Last chapter! Sorry for keeping you hanging again :(

Kate took her first step onto the grass. Here she was, two years after the Scott and John incident taking baby steps again. Each step in her head represented a different memory in the past few years.

One. Scott hadn't talked to her for six weeks after the break-up. It was heart-wrenching but she knew she made the right choice.

Two. Her mother had died from chronic hepatitis B. Of course, she got it as an STD, but she had been stubborn enough not to get the right treatments and had died in the few months after the incident. Of course Kate was sad, but she knew it would happen eventually.

Three. Beth had a pregnancy scare and swore off being with men until she was married. It lasted a month.

Four. John moved out into an apartment closer to the campus. He loved his parents but he definitely needed freedom and he really enjoyed having his own space.

Five. Heather finally earned a spot on the university cheer squad. After months of hard workouts, she made her way into the pyramid.

Six. Carrie finished her children's book and made a small fortune. It was a super cute story about the sun and how it had to stay so far away from its friends. Kate would've bought it herself.

Seven. John had proposed. He bought the most beautiful ring and it fit perfectly. Of course she had accepted and that was the best night of her life.

Eight. Heather fell for a handsome quarterback. No surprise there. He was nice, too.

Nine. John got to start in a game on the university basketball team. He scored so many baskets the coach let him keep starting. He ultimately broke records, being the first sophomore to score so many points in a season.

Ten. Kate was getting married. Here. Right now. In fact, she was just approaching the altar now.

One tearful ceremony later, John kissed the bride. Kate felt all eyes on her, as they should be (it is her wedding day, after all). She couldn't help but feel happy. She knew that just two years ago she was sure she was going to marry Scott. They seemed so perfect together but there just wasn't anything there in the end, and Kate felt like she picked the right man.

She finally ended up having a mother. Through the death of hers, Kate found comfort in Mrs. Tucker most of all and as of today was able to call her mother-in-law. She also looked over to John's side of the room and saw Scott standing next to the other groomsmen. As if on cue, he walked over to talk to her and John continued to mingle with others in the room.

"Hey Kate, can you believe that two years ago I was standing there next to you and not way over there?" he joked. It was funny how something so serious had turned into the biggest casual joke between them.

She laughed, "And can you believe two years ago that was me, cursing because I couldn't fit my feet into my shoes?" She pointed over to Scott's girlfriend, Tara. Tara was pregnant but she had already graduated.

"Oh you wish," Scott laughed.

Scott walked away and Kate turned around to see her three best friends ready to hug her.

"I'm so proud, you didn't run away!" Beth laughed.

"See, I told you we didn't need to get her stilettos!" Carrie joined in mocking her.

Kate had had cold feet before the wedding, but now she had no regrets.

Heather smiled, "Kate this is happiness. You've got some struggles coming up, but you and John were meant to be together and that's all you need right there. I hope Aaron and I end up like you two."

Kate hugged her again, "So this is the end. I don't have to worry about dates and boyfriends anymore. I've got my husband and my best friends, and my new mother. I'm finished."

"Lucky," Beth muttered.

They laughed and Kate saw John across the room waving at her. She waved back and looked around the room. Most of the occupants of the room were John's friends and family but Kate appreciated every one of them. They had all in some way influenced her decision to take the best Tucker.

I love John Tucker.