Three weeks passed swiftly. Alex had stopped having nightmares and spent most of the time catching up on long-lost sleep. When Alex wasn't sleeping, he was with Holly, Mulch and Artemis. He grew closer to them, and they all made promises to keep in touch, which everyone knew, deep down, were empty. Holly made several, solid promises to not mind-wipe him, given his deference to fairy magic. No one had been able to find a solution to that particular problem and it was forgotten.

The Fowls came back the day before Alex left. Everyone was excited to see Artemis literally get grounded, but all were disappointed when Angeline let the incident go.

"I'm just happy to come home to a standing house, full of the same people who were here when I left," was her only excuse.

Holly, with Mulch in tow, left that night. She'd been out of work for months and desperately needed to get back. She hugged Alex tightly before she left, telling him to be careful. Alex's heart about broke soon after. For all their promises, he knew that it would be the last time he'd ever see Artemis and the rest of the Fowls again.

Instead of sleeping that night the young spy snuck down to the kitchen, longing for the friendly familiarity of the wide, open space. Unfortunately, there was little light to see by and Alex ended up more stumbling than walking. He turned the corner and bumped into something warm and soft. He jumped back in surprise.

"Oh!" Mrs. Fowl exclaimed, pulling her bathrobe tighter around her. "Oh my, I'm so sorry Alex. I didn't see you."

Alex smiled at the women in the darkness. "It's all right Mrs. Fowl. No harm done."

He couldn't tell, but it sounded like she was smiling as well. "I suppose you couldn't sleep either."

"Not really." He admitted sheepishly.

"How about I make some hot chocolate?" Alex expected her to call Butler, but instead she flipped the light switch and began bustling around the kitchen, surprising him. In all the time he'd been here, Butler had taken care of everything. Alex severely doubted any of the Fowl family knew how to cook or clean.

A few minutes later Alex was sitting in a chair, nursing a warm cup of cocoa.

"Ever since Artemis came clean about all this fairy business I've found it harder to sleep at night." Angeline said quietly.

Alex nodded in understanding. "Yes, it was definitely a shocking story."

She smiled slightly. "Then he told me about you." Alex blushed, suddenly uncomfortable. "I was worried, at first, about him bringing a crazy boy into the house. But then I realized you weren't crazy." Her smile widened and Alex felt a chill skitter down his spine.

"I foolishly assumed that, after you killed me, the next 'villain' MI6 put you up against would kill you, but no, you survived that task. And the next one and the next and the list began to grow. My spirit waited for an uncountable amount of time, waiting for your demise."

Alex sat up, adrenaline spiking through him system. "This is a dream," he said shakily. "You're not real, whoever you are. This is a dream and you can't hurt me."

"You're wrong!" Angeline snarled, leaping to her feet. "That moron of a psychiatrist may think that he's solved your problem, but, my darling little spy, they've only just begun. I can hurt you! The others just wanted to scare you, at first, anyway. But I, being the smartest of them all, have no intent to scare you. My spirit invaded this women's body to kill you!" She lunged suddenly, delicate hands reaching for his neck.

Alex dodged, running for the exit. Angeline was quicker, blocking the doorway and lashing out. A large knife plunged into his belly.

"I prayed," she growled menacingly, "that the bullet that tore through your chest would kill you. That the ambulance that sped you away would be too late. But you lived! You're luck just wasn't quite up yet. However it is now. You lived, Alex Rider, just so I could be the one to kill you."

Alex's body was going numb, his vision blackening. The last thing he saw was Angeline Fowl's eyes roll back in her head as she collapsed.

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