Kate added the final touch to her mascara and smiled at herself in the mirror. She turned around and saw Scott standing in the doorway of the dorm she and Beth shared. In the background she could see Heather and Carrie in their dorm laughing and talking loud enough for her to hear.

"Ready to go?" Scott asked. Kate nodded and they held hands on the way to the car. It was a windy Thanksgiving Day and they were on their way to the Tucker's house.

Ten months later, Kate thought, I can't believe my first real relationship has lasted this long. Of course, we've been working hard and there have been a few squabbles, but I'm pretty sure I learned so much from the other Tucker that this one has to be perfect compared to him.

Dinner was just being served as Kate and Scott walked in and Mrs. Tucker greeted them while she dished out some stuffing to John.

"Kate! Come in, sweetie. Let's put some meat on those fragile little bones!" Mrs. Tucker joked.

Kate often wondered how such a sweet, older lady could raise such a pig like John. It just didn't make sense that this plump little woman could look the other way as John Tucker brought home slut after slut, night after night. John still lived at home, because… well his house is a mansion. Unlike Scott, who yearned for his sense of independence and freedom from the shadow of his older brother, John enjoyed the daily pampering of his mother and the huge house.

"Hey Kate. How are you?" John asked.

Kate smiled, "I'm fine, how are you?"

"Good," he replied. Something didn't seem so "good" to Kate about him. It was then she realized that John did not have a date at the Thanksgiving table. There could be two explanations for this: he didn't love any of his girlfriends enough to bring them to meet his parents or he didn't have a girlfriend. Kate almost laughed out loud at the latter suggestion.

The meal passed by quickly. Mr. Tucker led most of the conversation with John about various sports teams, the university basketball team, and other sports subjects. After the meal, Mrs. Tucker led them into the living room where they sat around the TV, watching the football game of the day. Mrs. Tucker brought in the pies and John and his father discussed the game in fits of yelling.

After finishing her pie, Kate excused herself from the room to go to the bathroom (mostly because she was paranoid that she still had turkey in her teeth). As she opened the door when she finished using the facilities, she took a few steps and saw John Tucker coming towards her. She smiled and continued walking when she noticed John had stopped.

"Kate, can I talk to you?"

Baffled, Kate replied, "Um, yes."

John led her further down the hallway to a library of some sort, probably Mr. Tucker's office or study.

"What's going on?" she asked.

"Kate, I don't know how to say this. Remember when we were dating and I asked you to be my girlfriend? Remember that big speech I gave you about being whipped and such?" He waited for her to nod and she did. "Well, Kate, I honestly… I can't find love in anyone else. I never told you this, but I'm pretty sure I loved you when we were dating. I might even… Oh, you're gonna laugh. I might still love you."

In all, with his hesitating and nervousness, Kate felt each word hit her like a punch to the stomach. In her heart, she always knew something like this would happen. She knew she should've never broken John Tucker's heart.