tone.

"I'm just calling to wish you a goodnight, like always, honey." He said, crooning again. I bit my lip from laughing; Rose hated it when people called her honey. She'd hit guys for doing that before, she would never let them think of her as weak or call her baby names.. It wasn't Rose's thing. Alice, sure, but Rose, there was no way in hell.

"Well, goodnight and crap." Rosalie said to him. I heard her mumble "for the last time, ever." under her breath. I smiled, glad that she was actually going to do something about the little puppy. Now if I could do something about Mike, life would be perfect.

"Is something wrong, honey?" Rosalie was shaking, physically shaking. While Alice and I were practically rolling around on the floor, laughing our heads offs, but still trying to be quiet so that he couldn't hear us make fools of ourselves. He was practically begging to be murdered.

"Nothing at all, don't worry about it." She snapped, her patience finally worn out.

"Oh, okay, well goodnight then, see you tomorrow!" He said happily, but before he could get out another word, Rose slammed her phone shut.

I could almost see the fire coming out of her. I swear she could be a very good dragon, if she ever felt the need to turn psychotic. The day she met a man who could handle her moods was the day I would buy a subscription to Vogue.

"And why did you ever date him?" Alice choked out after a moment, still trying to regain her composure.

"Is Eric actually any better?" Rosalie shot back at Alice straight away, trying to get the conversation away from her disastrous boyfriend.

"I never said that, Eric is just as bad, but at least he doesn't call me every night!" Alice pointed out. I began to worry about Alice's health; Rose was getting VERY pissed at her.

"Rose, don't be so angry, I can smell your hair starting to burn on your head." I laughed. Rose's violet eyes were narrowing, and I could tell that she was getting angry.

"Whatever. Tomorrow, Tyler and I are DONE! I don't want to be near a guy for a long time after we break up," Rose almost shouted it, pulling her ice-cream up off the table and taking a huge spoonful.

"You say that now, but after you dump Tyler, I guarantee that you will find a new guy to sleep within the day." Alice replied to her.

"No way, I'm not that much of a slut. I have done some things that are slutty, but I'm not that bad!" Rose tried to look offended, but she failed. "When have I gone from one guy to another within a day?"

"How about when it took you all of two minutes to start flirting with a new guy after you broke up with Ben." Alice replied straight away.

"That guy was cute," She replied, defending herself, "name another time that I've bounced back from a break up in less than a day. I don't do two guys at a time,"

"After Tommy, Sam, Charles, Corby, Ross, do I need to continue? You just walked away from one of them and into another guy's arms." I told her, trying to not be very snarky with her.

"Or Larry, oh Larry, what were you thinking when you went with him. Can you say geek?" Alice laughed. She hadn't liked Larry, especially after he tried to explain to her how clothes are made. She had never bought another crocodile skin purse after that.

"Dating geeks were in then, and besides, your dating records are just as slutty as mine." Rosalie retorted to Alice

"I'm not as bad, I've been out with only like seven guys in the past six months, that's less than one every three weeks. I'm not too bad!" Alice tried to defend herself.

"Only!" I replied, laughing.

"Bella, just because you have dated a sad total of two guys in the past six months, don't blame it on us,"

"Whatever. I'm looking for the right guy." I was blushing as I said this. It did seem like a small number; Rose's was probably closer to twenty.

"We're doing the exact same thing Bella; we're just going much faster in our search." Alice said with a grin on her face.

"Exactly, Rose added, high-fiveing her.

"Ok, but at least I get to know the guy before I dump him," I muttered, now that it was my turn on the defence.

"Hey! You can tell a lot about the guy by the second date, that's when I decide to keep or dump the lucky guy who got to go on a date with me," Rose announced. We all laughed at that one.

"Well, I bet you couldn't stop seeing guys." I muttered, more to myself than anyone. But of course, Rose heard it and decided to try to go one better.

"I bet you couldn't date more than ten guys in a month," Rose replied, a glint in her eye.

"Ten's a lot, even for you," I said, trying to back out of whatever scheme the two of them were about to come up with.

"Girls, girls, again, let me think for a moment. I have an idea coming on," Alice said the last part of her sentence in a sing song voice, and I had a bad feeling about this.

I rolled my eyes at Rose, but she just looked at me, grinning. I didn't like the feeling I was getting. The last idea Alice had for us had been something along the lines of to see who could buy the purplest clothes at the mall in an hour, she loved making bets and stuff up, generally because she usually won and got the prize.

"I got it!" She announced shrilly.

"What is it Ali? Who can date the most guys in a month?" Rose asked her.

"Kind of, it's to see who can date the most guys by the end of the year. It'll be fun. And that gives us a month and a half,"

"That sounds like fun! Rose replied. Amazingly, she was being sincere.

"So what, we'll use all these guys to win a prize?" I asked. Usually Alice was sweet, what was she thinking?

"No, not like that, we can call it our quest for love. Go through guys, look for Mr. Right, you know!" She said this with a triumphant smile on her face.

"What if we find him before the month and a half is over?" I asked.

"Well, you might not be correct, so just keep looking,"

"I'm in," Rose said, shrugging her shoulders, a mischievous look in her eye. "This does sound like it could be a lot of fun,"

Alice grinned at Rose, and they both looked over at me. "I'm obviously in, so please, Bella," She asked, putting on her puppy dog face.

"Please, Bella," Rose begged. They both had their puppy dog faces on, and they knew I can't resist that particular face.

"Oh, alright, fine. I'm in," I muttered.

"Yeah!" Rose and Alice cheered.

"Yeah," I muttered. What the hell had I just gotten myself into???


"Ok, so we need to come up with the rules," Alice said excitedly, jumping up and down. I really need to switch her coffee to decaf. She ran off into her room to get a pad of paper and a pen.

"Fine," Rose muttered, when Alice emerged from her room with a pad of paper. "Lets see, rule number one, the goal is to date as many guys as you can within the next month and a half. Today's the twenty-third of November, so we have what, like one month and eight days?" Rosalie said quickly. Alice was scribbling as hard as she could, though in the end her handwriting would be better than mine, unfortunately.

"Right, rule number two," Alice began, her pen pausing for a second, "You may not go out with the same guy twice," And the pen began whirling across the page again.

"Wait, why not?" I asked. I was not a one night stand kind of person, and Rose and Alice weren't usually either.

"The object of this is to see our possibilities, Bella; we have to play the field," Alice explained, rolling her eyes.

"Sorry," I muttered, just a tiny dash of sarcasm in my answer.

"Ok, Bella, you come up with one," Rose looked at me, and I knew just what to say to have her begging for mercy.

"Fine, no going further with a guy than just kissing him," I said, looking at Rosalie meaningfully.

"Bella, never on the first date, I'm offended," She teased, putting her hand over her heart.

"Well, now. Do you have any reason to make me believe anything else, Rosalie Lillian Hale?" I asked sarcastically.

"Cooper, Gerald, Sam..." Alice said, ticking them off on your fingers.

"I don't anymore!" Rose exclaimed. "Anyway, we haven't decided on the prize yet guys. What'll the winner get?" She said.

"Ooh, yeah," Alice added. I wondered what she had in mind.

"How about...the other people have to be the winner's slaves for a day," I suggested.

"Let's make it a week!" Rose added.

"More than that, though that can be part of it. How about they have to scrub the whole entire apartment, top to bottom, including cleaning out the winner's closet," Alice said.

"Ok, and the winner gets to pick who they spend New Year's Eve with, and we can make it end the day before New Year's Eve," I suggested, surprised I even thought of that.

"Ok, that's perfect. I got all that,"

"Now, how do we decide how we are going to keep track of the guys we date?" Rose asked.

"How about we use some kind of logging system?" Alice suggested.

"Ok," I nodded, against my earlier wishes; I was now really getting into this particular bet.

"Alright, Rose, you get working on the log while we come up with the other rules," Alice instructed.

"Fine, but you better not decide anything without me," She grumbled, pulling herself up and going into her room for the supplies.

"What else?" Alice asked me.

"How about you cannot ask the guy out? He has to ask you out, no exceptions," I suggested.

"That's a good one," Rose said, coming back into the room. Alice was already writing it down onto the page.

"I got one! You cannot, under any circumstances, change the rules," Alice said.

Yeah, we might need that one, seeing as the girl sitting over there likes to change the rules when she's losing," I said, laughing and pointing over at Rose.

"Do not! We were actually playing that monopoly game wrong," Rose defended, waving her arms in the air.

"Yeah, and we were actually supposed to pay you double because you owned the entire side of the board," Alice said, grinning at the memory of Rose illegally cleaning us out.

"Whatever, I thought that was a rule, ok?" Rose said with a laugh, "Anyway, back to the subject at hand, people! Honestly!" She pretended to be angry at us, but we knew Rose far too well to fall for that.

"Ok, is there anything else we want to add to the list?" Alice asked us, looking at the two of us. Are there any other rules that we needed to have? I didn't think so, and I said it.

"I don't think so either," Rose said.

"Alright, here's our official list of rules. Check it over and see what you think!" Alice handed us the paper.



To Our Dating Game-object, get as many guys to go out with you as possible.

The contest will be over on December 30, 2008, no exceptions.

You may not go out with the same guy twice.

NO going further then kissing with the guy.

The guy must ask YOU out, you cannot ask him out.

The losers must scrub down the entire apartment, are the slaves of the other two for a week, and will decide who they spend New Year's Eve with.

Any violation of the rules means you automatically lose.

There are NO exceptions to any of these.


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