Author's Note: This is a one piece that describes the fictitious, ambivalent sexuality of Crake. I found Crake to be a confused genius who would like to experiment on anything so I decided to make him have a crush on Jimmy. I haven't finished reading the book yet though I am reading it and it is AWESOME. I will write more if anyone likes this but I will write more Oryx and Crake fiction later.

Inspirations: Milan Kundera's The Unbearable Lightness of Being and Carino2: Thanx a lot for writing the first fic of Oryx and Crake!


Maybe, if he had told Glenn – that he was Glenn and not Crake – well, maybe that would be a different story

He really didn't want to ponder on exanguious, exanimate, extreme Crake.

He wanted to think of ephemeral, ethereal, exclusive Glenn.





Snowman wanted Jimmy. Maybe, it would be ok to hear 'Jimmy' out. Horrendously, unjustly, almost impiously he is no longer Jimmy, Jim, Jim.

How irascibly stupid!

How stupid he thought. When Crake looked livid " I know you and I are going to do the right thing..." "Crake, what is the right thing?" "To feel like a flower." "Are you ok? That doesn't sound like you..." "A flower can be a hermaphrodite. I yearn to be one with you." "Uh...are we hermaphrodites then?" "I'm not thinking in numbers once, once I am attempting to be cloned, identical as you. The measurements for such a procedure to be undergone require only one logical outlet. That is to be reprogrammed in the mind. It requires identity swapping; digital theft almost. But..." with closed eyes, erotic, sensuous, emotively, " Can you feel that?" "Crake, you have never thought about...feelings in..." "Glenn, can you call me that once..." "Glenn..." "Don't say it as though your tongue hurts..." "But..." " I'm confused..." then he edged forward, dared, experimented with the kiss.

" What are you doing!" Jimmy was shocked.
" It is an experiment. Fifty percent, no, up to sixty percent of a regular person is considered homosexual by many. Kinsey defines it in his-"
" Crake...let's just forget-"
" That happened." This time he did not continue.
" Yeah." Jimmy was feeling awkward but he couldn't ignore Crake for that. It was like Crake, to be weird. Nineteen was a weird age after all.
" Alright."

Then softly, he thought Jimmy wouldn't hear it, "It wasn't that bad at all."

Snowman knew then – in Crake's mind there was a divide: Oryx and Jimmy.