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Lily was just about ready to rip out clumps of her dirty blond hair. The sound of the portable fan that was leaning against the teacher's desk in the front of the room and chilling her bare ankles all the way in the last row was nothing compared to the noise of her classmates. The football player next to her was constantly beat boxing and drumming on the slate desktop. The cheerleaders on the other side of the room were complaining about/cheating on their math homework in their whiney high-pitched voices. The kids in front of her were laughing their heads off because of the farty noises one was making by running a pencil across the ridges on the backs of the plastic chairs.

Seven minutes, she thought as she craned her neck backwards to look at the digital clock set into the wall between two enormous windows.

"Silent speedball!" called a boy. Chairs screeched across white-with-black-flecks linoleum tiles as everyone got up into a circle around the perimeter. Lily breathed a sigh of relief as it was quiet at last.

For the first five minutes, no one passed the ball to her. Her pale blue eyes darted back and forth as the rubber stringy ball flew across the room, nearly hitting ceiling panels every so often. It was finally down to the final four, and Lily was now a fierce competitor.

One more minute, she thought as one burning hand darted out to snatch the ball as it whizzed past her. One more minute till I can—

"Ow!" yelled the brown-haired boy she had passed the ball to. He dropped the now melting ball and clutched his hand, which was probably burned.

"Oops," Lily murmured sheepishly. The brown-haired boy glared at her, and a chill ran up and down her spine.

At that exact moment, chaos broke loose in the eighth grade science room. It was as though Pandora had opened her box of evil. The windows in the back of the room shattered in an explosion of glass. Fireballs and jets of water and mini tornadoes tore through papers. The fluorescent lights flickered, and the computers started going bonkers. The bell rang, but no one could hear it above the thunderous din.

Lily paused, tucking her wild hair back, and glanced at the clock. 3:02. "Well, I guess I'm outta here," she said to no one in particular. Turning to throw a mocking salute at the stunned teacher, she leaped up onto the table and out of the seventh-story window.

Ahhh, peace, she thought. Time seemed to freeze during her freefall, even though she knew the weekly turmoil was still taking placed above. Of course, when you mix teenage hormones and superhuman abilities, that sort of thing is simply unavoidable.

With one last sigh, she twisted her slim body into position. "Flame on!" she screamed, and in a flash Lily Storm was a blazing comet, shooting through the sky above the Fantastic Academy for Young Superheroes.